73 Foods That Start With T | A Detailed List

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Our next edition of Alphabet food guide is a recount of foods that start with T. They constitute an interesting assortment of items that render us plenty of health benefits and delicacies to cherish.

Foods That Start With T

Foods starting with T spread across many categories, and the few prominent ones on the list are tomatoes, Taro, Thai basil, turmeric, tahini, tofu, etc.

Each of them is fodder for your appetite and quenches your temptations differently. Some are rich in health quotient, and some are just jaw-dropping.

The foods that start with T include fruits and vegetables, vegetarian dishes, meats, desserts, sauces, and beverages. Let us look at the list and learn the types and what they entail.

We may even be surprised by some food choices that strike us as new and refreshing as we go through them one by one on the list.

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Fruits And Vegetables That Start With T

Fruits and vegetables that start with T are an irresistible category as they are considered healthy and nutritious. Let us uncover the items and see which one would fall in our favorite league and go on to relish them when destiny presents you with an opportunity.

1. Tomatoes

pack of tomatoes

Everybody in their life would have come across tomatoes. Any random dish cooked at home has a higher chance of mixing tomatoes. They are the edible berries of flowering plants that are red and taste tangy and sweet simultaneously.

They are added to salads, pasta, sauces, or any other dishes. They make a perfect base for spicy gravies and are a wonderful addition to curries of different flavors.

They offer dual dimensions of tanginess and sweetness to the cooked items. Tomato soups are very common as they are touted to be a staple appetizer before any meal.

Tomatoes contain vitamins A and K, which also guard the heart and eye health. It keeps the body cool and hydrated as you squeeze them often on your daily diet

2. Tabasco Peppers

Tabasco pepper plant

Tabasco pepper is a Mexican chili pepper that offers extreme hotness and spiciness to food items. It is largely used to prepare tabasco sauce. This pepper is quite similar to jalapeno and tastes as spicy as the latter.

It is easily grown in gardens in fertile towns or cities and looks short with yellow, orange, and red. They turn into vibrant red when ripened and radiate extreme hotness when consumed.

They are used for making salsa or dried up to make powders that can then be added to dishes. The most common item is tabasco sauce, used as a dip in many salads, bread, and sandwiches.

They are exquisite and perfect ingredients that go well with parties and gatherings.

3. Thai Basil

Thai Basil Plant

Thai basil is an exquisite herb that makes its way into all gravy-based dishes of Asian cuisines. They have a licorice taste and radiate spiciness when added to food items.

This is a staple ingredient of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam dishes to enhance the taste of recipes and offer some health benefits. These leaves’ aroma is considered very healthy for respiratory issues.

Thai basil can be mixed in salads or can be tempered on any gravies for rice items. They also go well in soups to give them a distinct flavor. They are rich in antioxidants and cure different fungi or bacterial infections.

They aid digestion and help relieve stress to a large extent.

 4. Taro

Taro roots

Taro is actually an edible fruit that is quite similar to potatoes. They have a very starchy taste and are a little nutty when devoured. They are white and have purple hues to differentiate them from normal potatoes.

They are squashed and made as pudding and go with any soup as a cooked item. It is not consumed raw, for it is hard to swallow. They are also mashed and mixed with toasted bread or filled-in sandwiches.

It is widely made into a smooth pastry with taro starch that is fermented and crushed softly. This starch variety is commonly used to reduce blood sugar levels. They are also touted to be an effective diet guard for heart health in general.

5. Tigernut

Pack of Tiger Nuts

Tigernut is an edible seed that resembles a nut when seen in plain form. They have a very hard texture and a good amount of sweetness. They are a little chewy and are a very healthy nutrient to consume.

There is no harm in consuming them raw, but they have a very hard surface when unpeeled. Soaking them for a few hours will make them absorb water and smoothen the surface to be chewed easily.

It can be blended with cheese or vanilla beans to produce fat-free tiger nut milk. It can also be crushed and prepared as a chia pudding which hydrates and cools your body.

As for health, it is fibrous, making it an aid for digestion. It is also considered to be energy shots to pick up your mood.

6. Tomatillo

Tomatillo Plant

Tomatillos are fruits that resemble and taste like green apples. They have a hard surface and maintain this texture even when they ripen. The fruit gives away a sour and sweet taste like any citrus fruit. 

They can be used as an effective topping or served by broiling them. Salsa Verde is a conventional recipe prepared by blending the fruit with garlic cloves. They also eat raw or fried fruit with some spice dips on the side.

It is crushed and juiced as a puree or added to cocktails to add a pinch of taste that goes well with any drink.  This potassium-rich fruit is included in our diet to improve our health.

