58 Foods That Start With W | A Detailed List

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Welcome to the next new edition of the alphabet food guide to entice us. This is just a parade of good foods that start with W and the specialties of each one of them elaborately.

Foods That Start With W

W is a peculiar alphabet belonging to the last leg of the alphabet. We will zone into all the foods on the list and get to know them better to have a sense of tasting them at least once.

W is a special alphabet, and some prominent items that are entailed in this list would be watermelon, white sauce, wheat, water, white chocolate, Waldorf salads, walnuts, and waffles.

However, there is more to the list that is quite unknown. Uncovering the foods that start with W will help us unravel all the items we have not known.

The category, as usual, ranges from fruits and vegetables, dishes, soups, cheese, millets and sausages, and desserts and beverages.

All these categories have different kinds of items that differ in qualities and characteristics including health benefits. Let us quickly get to the business in the following lines.

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Fruits And Vegetables That Start With W

The fruits and vegetables that start with W are filled with special health benefits and a taste that is all the more mesmerizing. Let us immediately get into the list of items in the list along with the characteristics of them.

1. Watermelon


Who would not have heard of watermelons? Everybody in their life has heard of these amazing fruits and tasted them as well. This is a magical quencher that is extremely delicious and juicy.

They are long bulky fruits with a green exterior or sometimes yellow. The red, watery flesh is sweetness personified and teases your taste buds to the maximum.

The fruit’s water content always keeps you hydrated and cures digestion issues, if any.

2. Walnut Fruits

walnut fruits

Walnuts are single-seeded stone fruits from the trees of the Juglans genus. The fruit’s seed is called the nut, and the rest of the shell is discarded.

Dried walnuts are used in salads, pasta, cereals, soups, and baked goods. They are also compressed into walnut oil. They are also sometimes powdered and included in teas and cocktails.

 Walnuts also have a lot of health benefits that you might or might not know about, like improving heart health and reducing inflammation.

3. Water Apple Fruit

water apple fruit

Water apples are bell-shaped juicy fruits that are pink in color and have shiny exteriors. It has a sweet taste with white flesh and rose aromas. 

They can be eaten raw or thrown into salads. Sometimes they are also used in desserts or used as ingredients in pies.

The fruits are filled with vitamins, proteins, minerals, and carbohydrates. They help cure heart diseases and diabetes. Water apples also help cure sunstrokes.

4. Wax Gourd Fruit

wax gourd fruit

Wax gourd fruit, or ash gourd, are large and funky fruits. They belong to Asian cuisine and are staple vegetables that are consumed regularly.

The wax gourd fruit is also cubed, boiled, baked, and grilled. They are commonly added to salads, stews, and soups. Sometimes they are also candied and used in desserts like cakes, ice creams, and puddings.

They are rich in water content to keep you hydrated. They are guaranteed cures for ulcers and also prevent inflammation to a large extent.

5. White Aspen Fruit

white aspen fruit

White aspen fruits are grown in aspen trees and are white. The berries from the trees are white aspen fruits, and the taste of these fruits resembles a lot of oranges.

They are usually sliced and mixed into salads or even used as preservatives. They are also commonly used in the preparation of jellies and jams. White aspen fruits help cure prostate and bladder disorders to a large extent.

6. White Mulberry Fruit

white mulberry fruit

White mulberry fruits are small edible berry-like fruits that resemble a lot like blackberries. They have an unpleasant taste and look quite attractive to our eyes.

 White mulberries are commonly used to make pie and tart fillings, ice cream, jellies, jams, and other baked goods. You can obviously eat them raw as a snack, or you can add them to salads. Another way is to dry them well for granola or cereals. 

They are also quite healthy, with ample health benefits that include reducing cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

7. White Sapote Fruit

White sapote fruit

White sapote fruits are Mexican apple-like fruits that taste like bananas. They are white on the surface and quite rare in availability.

The flesh of the fruit is creamy and resembles pudding. It is very delicious and juicy, with sweetness oozing out. It would feel like you are eating custard for the amount of sweetness the fruit has

It has high water content and is also touted to be useful for weight loss.

