35 Foods That Start With Z | A Detailed List

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Believe me when I say you are doomed if you ever land at Z in an alphabetical game. But the list of foods that start with Z that we will talk about today will help you in many ways. I will familiarize you with some of the best foods that start with Z.

Foods That Start With Z

Some foods that start with Z are zucchini, zhe fruit, zinfandel grapes, zoom, zombie, zest, zing, zodiac, zing Zang, zucchini casserole, zaalouk, zuckerwatte, zeppole, and zagnut.

It is only understandable that you think you know only very few foods that start with Z. What am I here for, then? Let us explore some fruits, dishes, desserts, snacks, and drinks that start with Z together.

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Vegetables, Fruits, and Drinks That Start With Z

Let us start with some of the vegetables, fruits, and drinks that start with Z:

1. Zucchini


Zucchini is a variety of summer squash, also known as a courgette or baby marrow. It is botanically a fruit and is the only fruit that starts with Z but is usually considered a vegetable. The word zucchini means ‘small gourd.’

Zucchini has a mild sweet taste and mostly absorbs the flavors of ingredients it is cooked along with. It can be used to prepare soups, pasta, pancakes, fritters, bread, and cookies. 

It has an excellent nutritional profile and is a wonderful pasta substitute in the form of zoodles (zucchini noodles). It is low in calories, fat, and carbohydrates. It helps in the prevention of cancer and diabetes. 

2. Zizania Latifolia

Zizania Latifonia

Zizania latifolia is more commonly known as Manchurian wild rice. It is a food plant that is native to Asia. It is a rarely grown wetland plant with both edible stems and grain. Nowadays, the plant is widely cultivated mainly for its stem.

Zizania latifolia has a sweet, earthy taste. You can compare its taste to fresh bamboo shoots. When sauteed or parboiled, it has a nutty flavor similar to coconut. 

It is a good source of protein, antioxidants, and fiber and contains less fat and carbohydrates. It helps in the protection against cardiovascular diseases and reduction of insulin resistance.

3. Zebra Eggplant

Zebra eggplant is an African variety of eggplant that is also known as graffiti eggplant, Pandora Striped Rose, Purple Rain, Listada De Gandia, Shooting Stars, and the Fairytale eggplant. It has a small size with the shape of a teardrop. The skin is striped with white and violet colors. 

Zebra eggplant has a sweet, fruity flavor when cooked. It has a tender and moist texture, which makes it easy to cook. It can be sauteed, grilled, stewed, roasted, baked, or pan-fried.

It is a good vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and iron source. It is also high in antioxidants and helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

4. Zwetschge


Commonly known as prune plum, zwetschge is a type of plum species. It has other names such as blue plum, damask plum, sugar plum, and German prune. zwetschge is a very popular freestone drupe in Europe. 

Compared to other plums, zwetschge has pointed ends and is less round in shape. It has a sweet-tart flavor which is slightly different from other plums. 

Zwetschge is a seasonal table fruit to prepare prunes, tarts, and jams. It is rich in several beneficial plant compounds, iron, and potassium. It helps in digestion and the building of strong bones and muscles.

5. Zhe Fruit

Zhe Fruit

Zhe fruit is a clustered fruit that belongs to the mulberry family. The fruit comprises many tiny drupes around a single stem and has a wrinkled appearance. It is also known as Che fruit, Chinese berry, Red Chinese Mulberry, Cudrang, Mandarin Melon Berry, Silkworm Thorn, and Chinese Che.

Zhe fruit has a subtle sweet taste with flavors similar to mulberry, melon, or fig. The taste will vary depending on the type and ripeness of the fruit.

Although mostly eaten straight and raw, it can also be added to salads, smoothies, cocktails, and fruit punches. Zhe is a good source of antioxidants, vitamin C, and micronutrients. Consumption of fruit boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation.

6. Zestar Apple

Zestar Apple

Zestar apple is a cultivar of apples developed at the University of Minnesota in 1999. It is also known as Minnewashta apple. It is medium to large in size with a round shape. 

Zestar apple is well-known for its unique flavor, which is juicy, and sweet-tart in taste and has a hard but crispy texture. It is known for its early ripening season.

But unlike other apples, which ripen early and have a poor shelf life, zestar apples have two to three months of shelf life. Zestar apple is mostly eaten fresh but can be used to prepare sauces, desserts, salads, and baked goods. 