A nutritious ingredient, when consumed daily, improves your energy and stamina to a large extent.

7. Turban Squash

Turban squash

Turban Squash is a look-alike of a pumpkin but has a hat-shaped bump on its head. The surface is hard and is quite difficult to unpeel and slice. It weighs around 6 pounds and is sufficient to be included in a family meal.

Once the fruit is removed from its skin layers, it can be scooped, and the flesh is crushed to prepare soups. It is mashed and leveraged as a side dish or cooked and interspersed into salads.

It is fleshy and soft, which makes it pair well with casseroles, pasta, curries, gravies, or rice. It is rich in calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and C, which improve resilience power in human beings.

It is also a delicious squash with ample health benefits that cure many ailments.

8. Turnip

turnip vegetables

Turnips are a radish-type root vegetable that tastes similar to potatoes. The leaves with their roots are also edible but need to be cooked. This root vegetable is sweet but has a very hard flesh when uncooked.

It is used commonly as a salad vegetable but tastes better when boiled. They are made into delicious curries with exquisite spices that are tempered into the mix.

They are extremely healthy with studded sources of vitamins A and C. Incorporating them into your daily diet regimen would help you improve your health standards to a higher level.

9. Tuscan Kale

Tuscan kale leaves

Tuscan kale is an Italian green leafy vegetable called black cabbage. It looks like a coarse, rough textured leaf that is scaly and big.

Dark green in color and stripes covering the leaf’s surface make it look creepier. It is also called dinosaur kale for its resemblance.

It is mildly sweeter but slightly spicier and bitter. It can be added to curries or mixed with cooked rice to spruce its flavor.

They are usually sauteed with appropriate spices and salts to be eaten as a separate curry. It is sprinkled on top of toasted pine nuts or crushed and dunked into parmesan cheese blocks.

It is a nutrient-filled vegetable that has loads of vitamins A and K. Even the stems are sliced and included in meals to spike their health content to a large extent.

10. Tamarind

Basket full of tamarinds

Tamarind is a part of a hard tree that has bean-shaped pods. The pods are dried and made into a pulpy paste which is then mixed in many recipes. The seeds are discarded as only the flesh remains for consumption.

The tamarind looks light brown and thickens in texture as it ripens. It is sour and has a tinge of sweetness to add some punch to the taste. It is usually dried and pasted to be leveraged in curries and gravies.

It is also used in porridges that can be mixed with rice items. This is a fibrous food that is completely relieved of fats. Hence it can be used for your heart health or conveniently keep your sugar levels low.

11. Tangelo

Pack of Tangelos

Tangelos are grapefruits with a tinge of tanginess that lingers after you swallow them. They have very fluffy skin, which is soft and silky. One upside about the fruit is that it is seedless, making it a desirable fruit that can be swallowed without fuss.

They are easily mixed into salads to offer that required sourness or sometimes sliced into dishes like pasta or noodles. They also go as a topping for soups to make their taste more lively and spirited.

Like any other citrus fruit, this has a load of vitamin C, which progresses muscle strength in people to a large extent.

12. Tangerine


Tangerines are special types of oranges classified into the mandarin family. They are extra sweet than oranges and are vibrant in colors. They have a very strong taste and pack a punch when eaten.

They make their way into any type of fruit salad or can be squeezed into juices. Adding its essence to cakes or pies can elevate the dish’s taste to a different level. 

It is a citrus fruit that is packed with vitamin C and fiber. All the necessary health nourishments would be taken care of by these supplements.

13. Tommy Atkins Mango

Tommy ATkins Mango

Tommy Atkins mangoes are a type of raw mango that looks green and faded yellow. They take time to ripen and are mildly sweeter than regular mangoes. It is a tropical fruit that is a treat for the eyes with its soft yellow skin that is light and soothing.

They make a good ingredient for fruit salads and can also be eaten raw with small slices or dice served in cups. They go well as a puree or juice that can also be mixed with milk as shakes.

Adding or topping it on desserts is a tasty way of devouring them. They also mix well into appropriate marinades or dip sauces for meats or sausages. 

The health aspect is less competitive as it is a rich source of antioxidants combined with vitamins A and C. They give people a high level of immunity-boosting and are consumed by people as a controlled diet.

14. Tart Cherries

Box of Tart Cherries

Tart cherries are basically cherries but very different from the normal sweet ones. They have a rough exterior and come across as slightly crispy when eaten. They are tart in taste and a little dried for eating raw.

They can be consumed as fruits or topped in desserts or ice creams. They are even used as a decorative element on cakes and pies. These cherries are ground into a paste or a jam and can be stuffed into sandwiches or baked bread.

They are strong shots of nutrients, and intake of this cherry improves your heart health to a large extent. 