8. Wild Orange

wild orange

Wild oranges are very similar to normal oranges. They are, however, large in size and little organic in texture.

The taste is also very similar to oranges and is probably even sourer than the regular ones. Like oranges, the culinary purposes coincide a lot. They are regularly thrown in salads or even used as essence in cakes or pies.

These oranges are very rich in vitamin C and improve immunity to a large extent.

9. Wineberry Fruit

wineberry fruit

Wineberries are nothing but wine raspberries that are grown in small shrubs. They are small horny berries with striped red color skin.

They also taste like raspberries with some sweet and tart taste which is quite useful for making juices.

Wineberries are used widely in recipes like baking pies or crusts. 

10. Wolfberry Fruit

wolfberry fruit

Wolfberry fruits are very similar to cherry tomatoes and taste sweet and tangy simultaneously. This fruit has been ideally used in many salads or even in desserts.

Using them as toppings in cakes and puddings also serves the purpose.

They are constantly used in Chinese, Japanese, and American cuisines, and they are also used as garnishing agents.

11. Walking Onions

walking onions

Walking onions, also known as tree onions, are better versions than regular onions. These walking onions taste like regular onions, except they are a little sweeter than the latter.

They fit very well into salads, soups, or even in curries and gravies in general.

12. Wasabi


Wasabi, with a very close resemblance to horseradish, is just unique and distinct for its spiciness. They are usually mashed into a paste dabbed in sushi and sashimi.

Wasabi pastes are real zingers, and also the roots are fresh and taste very earthy. The texture of the fruit is filled with stripes, making them coarse to the touch. 

13. Water Caltrop

water caltrop

Water caltrops are basically plants or shrubs which grow underwater. They have a very bendy shape with curves and drooping spines.

They have a rustic and earthy odor and cannot be eaten raw. Cooking them could remove all the toxins and make them edible.

 You can cook water caltrops and eat them as stand-alone snacks. Just lightly salt them for a great flavor. You can also mix them into stir-fries, stuff them into dumplings, or stirred into rice and vegetable dishes. 

Water Caltrops can be dried, ground into flour, and used to make flatbread, fritters, pancakes, desserts, porridges, and liquor.

14. Water Chestnut

water chestnut

Water chestnuts are simply plants that grow underwater. They are actually not nuts, and the name is quite misleading.

You can eat water chestnuts, both raw and cooked. They are probably best used in Chinese menus. They are also easily added to salads to give them a juicy texture.

15. Wax Beans

wax beans

Wax beans are beans that are creamy in color. They are also yellow with stripes similar to regular bean varieties.

They can be boiled, steamed, or baked into casseroles. Adding them to salads also makes the dish colorful and delicious.

16. Welsh Onions

welsh onions

Welsh onions, as one might presume, are a kind of onion that resemble scallions. The whole leaves from the plant are edible and are used in salads.

They are also sprinkled in soups and curries. They can be used as spring onions. Using them as decorations also is a good way of utilizing them

Welsh onions are touted to have anti-bacterial and antiviral nutrients that make them apt to treat infections and diseases.

17. Wild Endive

wild endive

Wild endive has a familiar name which is called chicory. They are dried and processed into dried powders.

Wild endives are added to salads, and they radiate a good aroma into dishes that they are added. Coffee is a prominent item replaced with chicory to lighten the taste and increase the odor.

18. Winged Bean

winged bean

Winged beans are elongated and feathery beans with stripes shaped like wings. The surface of these feathery beans is shiny and smooth to attract people.

Winged beans are sweet with some nutty flavor that resembles pea varieties. It also has a crunchy texture, making it perfect for salads or curries.

They are mildly cooked and included in many recipes. Gravies are also commonly made with winged beans with appropriate spices and sauces. 

They are said to have many health benefits and one of which is that they are rich in phosphorus which induces protein growth to a large extent.

