41 Foods That Start With N | A Detailed List

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Welcome to the next episode of Alphabet food guide. This is the next edition of our profound studies of food items with respect to the alphabet. Today we will elucidate foods that start with N and go in-depth detailing the food items as it is listed. There are many food items starting with N that are slotted into different categories.

Foods that start with N

Many foods that start N are prominent and well known. The usual name-dropped ones that come to our mind immediately are nectarines, navel oranges, nutmeg, nuggets, nuts, nougats, noodles, and Napoleon cake. They vary across different types, and each has different flavors to entice the consumers.

They range from natural food sources like vegetables or fruits to cooked dishes, snacks, desserts, beverages, etc. One has to delve deeper to discern the full list of food items that start with N.

Some may be regulars or conventional to be known by all. Some might strike out as surprise items that nobody has heard of. Although, our description will tempt readers to have a go at the dishes as the list unfolds in the following lines.

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Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts That Start With N

The most natural form of food categories are vegetables, nuts, and fruits. This category entails a lot of foods that start with N.

1. Nectarine

nectarines in a basket

Nectarine, though it rings like a new name, is actually a variation of peaches. They have a shiny exterior that looks smooth and attractive. Both nectarine and peaches are considered to be two different fruits.

Nectarine is dark red in color and appears to be sweeter than peaches when eaten. These fruits can be consumed as wholesome fruit without even peeling off the skins. They can be juiced or had as a puree, mixed in salads, or stuffed in burgers. 

This fruit is a package of vitamins A and C with a huge amount of fiber to its credit. This makes it a desirable fruit for health-conscious people in more ways than one. It is also touted to be a strong supplier of potassium which gives ample resilience to the body.

2. Navel Oranges

Navel Orange

These famous oranges are a treat for your mouth as they are adorned with sweetness to extremes. They are seedless, which makes them too smooth on the tongues. The tanginess found in other oranges is a rarity in this type.

They are supposed to be eaten once they are peeled off from their skins. The dry air they are exposed to could spoil them and make them bitter. Navel oranges are usually crushed into jams or roasted as a separate dessert to be consumed.

Navel oranges also serve as a superior topping option for ice creams, cakes, or any appropriate food item. Cinnamon is an able ingredient that can be paired with this roasted fruit to be relished in ecstasy.

3. Nectar


 Words will not suffice to explain the taste of nectar that invigorates your taste buds to extremes. Nectar is the sweet liquid that bees prey on in large quantities. Honey is its official name and is stapled across the world as a natural sweetener.

It is an able alternative for sugar and comes across as a healthier option than the former. It is consumed in raw form or added as a sweetening agent to any food item randomly.

Dessert items always pair well with honey as the sweet quotient of the item spikes up immediately when it is added. It is also used as a conventional topping for salads or ice-creams, including any random raw fruit to spruce up the item’s flavor.

4. Nashi Pear

Nashi Pear

The Nashi pear is the most conventional fruit that we consume frequently. The fruit of Asian origin is studded with sweetness and is juicy in nature.

They are squeezed very often to be offered as a healthy drink that is tasty as well. They are most casually eaten raw as a snack or sometimes dipped with honey or spices according to our choice.

It is also widely consumed for exclusive medicinal purposes, including weight loss. It is crushed and juiced with bits of coarse black pepper to cure any throat disorders in people as well.

5. Natal Plum

Natal Plum

This fruit is like little treats of heaven as they are tiny and sweet as you gulp it. Natal plums are very juicy and squishy in nature, offering a dual taste of sweetness and tanginess in equal proportions.

They are advised to be eaten raw as they leave milky residues when cooked and get squashed easily. The best way to consume them is to mix them into salads or make them into pickles and preserve them for a long time.

6. Nutmeg Melon

Nutmeg Melons

Nutmeg melons are cantaloupes with checked skins and soft interiors. They are packed with an extreme sweetness and have a juicy flesh. They are usually eaten raw as sliced fruit or thrown in a salad with appropriate toppings.

It is also sprinkled into a cup of yogurt or topped with ice creams to make it more savory. They go well with continental salads as the combination packs some extra sweetness into the mixture. It also adds a layer of crunchiness to the salads for us to feast upon it in delight.

7. Naranjilla Fruit

Naranjilla fruit

 Naranjilla is a unique fruit that resembles a Spanish orange at its best. It actually tastes a little citrusy and is quite a mix between pineapples and lemons. It is mostly juiced and diluted for consumption to avoid unbearable extra tanginess.