Snacks, Sauces, And Spices That Start With T

Many food items starting with T are lined up in this category, and some even ring as a surprise item. Let us get to know the details about the food choices in this slot and treat ourselves to the temptation of devouring these delicacies.

15. Tamari


Tamari is a Japanese soy sauce that is a better alternative for the latter. It is a preferred vegan sauce that is gluten-free and thick in consistency. It is a packed sauce that can be garnished with spices or salt to enrichen the taste of the food item.

It is perfect as a dipping sauce and sinks well with sushis. They also pair well with all fish varieties by not subverting the taste of the original dish. They can be added to stews, soups, marinades, noodles, or pasta.

They are generally dunked with roasted almonds or nuts and make a tasty feat on your mouth.

16. Tabasco Sauce

Tabasco sauce

Tabasco sauce is a famous ingredient that is an obvious addition to many American dishes. They are made with tabasco peppers, vinegar, and salt. They just go perfectly with any dish, irrespective of what it is. 

They make a good topping on eggs and are also added to bloody mary shots. Many soups, in general, are graced with this addition as it brings out that unique flavor to any item. It is spicy and tangy in flavor and boasts a little acidic taste that goes with any hot item.

17. Tomato Sauce

A cup of tomato sauce

Tomato sauce is just a conventional item that has been name-dropped for years. It has a reputation for going with any food item from kinds of pasta to enchiladas and makes a good treat on your mouth.

Some items cannot be digested without a tinge of tomato sauce. It is made by mixing tomatoes with different spices or herbs and is customized enough to suit different predictions.

They make a good combination for noodles, pies, or sandwiches and, funnily enough, can be added to salads to make them taste funky.

18. Turmeric

A cup of turmeric

Turmeric is a spice from a root which has been quite a rage more for its healthy aspect than being a delicacy. Though it is famous for its unique taste and mixes well with all gravies and curries, the nutrition it is touted to render surpasses its incredible flavor and taste.

It has become a conventional culinary item that inevitably gets mixed with any Asian cuisine. Soups in recent times have added a tinge of this spice to make it more earthy and spicy. 

It is quite famous for its anti-inflammatory properties that cure lung disorders or allergies. It is good for heart health and treats chronic diseases to a large extent.

Frequent dietary inclusion of this spice is said to have multiple benefits that healthify people in many ways.

19. Tahini

tahini sauce in a cup

Tahini is the sesame butter, and everybody knows the upside of sesame in general. The tahini sauce combines well with all gravies and curries and dominates the flavor of any food item.

They are recently added to salads to smoothen their texture and are also probably good to go with rice items or noodles. They have a very earthy taste, and adding spices to this butter makes it more relish-worthy.

It can also be included in your dietary schedules as it shares the health benefits of sesame seeds that are exquisitely nutritious.

20. Tarragon

Tarragon Plant

Tarragon is an aromatic herb belonging to the healthy green leaf vegetable family. It has a twinge of sweetness that is a rarity in leafy vegetables but gives it a unique flavor.

It goes with many soups and salads. They are also a common addition to chicken dishes or fish in general. These herbs are frequent and a constant addition to many food items.

They are available in fresh or dried forms, and people use them to their taste preferences. 

21. Thyme

Thyme plant

Thyme is a popular seasoning and a fragrant herb that usually replaces basil leaves. They have huge health benefits and serve medicinal purposes such as clearing congestion and respiratory issues.

It is seasoned on soups and salads as it gives a spicy flavor that compliments any dish at random. Gravies and curries from Asian cuisines also include this leaf in large proportions to give a unique punch to the dishes.

22. Tapenade

A cup of Tapenade

Tapenade is an exquisite appetizer that is made from crushed or pureed olives. Anchovies and capers are also added to this mixture to make it more interesting.

Some additional flavorings, such as garlic cloves or mustard, can increase its flavor. They are stuffed frequently in sandwiches or pair well with any baguettes. 

23. Teriyaki Sauce

Drops of Teriyaki Sauce in a  jar

Teriyaki sauce is an easy sauce that can be tweaked and customized according to your preferences. The measurement of sugar or salt in this dish could vary its taste tremendously, and it can be done on your accord to suit your taste preferences.

All you need to make this sauce is a pack of soy sauce, vinegar with salt or sugar, and a tinge of pasty ginger. It is used in all marinated combinations and as edible coats for meats and vegetables. 

24. Truffle


Truffle shares the name with a famous dessert that also starts with T. However, these are nothing but mushrooms that are fried and cooked to be consumed.

They are also stir-fried or grated to be added to soups or salads. A creamy addition to this food item with milky broth in the mix could make a tasty soup that is a popular appetizer.