7. Zinfandel Grapes

Zinfandel Grape

Zinfandel grapes are black-skinned grapes that are also called Primitivo grapes and crljenak kastelanski. These grapes are mostly grown in California and hence called California grapes. These are quite popular in the California wine industry and are known as wine grapes.

Zinfandel grapes are large in size with an oval shape. They have juicy flesh with tiny, numerous seeds. They have a rich, sweet, fruity flavor with subtle hints of spice, blackberry, and plum.

Although they are majorly used in preparing wine, they can also be eaten fresh. It can also be used to prepare cakes, tarts, ice creams, sorbets, jellies, and jams.

8. Ziziphus Jujuba

Ziziphus Jujuba

Ziziphus jujuba is more commonly known as jujube fruit. It is a kind of drupe that is native to China. It has smooth, firm skin and a wrinkled appearance when mature, similar to a date.

It was majorly used as a food source and a medicine. It is also known as Chinese dates, Korean dates, Red dates, and Tsao.

Ziziphus jujuba has a sweet, tangy taste with subtle hints of tartness. It has a crispy flesh and a consistency similar to a date’s.

This makes them best suited for eating raw while also being used to prepare stews, porridges, dishes, soups, sauces, desserts, and snacks. Ziziphus jujuba is a good source of antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, and minerals. 

9. Zalzalak


Zalzalak is a fruit that belongs to the shrub crataegus. Crataegus is also known as hawthorn, quickthorn, thornapple, May-tree, and whitethorn. Zalzalak is native to Iran.

Zalzalak has a sweet and sour taste with a firm texture. It is eaten as a snack and also made into jams which are also called zalzalak. Consumption of zalzalak lowers blood pressure and protects against heart diseases.

10. Zarzamora


Do I need to talk about blackberries? Okay, I hear yes! Are you wondering how blackberries come into the list of foods that start with Z? Let us find out!

Zarzamora is Spanish for blackberry. It is a bramble fruit with lots of varieties. These varieties are known for their distinctive color, flavor, and composition. Zarzamora is not a berry but an aggregate fruit comprising individual drupes.

Zarzamora has a sweet flavor with a blend of tartness and earthiness. This unique flavor profile makes it suitable for both sweet and savory applications. It can be used to make jams, desserts, ice creams, and baked goods.

It is a good source of fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C. Adding zarzamora to your diet will help treat diabetes, gout, and diarrhea.

11. Zawngtah


Zawngtah is more commonly known as the bitter bean, twisted cluster bean, stink bean, or yongchak. Scientifically called Parkia speciosa, zawngtah is a long-twisting bean popular in Southeast Asia. 

Zawngtah is crisp and soft in texture but has an unusual smell and a pungent flavor. Similar to asparagus and sulfur, it can cause a smell in the urine due to the presence of an amino acid (hence it is also known as a stinky bean).

It is used in stir-fries and curries and can also be roasted, sauteed, and deep-fried. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and helps treat diabetes, hypertension, and kidney problems.

12. Zabergau Renette Apples

Zabergau Renette Apple

Zabergau renette apple is a German variety of russet apples. It is large in size with a russet that is copper in color. The flavor and texture of zabergau renette apples change with age. When mature, these apples have a subtle tropical and nutty flavor.

Zabergaur renette apple can be used to prepare desserts, snacks, pies, and sauces. It can also be used as a cooking apple. It is a good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Eating zabergau renette apple helps prevent cancer, diabetes, and various heart diseases. 

13. Zoom


We will talk about a few drinks in the list of foods that start with Z, beginning with some cocktails.

Zoom is a dessert drink that majorly features Cognac. Cognac is a French brandy made using distilled wine. Zoom cocktail comprises Cognac, honey, and cream. It has an alcoholic content of 18.43%.

Cognac is mixed with honey and then leveled with milk and cream in the zoom cocktail. Chocolate powder is usually dusted as part of garnishing. Chocolate syrup, chocolate shavings, chocolate bars, or chocolate bitters can also be used for garnishing. Other variants of zoom drink can include the use of other spirits or cacao. 

14. Zombie


Zombie is a cocktail recipe that is based on rum. It is a Tiki cocktail made of rum, fruit juices, and liqueurs. Tiki refers to American art and culture inspired by Polynesian and Melanesian cultures.