Frozen juice makes a good ingredient for many sauces or dishes to enhance the taste. They are usually used in wines or sherbets and are added as a mix for baking pies or cakes.

The fruit’s skin is a little hard on the surface, so it is sliced in half and squeezed out to be consumed as an essence.

Sometimes the pulp can be crushed and squashed to be had with rocks of ice and sugar. The strained form of the juice is very tasty for consumption as it oozes out the flavor in full swing.

8. Nutmeg


Nutmeg are the seeds of the many plants which are touted to be energy shots and health healers. It is commonly used as a spice which is added to recipes of any dish to give it a nutty taste.

It is usually powdered like pepper and sprinkled on any dish to give it a texture. They are tangy and sweet equally to balance the taste that stands apart as uniquely flavored.

They have become a significant addition to many recipes, including cookies or baking pies. They give a very solid and strong taste to the items and relish them with a pack of punch.

9. Nigella Seeds

Nigella Seeds

These are the seeds called black cumin, a traditional spice that has been in use for a long time. They are considered to be a healthy topping to go with any dishes at random.

They taste a little bitter and offer a toasty and fried flavor. It is commonly leveraged as a seasoning ingredient on salads or gravies.

The addition of this spice gives a distinct texture to the food item and elevates its health standards to a high level as well.

The resistance power of human beings is said to improve with a considerable and frequent consumption of this spice. It is also said to improve the fertility of your reproductive organs and make them stronger and healthier.

10. Nettles


Nettle is a tiny shrub with heart-shaped leaves with a tangy and homely taste. They are widely popular as medicinal leaves rather than for culinary purposes. They make a very good addition to curries and gravies to add some natural flavor to those dishes.

It actually tastes like a mix between cucumber and spinach. It is added to soups, salads, curries, or gravies as a topping or blended into those items to lead the flavor. A good chunk of these leaves is added to beverages like beer or tea to freshen their taste.

It’s a herb that amplifies the health benefits of people by improving their sleep and removing toxins from the body when consumed. Daily addition of the herb in your daily diet is said to elevate the health standard of people to a large extent.

11. Nipa


 Nipa is another edible seed that is inherently delicious as a cream-flavored bite. The ripened seeds are very hard on the surface, which makes them difficult to consume. However, the immature seeds ooze a sweet flavor that can be used for jams and jellies.

They are leveraged intensely for preparing alcoholic beverages as fermenting these fruits adds some punch. It is also treated like an energy shot, and syrups made on this fruit are consumed to freshen your spirits.

This fruit acts as a health remedy for toothaches or headaches. They also treat ailments like snakebites or burns and ulcers.

12. Neeps


Neeps is the pet name for turnip and is stapled across the world. They radiate a sweet flavor and are starchy in nature. The flesh looks fresh and earthy, making it soft and silky on your tongue as you digest it.

The health benefits that tag along with this vegetable are exemplary. They are a good source of vitamins and give a lot of muscle strength. They can be made into gravies, salads, or pickles. Mixing the neeps with appropriate ingredients make for a good recipe and land as a tasty treat in your mouth.

13. Napa Cabbage

Napa Cabbage

Napa cabbage is another type of cabbage that is oblong in shape and has a whiter skin that is attractive. It has many layers of leaf skins and is softer than regular cabbages. They are juicy in nature and munch well in your mouth as you take a bite.

They can be boiled or added to a salad, as eating them raw is tasty as well. Stir-fried cabbages also emanate a distinct flavor that soothes your taste buds. They are filling as a whole meal and can also be consumed as a pacy food that needs no extra processing.

It has loads of vitamins B6 and calcium, preventing anemia or bone diseases. It keeps your skin healthy and treats you with any chronic illnesses.

14. Navy Beans

Navy Beans

 Navy beans belong to the family of normal beans and are white in color. They are creamy, soft, and delectable as you munch them. They usually sided with dirty rice, a staple dish of Louisiana.

They can be squished and pureed or added to the tops of soups. Navy beans are also excellent resources for sauces or stews. They are leveraged extensively as flavoring or thickening agents. They are usually mixed with an ingredient to increase the dish’s consistency or solidify it more.

Navy bean baked pie is an interesting dessert that is slightly unconventional but invigorates your taste buds to extremes.

Dishes, Processed Foods, and Snacks That Start With N

Below will be the parade of food choices that will compete with one another for their taste and the sheer ecstasy it offers as you gulp it. 

15. Nachos


Nachos are an incredible light meal snack that is relished by many in extreme delight. It is a crunchy mix of tortilla chips soaked in large portions of heavy creamed cheese. They are also nourished with veggies that are apt for siding with the dish.