They are sometimes added to earthly gravies or curries as replacements for veggies and make a flavorful dish that is rich and tasty.

25. Tartar Sauce

A cup of Tartar Sauce with fries

If you need to enrich the taste of any food item, tartar sauce is an inevitable choice. It just elevates the flavor of any normal food item and even spruces up some bland flavors to be tasty.

This sauce is made with mayonnaise, lemon juice, capers, and spices, including sugar or salt. They just rule as the famous dip coupled with sandwiches, salads, or any baguette in general.

Eggs are sided with this sauce, and they make an interesting combination. It is a perfect dish for parties or events and can be made in volumes as you whisk it instantly.

Kids love it as the taste is inviting and mixes well with any dish of our choice.

26. Tajin


Tajin is a powdered mixture that is simple and too conventional for our daily meals. It combines chili powder with salt or sugar and goes well with anything at random.

Even fruit can be garnished with this mix and gulped with extra flavor. It is also commonly used for seasoning soups or salads and sometimes tempered on salsas or dips.

27. Tortillas


A tortilla is a flatbread that is a common base for many Mexican dishes in general. It is made from maize or wheat and has a flavor. It is soft and smooth textured as it involves a laborious process to produce it.

They are mixed with meats and vegetables and soaked with sauces or spices. They are also the base for many famous items like tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, or burritos. 

28. Tapioca


Tapioca is a starch flour or instant flakes that can be cooked or boiled. It turns translucent when hydrated and can be used for desserts or candies. They are made into powders or pearl cubes to be added as thickening agents. 

They are bland in flavor and used as a gelling powder in any food items in puddings or savories. They are induced with any color to mold into decorative cakes and pies.

They are usually made into sweet porridge and are commonly used as an ingredient for boba tea. The pearls are just boiled and radiate flavor to any item it is added to. They are also rolled into small jelly balls to be gulped as chewing candy.

29. Tater Tots

Tater Tots

Tater tots are lovely little minion foods that appeal to even kids. They are galloped and feasted upon in tandem for the lovely taste it emanates. They dissolve in your mouth like bites of heaven as the cheesy flavor lingers on your tongue for eternity.

It is a fried item that blindly combines potatoes, pepper, salt, and sugar with a touch of corn flour. It is mixed with slices of cheddar cheese and oil fried to make these lovely treats. It can also be fried for healthy options.

Having them with delicious sauces or dips could just tempt your taste buds and completely make you fall in love with them. It is a good item to binge-eat as it fills you with delight.

30. Tea Sandwiches

Tea Sandwiches in a plate

The name implies what this item is meant to be. Tea sandwiches are perfect bite-sized sandwiches to pair with tea. It can be customized to match the taste of your tea and would be filled with the preferred stuffing.

A dollop of butter on the item is an add-on and slips its way into your mouth. Cucumber is an obvious mixing with this snack, and any other vegetable would be relishing enough.

Vegetarian Dishes That Start With T

Dishes that start with T are more than fulfilling and come as a treat for foodies. Vegetarians need a filling meal, and this option would be perfect fodder for them.

They make a good meal for everyone and easily tempt your taste buds with choices that melt in your mouth. Some are healthy options to give you a feast that is good in taste and nutrition.

Let us count and uncover the food items one by one and satiate our temptations by reading their make to our satisfaction.

31. Tofu

Tofu in a plate

This is an enticing natural food item but also can pass off as a separate meal. Tofu is a favorite of food items that starts with T. It is a churning block of soy milk and a nice derivative to alternate for lactose intolerant people.

It is pressed as a block and given a gloss that looks like a box of butter. Tofu is a very captivating food item that can be used to make many dishes.

It can also be added to gravy easily and sometimes fried and combined with dips or sauces. It is coated, marinated with appropriate spices, and air fried to make dry dishes.

Tofu just pleases anybody as it can be modified into any food item that many consider a favorite. It can also be breaded or combined with chicken nuggets and makes an incredible snack feasted upon unabashedly.

Lots of Tofu also is good as it enriches your body with heaps of proteins. Eating them as a daily diet regime offers stamina to combat physical stress.

32. Tabbouleh


Tabbouleh is a simple cold salad with lots of cucumber and parsley. Wheat is added to make it more crunchy. Heaps of parsley also make it a healthy meal that can offer an incredible taste.

Tomatoes and cucumber are graced with olive oil and drops of lemon juice to make the tabbouleh taste more earthy and tangy. It is served as a cold salad which fits perfectly well as an after-meal.

It is also apt as a perfect dinner item that pairs well with a glass of fresh juice, lamb, or chicken.