In a zombie cocktail, both white rum and dark rum are mixed with juices such as lime juice and pineapple juice. Grenadine is finally added for a rich color.

The zombie cocktail is garnished with a wedge of orange, maraschino cherries, and mint sprig. This cocktail drink is so strong that consuming more than two zombies will cause you to walk like a zombie!

15. Zinfandel Wine

Zinfandel Wine

Zinfandel wine is a fruit-based wine that was immensely popular among miners in America. It is simply known as Zin. The base of this wine is zinfandel grapes which are black-skinned wine grapes. For a long time, Zinfandel was deemed “America’s vine and wine.”

Zinfandel is a red wine with a smoky, jammy flavor with an alcoholic content of 14-17%. There is also the White Zinfandel which is simply a sweet rose wine. It has an alcoholic content of 9-10% with a sweet taste. In America, White Zinfandel is sold more than Zinfandel Red wine due to its high sugar content. 

16. Zest


Zest is an energy drink made of caffeine, theanine, and natural and plant-based ingredients. It comes in six different flavors – pomegranate mint, sweet chai infusion, passion fruit berry, cucumber melon, blackberry lime, and blood orange mango.

Zest is devoid of artificial sweeteners and replete with natural flavors. Zest energy drink is keto-friendly, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO. It also contains little or no sugar. Some flavors are available in sugar-free versions.

17. Zing


Zing is an energy drink mix coming to us from the SnackHealthy brand. It is made of natural flavors and sweeteners such as stevia. The drink is a great alternative to caffeinated drinks that specifically suits health-conscious people. 

Zing contains natural ingredients that give the much-needed energy boost without using caffeine in large amounts or sugar. It offers only less than five calories per serving.

Traditional energy drinks cause a spike in heart rates which is not the case with Zing. Zing elevates and enhances energy with a caffeine amount of just 85 mg sourced from green tea and guarana.

18. Zipfizz


Zipfizz is an energy drink made of caffeine, natural flavors, and sugars. The drink is known for its ability to provide enhanced energy. The flavors available are orange soda, pink lemonade, orange cream, grapefruit, black cherry, peach mango, grape, blueberry & raspberry, grape, and fruit punch. 

Zipfizz is known not only for the energy boost but also for the vitamin B12, which helps increase mental focus and alertness and enhance emotional balance. It is devoid of sugar and has around 20 calories.

The vitamin C content of zip fizz is equivalent to the vitamin C content in five glasses of orange juice. It also contains potassium and magnesium, which help in hydration. 

19. Zurracapote


Zurracapote is a Spanish alcoholic drink made of red wine, fruits such as peaches and lemons, sugar, and cinnamon. The mixture is allowed to steep for many days. Some versions include the use of additional alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, or extracts. 

Although there are many variations in the recipes of zurracapote, the basic ingredients always remain sugar, lemon, red wine, cinnamon, and dried fruits. Zurracapote has a sweet, fruity taste similar to sangria. Unlike sangria, made from citrus fruits, zurracapote tastes from dried spices and fruits. 

20. Zevia


Looking for a perfect alternative to soft drinks? I have one for you in the list of foods that start with Z.

Zevia is an American company that manufactures soft drinks, energy drinks, and teas. Zevia soft drinks are great alternatives to soft drinks, which are devoid of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Carbonated water, stevia leaf extract, citric acid, caffeine, natural flavors, and tartaric acid.

Zevia soft drinks are available in different varieties and flavors as well. They are available as dairy-free, caffeine-free, GMO-free, kosher, gluten-free, and sugar-free.

Some of the different flavors of Zevia soft drinks are grapefruit citrus, orange, cream soda, lemon lime twist, ginger ale, grape, caffeine-free cola, cola, black cherry, and ginger root beer.

21. Zola


Zola is a manufacturer of energy drinks made of coconut water. Zola energy drink is called Zola organic hydrating energy drink. It is composed of juice and organic ingredients. 

Zola energy drink comes in four flavors: acai berry, dragon fruit, matcha green tea, and pineapple coconut. It contains 120 mg of caffeine and doesn’t use ingredients like B vitamins, taurine, or ginseng, commonly used in most energy drinks. 

22. Zorba


Zorba is a wine-based aperitif prepared using a handful of imported herbs. It is flavored with spices such as anise, mint, mastic, and coriander. It has a fiery taste with a strong alcoholic content of about 40%.

