88 Foods That Start With L | A Detailed List

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Here comes another addition to our edition of the Alphabet Food Guide. It is quite a joy to unravel foods that start with pertaining alphabets and finding about their qualities.

Foods that start with L

It has its own thrill to learn about foods from different regions and cultures. Just having a sneak peek at them is exciting as it is. This episode is going to be about foods that start with L.

Multiple food items start with L and we have covered most of them in our list. Some food items starting with L are lemon, lady fingers, leeks, lobsters, lambs, lemongrass, lasagna, Loaf, lentils, and legumes.

We have heard of more known foods that start with L. However, we will learn about both known and unknown items in detail.

The categories encompass foods that start with L and spread across fruits and vegetables, spices, plants, herbs, meat items, dishes, desserts, and beverages.

They are exquisite delicacies and qualify as nutrients to offer health benefits. Let us uncover the food items in this list and also some tidbits about their taste, qualities, and health benefits they offer.

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Fruits and Vegetables That Start With L

This category is special in many ways than one. They offer exclusive health benefits and are also deemed delicious. Having them daily is recommended for the kind of nutrition they offer.

Let us quickly get into the list of fruits and vegetables that start with L.

1. Lady Apples

Lady apples

Lady apples are juicy and crystal red apples. They are used extensively as decorative for Christmas trees as they brighten the spot. They give away a sweet flavor and are slightly juicy in texture.

They are used to make jams, sauces, or even crushed as juices or purees to be garnished. They are also great ingredients as stuffing’s in crusty pies or cakes. 

Lady Apples are extremely nutritious as they are filled with vitamins that nourish the body. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is an exact axiom that just holds true with these apples in your diet.

2. Lambkin Melon

lambkin melon

Lambkin melon is a hybrid fruit belonging to the Spanish melons family. It is oblong and has a vibrant green exterior. This is a perfect holiday treat and quite a blessing for summer.

It is juicy and sweet, which is extremely delicious. The fruit looks extremely fresh and can be preserved for a long time. It is filled with vitamin C, calcium, and iron, making it highly nutritious.

3. Lamb’s Lettuce

Lambs lettuce

Lamb’s lettuce is a green leafy vegetable that resembles more like spinach. However, it is small-sized lettuce that is dark green in color and slightly juicy in texture.

It is tangy in flavor and can be added to salads or even cooked as a part of curries or gravies. 

Like any other leafy vegetable, it is extremely nutritious, with lots of proteins and vitamins. Eating them daily is going to improve your health to a large extent.

4. Lantana Berries

Lantana Berries

Lantana berries are tropical fruits that have a dark blue hue on their skin. They get ripened faster and are only edible when they have become good fruits. 

They have an exquisite sweetness and are also slightly tangy in flavor. They are usually blended as jams or jellies. 

Lantana berries are also healthy because of their antioxidant properties. They increase immunity in people, and eating them frequently is always recommended. 

5. Last Chance Peaches

Last chance peaches

Last chance peaches are so relatable to their names because they are harvested at the fag end of the season. They originate from California and are extremely delicious for consumption.

They have a yellow exterior with a firm texture and juicy texture. These peaches ooze a sweet flavor and are considered the “King of Peaches.”

As for their health benefits, they are just filled with antioxidants and all essential nutrients, including vitamins, iron, and calcium.

6. Lawyer’s Wig Mushrooms

Lawyers wig mushroom

Lawyer’s wig mushrooms look shaggy in appearance. They have a big hat-like cover that implicates the name of these vegetables. 

They are slightly mild in flavor and squishy in texture. They are used extensively to make curries or gravies. Sometimes they are also added to salads. 

Lawyer’s wig mushrooms are healthy and just pack a lot of proteins in themselves to benefit people.

7. Leeks


Leeks are a bigger version of onions and are more flavorful than the latter. They are slightly thicker and milder in texture, with a big leafy plant attached to the roots.

They “leak” out a buttery taste (pun intended) and are sweet when tasted. They have a stronger aroma than onions and leave a residual taste when added to food items. 

They are invariably added to salads to enhance the flavor and sometimes peppered over soups after slicing. They can be replaced with normal onions in curries or gravies.