19. Winter Gourd

winter gourd

Winter gourd is also called winter melon and resembles a little bit the latter. It looks like a kiwi when immature, and as it ages, it takes a bigger shape that is attractive.

The fruit looks a little waxy and glossy. It is also touted to have a longer shelf life. The taste of the vegetable is mildly sweet and is quite similar to that of cucumber, which is big.

The sweetness of the vegetable makes it eligible to be tossed in salads or also can be eaten raw. Cooking it can make the vegetable juicer and savory.

It is a vegetable with high water content and hence regarded as an item that keeps you hydrated.

20. Winter Squash

winter squash

Winter squash are vegetables that subsume three different varieties of squash. They are harvested early and grow up during the fall season. They come across as the most delicious vegetable apt for cold seasons.

Winter squash is meaty and can be eaten as main courses instead of meat or blended with meat in main courses. You can add the winter squash raw in salads or cook them to make side dishes or desserts. 

They are also touted to be healthy as they are rich in vitamin C. Vegetables invariably increase people’s immunity and anti-inflammatory properties.

21. Watercress


Watercress is another popular green leafy vegetable with a spicy and peppery taste. Cooking would turn the vegetable appropriate for addition to recipes to give them an earthy taste.

Watercress is easily added to salads and is also sometimes sprinkled on soups. Watercress, as a garnishing agent, works best in gravies and curries.

Foods, Dishes, Cheese, Spice, Soups, And Sauces That Start With W

These categories are the derived foods that start with W. The items in this list pass off as very demanding and relished by people from different parts of the world.

Each originates from across the world, and they win over in taste and flavor aspects. Let us go over one by one items in this list.

22. Wheat


Wheat is the most staple and expensive cereal across the world. Many developed and developing countries survive with the cultivation of wheat.

They are dried grass products that eventually leave out seeds that are processed. Wheat flour is used extensively to make bread varieties, pasta, puddings, and porridges as well.

Many dessert items like cakes and cookies also accommodate wheat to a large extent.

They are extremely rich in carbohydrates and proteins, which is considered to be an instant energy-giver as well.

23. Wontons


Wontons are dumplings from Chinese kitchens, which are quite popular. Cooking them in many ways is allowed, like steaming, boiling, or even frying them works.

They are quite normally added to soups or thrown in spicy gravies that go with rice items or bread varieties.

Deeply fried wontons can be filled with meats, mushrooms, or fancy vegetables. 

They can also be molded into desserts by adding sweeteners or cream and cheese fillings. Sometimes some fruit essence is also sprinkled into the dumplings making them more savory. 

24. White Rice

white rice

White rice is the staple food item of Asian continents and a wealthy food on the western side. It is the milled version of brown rice and comes across as an inevitable part of the diet for everybody.

White rice is cooked, steamed, boiled enough to become soft, and combined with gravies and curries. It is also made into dessert items with appropriate sweeteners that match the taste.

White rice is also an easy meal to make and does not require mega planning. This is touted to be rich in carbohydrates and passes off as the most digestive of all food items in the world.

25. Wiener


Wiener is just another alias for hot dogs. Hot dogs are supposed to be the most consumed food by Americans. They have the credibility of being loved and relished by all with different stuffing’s and combinations.

It is boiled, steamed, deep-fried, or even dipped in chilies to be eaten. You can toss it in soups or dab it with sauces; it is just the most delicious item you can enjoy by all means.

26. Waldorf Salad

waldorf Salad

Waldorf salad is the best fusional salad one just loves every bit of it. It is a unique combination of veggies and fruits with creamy dabbing and seasonings.

It is a common appetizer or snack item that can be had daily, as preparation does not involve much time.

The salad usually consists of grapes, apples, celery, and nuts. Raising and dates are tempered over the mix occasionally.

27. Weetabix


The name may sound slightly complicated, but it is nothing but cereal with a weird texture. It does not look like cereal, though, as it mostly looks like a large chunk or bar of cereal molded into the shape of pancakes.

People break it into pieces, toss it into milk with fruits and nuts, and have it as a breakfast item. The texture is crispy, which adds some crunchiness to the meal that is extremely savory as well. 

