59 Foods That Start With V | A Detailed List

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This is another scintillating episode on the alphabet food guide, which describes the foods that start with V. In this article, we will cover foods that start with V and take a deep tour of every item elaborately.

Foods that start with V

The excitement it gives us is exceptional beyond bounds, and coming up with different food items also boosts your knowledge. There are many food items in V, from prominent ones that everyone has commonly heard of to the ones that are very rare to find. 

Some of the foods that start with V are Valencia orange, Valor beans, Veal, Vanilla, velvet apples, vegetable oil, vegetable broth, vegetable soup, vodka, and vinegar. 

The categories of foods that start with V range from fruits and vegetables, dishes, oils, and soups to desserts and beverages. All the categories have interesting items that tantalize your taste buds.

Just gazing through the article will teach you all the available food items and their specialties.

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Fruits And Vegetables That Start With V

This category is the healthiest of all slots and definitely renders you with nutrition. Just listing the food choices one by one will increase your awareness of each of these items and what kind of benefits they offer.

1. Valencia Oranges

valencia oranges

Valencia oranges are the best juicy oranges that are available across the world. The sweetness of the oranges automatically elevates their popularity by making them the conventional fruits for orange juices.

Another specialty of these oranges is that they are available throughout all seasons. These oranges can also be eaten as a raw snack item to dredge up our health benefits as well.

They are citrus fruits with ample nutrients like vitamins and proteins. Vitamin C is just filled in these oranges and thus making it an ideal fruit to improve immunity.

2. Valencia Pride Mangoes

Valencia pride mangoes

The Valencia Pride mangoes are fast-grown varieties of mangoes that are bright and attractive. They are very critically S-shaped and round in shape altogether. They have a bright red hue when ripened, indicating the sweetness it possesses.

These fruits are less in fiber, and they are tastier than regular mangoes. This factor makes them very popular and the most adorable fruits of all seasons. 

Mangoes, in general, are rich in vitamin C and vitamin K; hence, they help improve immunity and stamina in people.

3. Valor Beans

valor beans

Valor beans, similar to runner beans, are eaten with pods and are generally super-healthy. The flower and the leaves are also considered to be a part of edible vegetation, which benefits people to a large extent.

These bean varieties had to be removed from the stripes that are cornered in the vegetable. Slicing them with those stripes and cooking them could make get hard to swallow them.

After they are de-stringed, they are cooked with spices and essential ingredients to be served to consumers. 

4. Variegated Banana

variegated banana

Variegated bananas are a rare variety of bananas with green leaves and white stripes that are extremely sweet in taste. They have a hard texture and slowly transform into a golden yellow shiny fruit as they ripen.

Apart from being consumed raw, these bananas can also be cooked, grilled, fried, or steamed. These processes make them extremely fluffy and tasty to be eaten.

The flesh of the fruits is soft and so creamy and just dissolves as you eat them. Bananas are generally fibrous, which contributes to the well-being of the people.

The antioxidant properties of bananas make them suitable for healing digestive issues and also treating heart problems.

5. Vanilla Persimmon

vanilla persimmon

Vanilla persimmons are orange varieties that are soft and juicy of all available. The yellow-colored oranges are flat in the corners and are also perfectly spherical. They have many seeds that need to be removed before binging on them.

The taste of these oranges is no less competent, with a sweetness that wins over you in a jiffy. They have a combination of apricot and pear flavor that is extremely savory. 

These oranges are eaten raw or, most commonly, jammed or pickled. Juicing them also is the best way of having them, for they are extremely juice-filled naturally. 

Oranges, in general, are healthy for they are rich in vitamin C. Having them in your daily regimented diet will increase immunity and resilience to keep you healthy.

6. Velvet Apples

velvet apples

Velvet apples are not typically apples but instead belong to sapote varieties. They are grown in bunches with different colors according to their maturity. 

They look very shiny on the surface, which is why the name tag is velvet. The skin is peeled off because they are bitter and sour. The fruit is also very soft in texture and oozes out sweetness in extremes.

They have a rigid apple flavor with traces of banana or mango. Velvet apples are a great source of vitamins, potassium, and magnesium. They cure gastroenteritis and improve your heart health to a large extent.