33. Tempura Vegetables

Tempura Vegetables

Tempura vegetables are the staple Japanese dish that coats vegetables with a glossy batter to be fried and devoured. The batter accentuates the taste of the vegetables mixed with and fried until they become crispy and brown.

It shines on the vegetable and coats well with any seafood like prawns or squids. Vegetables like bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots, eggplants, and tomatoes go fine with this coating to make it more delectable.

34. Tempeh


Tempeh is a blocked form of fermented soybeans that resembles a cake or thin sheet form. It looks like tofu and is packed with lots of proteins that feed you stamina.

One substantial difference from tofu is that this is fermented and looks solid to radiate a nutty flavor. It is chewy and typically included in all gravies or eaten as spicy curries.

It is a prominent vegan meal mixed a great deal in salads and soups.

35. Tagliatelle


This is a type of pasta, like spaghetti, that resembles many long noodles. It is made of wheat and looks softer than any normal penne. They carry the taste of any appropriate sauces mixing it with a tinge of parmesan cheese that glosses the item.

They make a great item when combined with meats or hot dogs and also pair with fancy vegetables as the best alternative.

Meat Dishes That Start With T

Meat is the most consumed prominent item that people relish to enjoy a bit of taste and improve their health. Any consumed sausage gives you lots of energy and also satiates your taste buds.

A meal is not complete without appropriate meat that fulfills a proper diet with the right calories. Meat dishes that start with T are the perfect menu that tempts you to the ends and makes you crave a taste of the item.

Let us quickly uncover items one by one and cherish ourselves with options that tantalize us.

36. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is a delicious dish that is quite popular in South Asia. The chicken is cooked in a tandoor, a clay oven, after marinating in yogurt, spices, and lemon juices.

The chicken is soaked in the mixture for a considerable time as the flavor penetrates the skin to give it a rich flavor. Pairing the item with minted curd or chutney makes them more flavorful.

Sometimes the meat is colored with essence to make it bright red or added with many chilies to spike up the punch.

37. Turkey Meat

christmas turkey meat

Turkey meat is the classic and official meal of Thanksgiving. It makes for a wholesome meal that sides with effective sauces that compliment the taste of roasted turkey.

If you cannot digest a whole turkey, slices of its breast are cut on the edges and then mixed with essential spices. It is also sandwiched in baguettes and had as an able breakfast or dinner that is delectable in all its glory.

38. Tetrazzini


Tetrazzini is a delicious American pasta that coats vegetables or seafood with buttery cream. It is soft and glazy and mostly combines well with mushrooms. Turkey is an extravagant addition to this pasta and adds some extra punch.

It is also glazed with onion gravies, breadcrumbs, parsley, or cheese to make it more soothing on your tongues. It is jaw-dropping as a delectable meal and is an effective dinner to be relished.

39. Tamale


Tamale is a traditional masa dish that cannot be had enough as it is too delicious with corn husk and bits of pork meat. They are the steamed food that wraps up the right mix of vegetables or meat that go well with the dish.

The spices that coat its layers are too savory and make for a good meal that is fulfilling in its sense. Cheese is a blessed addition to this wrap as it smoothens the content of the wrap to be dissolved in your mouth.

40. Tuna


A tuna is a supreme form of saltwater fish species that is a grade better than sushi in taste. It is much loved as the taste is not very fishy. It tastes better when coated with spices and is served well with sliced tomatoes.

It looks like steaks and can be had as a whole lunch meal, probably in addition to rice. It is also mixed with some gravies to make its taste more earthy when consumed. It is also a typical winner regarding health content as it is rich in proteins, fats, and vitamins.

41. Tenderloin


Tenderloin is a slice of meat that is name dropped for how it is cut. Beef tenderloin or pork tenderloin is the more prominent form of meat cut, and they carry the taste of the marinades very strongly.

Turkey and chicken tenderloins are cut in pieces from the bottom parts of the breast and satisfy the name as they are very tender and soft. It is smooth for munching as it tastes buttery in your mouth.

They are tender cuts that can be cooked easily and become very chewy in minutes. They can be easily overcooked, so you must be careful about cooking time. 

42. Trout

Cooked trout

Trout is another form of freshwater fish species that is smelly. it is found in streams or rivers and resemble a salmon family. It is tender and smooth in your mouth because it resembles a salmon.

It is paired with many ingredients and goes with any type of gravies that spice up the fish to a large extent. It is rich in proteins and good fat; having them as a part of your daily diet improves your health quotient.

43. Tajine


Tajine, also known as tagine, is a dish named after how it is cooked rather than what it contains. Tajine is an earthen stove pot that shares the name of a meal made from it.