Zorba has a unique licorice flavor similar to ouzo, a drink made primarily from star anise. It has a clear and silky texture. Many cite Zorba’s taste as that of a ‘clean ouzo.’

23. Zodiac


Zodiac vodka is a potato-based vodka, to put it simply. It is prepared using the finest potatoes, which are mashed, fermented, and distilled. After they are distilled, they are filtered and blended with water. Thus, zodiac vodka undergoes the process of fermentation and distillation only once. 

To prepare zodiac vodka, russet potatoes are usually used. Zodiac Original and Zodiac Black Cherry are two of the craft potato spirits. Zodiac vodka is made using high-quality ingredients with no artificial flavorings or sugars. It is non-GMO and gluten-free as well.

24. Zing Zang

Zing Zang

Zing Zang is a cocktail mix based on different flavors – Bloody Mary Mix, Margarita Mix, Spicy Margarita Mix, Mango Margarita Mix, Strawberry Margarita Daiquiri Mix, Sweet and Sour Mix, Pina Colada Mix.

Although these mixes have various ingredients, they use key limes, grapefruits, spice blends, cane sugar, and hot sauces. These mixes, when prepared correctly, have a unique, potent taste and a rich kick.

Dishes, Desserts, and Snacks That Start With Z

Let us look at some of the dishes, desserts, and snacks that start with Z:

25. Zucchini Casserole

Zucchini Casserole

Zucchini casserole is a versatile, tasty side dish made of zucchini and other ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, and Italian seasoning. There are many ways of preparing a zucchini casserole. 

Some well-known zucchini casseroles are garlic parmesan zucchini casseroles, zucchini pizza casseroles, and cheesy zucchini casseroles. Zucchini casserole has a rich, savory flavor. Being simple in ingredients, zucchini casserole offers great taste and immense nutritional benefits.

26. Zaalouk


Zaalouk is a Moroccan dish that is made of cooked eggplants and tomatoes. The eggplant is grilled first and then mixed with tomatoes. The final mix is seasoned with garlic, olive oil, and spices. 

Zaalouk is usually served as a side dish to meals. It can also be eaten as a dip along with bread. It makes a great partner to your fish, chicken, meat, rice, or potatoes. Zaalouk is a healthy dish since eggplant and tomatoes offer immense health benefits. Eggplant is a fiber, vitamins A and C, magnesium, potassium, and niacin.

27. Zabaione


Zabaione or zabaglione is an Italian dessert with egg yolks, sugar, and sweet wine. It can also be considered an alcoholic beverage. It may look similar to a custard but is not made with milk. It is a popular dessert enjoyed in South America.

Zabaione has a sweet, creamy flavor. It is served with strawberries, blueberries, or peaches in a champagne coupe. The classic recipe of zabaione makes use of raw eggs which are cooked in a bain-marie. Wine, usually marsala wine, is added to this mixture. Egg whites can be beaten and used as a finishing for the dessert. You can also use whipped cream. 

28. Zuppa Inglese

Zuppa Inglese

We have one more Italian dessert to discuss in the list of foods that start with Z. Zuppa Inglese is an Italian dessert that comprises layers of custard and sponge cake. It is also known as an Italian trifle.

To prepare Zuppa Inglese, sponge cake or ladyfingers are dipped in Alchermes, an Italian herb liqueur known for its unique fragrance. It is then layered alternately with custard. This egg custard is cooked with lemon zest. Zuppa Inglese is usually topped with cream, almonds, or meringue. 

29. Zongzi


Zongzi, also known as zong or rouzong, is a classic Chinese rice dish made of glutinous rice. It is known as rice dumplings or sticky rice dumplings in Western cuisine. The rice is stuffed with various fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves, reed, or other large flat leaves. It is then steamed or boiled. 

Zongzi can be prepared in sweet, salt and savory versions depending on the ingredients used. White sugar, mung bean, red bean, yam, jujube, and lotus seed are used for a sweet taste.

For savory and salty versions, soy sauce, duck egg yolks, Chinese sausage, pork, and hard-boiled eggs are used. For a neutral flavor, zongzi is prepared using nuts, peanuts, water chestnuts, and vegetables.

30. Zenzai


Zenzai is a traditional soup made of red beans called azuki beans. It is usually served with mochi (rice cake) or dango (glutinous rice flour dumplings). It tastes very similar to oshiruko.