7. Velvet Bean

velvet beans

Velvet beans are an extremely wide variety of beans that are vibrant green in color. The beans are white or black, and they resemble a lot to lima beans.

The pods inside these beans are scooped out for consumption. However, having them raw is not the right way of eating them. They have velvety hairs, which must be eliminated before they are cooked. Soaking them overnight makes them ready to be cooked. 

Cooking them or steaming them softens the surface and are commonly mixed into recipes like curries and gravies. They are a rich source of protein and fiber to make people stronger.

8. Velvet Pioppini

violet pioppini

Velvet pioppini are mushrooms that are extremely brown with silky brown caps. These brown caps are boiled or cooked and added with spices to be eaten. 

The texture of the mushrooms is actually crunchier and crispier. They have a nutty taste and are also extremely savory when made into gravies or curries. The stalks found under the caps are also very delicious and have a firm texture. 

Mushrooms are generally low-calorie food items that are rich in fiber and antioxidants. They mitigate and eliminate the risk of developing serious illnesses like Alzheimer’s or cancer.

9. Velvet Shanks

velevet shanks

Velvet shanks are perfectly hard mushrooms that are available in raw forms. They are perfectly eligible frozen foods that are cooked and prepared.

They have brown caps and an orange exterior. The stems of these mushrooms are shiny brown but are not edible. Even the caps are removed before freezing them.

They are cooked at a mild temperature until they become slightly softer in texture. They become even more delicious when steamed and can be added to gravies or soups at your convenience.

As mentioned before, any kind of mushroom helps prevent serious diseases like Alzheimer’s or cancer.

10. Velvet Tamarind

velvet tamarind

Velvet tamarinds are fruits very similar to large grapes from the family of legumes. They are tropical fruits that are tear-shaped and look shiny in appearance. 

They have a tangy taste with some dominating sourness that is slightly overwhelming instead of the name they own. There is a tinge of sweetness as a savior to make them tastier and more enjoyable. 

The outer shell of these fruits is velvety with dark purple color. The flesh is orange and slightly coarse in texture. This texture aids people in crushing the fruits and making them a powder that can be added to many recipes.

These fruits are also boiled and steamed to be diluted with water with drops of ice to be consumed as a beverage.

11. Vermont Beauty Pear

vermont beauty pears

Vermont Beauty pears are exceptional pears from Indonesia, which are extremely tasty and aromatic. They emanate very captivating odors that make them tantamount to smelly wines. 

They are pears with a soft texture and yellow-green skin. The flesh of the fruits is buttery cream in texture and tastes very sweet. They are very similar to pears, and the middle part of the fruit is discarded as they are rough.

12. Victoria Plums

victoria plums

Victoria plums are reddish plums that have a green hue before being ripened. The flesh of the fruits is yellow, and they are tightly knitted with the skin. Peeling off the skin in these fruits would be difficult for this purpose.

Coming to their nature and taste, they are extremely sweet with slight twinges of tartness. They are also very juicy and can be binged as raw fruits.

These fruits are very popular for the kind of flavor they exude. They are also crushed into juices or preserved as jams for long-term consumption.

13. Vidalia Onions

vidalia onions

Vidalia onions are sweet onions from the origins of Vidalia. They are claimed to be the unique vegetable of this state and have a great reputation and demand amongst the locals there. 

Vidalia onions have thin crusty skin with a light yellow color. The layers of the flesh are very juicy and extremely ravishing. The sweetness makes these onions the best of all other varieties and also unique to a large extent.

The onions are used both as fresh vegetables and also in cooked form. They are easily tossed in salads and topped on any kind of soup or dish to enhance the taste. Frying them gives a distinct flavor that elevates the sweetness and makes them more munchy and delicious.

14. Viking Potatoes

viking potatoes

Viking Potatoes are long and oblong-shaped vegetables that grow in bunches. They are easy to cultivate even with less fertility. 

They have moist red or purple skin with creamy flesh that is juicy and soft. When they are cooked, they become so tender and melty in texture.

The earthy flavor of these potatoes is an attraction that lures people. They are sweeter than most other varieties, which makes them more desirable.

Potatoes are rich in starch and carbohydrates to bestow people with high energy. These potatoes are no different in health aspects as consuming them is sure to have your energy levels perked up.