They are highly nutritious and offer many health benefits owing to their ample vitamin content.

8. Lemon


Lemon is a popular fruit but is barely eaten raw. The fruit’s flavor and aroma are exceptional, and it is used mainly for its zest and juice, which can be added or mixed in many dishes. 

The essence from the fruit is added to teas, pies, cocktails, soups, or even dishes like curries and gravies. People make lemonade with lemons, a refreshing drink that cools you down during the summer.  

Lemon radiates a bitter and tangy flavor with exceptional nutritional qualities to benefit people. It is a citrus fruit packed with vitamin C to improve people’s heart health and help them reduce weight.

9. Lemonade Berry

Lemonade berries

Lemonade berries are fruits from lemonade berry shrubs. They are small in size and quite tarty in flavor. They are grown in flocks and are available in bunches.

They are very juicy and hence fix themselves as juices or essence to be mixed in recipes for dishes. Large amounts of vitamin C are packaged into these fruits, and having them daily improves your stamina and immunity.

10. Lemonade Fruits

Lemonade fruits

Lemonade fruits differ from lemonade berries in flavor. They are not tart or sour but slightly resemble the taste of a lemon. They are slightly sweet and tangy.

Lemonade fruits are not very acidic, which makes them eligible to be eaten as raw fruit. They look very similar to lemons and are probably bigger than normal lemons. 

These fruits are extremely citrusy as they are filled with vitamin C. Eating this fruit is sure to improve our immunity to a large extent.

11. Lemon Aspen

lemon aspen

Lemon aspens are cream-colored fruits that take the name of the lemon for their sourness. They grow in bunches and look pale in comparison with lemons.

Their taste has traces of eucalyptus and spices put together. These fruits can be eaten raw, or sometimes they are even squashed into cocktails.

They are rich in calcium and antioxidants, offering us myriad health benefits.

12. Lemon Cucumber

lemon cucumber

Lemon cucumber is another interesting fruit that is represented more like a vegetable. They are very tasty and sweet, with a very prominent cucumber flavor.

They resemble lemons a lot in appearance but taste nothing like them. The sweetness in these fruits makes them more desirable to be eaten raw.

They are healthy with packed antioxidants and vitamins with a tinge of calcium to up their nutritional value.

13. Lemon Drop Melon

Lemon drop melon

These lemon drop melons are an exceptional variety of melons that are sweet in flavor. They do have a tanginess that accompanies the sweetness of the fruits. They also have all citrusy qualities, with strong skin to support their flesh.

They are extremely rich in vitamins and are most commonly used for medicinal purposes like treating inflammations or curing diseases. Immunity is also improved by having them on your daily diet regime.

14. Lemon Drop Pepper

Lemon drop pepper

Lemon drop pepper is an exquisite vegetable with a tinge of lemon flavor that remains after eating them. They are yellow and have a spicy taste as well.

They are crushed into sauces or snacks. Sometimes they are also added to gravies and curries to enhance their flavor. These peppers mix well with salsas, then tempered over salads or dishes.

15. Lemon Plum

Lemon plum

Lemon plums have the shape of lemon but are filled with sweetness with the residue of tanginess instead. They are slightly burgundy and boast a firm texture.

Lemon plums are eaten raw but are sometimes baked to make them crispy. These plums have to be consumed when they are fresh.

They are rich in vitamin C and improve your immune system. It is also known to improve your skin complexion if you consume them daily.

16. Lettuce


Lettuce is the most popular vegetable and has high water content. Almost all salads have lettuce as a base to give them a juicy and crunchy texture.

It belongs to the daisy family and has a mild, sweet flavor with a crunchy, leafy texture. Lettuce is usually consumed as a fresh leafy vegetable.

They are also efficiently stuffed inside sandwiches or burgers, which automatically boosts their flavor and textures of them as well.

17. Li Jujube

Li jujube

Li jujube are green apples that look very juicy and ripe. They are juicy and can be squashed as juices to be added to cocktails or wines.

They have a sweet and tangy flavor with high sugar content to make them more relish-worthy. They are rich in potassium and zinc, benefiting people in many healthy ways.

18. Limestone Lettuce

Limestone lettuce

Limestone lettuce is the sweetest of all the lettuces. They have a strong bud with leaves surrounding the center. 