Zenzai has a mild sweet taste. It is prepared by simmering azuki beans in water and sugar. Many often compare zenzai with oshiruko, but there are slight differences between the two. Oshiruko is prepared by crushing azuki beans into a paste and mixing it with sugar. Oshiruko is more watery than zenzai.

31. Zuckerwatte 


Zuckerwatte is basically cotton candy in English. Cotton candy, or fairy floss or candy floss, is a sugar confectionery that is spun and resembles cotton.

To prepare zuckerwatte, sugar is heated, liquefied, and spun through holes centrifugally. This process cools the sugar, which transforms again into a solid structure with fine strands.

Zukerwatte has a rich sweet taste since the major ingredient is simply sugar. Sometimes, flavorings or food agents are also added. It also has other monikers such as grandma’s hair and girl’s hair. In the US, blue raspberry and pink vanilla are the flavors of zuckerwatte available. 

32. Zinger Burger

Zinger Burger

If you are a fan of KFC, you probably need no introduction to zinger burgers. Zinger burger is nothing but KFC’s crispy fried chicken burger. Zinger burger is made of chicken breast, pepper, salt, mustard paste, flour, corn flour, baking powder, eggs, vinegar, mayonnaise, lettuce, and cheese.

Zinger burger is tasty comfort food that is packed with loads of flavors. Usually, it is topped with a slice of cheddar cheese. With good fillings and toppings, the zinger burger is perfect for anyone watching weight!

33. Zeppole


Zeppole is an Italian pastry that comprises a deep-fried dough ball coated with sugar. It is made using ricotta cheese, flour, beaten eggs, sugar, baking powder, and vanilla. 

The filling of zeppole is made of custard, jelly, cannoli-style pastry cream, or a mix of butter and honey. It has a light, puffy consistency similar to bread and pasta. It is usually served and eaten hot. The snack is enjoyed as part of commemorating Saint Joseph’s Day.

There are a few variations to the basic recipe. In some of them, the filling is made of ricotta cheese, chocolate, candied fruits, and honey. There is also a savory version of zeppole in which the dough is filled with anchovy.

34. Zagnut


Zagnut is a candy bar made of peanut butter and toasted coconut. It is produced and sold in the US. The origin of the name zagnut is still not certain.

Many deem the ‘nut’ in zagnut to reference the peanut used in the recipe. The word zag could refer to the popular phrase zigzag. It is a tasty snack that can be enjoyed on its own but can also be a delightful addition to ice creams and desserts.

35. Zero Candy Bar

Zero Candy bar

Zero Candy Bar is a candy bar made of caramel, peanuts, almond nougat, and chocolate fudge. It was introduced in 1920. It is known for its unique but unusual white color, which has become its trademark color. 

The blend of caramel, peanuts, and almond nougat is covered in a layer of white chocolate fudge. Unlike other brown chocolates, the coating of the zero candy bar melted only at high temperatures. It is sold in three different sizes. Many deem zero candy bars to be ‘white chocolate snickers.’

List of 35 Foods That Start With Z

Foods That Start With Z

Foods That Start With Z

Here is a list of 35 foods that start with Z for you.
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  • Zucchini
  • Zizania Latifonia
  • Zebra Eggplant
  • Zwetschge
  • Zhe Fruit
  • Zestar Apple
  • Zinfandel Grapes
  • Ziziphus Jujuba
  • Zalzalak
  • Zarzamora
  • Zwangtah
  • Zabergau Renette Apple
  • Zoom
  • Zombie
  • Zinfandel Wine
  • Zest
  • Zing
  • Zipfizz
  • Zurracapote
  • Zevia
  • Zola
  • Zorba
  • Zodiac
  • Zing Zang
  • Zucchini Casserole
  • Zaalouk
  • Zabaione
  • Zuppa Inglese
  • Zongzi
  • Zenzai
  • Zuckerwatte
  • Zinger Burger
  • Zeppole
  • Zagnut
  • Zero Candy Bar


  • Go through the list and find your favorite food that starts with Z.
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Final Word

The list of foods that start with Z was more than what you could have possibly imagined, right? You can thank me later after you have tried these foods at home or at outlets. In case I have missed a major food that starts with Z, which you know of, let me know in the comments section. See you soon with another article!

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