15. Vitelotte


Vitelottes are French potatoes that are famous for the vibrant violet hues they have. The violet color is so stuck on these vegetables as they just leave shades of violet as they are cooked.

They have black skin, and boiling them brightens the vegetables and makes them shinier. Roasting them makes them blacker and crispier. 

The color of these potatoes seems to be their standout feature, but the taste surpasses this attribute. They have a sweet and nutty flavor to give an earthy flavor as well.

16. Voavanga Fruit

voavanga fruit

Voavanga fruit is the official tamarind fruit of Spanish roots. It belongs to the coffee family though resembling a lot like legumes.

It has a green exterior and turns brown as they age. The flesh is brown in color and tastes very similar to tamarind. It has lots of sweets, and they are not discarded. The seeds have a very mild, sweeter taste.

Voavanga fruit is often eaten raw but sometimes dried and preserved as an ingredient for many recipes.

17. Vomiting Russula

vomiting russula

The name is repulsive for a vegetable, but vomiting russula is a mushroom variety famous in the native continent. It has a very earthy flavor and, when cooked radiates a peppery flavor that combines so well with spices that match the mushrooms.

This mushroom is not to be eaten raw, for the taste would slightly be unbearable. This mushroom can be consumed only by cooking or boiling it.

It has a convergent cap with a creamy gill that looks fleshy and juicy. It can be pickled and preserved for a long time.

Ingredients that go into this mushroom dominate the flavor and make it more savory. The mushroom shares the health benefits of all types of mushrooms.

Spices, Herbs, Spreads, And Roots That Start With V

Spices, herbs, spreads, and roots are distinct categories that encompass some prominent items starting with V. They just offer exquisite health benefits and add to any recipes to enhance the taste.

The spiciness they contribute to food items makes the dish more savory and delicious. Let us just uncover items from this category and get to know their specifics of them one by one.

18. Vanilla


The name just rings in our ears with fantasies of ice creams and desserts. Vanilla, in reality, is actually a spice that originated from the orchid plants and is the most expensive of all spices worldwide.

The orchid plant which gives the spice grows to a taller extent for which they are folded to pluck out the flowers. The seed pods are brown in color and the flesh inside is creamy and oily.

This oil from the seed pods actually is the edible portion of the seed and is then used for flavors and recipes.

Vanilla naturally goes into any sweet dish and is an elegant additive to any baking or pies.

19. Vinaigrette


Vinaigrette is a famous salad dressing that is just a mix of vinegar and salty acids with high proportions of oil. Lime juice, spice, and salt are just sprinkled on the mix to enhance the flavor and taste.

It is used in all types of marinades and exclusively for salad dressing. The oils that are used actually dominate the flavor, and there is room for customization.

Olive oil becomes an exotic addition to keep the flavor exceptional and relish-worthy.

20. Vegemite


Vegemite is an exquisite spread from the origins of Australia. It mixes yeast extract and is then tempered with spices and herbs to make it more flavorful.

Spices and herbs can be added according to our preferences, and any favorite essence of your choice can also be mixed.

It has a malty flavor with some bitterness that hinges on the taste. Vegemite is added to sandwiches or bread varieties. It is also an excellent topping in pastries and baked goods. 

Vegemite is an excellent source of vitamin B12 which cuts across as an excellent pointer. Most meat items are rich in vitamin B12, becoming an issue for vegetarians.

Vegans and vegetarians can use this spread item to up their vitamin B12 levels.

21. Vezina Piperka

vezina piperka

Vezina paprika is an exquisite pepper added as a spice in many continental items. It has red skin and looks fleshy when compared to other peppers. 

It is a juicy pepper with a skin that is rough and crispy. Cooking the pepper softens it and is then crushed into powders to be added to many recipes.

It has an inherent sweetness that compliments the spice emanating from the pepper. It has some heat and is dried for leverage in many dishes.

22. Voatsiperifery


Voatsiperifery is a unique spice made of berries from the lands of Madagascar. It is scarcely available worldwide and resembles a lot of black pepper.

The usage of this spice is very similar to that of any pepper that can be just sprinkled into any dish to enhance the taste. The aroma of this spicy is extremely overpowering that it just raises the tasting bar of any dish irrespectively.

23. Valerian Root

valerain root

Valerian root is a famous herb that is considered to be a natural healer. It is popped into teas to enhance the taste and aroma of the tea.