They are dark green but so creamy to be eaten. The sweetness goes exactly well with salads and adds some crispness to the food item.

They are very healthy, with abundant antioxidants and vitamins to be supplied to the consumers.

19. Lipstick Pepper

Lipstick pepper

Lipstick peppers are supposed to be spicy but very sweet and juicy. They look glossy with bright red. They offer crispness when added to salads and look like drops of crystals added to the mix.

They enhance the look and flavor of any dish when added. These peppers are easily made into sauces, topped in burgers, minced into curries or gravies, crushed into salsas, or frequently used as ingredients for marination. 

20. Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

lions mane mushroom

Lion’s mane mushrooms are popular mushrooms that have been touted to improve mental health. They help relieve depression and anxiety to a large extent. The taste resembles a lot like the common seafood that we eat.

They can be eaten raw by adding them into salads or sometimes even cooked to be mixed in curries. They are sometimes steeped as teas to enhance their flavor.

They are used commonly as herbs that offer multiple health benefits to people. It rapidly improves your heart, gut, and mental conditions to extremes.

21. Lobster Mushroom

Lobster mushroom

Lobster mushrooms are very different from normal mushrooms in appearance and quality. They are slightly bigger with a tangible red or orange cap.

When cooked, they are nutty in flavor and tender in texture. They are scarcely available and are healthier than normal mushrooms. Cooking them could elevate the taste, and the best way to saute them is with butter and salt.

 Apart from this, they can also be caramelized to be consumed in a unique flavor. Adding them to curries or specially curated gravies would be a tastier way of eating them with delight.

22. Lodi Apples

Lodi Apples

Lodi apples are a crossbreed between two families of apples and are mildly softer than any normal variety. They have green or mild yellow skin with a taste that is sharper than traditional apples.

They have a tart flavor with traces of sweetness that linger. These apples are usually made into applesauce or apple pies. They are also crushed and molded into jams. 

Lodi apples, like all apples, are healthy and share the nutritional aspect of other apples in common. Incorporating them into your daily diet schedule can benefit your health.

23. Loganberries


Loganberries are similar to blackberries and raspberries. They are dark black and emit a tart flavor that compliments well for making pies, jams, or sauces.

They are very juicy in texture and very rich in flavor. They are also used to make preservatives, or sometimes crushed and canned. The flavor is also added to opulent wines, making them more taste vibrant.

Regarding their health aspects, they are extremely rich in manganese and offer extravagant health benefits to people.

24. Longan


This is an exceptional fruit that is similar to lychee. It has a flexible and fluffy flesh that can be consumed even raw.

It has a mild sweetness that is not very overwhelming. Drying or melting and canning the fruit to make syrups is the best way to consume them. The fruit is extremely rich in potassium which helps control blood pressure and sugar levels.

25. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

long island cheese pumpkin

This Long Island cheese pumpkin looks a lot like a cheese fruit with an exterior that is cream or pale yellow. It is a heavy pumpkin with strong stripes on its body.

The flesh is very rich in flavor and texture that it can be pulped out to be mixed into recipes.

It can be eaten raw, for it does not dissipate into strings. Cooking them can give you a hint of sweetness and some tanginess that feels very homely.

The creamy nature of the fruit makes it eligible for baking, cooking, boiling or frying to be added to desserts or pies. It is a rich source of vitamins which makes it a must-have food item to nourish your health to a large extent.

26. Long Neck Avocados

Long neck avocados

Long Neck avocados, as the name suggests, are long-necked, which makes them bigger than usual. They look like an elongated version of normal avocados and share the same properties.

These avocados have a buttery texture that tastes both salt and mildly sweet. They are consumed after being ripened or sometimes pulped out to be used as stuffings. These avocados also go well as jams or dips to side with many main dishes.

Long neck avocados are rich in vitamin K and have high fiber content, making them extremely nutritious. Their antioxidant properties cannot be disregarded as well.

27. Long Squash

LOng squash

Long squash, also known as opo squash, are long vegetables with firm textures. They are mild green in color with creamy white flesh. They have a raw and bland flavor when ripened.