The variations and spins you can give to this dish will entice enough to attract the foodies. They can also be dabbed with any chili sauces or spices that pair well with the taste.

It can be a whole full-time snack or a side dish to tag along with a light meal. Guacamole is an excellent combination that perfectly aligns well with this heavenly treat.

Fried beans, beef, or jalapenos are commonly interspersed in this dish with extra herbs to healthify the meal. It is a perfect dish if you feel snacky and is a good option to satiate your appetite.

16. Nuggets


This enchanted piece of chicken meat is a blessing. A nugget is cooked meat that is mashed and marinated with breadcrumbs to be fried or baked. It is a popular meal enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

They are usually sold in frozen forms for us to air-fry and eat at our convenience. The dipping sauces also enhance its taste, and the most usual ones are mustard, cheese, and chili pastes.

The most convenient alternative for this snack is vegetable nuggets, which have also become popular as a filling option for vegetarians.

17. New York Pizza

New York Pizza

Pizza is a popular dish, but New York pizza qualifies as a special dish in itself for its peculiar look and taste. The crust is thick on the edges and thin in the middle. However, the middle crust is soft and fluffy, with extra cheeses to spruce up its taste. 

The slices are huge and can be folded over and eaten. The crust is so crispy that it is a treat for thin-crust lovers. It is heavily filling and the effective toppings are generally tomato sauce and layers of mozzarella cheese.

The New York pizza tantalizes your taste buds as it looks very tempting. Eating it is more than exciting as the taste lingers for a long time after. This is a pizza to remember.

18. Noodles


The name ‘noodles’ alone waters the mouth as it is one of the most loved foods worldwide. Noodles are kid-friendly and also a food item that involves less cooking time. They are long stripes of kneaded dough that are cooked with broth and spices.

There are wide varieties of noodles, and they are popularly consumed in soups, stir-fried dishes, and also in pasta. Rice noodles, egg noodles, or ramen noodles are prominent in many regions as people consume them daily.

They are usually cooked with fancy vegetables or some pieces of meat that pair well with the dish. They are easily digestible as the layer is soft and silky for the mouth. Fried noodles or cup noodles also make for an interesting choice to be consumed as a hot and quick bite.

19. Naan Bread

Naan Bread

 Naan bread is a Indian flatbread that is very popular and is a staple in many South-Asian countries. They are the cooked or baked form of flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and curd. Herbs are interspersed and topped over the bread to supply some nourishment.

This bread goes with gravies and are soft and fluffy in nature. The bread slices are often brushed with butter to make them taste richer. Dip the bites with earthly curries or spices to make them more flavorful to eat.

20. Nori


 Nori are the Japanese edible leaf sheets that are best served as wraps for sushi or rice balls. They have a distinctive taste and incredible aroma that wafts across the place it is served. It has a unique texture that insulates the food items pretty intact.

These sheets add some flavor to the stuffed ingredients to perk up the taste of the meal. It is also sliced and cut into pieces to be sprinkled on soups and salads for our convenience.

21. Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is a type of fried rice that is famous in Indonesia. It is quite common there as an effective breakfast or dinner item that is fulfilling. It is actually made from leftover rice, which gives it some mushiness.

It is mixed with vegetables, soy sauce, chili sauce, onions, and pepper. A piece of meat such as chicken or beef is also added to nourish the item and make it tasty.

Some edible tag-along that go well with these items are pickles, eggs, or some salads that match its bland taste. They can also be consumed as a light lunch, with some packed meat on the side to satiate your appetite.

22. Neufchatel Cheese

Neufchatel cheese

Neufchatel cheese is ripened cheese that is nutty and grainy in its texture. It feels a little coarse to the touch and is semi-soft. It is a little rough than the cream cheese but come across as a healthier alternative to the latter.

It does entail little cream content to make it more flavorful and tasty but has lower fat content than the cream cheese that is heavy on your tummy.

23. Nantua


Nantua is a seafood based sauce that is creamy and rich in texture. It is made of crayfish mixed with shrimp butter or potted shrimp. It is actually a twisted version of the white sauce which is rich and creamy in taste.

 Lobsters, chicken, or shellfish pair well with the sauce as they also soften the layer of the meat to a large extent to aid easy digestion.

 24. Natto


Natto is a Japanese dish and is a package of soybeans that are dunked in mustard sauce, egg yolks, or dipping spicy curries to be merged with hot rice on the side. They have a very rich flavor and feel sticky.

The gravies that soak the soybeans actually soften the dish. They taste a little nutty and tangy but are rich in nutrients to enhance the health aspects of people.