It is also sometimes rolled into capsules to be mixed into concoctions to help relieve sleep disorders.

Meats, Sauces, Soups, Oils, And Dishes That Start With V

This incredible category is relished with delight and passion to the core. They have an exquisite combination of different ingredients, which makes them special as dishes.

Foods that start with V spread across this category as well. Let us get to know all of them one by one.

24. Vada Pav

vada pav

Vada Pav is the most prominent Indian food item available as street food in India. This is just a sandwiched bun where dried potato is just used as stuffing.

It is usually served with chili chutneys and green chili peppers. Often served as hot food, it is best sided with a tea-time snack with hot beverages. 

25. Veal


Veal is a meat that belongs to the category of beef. It is tender and softer than beef because it is stripped from young calves. It is cooked to become softer and is then textured enough to be silky and sweet.

It goes into any type of curries or gravies and is an excellent source of vitamin B12. It is also slightly moister than normal beef and contains lots of water. Cooking it could render it juicy making it more tender as you swallow.

26. Vegetable Oil

vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is the most leveraged oil in Asian countries. It is extracted from many seeds, fruits, or flowers, including corn, cannula, or soybean.

Sunflower is also a major source of vegetable oil which is used prominently.

It is used in baking recipes or also for frying food items. Sautéing ingredients is also another major usage of vegetable oil. It has become a staple in many countries now and brings a unique taste to the dishes with its eminent flavor.

The vegetable is touted to cure many cardiovascular disorders and keep your heart healthy. It also controls your cholesterol to a large extent.

27. Vegetable Soup

vegetable soup

Vegetable soup is the most consumed hot beverage which is a perfect fitting before any meal. It is typically what it sounds like as it is cooked with vegetable broth.

Any vegetables ranging from potatoes, corn, green beans, celery, onions, and carrots are used in the soup

Seasoning pepper or cheese makes it more savory and can easily be customized for nonvegetarian versions. It is a healthy soup considering the vegetables that go into this soup, including the broth, which is rich in vitamins,

This soup is usually recommended for respiratory disorders or even to cure a common cold with pepper toppings to soothe your throat.

28. Veloute Sauce

veloute sauce

Veloute sauce is a sauce made from roux and stock. Roux is nothing but a mix of butter and flour. It is used in different varieties of food items and fixes itself as an ingredient in seafood and poultry items.

This sauce is then used as a base for many other dishes since the taste is just elevated with the use of this sauce. 

 It is a staple french sauce prominently used in many french items. People are given the room to customize any dishes with the help of this sauce.

29. Velveeta

Velveeta Cheese

Velveeta is a famous branded processed cheese that is brownish creamy in color and tastes very good. It is available as blocks or also as spreads and goes into all kinds of dishes.

Velveeta is mainly used in soups and pasta to make them savory and relish-worthy.

Velveeta is processed with the help of milk, starch, canola oil, and fermented butter. It is very smooth with a taste that is also not very overwhelming.

It has a perfect cheese smell and is officially the most melted form of cheese to be used as dips or sauces.

30. Venison


Venison is the part of the meat from deer, which includes any cut from the animal. It is lean meat but tastes very nutty and earthy in general.

The meat particles are usually made into steaks and mixed into stews and gravies. It is very munchy in texture and can be chewed and relished in delight.

31. Vermicelli Noodles

vermicelli noodles

Vermicelli noodles are nothing but a classy form of noodles made from rice flour. It is strung from rice starch or bean starch and is easily boiled.

Like any normal noodles, this is modified for different customizations with different spices and vegetables. It is a prominent Asian meal that can be consumed as dinner or breakfast. 

It has a soft texture when cooked and is swallowed with flavors that get added to the recipe when being cooked. Mixing lots of vegetables and spices makes it extremely tasty and healthy.

32. Vienna Sausage

vienna sausage

Vienna sausages are boiled meats made with pork or beef. They are usually cooked at a lower temperature and smoked or canned. 

They have a nutty and earthy taste with some spice that works in favor of the dish. They have a very long and thin shape which is very delicious in taste.

33. Vietnamese Noodles

Vietnamese Noodles

Vietnamese noodles are another type of noodles that can pass off mostly as a soup ingredient. Vietnamese mix the noodles in the soup and eat it with delight.