The vegetable’s skin is peeled, and the flesh is cut or sliced into small pieces. After slicing them, they are either cooked, baked, fried, or boiled to be used extensively in curries or gravies.

Scraping or grating the vegetables and slipping them into muffins or pies is a nice way of consuming them.

28. Loquats


The appearance of this fruit is quite incredible and different but resembles a lot like an apricot. Loquats are mildly sweet, but the fruit also has a lingering bitterness. 

The skin is smooth, and the flesh is also very soft. They can be eaten raw or squashed as juices or purees to be added to recipes.

This fruit is a natural healer of respiratory issues and chronic disorders. They seem to improve the immunity in people to a large extent.

29. Lolo Fruit

Lolo fruit

These lovely fruits are a pleasure for the eyes and taste buds. Lolo fruits look like oranges that insulate the flesh of cherry tomatoes. They are sweet and slightly tangy as well.

They can be eaten as raw fruit or squashed into juices to enjoy the complete essence of the fruit. They give you high stamina and power since the fruits are extremely rich in vitamins A and C.

30. Langsat


Langsats are fruits that resemble small potatoes. They are tiny treats that have a flavor very similar to grapes. They can be binged one by one like small plums that become sweet as they age.

The flavor of this fruit is leveraged largely in cocktails and is also most commonly used in baking pies. Topping desserts or having them as decorative in puddings or cakes makes them relish-worthy

They are filled with proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Extremely healthy in nature, they are also quite a pleasure to be eaten.

31. Lychee Fruit

lychee fruit

The lychee fruit is a wonder in itself for its flavor and qualities. It is usually called an alligator strawberry, as the exterior surface of the fruit is interspersed with stripes.

Although the fruit looks rough from the outside, it has a juice and jelly-like flesh on the inside that gives you all the sweetness you crave.

It has a strawberry flavor while also radiating a taste similar to watermelon. It contributes to many sliced or juiced recipes and makes a great mix of pies, cakes, or ice creams. Lychee-flavored ice creams seem to be top-notch in quality and demand.

There is no compromise on its health benefits, and it is considered a great natural source for weight loss. 

32. Lilok


Lilok is an undesirable fruit for the bitterness it hosts. It is actually called bitter eggplant and resembles a lot like the latter. The flesh of the lilok fruit is creamy and fluffy with ivory in color.

The bitterness in the fruit makes it very appropriate for chutneys with a mix of onions and spices. It is used very commonly as seasonings and is quite perfect for making curries with the addition of coconut milk.

It is often pickled or added to stir-fries and soups. Lilok eggplants contain vitamins B12 and K, which makes them extremely nutritious and powerful.

33. Lilly Pilly

Lilly pilly

Lilly Pilly are berries grown in bunches that are crystal pink in color. They look glossy in appearance, and they are very attractive.

It has flavors that vary from sweetness to tanginess and is slightly spicy at the end. The fruit is very eligible to be molded into jams, syrups, or even juices. Sweetening it with sugar is the right way to eat it.

Healthwise, It is rich in vitamin C like any other citrus fruit and offers immense immunity to people in need.

34. Limau Bali

Limau Bali

Limau Bali is a fruit that is quite citrusy in flavor. The green skin on the exterior is quite hard, with bumps and pores pervading on the surface.

The layer inside the fruit encases the flesh, which is slightly pinkish. They are quite juicy in texture, with heavy aromas and mild sweetness captivating in all senses.

The peels are sliced off, and the fruits can be eaten raw. They are also pieced and thrown into salads or sometimes tossed into stir-fries and soups.

They are sometimes candied and boiled to be crushed into syrups or jellies. The cirrus flavor also is an exceptional addition to desserts or puddings.

Limau Bali is rich in vitamin C, potassium, and calcium, which makes them a healthy nutrient.

35. Limequats


Limequats are a twisted version of lemons as they also resemble a lot like the latter. They have a bitter-sweet flavor which is quite earthy for our taste buds. The fragrance of the fruit is much talked about as it is too captivating.

They are an excellent resource of vitamins and folic acid, making them an essential fruit for activating your brain power and improving your strength.

36. Lablab Fruit

Lablab fruit

Lablab is a fruit from the family of kidney beans with seeds that can be consumed. It has a mild flavor that is slightly bitter and somewhat sweet at the same time.