Any dish can be made on this pot, including a vegetarian meal or slices of meat. Chicken tagine is more prominent and appropriate as a meal. It becomes a hearty and fulfilling meal depending on the cooked item.

It is the usual food item that is classic and stapled in Morocco.

44. Tilapia


Tilapia is a light fish variety that is slightly sweet in nature. It is very rich in texture but mild in flavor. It is a little flavorless and can be consumed by people who dislike fish.

It is mixed with any type of gravy and borrows the taste of the spices it is dipped in. Sometimes it is added to hot soups or goes well with any rice item.

45. Tacos


Tacos are naturally favorite for many, and they qualify as a common staple dish of Mexico. They are just hard on the surface, and the fillings range from minced meat to vegetables and even rice that is flavored.

Meat dishes pair very well with tacos, and they increase the crispness of the item to a large extent. It is wheat tortillas that cover those wrappings. The toppings of tacos mostly include cheese slices, lettuces, onions, and spices that match well with the dishes.

46. Tortas


Torta is a delicious cake that resembles a sandwich. It is a cream-filled sandwich that is sweet and mixes with meat as well. It is a heavy snack that carries the taste of the filling.

Torta also combines well with evening tea or coffee. The surface is hard layered, but the interspersed cream makes it smooth and dissolve in your mouth. The meat dish that pairs well with this item makes it more fulfilling for your tummy.

47. Tostada


A classic Mexican dish that is a refined form of a taco. It is crispier, and it is a fried form of a tortilla. It goes well with any cooked meat and guacamole.

The base of this tostada is fried beans, and any item that layers above them is wrapped inside the item. A vegan meal, any veggies, and shredded cheese slices are appropriate as a perfect filling.

48. Taquitos


Taquitos are rolled forms of tacos that wrap different slices of meat. The rolled tacos are then filled with beef and chicken pieces to be fried and devoured.

Vegetarians have their share of the meal by basing beans and cheese slices on wraps. They are just dipped in sour creams and gulped with delight as a fulfilling meal.

The wrap can also be rice filling, making the item more filling as a special lunch or a separate dinner. The cheese coating that goes with the dish makes it smoother. 

Desserts That Start With T

Now, let’s see some desserts that start with the letter ‘T.’ These will tell you all about the sweet treats that you want to know.

49. Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin is a caramelized tart that has apple pieces inside it. They have a unique flavor and are created as an upside-down cake that can be devoured. It has a thick layer of a pastry crust and repeats its apple fillings for three or four layers.

This makes the cake soft and resembles a pie of the thick surface it hosts. The top crust makes it crispy, and the wrappings smoothen the item to some amount. Altogether it is a delightful item that combines taste and texture in its best form.

50. Tiramisu

Glasses of Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a miraculous dessert that is an amalgamation of sweet, bitter, and creamy flavors. Delicious is just studded into every piece of this cake, which is layered and coffee flavored. 

It also contains pieces of ladyfingers that are dipped in the coffee cream. It is then coated with whipped cream. It looks like an icy cake with no processing or baking and comes directly from freezing the item.

51. Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca pudding

Tapioca pudding is a wonderful cooler that breezes your body and makes it light. Tapioca pearls are small gumballs that are usually consumed as snacks.

These pearly balls are converted into a pudding by adding coconut milk and sliced cut fruits. Some fruits are mango, apples, strawberries, and peaches. 

52. Toffee


Toffees are nothing but hardened candy made with sugar and butter. They are often garnished with more delightful treats like chocolates or fruits. As toffees are made mostly with caramel, they taste a little nutty.

They also take a desired shape or form and generally melt in yours. A small bite of toffees also energizes you a bit if you are discouraged or fatigued, as it gives you a sugar rush. 

53. Torta Caprese

Torta Caprese

Torta Caprese is a cake with many layers but has no flour. It is flourless but contains layers of chocolates or nuts. They land on your mouth softly and taste like heavenly bites as you devour them.

It is usually sprinkled with powdered sugar to make it sweeter. Almond is another perspective nut that gets wrapped in this cake to make it savory and healthy.

54. Trifle


Trifle is an incredible dessert that just delights you with every bite. Anyone can make a trifle; even if they just make a prototyped layered cake with cream stuffing, it would be referred to as a trifle.

Any layering into these cake gaps, including fruits, creams, or sliced cheese, makes it look rich and taste richer. The toppings can be innovative and slightly more unconventional to make it one of its type.

They are ranked as an easy cake that effortlessly places itself as a favorable choice amongst many desserts in line.

55. Truffle

Truffle balls in a plate

Truffle is a whimsical dessert, a bundle of fantasy in all its glory. Once you take a bite, it will linger in your memories and mouth forever. They are made with melted chocolates mixed with heavy cream.

