6 Foods You Need to Buy During Your Student Years

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Going to college and gaining experience are golden times in a student’s life. Not only do they learn the necessary academic skills needed for them to advance in their future careers, but it also gives them a chance to learn basic life skills such as money management, cooking, cleaning up after themselves, and time management. As such, the years that one spends in universities are sure to last them a lifetime. Since most students work on a limited budget while in school, they must create a budget grocery list and stick to it.

Foods You Need to Buy During Your Student Years

One of the main mistakes that scholars make in nutrition is to eat irregularly. While in college, it is easy for students to get overwhelmed with writing assignments and essays for their academic courses. Often, they procrastinate until the last moment and have no time to go out for student food shopping.   

Why is a Healthy College Grocery List Mandatory for all Students?

One needs to take care of their nutrition while in school such that they don’t get sick. Most scholars live alone or with roommates in apartments, and the idea of a student food shopping list can completely leave their minds as they are so busy keeping up with college assignments.

However, if they can take the time to create an elaborate list of food for students and buy it in one go, they can save themselves time and energy. Scholars will also find that cooking is multiple times cheaper than ordering food and getting takeaways. This ensures that they stay within the budget and don’t go broke while living off-campus. Some places even offer food basics student discount that one can take advantage of. Why should you pay full price if you can get it reduced somewhat? 

What Should Students Buy? 

1) Bread

This one needs no explanation. Whether you’re hungry in the morning and are craving French toast or need a snack in the afternoon, bread is a staple that one should have in their kitchen. While getting bread, make sure you also buy yourself a bottle of jam and peanut butter to make yourself a PB and J sandwich every time your stomach rumbles. Easy and delicious! 

2) Pasta 

Pasta is not only filling but can also be stored for weeks without it going bad in your kitchen. Add to that; it is cheap to buy pasta and super easy to cook. You can easily find carbonara or Bolognese sauces in the supermarket that can complement your pasta. 

3) Fruits 

It is important for students to include fruits in their diet. Fruits are full of antioxidants and help provide several necessary nutrients for individuals to keep staying healthy. Buying fresh fruit can be quite costly for students, and it goes bad within a few days. However, one can find tinned fruit that maintains the same amount of nutrients and vitamins that fresh ones do. 

4) Potatoes 

Potatoes are the real MVPs of a kitchen. Whether you like French fries to go with your burger or mashed potatoes to go with your steak, the possibilities are endless with potatoes. Even if you’re feeling very lazy, you can simply boil a potato and enjoy its filling qualities. 

5) Nuts 

Nuts are incredibly healthy and provide several nutrients to the consumer. Add to that, they have a long shelf life and can last you a long time. Daily consumption of nuts has also been proven to improve an individual’s brain function. As such, this power-packed food must be consumed even while you’re vacationing in the Caribbean islands. As students, you may find that eating nuts are beneficial to your academic pursuit as well. 

6) Eggs 

Another nutrient-filled staple that can be eaten in multiple ways: eggs are a must-have in everybody’s kitchen. Whether you like them boiled, poached, or scrambled, cooking an egg is a job that even a person with zero kitchen experience can master. Add to that, they are full of protein that can help young students keep up their muscle mass.

While in college, students can get distracted by their workload or in extra activities and forget all about their nutrition. But, eating good food ensures that they have better brain function and make them immune to illnesses. As such, they must take the time to create a shopping list and stick to it.

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