The seasoning and temperings that go into the soup make it flavorful as they are bland without any additions.

The noodles are also cooked with vegetables and small pieces of meat with some spices that fix themselves appropriately with any dish.

34. Vindaloo


Vindaloo is an Indian base used frequently in meat gravies or curries. They are sided with rice items or even some bread varieties and are very spicy in taste.

The spices that get mixed into this curry base are garlic, ginger, tomato, vinegar, and spices ranging from pepper to fenugreek powders. They radiate a beautiful aroma and also make the dish extremely flavorful with all the above spice combinations.

35. Vinegar


Vinegar is a famous solution made from the fermentation process. Often used as a concoction to preserve foods for a long time, it is occasionally added to recipes as a taste agent.

The vinegar’s tanginess is appropriate for any pickles and sometimes for processing cheese or other normal sauces. Apart from being an edible item, it is mostly used for cleansing.

36. Vegetable


The term vegetable is already known and is quite commonly used in culinary terminologies. Vegetables are plant products that are consumed either raw or in cooked form. 

Any edible part of a plant is consumable and is eventually called a vegetable. Many vegetables, including carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, capsicum, and potatoes, are prominent and used in most fancy dishes.

Fruits that come from plants are also some type of vegetable which is edible and can be eaten raw or even cooked. Many plants and trees worldwide bear different vegetables, most of which are touted to be edible.

They go in different varieties of recipes which we relish daily.

37. Vatapa


Vatapa is a seafood dish that can be substituted for options like tuna, chicken, or cod. The seafood dish is gravy with shrimp, coconut milk, bread, peanuts, and palm oil. It is also diluted with lots of water.

Any amount of spices can be added to the mixture to customize it according to your preference. The seasonings also change according to your choice, but overall this dish is extremely delicious and savory.

38. Vichyssoise


Vichyssoise is a lovable potato and leek soup from France. It is made of onions, leeks, potatoes, cream, and chicken pieces are added as an optional choice.

This soup is full of cream with equal proportions of broth and milk, making it perfect for being loved by all. It is a treat for us and feels very fulfilling to have it as a separate meal as well.

Desserts That Start With V

Desserts and beverages are always a category and are loved and cherished by all. They are tasty and fix themselves very well as a perfect end to any meal.

They come as favorites of anybody, right from kids to adults. Here, in the following lines, we will list down desserts and beverages that start with V.

39. Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Cake

Vanilla cakes are the most relished and extremely delicious cake variety. This is the best butter cake just filled with vanilla custard and milk for dilution

They are extremely savory and are a treat for you to feast upon them. They are best had with evening teas and just ooze out the sweetness to extremes. 

The buttercream topped on the cake is an extraordinary addition to softening and creaming its layers. A cherry on top is like a feather in the cap for this absolutely delicious treat.

40. Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream is the basic and preliminary flavor of ice cream which is easily loved by all including kids and adults. The Vanilla ice cream is made with vanilla essence mixed with milk, sugar, and eggs. 

The vanilla flavor of the ice cream is a winner and makes it a notch above any other kind of ice cream. It also gives a distinct aroma that captivates people from miles away. 

The vanilla ice cream is added to all dessert types, including a fruit punch or a baked pie. It enhances the taste and softens the cake’s layer, creaming it to a large extent.

41. Vanilla Pudding

vanilla pudding

Vanilla pudding is a flavorful and tasty pudding that qualifies as a fulfilling breakfast item or even an evening time snack. 

It is made from cornstarch with vanilla extract, salt, sugar, and milk. Blending them and adding a tinge of butter just creams the dish and makes it vibrant. 

Topping it with cherries or adding some nuts healthified the item by also making it more delicious.

42. Vegan Ice Cream

vegan ice cream

Vegan ice cream is suitable for vegans who can’t consume cream or milk. Many fruits like strawberries, mangoes, grapes, and blueberries just go into the flavor of ice cream.

Vegans also eat vanilla ice cream with a twist that includes cashews, vanilla beans, coconut milk, sugar, and a little tinge of salt. This blend would make the combination very creamy and taste somewhat similar to vanilla ice cream.

It is as delicious as vanilla ice cream and is conveniently cooled in the refrigerator before being served.