They are completely cloaked with cocoa powder which also gives them some texture. It is like a small bite of passion and tastes delicious to extremes. 

56. Turnover


Turnover is nothing but a simple pie that is stuffed with fruit roll-ups. Any kind of glaze or icing is sprinkled over the cake’s top. The surface is very flaky and looks like a pastry that is fancy for its look.

57. Tart

Tart in a plate

Tarts are a crusty bread that encompasses any type of fillings, from cream to fruits to anything cheesy. Lemon tartlets have been very popular and delicious.

Some large tarts, like ricotta tarts, generally feed a crowd as they are quite filling while being delicious. 

58. Taffy


Taffies are sugar candies that morph into any flavor we give them. They are made by elongating and pulling the taffy mixture with the help of a machine or simply by hand. 

The taffy base is made with boiled sugar flavored with butter, vegetable oil, flavorings, and colorings. The pulling gives the taffy a chewy texture that makes it delicious. 

59. Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies

These cookies take the name of their making, where the dough is just pressed to create a thumb impression. This indentation is often filled with jam or chocolates, making this a delightful item.

These cookies melt in your mouth like little drops of heaven. They also make a good tea-time snack and pair well with hot beverages like tea and coffee.

60. Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake

Tres leches cake is a delicacy that you can eat a million times, and one would not get bored. Every bite is silky and lands like a sweet drizzle in your mouth. The taste cannot be compromised because it is a sponge cake that is loved for its layers. 

It is made with milk in different forms like sweetened, condensed, and evaporated mixed with cream and only gets better with the addition of sugar.

This cake is fluffy like a cushion and munches into your mouth like solvable drops of heaven. Having it once can trigger you to ask for more and then make you fall in love with it endlessly.

61. Turkish Delight

turkish delight

Turkish delight, as the name suggests, is every bit of delight as it is a candy graced with sugar. Ts is a highly demanded confection that is gooey and sweet personified.

It’s filled with cream for the most part so that it melts in your mouth with extreme passion and ecstasy.

62. Tin Roof Pie

Tin Roof Pie

Tin roof pie is decadence in all its glory. They are extremely sweet and is touted to be the favorites of kids by and large.

It is nothing but drops of vanilla ice cream paired with caramel fudge. It is layered on cracker crust to offer some crispiness, and it stages the mixing of caramel sauce, fudge, vanilla ice cream, and peanuts to perfection.

All these items, when mixed, will be savored like drops of heavenly treats that are delectable in every sense. This pie’s look and feel are also mind-blowing as it slips and oozes out tempting flavors to capture your attention.

63. Treacle Tart

Treacle Tart

Treacle tart is a simple food that delivers maximum taste. It has been tossed with sticky lemon zest and is coated with breadcrumbs to be roasted. It is just a normal pie crust that is soft and fluffy on the surface.

It has treacle which is a sticky, sugary syrup and is one good dessert. The lemon filling gives it some earthy taste and a whole incredible dessert. Also, there’s another fun fact this was Harry Potter’s favorite dessert. Another good reason to try it. 

64. Tootie Fruity

Tootie Fruity

Anybody who has tried tootie fruity is believed to have an undying love for it. They are candied fruits adorned with colors to top any ice cream or desserts. They take the essence and color of the fruit and are rolled into small balls of tasty bites.

They are also imposed into any cookies or pudding to make it extra sweet and juicy. It adds color to the food as well, which is in all the way more than attractive.

65. Texas Sheet Cake

Texas Sheet Cake

Texas sheet cake is a soft cake adorned with pecans and incredible frosting that is layered between and on top. This easy recipe gets sweeter on your tongue with every little bite you take.

The chocolate frosting it hosts is melty and looks perfect for its texture. The pecans studded in the cake offer some crunchiness, making it even more delightful to eat. 

66. Twix Bars

Twix bars

Chocolate lovers fall in love with this magical delight as Twix bars spike their chocolate craze even more. These chocolate bars are very silky and melty on the inside.

It has a vibrant mix of melted milk chocolate, tiny pieces of cookies, and a generous drizzle of caramel to enrichen the taste. They have a shortbread biscuit base.

They look like lovely little treats that can fill up your tummy and also make you swoon with their flavor.

67. Tottenham Cake

Tottenham Cake

Tottenham cake is a perfect evening snack with everything in its credits to be loved instantly. It is a sponge cake that is fluffy and soft, tweaked for different flavors people like.

They look like tiny balls of wonderment with a pink coating that catches your eyeballs. The topping and sprinklers on this cake are extremely rich and extravagant, making it look more captivating for your eyes and mouth.