28. White Sauce

white sauce

White sauce is the creamiest of all sauces from France. This is one of the most traditional and most used sauces in many parts of the world.

Many veggies, pasta, pizza, or casseroles are some items that get the treatment of white sauces.

White sauces have many customizations, and people try innovative ways to make them delicious and according to their taste. Salt and nutmeg are the best additions to white sauces to make them more savory.

29. Welsh Rabbit

welsh rabbit

Welsh rabbit is an incredible snack item that is shiny. The rabbit in the name may be slightly misleading.

Welsh rabbit is a thick and creamy cheese topped on the surface of a toast with appropriate species and seasonings that go well with the flavor.

30. White Wine Vinegar

white wine vinegar

White wine vinegar is very similar to vinegar in culinary applications and is exactly made with the above recipe. White wine is left to ferment for a long time, oxidizing and developing a taste that works as a preservative.

It is a cooking ingredient and is mixed in many recipes, which requires preservation for a long time.

31. Wild Rice

wild rice

Wild rice is the hardest form of rice, which is grown in the same way. It is a native food of America and is more predominant as a side dish.

The texture of the rice is quite hard, and the color ranges from black to white and others. The black grains are harder than white rice and are soaked for a long time before being cooked.

32. Wisconsin Cheese

wisconsin cheese

Wisconsin cheese is plain and simple. The finest cheddar can be dabbed on the surface of bread and sandwiches.

This cheese is soft and silky to the touch and melts in the mouth as you take a bite. It is slightly assertive in taste and lingers even after you have swallowed it. 

33. Wiener Schnitzel

wiener schnitzel

Wiener schnitzel is a famous brand that sells hot dogs of supreme variety. It is one of the most famous hot dog chains that are available.

The taste here is excellent, and people throng to the hot dogs for their sheer texture and flavor. Such wide varieties of hot dogs are available, and all of them strike off as delicious.

34. Wheat Bran

wheat bran

Wheat bran is the harder form of wheat kernels which gets removed in the milling process. It is slightly sweet and radiates a very nutty flavor.

The sweetness in this makes it appropriate for baked goods and dessert items. It is added to cereals, oatmeals, and smoothies as well.

Desserts That Start With W

.After all the dishes, it is time to look at dishes to satisfy our sweet tooth. Let’s see the desserts that start with W. 

35. Wagashi


Wagashi is an interesting dessert from Japan. It is made from grains and azuka beans with appropriate sweeteners. It pairs well with tea and perfectly fits as a snack item to be had separately as well.

36. Washington Cake

Washington Cake

This is the most delicious chocolate cake with cherry frosting and cherry slices. Washington cake is the most prominent cake among Americans and is usually served on occasions and parties.

It comprises all-purpose flour, baking soda, baking powder, white sugar, and buttermilk. For frosting, melted chocolate with cherries is added to the above mix.

Almond extract is added as the topping. This makes the Washington cake the most desirable serving of all dessert items combined.

37. Whoopie Pies

whoopie pie

Whoopie pies are American-baked products that can be considered cookies, sandwiches, or pies. It has mound-shaped cakes filled with chocolates.

The cakes could be gingerbread, pumpkin, or any flavored cake that goes with a delicious filling.

It is an extremely loved dessert item with an extra sweetness loved and adored by all.

38. White Boxed Cake

white boxed cake

White-boxed cakes are branded cakes that are packed in white boxes and come in different flavors. Differently flavored cakes can be packed inside the white box.

The ingredients include all the essentials for cake preparation, including white box flour.

39. Wacky Cake

wacky cake

As the name suggests, Wacky cake is a spongy and fluffy cake with a cocoa base. It gives uniqueness, and the flour for this cake is made without eggs, butter, or even milk.

It has vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, water, vinegar, and vegetable oil. The sweetener added to this cake is nothing but powdered sugar. This factor makes the cake very different from other conventional cakes.