43. Violet Crumble

violet crumble

Violet crumble is an Australian bar that is completely honey-glazed. Violet crumble looks more like a Cadbury bar and has many customizations.

A small cookie-like bar that can be eaten when you feel snacky. It has a soft layer with a rich filling of chocolate layers. 

It is a candy bar with different layerings of milk chocolate, caramel, dark chocolates, and creams.

44. Victoria Sponge Cake

victoria sponge cake

Victoria sponge cake is an exceptional and incredible treat that is claimed to be the favorite of Queen Victoria. This is a perfect cake that will side so well with hot teas as sponge cakes that can be dissolved in your mouth.

It is undercoated with whipped cream, and dollops of sugar are just tossed over the cake, making it extremely sweet. The name suggests the texture of this cake which is spongy and fluffy for us to dwell on.

45. Velvet cake

velvet cake

Velvet cakes are rich textured sponge cakes with layers of chocolate or cocoa. They are colored red or blue and make them glossier for appearance.

There is an addition of buttermilk and vinegar to make it more savory. It is creamed in layers to make the cake soft layered, and velvety.

Red velvet cakes and blue velvet cakes are commonly made velvet cakes that are consumed in large proportions

46. Volcano Chocolate

volcano chocolate

Volcano chocolate is an extremely ravishing dessert that is rich in chocolate. While eating it, the chocolate filling just bursts out of the cake, making it more savory and a treat for your eyes as well.

It has cocoa powder, dark chocolates, butter, eggs, egg yolks with caster sugar, and plain flour. Double cream is added to the layers and served in a cup topped with nuts and chocolate sauce.

It melts in your mouth and teases your taste buds to extremes.

 47. Very Berry Pie

very berry cake

The name is unique and represents the ingredients that go into this pie. It has a rich filling of berries that includes a list of at least 5 of them.

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, and blackberries are some of the prominent ones. 

The frozen berries are melted and are then stuffed inside the baked pie to make it extremely savory.

Butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, milk, and eggs are additions that gloss the dessert item and make it richer for our consumption

48. Valentine Chocolate

valentine chocolate

Valentine chocolates are packs of boxes filled with different-shaped chocolates gifted on valentine’s day. They have different shapes, most heart-shaped to entice the valentine.

They are rich with chocolates, and each variety of them has different flavors tucked inside them. They just make you feel so tempted and are usually eaten as a one-time savory to avoid getting too high on sugar and chocolates

49. Vegan Brownies

vegan brownies

Vegan brownies are another delightful vegan dessert that is as scintillating as normal brownies. They are made with all-purpose flour, white sugar, cocoa powder, vegetable oil, and vanilla bean extract.

All the above ingredients are mixed together and baked in a preheated oven until it becomes consistently solid. It is then cooled, cut into pieces, and served for longer servings.

Beverages That start With V

Beverages are the perfect category to quench your thirst and make you feel cool and relaxed. Let us uncover drinks that start with V in the following lines to treat our taste buds.

50. Vanilla Milkshake

Vanilla Milkshake

This excellent beverage is mostly preferred over ice creams by many. It has a creamy flavor with vanilla ice cream and milk blending to make a perfect cool beverage.

It is sometimes peppered with chocolate sauce to enhance the taste. The amount of ice cream blended into the mix makes it richer and creamier. It is very fulfilling and is a common drink at parties and events.

51. Valtini


Valtini is an extremely satisfying cocktail that is a rich mix of martini and black olives. This has a creamy taste and is eventually the easily-made cocktail that compliments any meal. 

It is a vodka-typed cocktail that is slightly high on booze. Having it in moderation is good and is typically served in many bars and restaurants.

52. Vaniliola

vaniliola cocktail

Vaniliola is another rich vodka-based drink that quenches the thirst of many. It is mixed with vodka, and then it is then stirred with a cocktail stirrer.

It is served with rocks of ice typically mixed with cola. A wedge of lime to acidize the liquid is the perfect way of serving this cocktail which is every bit incredible in its taste

53. Vanilla Caramel Milk

vanilla caramel milk

This is an exotic mocktail with whipped cream and chocolate. It has a mix of vanilla ice cream with toppings of caramel sauce just dripping over the liquid

Creamier in nature, it blends the taste of cream and caramel in the best way possible. Just adorn it with ice cubes and poured into a glass before being served.