More than having it as a raw fruit, it is usually boiled and mixed into stir-fries or curries. The texture adds to the items making them more savory.

Many common ailments like sore throats and colds can be cured with the help of this fruit. It is said to be very helpful to people in resurrecting respiratory disorders.

37. Lakoocha Fruit

Lakoocha fruit

Lakoocha are small, mostly called monkey jack fruits, that are quite small in size. They have a dull yellow color and are extremely citrusy in flavor. They are eaten as fresh fruits or even cooked to be part of curries or gravies.

The sourness the fruits have can make them an effective substitute for tamarinds. The citrusy nature of the fruits indicates that they are filled with vitamin C. So they are a great boost to your immunity levels. 

38. Lancetilla Mango

lancetilla mango

Lancetilla mangoes are exotic pulpy mangoes with flat oval shapes. They are extremely sweet and can be molded to make sauces, syrups, jellies, or jams.

They are bright red, and the flesh looks crystal yellow indicating that it is tender and ready to be eaten. They are also quite healthy, with a richness of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

39. Lucuma Fruit

Lucuma fruit

Lucuma is one of the sweetest fruits from the land of Peru. They are round in shape and slightly yellow.

They make an exquisite ingredient that can perfectly be a part of ice creams, cakes, or pies. This fruit is just so loved in Peru and has a lot of health benefits as well.

It is touted to improve heart health and also manage blood sugar levels.

40. Ladies Finger

Ladies Finger

Ladies’ finger is a gorgeous vegetable that is just magnificent in every aspect. The vegetable has been named for its unique shape resembling a lady’s finger.

Slightly earthy in favor and super delicious when cooked with essential spices, it is one of the most-liked vegetables across the world. It is popularly called okra and has immense leverage in all parts of the world.

The vegetable is sliced and cooked to be added to all recipes, including curries, gravies, salads, dessert items, or even crusty pies as decoratives and layering.

The taste alters according to how it is cooked and what kind of ingredient gets mixed into its preparation. Frying it could also emanate exquisite flavors when added with spices and pepper making it a lovely snack.

It has all kinds of nutrients in large quantities, like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Eating it daily is said to improve your overall health considerably.

It is also traditionally touted to improve the calculative powers of human beings as they eventually become strong in mathematics if they consume it in large quantities.

Meat That Starts With L

Meats that start with L range from seafood to lambs and land snails. This category is the most favorite of many for its sheer fulfillment to your tummy. Let us uncover category items and get to know their specialties.

41. Ladyfish

Lady Fish

Ladyfish is a bony fish with less flesh to consume. It has a sweeter taste and looks moist compared to other fish varieties. It is oily and gets mushy when cooked.

For this reason, it is cooked and ground into a paste to be added to dishes. Fishcake is the best bet to be made from this fish, and it perfectly fits the bill if peppered into spicy gravies.

42. Limpets


Limpets are similar to oysters which is another type of underwater snail. Many marine snails are not considered edible, but limpets can be eaten and cooked.

They are taken out from the shell and eaten but even cooked before consumption. They are sweeter than oysters and much crispier than them as well. 

43. Lingcod

Pan seared Lingcod

Lingcod are lean fishes that resemble cod. They are white and look flaky to the naked eye. They have a mild and delicious flavor that is more relish-worthy.

They are a popular seafood category consumed in the Pacific coast regions. They are usually marinated in batter and fried to be binged. They go as an excellent side dish for chips. It has a high source of proteins and omega-3 fatty acids.

44. Lionfish


Lionfish are from the category of invasive species that are quite mild in taste. They have stripes and are moist, buttery, and flaky in appearance. They are very tender on the exterior, but the flesh can be eaten without any hassles.

The spines at the back of these fishes are quite venomous. Hence cooking them could be a Herculean task. Once cooked, they make a lovely meal for us.

45. Littleneck Clams

Littleneck clams

Littleneck clams are the most flavorful fish of all categories. They have hard shells, and their flesh is slightly chewy in texture. Steaming them is the best way to have them, or they can also be eaten raw. 

These fishes are served with appropriate spicy sauces or sometimes even seasoned with essential spices. A little bit of butter and oil on the fish can enhance its taste and make it more snacky.