They have huge health benefits, including aiding digestion. They are also light on your tummy, making them an effective dinner item.

25. Norbury Blue

Norbury Blue Cheese

Norbury blue is a spin of blue cheese with veggie treats and mildly interspersed blue hues. It has a special odor and tastes somewhat similar to brie cheese.

It has a very soft texture and looks very glossed to the naked eye. It is smoky and soft in taste which matches well with the richness of its flavor. This cheese’s inherent creaminess makes it suitable for baked foods or toasted bread.

It is also mixed with salads and couples well with a party night of champagne. It can also be consumed as a snack or a separate item that melts in your mouth as you swallow it.

Desserts, Sweets, and Beverages That Start With N

Let us uncover food items starting with N in this category and treat us with mouth-watery descriptions to tantalize and tease us.

26. Nesselrode


Nesselrode is a fresh dessert unique from the flock or the conventional ones. It looks like a white foamy treat that resembles ice cream but is made from chestnuts, cognac, vanilla, sugar, and cream.

They are refrigerated, conveniently mixed, and topped with nuts to offer some crispness. A new and fresh dessert to try out as an evening snack or as an after-meal dessert that is light and soft on your tummy

27. Nonpareil


Nonpareil are the tiny colored balls of confectionaries that are a perfect fit as a decorative topping on cakes and ice creams. They have basically condensed forms of sugar capsules which are then coated with different colors.

They can be tweaked for different versions and still be consumed with favorable flavors. Chocolate nonpareils have recently become prominent as the balls are mixed with chocolates and packaged as a snack item.

Going overboard with these sugar balls could also be a little hazardous to your health as it may increase your sugar consumption.

28. Nankhatai


These Indian cookies are just treated for your mouth as they just sparkle your taste buds with their enchanting flavor. Naankhatais are made of flour, sugar, milk, and eggs with pieces of nutmeg and cardamom.

They are perfect for an evening snack to go with a high tea or are usually served on occasions like late-night parties or events.

They are buttery, crumby, and even crispy on your mouth and diffuse softly on your tongue, leaving little flavors of nutmeg that linger for a long time.

29. Neapolitan Ice Cream

Neapolitan icecream

This is a blessing for ice cream lovers who crave a good mix of flavors. It is addressed as harlequin ice cream and combines different essences in one shot of delight.

Neapolitan ice cream is a mix of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice creams layered one by one in a cup with effective toppings that go well with each of these flavors.

They actually combine so well that all these flavors leave a mark on your mouth after the ice cream has melted on your tongue.

30. Nerds


The name looks like you are referring to geeks, but Nerds mean the sweet candies that roll in your mouth. They are neon-colored candies with different flavors to attract different people.

They come in different shapes to entice kids. Orange, cherry, strawberries, and grapes are the common flavors many millennials have consumed recently.

31. Nutella


Nutella is a popular brand of spread item that has been a regular filling in bread and baked products. It contains cocoa, hazelnut, skimmed milk, sugar, and palm oils.

They are blended together and are simmered enough to get the paste. Some thickening agent is added to the mix to give it some consistency.

It is dabbed on bread, pancakes, or waffles and goes well with any baked item in general. It is comfort food and can be added to any sweet item to accentuate the taste to a higher level.

It has recently been upgraded to incorporate different flavors, and people use it for different food items of their choice. It is quite filling in nature, and hence adding them can make it a fulfilling meal.

32. Nougat


Nougat is a sweet confection and a blessing. All sweet contents like sugar, honey, candied fruits, hazelnuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts, and pistachios are blended to make this droplet of treats.

It is quite savory in nature and can be easily made at home. It can be enjoyed alone or added to desserts and ice creams to enhance their flavors. Some varieties differ flavor make for some extra delight and excitement.

33. Natillas


Natillas is a Spanish delicacy that is basically referred to as Spanish custard. It is made from milk and white eggs till it is condensed into a thick form used for desserts.

This item is used for making ice creams or fruit salads. They can also be blended into any baking pies or dessert items to perk up the flavor and give it a milky taste; they are extremely sweet and have different twists for different countries.

34. Napoleon Cake

Napoleon Cake

This incredible dessert is three-tiered in appearance, stuffed with creams in the middle. It is soft, fluffy, and flaky while devoured and melts like drops of honey in your mouth. 

The buttercream and whipped cream sandwiched in between give them a soft and sweet flavor while devoured. It is a laborious process to make the cake as it involves arranging the layers in order carefully and fixing them with the right proportions of cream fillings. 