40. Watergate Cake

watergate cake

Watergate cake is a layered cake with different ingredients, such as pistachios, coconut, and puddings. The cake is baked and then decorated with whipped cream and pecans on top.

The cake is very juicy and quite crispy in texture. The coconut in the cake makes it more savory and delightful.

41. Walnut Cake

walnut cake

Walnut cupcakes are delicious cakes made with walnuts. The walnuts are sweetened with maple syrup and other possible agents like whipped cream or vanilla extract.

The walnut flavor in the cake is very overwhelming, and the sweet agents in the dessert make it even more delicious. This could be paired with evening teas or coffees.

42. White Chocolate Cake

white chocolate cake

White chocolate cake is the creamiest of all cakes and is quite rich as a dessert item. White chocolate is layered and applied as frosting on the surface of the cakes.

It is extremely creamy, and the vanilla extract is topped over the cake. The toppings actually glaze the cake and make it look shiny. Decoratives like chocolate sauce, nuts, cherries, or fruits can also be adorned on the surface.

43. Whiskey-Glazed Brownies

wheat glazed brownies

Whiskey-glazed brownies are a type of dessert that is made with frosted brownies. It has drops of whiskey and is just glazed with creams and chocolate of your choice.

Chopped walnuts or grated almonds are just tempered along the cake, making the layering crisp. The taste is rich and earthy, which resembles a crunchy cookie.

44. Waffles


Waffles are the most popular dessert item that is consumed across the world. They look like crackers with soft surfaces and indentations to accommodate the fillings that go with them.

They are dessert items that can be molded for any kind of customization, depending on the stuffings that go on the layers. From creams to chocolates, fruits or syrups can be tossed over the waffles, making it the most savored dish that people long for.

45. War Cake

war cake

War cakes are prominent cakes made from cake batter with no eggs, butter, or milk. They are quite fitting as unique pastries and desserts which contain an ingredient that is special and rare.

They are rustic in texture, and chocolate chips are just interspersed within the cake to a large extent. The thickness of the cake makes it very fulfilling as a snack item.

46. Wendy’s Frosty Cookie Sundae

wendys frostie sundae cake

Wendy’s frosty cookie sundae is a staple food you often find as a branded item. The cake is filled with chocolate and vanilla frosting and topped with chocolate chips.

It is topped with Ghirardelli sauce to give it some extra flavor. It is eaten as fast food and is one of the most delicious cakes people eat with passion.

47. Wheat Muffins

wheat muffins

Wheat Muffins are sweet muffins served with sweet bread and baking powder. Yeast is used to make it fluffier.

They are usually moist and heavier. The seasonings of this cupcake could differ from normal whipped creams to chocolate sauce and so on.

They are less sweeter than other cakes but are very fluffy.

48. Welf Pudding

Welp Pudding

Welf pudding, also known as hock pudding, is made from a white egg base. Then milk and vanilla sauce is topped over the egg white base.

The top of the layering is done with egg yolks, white wine, and little drops of lemon juice. The wine in the mix makes the cake yellow on the surface.

It is a colorful cake with a fluffy texture that is all the more delicious.

49. Wibele


Wibele is a German cookie that is eaten commonly there. Many ingredients are used in the dough, including egg white, icing sugar, flour, and vanilla sugar. 

German cookies resemble Russian bread but are slightly more browned than the latter. They are slightly bigger and are perfect as an evening snack to be had alongside tea or coffee.

50. Windbeutel


Windbeutel is choux pastries topped with whipped cream, custard, and ice cream. The puffs are garnished with chocolate sauce, caramel, and powdered sugar.

This filling can vary from pureed meats to cheese and cream, etc. The names of these desserts can change according to the fillings that change. The sauces and different variants can be filled inside these dessert cakes to make them more savory and sweet.

Drinks That Start With W

Drinks and beverages that start with W are the most wanted and loved category. Let us go one by one to cover all the drinks that start with W.

51. Waldorf Cocktail

waldorf cocktail

Waldorf cocktail is an exquisite drink that is classic and best for consumers. It is slightly boozy as it combines Kentucky bourbon, Pernod absinthe, sweet vermouth, and angostura bitters.