46. Lobster


Lobster is too popular worldwide and is usually eaten as an occasional treat at parties and events. It usually looks like crab meat or shrimp and can be cooked with extreme customization.

The spices that get dabbed on the meat make it flavorful and dominate the taste to a large extent. The meat, in general, is chewy and munchies when cooked and can be had as a meal. 

It contains lots of healthy nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

47. Lamb


Lamb is the young sheep variety, a slice of popular red meat consumed across many parts of the world. Lambs are just cooked to a minimal amount and subjected to different customizations or seasonings to be eaten.

They are tender and soft in texture with a delicious earthy flavor. They are also very healthy, with lots of supplemented vitamins, proteins, and other essential nutrients.

48. Land Snails

land snail

Land snails are African staple eats that can pass off as excellent finger foods. The meat has been enjoyed like a chicken wing without bones. 

Properly cooking them makes them more relish-worthy and definitely snacky for your cravings. Frying the cooked meat and mixing it with spicy sauces can be extremely fulfilling.

49. Liver


The liver is the most loved part of meat across the world. The strongest meat with an earthy flavor gets munchies as you chew it. They are just taken from any animal that qualifies as meat, like pigs, chickens, lambs, and ducks.

The nutritional benefit of the liver is unbeatable as well, for it contains lots of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It is sweet in flavor and probably the most eaten part of any meat dish worldwide. 

50. Liverwurst


Liverwurst is a combination of meat that entails both fat and red flesh. They are usually pieced from pork bellies, and the taste is quite rich. 

They are munchies in texture with a soft layering which is why they go perfectly well on a sandwich. They also go as a top layer for wide baguette varieties and can be eaten delightfully.

51. Loin


Loin is the part of the meat, and merely how it is cut makes this dish a special item. It is cut from the bottom side of the backbone and is easily the most flavorful of any meat dish.

It is so soft and tender that it is exquisitely relished for the texture more than its taste. The taste is no less competent as it is juicier as we chew them. Pork tenderloin, beef loin, or lamb loins command a desire from the consumers to a large extent.

52. Lox


Lox is another exquisite version of salmon, which can be either smoked or unsmoked. It looks like sheet flesh that can be layered into sandwiches, baguettes, or even bagels.

A nice topping of cream, cheese, lemon juice, sliced onion, and cucumber alongside lox on a bagel is an ideal combination that can be requested for multiple servings.

Leaves, Seeds, Pulses, Spices, Herbs, And Roots That Start With L

This category encapsulates the foods that flavor the food items, and the absence of which may make any dish unfavorable. Let us quickly zone in on these varieties and see for ourselves what lies in the list.

53. Lambsquarters


Lambs quarters is a herb that resembles more like broccoli. It is one of the wild forms of vegetation available in parts of North America and Mexico. 

The plant’s bud is much stronger and holds a lot of leaves that spread across the center. It can also be eaten raw or sometimes mildly cooked. Adding it to salads and making it a spicy curry is the best way to consume it.

54. Lavender


Lavender is a beautiful flower most cherished for its aroma rather than taste. They are just added to foods to increase the odor and make them more captivating. 

Hence the flower is most commonly used as a floral decoration on food items or for garnishing purposes.

The nutritional benefits are also so welcoming when it comes to these flowers, which are more relish-worthy and extremely loving.

55. Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena is a bitter herb that is an additive to main recipes. The lemon flavor just oozes out, and more so, this herb has a tinge of ginger taste.

It is mainly cooked and eaten as a raw leafy vegetable. The herb is used in both sweet and spicy items. Sometimes it is also used for garnishing dishes like curries and gravies.

56. Licorice Root

licorice root

Licorice is usually referred to as candies, for it is commonly called like that. However, licorice is mainly a root touted to be more medicinal and herbal.

It looks like mini barks of a tree and is basically scraped to be added to foods. Eating them in excess is not recommended, as it has toxic properties. It has an incredible fragrance and also wins as a flavorful item. 

57. Lime Mint

lime mint

This herb is a special variety of mint that is more lemony in taste. It has many practical applications in dishes like desserts.

Many times it is crushed and peppered into cocktails and juices. Chopped leaves work for seafood decorations and salads.