54. Vanilla Cream Shooter

vanilla cream shooter

The vanilla cream shooter is another layered cocktail mixed with vodka and is a perfect fit as an apathy drink. It has ounces of vanilla vodka, amaretto, and Amarula cream liqueur. 

It is mixed with vodka to make it boozier and served with rocks of ice to add a punch. This drink is kicker and serves well as a drink to relax and boost up your spirits.

55. Vanilla Mute

vanilla mute

Vanilla mute is another rich cocktail mixed with vodka. It is garnished with mint sprig and is creamier for consumption. 

Vodka, vanilla bean mix, and lime juice are just mixed in this drink to be shaken in a cocktail mug. Ginger beer is topped conveniently before being filled with rocks of ice or neat.

It lands cool on your tummy and is quite tasty to be swallowed. It perks up your mood and packs a punch as you drink it.

56. Vanilla Sky

vanilla sky

The vanilla sky is an awesome cocktail that is smooth and savory as a treat. It has a high olive content with vanilla vodka and orange juice. This mix gives the drink some elegant color and an exquisite taste.

Pineapple juice and drops of club soda are added to make it richer and more classy. This is served on rocks with some drops of lime juice and a cut pineapple tucked into the glass.

57. Vanilla Vodka Sour

vanilla vodka sour

Vanilla vodka sour is another incredible vodka-based cocktail that is inevitable in bars and parties. It is prepared easily with the right proportions, just giving the right amount of punch.

It is served with rocks or neat and mixed with an orange twist. Lime juice is added as shots, with pieces of orange tucked into the corner of the glass as an option.

An excellently concocted cocktail that is too tasty and eventually the most demanded amongst the masses.

58. Va – Va Shot

va va shot

Va-Va shot sounds so funky but the drink is magical and has all the right combinations to entice us. It appears to be so simple cocktail that is greyish in color

It contains ounces of vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, and a mint tucked in the chilled glass. Usually served neat, it can also be diluted with rocks of ice.

59. Vacation Cocktail

vacation cocktail

A vacation cocktail is a cool drink enjoyed to blow off steam. It is extremely sweet with all the right mix to favor us.

It is combined with ounces of Boca Loca Cachaca, Aperol, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white, and peach bitters. It is served in a cool highball glass

List of 59 Foods That Start With V

Foods that start with V

Foods That Start With V

Here is the list of 59 foods that start with V.
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  • Valencia Oranges
  • Valencia Pride Mangoes
  • Valor Beans
  • Variegated Banana
  • Vanilla Persimmon
  • Velvet Apples
  • Velvet Bean
  • Velvet Pioppini
  • Velvet Shanks
  • Velvet Tamarind
  • Vermont Beauty Pear
  • Victoria Plums
  • Vidalia Onions
  • Viking Potatoes
  • Vitelotte
  • Voavanga Fruit
  • Vomiting Russula
  • Vanilla
  • Vinaigrette
  • Vegemite
  • Vezina Piperka
  • Voatsiperifery
  • Valerian Root
  • Vada Pav
  • Veal
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Vegetable Soup
  • Veloute Sauce
  • Velveeta
  • Venison
  • Vermicelli Noodles
  • Vienna Sausage
  • Vietnamese Noodles
  • Vindaloo
  • Vinegar
  • Vegetable
  • Vatapa
  • Vichyssoise
  • Vanilla Cake
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Vanilla Pudding
  • Vegan Ice Cream
  • Violet Crumble
  • Victoria Sponge Cake
  • Velvet Cake
  • Volcano Chocolate
  • Very Berry Pie
  • Valentine Chocolate
  • Vegan Brownies
  • Vanilla Milkshake
  • Valtini
  • Vaniliola
  • Vanilla Caramel Milk
  • Vanilla Cream Shooter
  • Vanilla Mute
  • Vanilla Sky
  • Vanilla Vodka Sour
  • Va-Va Shot
  • Vacation Cocktail


  • Go through the list and find your favorite food that start with V.
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We have covered the foods that start with V and have had an extremely fulsome treat with parading dishes till now. Some must have come across as conventional ones that we have heard of, and some range as the new and unheard of ones. 

Just glancing through the article will treat us with jaw-dropping experiences that are extremely satisfying. Let us wait for the next set of alphabet food guides to entice you.

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