It is served cold with different fruit slices in a cold cocktail glass and shaken.

52. Warbine Cooler

warbine color

Warbine cooler is a different kind of cooler cocktail with mixes of scotch, lemon juice, and orange juice.

It is served in a cool cocktail glass with different shades of fruit flavors that are added to the mix.

53. Warm Blizzard

warm blizzard

A warm blizzard is a smooth cocktail that warms up the environment. It is a pink cocktail made from Mozart white liqueur, cognac, and fig liqueur.

It is served in a chilled cocktail glass while topped with fig syrup. It is an extremely relaxing drink that is apt for summer and hot weather.

54. Washington Apple

washington apple cocktail

Washington apple is an apple-flavored cocktail that is extremely soothing and satisfying. It is made from sour apple schnapps, and white cranberry juice served in chill glasses or diluted with ice rocks.

55. Washington Cocktail

washington cocktail

Washington cocktail is the best drink served which is appropriate for hot summers. It is made from dry vermouth, brandy, simple syrup, and some bitters.

It is served in chill cocktail glasses with an ice shaker or diluted with rocks of ice.

56. Waterbury Cocktail

Waterbury Cocktail

The Waterbury cocktail is made from brandy, lime juice, grenadine, egg white, and simple syrup. It is served in a highball glass as a simple plain cocktail with no extra decorative. It has a rich and sweet taste with floral, fruity, and citrus notes.

57. Watermelon Club

watermelon club

The watermelon club is a cocktail made from watermelon vodka, club soda, and watermelon pieces. It is garnished with watermelon pieces and filled with ice rocks to be served cold.

58. Water


Finally, we come to one of the most important drinks that start with W. This should ideally be the first item that strikes our mind as a significant drink essential for our life.

Water, otherwise known as H2O, is necessary for life, and the absence of it will sabotage our existence. Using large volumes of water in cooking recipes is beneficial by all means.

It quenches your thirst and hydrates your body to a large extent. It is also touted to be important in spiking your immunity levels to the maximum.

List Of 58 Foods That Start With W

Foods That Start With W

Here is the list of 58 foods that start with W
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  • Watermelon
  • Walnut Fruit
  • Water Apple Fruit
  • Wax Gourd Fruit
  • White Aspen Fruit
  • White Mulberry Fruit
  • White Sapote Fruit
  • Wild Orange
  • Wineberry Fruit
  • Wolfberry Fruit
  • Walking Onions
  • Wasabi
  • Water Caltrop
  • Water Chestnuts
  • Wax Beans
  • Welsh Onions
  • Wild Endive
  • Winged Bean
  • Winter Gourd
  • Winter Squash
  • Watercress
  • Wheat
  • Wontons
  • White Rice
  • Wiener
  • Waldorf Salad
  • Weetabix
  • White Sauce
  • Welsh Rabbit
  • White Wine Vinegar
  • Wild Rice
  • Wisconsin Cheese
  • Wiener Schinetzel
  • Wheat Bran
  • Wagashi
  • Washington Cake
  • Whoopie Pies
  • White Boxed Cake
  • Wacky Cake
  • Watergate Cake
  • Walnut Cake
  • White Chocolate Cake
  • Whiskey-Glazed Brownies
  • Waffles
  • War Cake
  • Wendy's Frosty Cookie Sundae
  • Wheat Muffins
  • Welf Pudding
  • Wibele
  • Windbeutel
  • Waldorf Cocktail
  • Warbine Cooler
  • Warm Blizzard
  • Washington Apple
  • Washington Cocktail
  • Waterbury Cocktail
  • Watermelon Club
  • Water


  • Go through the list and find your favorite food that start with W.
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This article has uncovered all the prominent and unknown foods that start with W. This would have been a knowledgeable journey that gives you immense satisfaction.

Let us have a glance at all the above food items and enthuse ourselves by having a sense of tasting them at least once in our lifetime.

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