Beverages That Start With T

Now let’s move on to our last category on this joyful alphabetic ride. Let’s see some of the beverages that start with T. 

68. Tea


Tea is the first beverage that starts with T (I am sorry, this joke was long overdue). Tea is the perfect beverage to awaken and boost your spirit. It gives instant freshness and is an indispensable part of people’s routines. 

The teas come in different flavors like iced tea, ginger tea, herbal tea, or chocolate tea. Any flavor can be added to the raw tea mixture and can be molded for a perfect drink.

The flavor added dominates the taste, and the caffeine that goes with the tea makes it a strong beverage. 

69. Toddy


This bedtime hot beverage soothes your mind and makes you feel relaxed from the beats of routine. It is a distilled and diluted liquor considered a healer in many ways. People actually consume it for medicinal purposes and probably for provoking deep sleep.

Fresh herbs and honey are just poured into this drink or are simply paired with it. It is such a relief to include it in your daily diet as it cools your body and also massages your mind out of trouble instantly.

70. Tisane


Tisane is nothing but a package of herbs mixed in a drink. It tastes very similar to tea and can be substituted for the latter since it does not contain caffeine.

It is considered to be a special beverage mostly consumed when stuck with an ailment. It aids respiratory processes and also keeps you fresh night and day.

71. Tonic


Tonic is any carbonated drink consumed for medicinal purposes. It is added to drugs or sometimes also to gin. The tonic content can wade you out of respiratory problems and keep you floated to offer good sleep.

72. Tequila


The king of alcoholic beverages, tequila, adds a punch to your cocktails. Tequila can be added to margaritas or drunk straight out of shot glasses. Tequila is made using the blue agave plant and is 40-50% alcohol.

It has a fruit and tangy taste with mild sweet notes. Its flavor can be earthy, but you can taste the alcohol in the drink. This drink is aged to give you a smooth and rich taste.

Tequila connoisseurs might be familiar with other notes, honey, citrus, vanilla, caramel, oak, and black pepper.

73. Tapioca Milk Tea

Tandoori Chicken

This is nothing but another name for a twister of boba tea consumed with tapioca pearls. The tea has small and often flavored tapioca balls. Also known as bubble tea, this drink has become quite a sensation. 

Tapioca milk tea tastes sweet, but it isn’t overpowering. It has a smooth milky taste, and the chewy pearls are a great surprise. There are also many flavors available in this tea, like mango, matcha, lychee, peach, passionfruit, honeydew, etc.

List of 73 Foods That Start With T

Foods That Start With T

Foods That Start With T

Here is the list of 73 foods that start with T.
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  • Tomatoes
  • Tabasco Peppers
  • Thai Basil
  • Taro
  • Tigernut
  • Tomatillo
  • Turban Squash
  • Turnip
  • Tuscan Kale
  • Tamarind
  • Tangelo
  • Tangerine
  • Tommy Atkins Mango
  • Tart Cherries
  • Tamari
  • Tabasco Sauce
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Turmeric
  • Tahini
  • Tarragon
  • Thyme
  • Tapenade
  • Teriyaki Sauce
  • Truffle
  • Tartar Sauce
  • Tajin
  • Tortillas
  • Tapioca
  • Tater Tots
  • Tea Sandwiches
  • Tofu
  • Tabbouleh
  • Tempura Vegetables
  • Tempeh
  • Tagliatelle
  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Turkey Meat
  • Tetrazzini
  • Tamale
  • Tuna
  • Tenderloin
  • Trouts
  • Tajine
  • Tilapia
  • Tacos
  • Tortas
  • Tostada
  • Taquitos
  • Tarte Tatin
  • Tiramisu
  • Tapioca Pudding
  • Toffee
  • Torta Caprese
  • Trifle
  • Truffle
  • Turnover
  • Tart
  • Taffy
  • Thumbprint Cookies
  • Tres Leches Cake
  • Turkish Delight
  • Tin Roof Pie
  • Treacle Tart
  • Tootie Fruity
  • Texas Sheet Cake
  • Twix Bars
  • Tottenham Cake
  • Tea
  • Toddy
  • Tisane
  • Tonic
  • Tequila
  • Tapioca Milk Tea


  • Go through the list and find your favorite food that starts with T.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

Final Thoughts

We have delineated a long list of foods starting with T in different categories, and one overrides the other in taste and flavor. Some have become the most desirable as we read through it, and some are the obvious ones people have tried many times.

Our picks have completely encompassed all food items, and it behooves us to binge on them according to our preferences. As we glaze through it, one might also develop a hankering to finally gulp some items that captivate your attention.

We have just enjoyed a delicious list of alphabet food guides, and let us just wait with bated breath to have a glance at the next episode in the pipeline.

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