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7 Foods You Must Try if You Live in Houston, TX

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Whether you’re visiting Houston, Texas, on holidays or alone, or living in the city, don’t miss the unique cuisines that the city offers. Your experience won’t be complete if you miss out on the goodies that those restaurants prepare every day. Given that the city has existed for more than 180 years, it’s not surprising that the chefs have created many iconic dishes through the years. 

7 Foods You Must Try if You Live in Houston, TX

So, even while enjoying all the things to do in Houston, think of the foods you must eat as part of your experience. For instance, if you think you’ve gotten the entire taste of barbecue, wait until you try Korean BBQ in Houston, Texas. This dish, plus other sumptuous dishes, awaits you in your visit. Keep reading to find out more. 

10 Foods You Shouldn’t Miss in Houston

1. Houston Tacos

Tacos are one of the known breakfast dishes in Houston. Luckily, you can easily find this food since there are Taco trucks where to buy it. Also, you can find it at a “Tex-Mex” place any time you want to enjoy a Tacos breakfast. Tacos comprise veggies or cheese and scrambled eggs. 

2. Holiday Tamales 

Here is one Houston dish to enjoy in the city. Tamales comprises of spices and masa. Some people also use cornflour to prepare the dough. This dish is known for the holidays because the Mexicans prepare it mostly during the Christmas season. But anyone can grab it anytime outside the seasons if you locate the place to get them, such as the Tamale Company in Texas. 

3. Houston Pecan Pie

 Don’t miss out on a great dessert in Houston by ordering your Pecan Pie. Many Texans use this food as a thanksgiving special. But if you want to enjoy it anytime, there are places to get the delicious pecan pie. For instance, there is the “House of Pies,” “Goode Company,” “Flying Saucer,” etc. So, check any of these places and order your Houston dessert any time. 

4. Viet-Cajun Crawfish 

If you haven’t eaten some of the delicious spicy bugs in Houston restaurants, then you better not miss it. There are many styles to cook Crawfish, including the special Vietnamese style. But when you taste the popular Cajun-style offer, you’ll understand why Texans love it. So, don’t miss this dish, especially from March to May when almost all the restaurants are preparing Crawfish in different styles. Some of the places to taste this special delicacy include the Circle M Crawfish in Big Sandy, Wade’s Place in Chandler, the LA Crawfish restaurant spread across different locations, and other notable restaurants in Houston

5. Vietnamese Banh Mi

There are all kinds of sandwiches in Houston. But eating the Vietnamese Banh is an experience to enjoy. This sandwich comprises hot peppers, bread, pickled veggies, and grilled meat. The amazing thing is that Banh Mi is affordable to all and can be found in many food trucks and cafes. One of the top places to enjoy Banh Mi is the Hughie’s Tavern and Grille. 

6. Czech Kolaches 

Living in Houston has many things to offer, including eating delicacies from different parts of the world. That’s what you get from enjoying fruit-filled dough that originated from Czech. Many of the immigrants from the country brought it with them to Houston, and it’s now become one of the sought-after staple foods in Texas. So, don’t live in the city without tasting the Kolaches varieties, including the jalapenos, sausage, or cheese types. 

7. Beef Ribs 

If you love meat like the Houstonians, you don’t want to miss the barbecued beef plus the mouth-watering sauces attached to it. The flavors of the beef rib barbecue will keep enticing your nostrils when you’re even a distance away. If you want a taste of the Houston beef ribs barbecue, visit Pearland to locate Killen’s Barbecue. 


You must eat many dishes as long as you live in Houston. We’ve picked the top dishes above but note that there are lots more. So depending on the kind of eater you are, Houston has the right dishes for you. For instance, you shouldn’t miss the popular Tacos, Tamales, Pecan Pie, or even the Vietnamese Banh Mi. 

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