35. Nectarine Upside Down Cake

Nectarine Upside Down Cake

Nectarine upside down cake is the richest cake that one can relish and feel so delighted. It is so vibrant in nature as it is topped with a layer of nectarines. The cake batter is a mixture of flour, milk, sugar, yogurt, and cream to be baked together.

This nectarine upside-down cake is dominated by the flavor of the base fruit but can also be modified for any other fruit like peaches or apples as well. It is so delicious that galloping it in pieces makes you want to have a go at it again.

36. New York Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are very popular, and New York cheesecake come across as a special item that stands apart from other cakes. It is the creamiest cake that is available and is also very rich in texture.

It is made with eggs, cream cheese, milk, and sour cream, blended in the right proportions to make it taste magical. A drop of lemon juice accentuates sweetness and is sprinkled on the mixture.

It is unique from normal cheesecakes and has a reputation as the richest cake that can be devoured.

37. Nut Bread

Nut Bread

This bread type is nutty in nature as it is mixed with lots of nuts before it is baked. Nut bread has a crunchy exterior that is very inviting and is also overloaded with sweetness on the inside.

The nuts added to the mixture are walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, and almonds, which also inevitably nourish the food item. 

The normal blend of flour, milk, sugar, salt, and eggs are bound with assorted nuts mentioned above and baked to form the nut bread. It can be consumed with tempting stuffing’s that boost the flavor of the item to a large extent.

38. Norman Tart

Norman Tart

Norman tart is whisked, baked, and caramelized with eggs, milk, almond slices, and apples. Egg custard is added as an ingredient to top the mixture and give it some consistency.

What sets this tart aside from others is the addition of apples and almond slices which separates the taste and gives it a distinctive flavor. It is also served as a tepid dessert that pairs with soft cream melt in the mouth.

39. Nougatine


Nougatine are effective toppings or toffees. They are basically an amalgamation of caramel and almond flakes. They are crunchy on the surface and go well with any desserts like rice puddings or ice creams.

You can also eat it as bites, for they fill you with sugary treats that can be relished. Decorating pastries and desserts with these tartlets can be very luring for your eyes and mouth together.

40. Nutty Brownies

Nutty Brownies

Nutty brownies are desserts made of toasted nuts. Toasting the nuts gives a flavor on its own, and the combinations give different flavors.

The nuts generally used are walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, and almonds. They are toasted until they turn crunchy and brown to give a texture that is crisp on the outside.

Chunks of chocolate chips are added to the mixture and are baked until the brownies are solidified. Nutty brownies are fudgy and crunchy in nature. They mix too well with ice creams or cool desserts, complimenting the nutty taste.

41. Negus


Negus, an Ethiopian beverage, is a right mix of wine, sugar, and hot water. Citrus fruit flavors are added to this mix to make it a little tangy and flavorful. 

Orange or lemon are the usual combinations that go with this drink. They add some distinct taste to the drink; what stands apart is that it is served hot rather than cold like other beverages.

A great energy booster that helps people perk up and invigorate themselves with this shot of magical drink

List Of 41 Foods That Start With N

Foods that start with N

Foods That Start With N

Here is a list of 41 foods that start with N for you.
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  • Nectarine
  • Navel Oranges
  • Nectar
  • Nashi Pear
  • Natal Plum
  • Nutmeg Melon
  • Naranjilla Fruit
  • Nutmeg
  • Nigella Seeds
  • Nettles
  • Nipa
  • Neeps
  • Napa Cabbage
  • Navy Beans
  • Nachos
  • Nuggets
  • New York Pizza
  • Noodles
  • Naan Bread
  • Nori
  • Nasi Goreng
  • Neufchatel Cheese
  • Nantua
  • Natto
  • Norbury Blue
  • Nesselrode
  • Nonpareil
  • Nankhatai
  • Neapolitan Ice cream
  • Nerds
  • Nutella
  • Nougat
  • Natillas
  • Napoleon Cake
  • Nectarine Upside Down cake
  • New York Cheesecake
  • Nut Bread
  • Norman Tart
  • Nougatine
  • Nutty Brownies
  • Negus


  • Go through the list and find your favorite food that starts with N.
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Foods that start with N have been listed and elaborated with their flavors to attract people. Suppose you are a foodie and dare to be diverse with options.

In that case, this is the right forum for you to get to know the food items that start with N. we have enticed ourselves with different food choices that trigger and tease our temptations with flavorful combinations that can be cherished.

Many items are listed above, but some come across as special surprises that need to be tested and trialed at least once in your lifetime.

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