Pesto sauces for pasta are another variety where the leaves are great for offering some fragrance. The flavor is extremely relish-worthy, and on top of that, it is also a healer of digestive issues.

58. Lotus Root

Lotus root

The Lotus root is nothing but the stem of the lotus flower plant. It looks like a root and qualifies as an exquisite item to be consumed. 

It is more like a potato and has a hard surface. It is very creamy in nature and mixes perfectly well with soups, stir-fries, and also salads.

59. Lemon Basil

Lemon basil

This is another famous plant variety that is a winner in any dish for its odor and taste. It has many medicinal properties and mixes well with any salads or soups.

It gives a lemon flavor when added to recipes and spices up the food without drops of lemon juice.

60. Lemongrass


Lemongrass is a small leek with a unique scent that adds fragrance to your food like nothing else. The flavor is slightly spicy and is basically mixed into any continental items.

Soups, salads, curries, sauces, or salsas can be tempered with lemongrass and just rise in flavor. The lemongrass is touted to be a dirt-killer, more like a scavenger, possibly because it is also medicinal.

It cleans your digestive parts and makes you more healthy. Sometimes, lemongrass scents are also used for cleansing purposes, apart from being edible in many ways.

61. Lovage


Lovage is a simple herb that resembles celery. It is extremely medicinal and used extensively to cure kidney infections.

It can be added to soups and salads for flavoring them. The fragrance of the herb finds its leverage in soaps and cosmetics as well.

62. Legumes


Legumes are nothing but edible seeds. Beans, soybeans, peas, and peanuts are legumes and are used in various recipes.

Gravies, curries, soups, salads, and sausages are common items that entail legumes. They are widely loved and eaten in South East Asia especially India. They are rich in protein and are great for health.

63. Lima Beans

Lima beans

They are called butter beans and are so creamy in texture. They are basically legumes that are consumed raw or even in dried form.

They go into any type of recipe, like soups, salads, curries, and sausages. Lima beans are mostly decorative or also mostly added as main vegetables.

Dishes That Start With L

Dishes starting with the letter L are of different varieties and entice you with their taste. They may be small in number but range as the most desired food item. Let us just get into the details of these items to know more about them.

64. Lasagna


Lasagna is an innovative Italian dish with chunks of meat sauce, cheese, vegetables, and tomato sauce with essential spices. It is a layered dish with pasta in the middle of all surfaces. 

The pasta used is not the regular one, but pasta sheets that are long and buttery. It covers the whole vessel as a base and is coated with layers of all the other ingredients to be baked. 

The outcome is just exemplary, for every bite slips into your mouth like drops of heaven. This is usually considered to be a separate meal that fills your tummy and is also very tasty with different customizations that go with the dish.

65. Loaf


Loaf is a general term for meatloaf and bread loaf. Meatloaf is a mixture of meat and cheese with breadcrumbs. Breadloaf is a whole set piece of bread. 

It is used to make many recipes, including sandwiches or different varieties of baguettes. Meatloaf is stuffed and mixed into many dishes and also qualifies as a separate food item.

66. Long John Silvers

Long John Silvers

Long John Silvers is a famous food brand representing fish marinated in the batter to be fried and eaten. They are munchies and crispier after they are ready to be consumed. The outer skin is thick, and the inner stuffing is tender and soft.

They are perfect for an evening time snack, and anyone can binge on them happily. Siding them with hot beverages or soups really serves the purpose of relishing it in delight.

67. London Broil

London  Broil

London Broil is more about how the meat is cooked than what it is. Beef is the most commonly used meat in this process and is cut in the shape of steaks before being broiled.

It is marinated for a long time before being processed and served as round steaks that are snacks as well. It is cooked at a high temperature to make it crispier and more enjoyable for consumers.

Desserts That Start With L

Dessert Items are the most loved items of people for the sweetness it hosts. Eating them is a cherishable experience for all of us and getting to know them is no less thrill as well.

Let us enlighten ourselves with the number of dessert items starting with L in the following lines.

68. Lemon Bars

Lemon Bars

This is an incredible dessert that just fits the bill as a healthy option. It is called lemon squares. Lemon curd is sandwiched between small-sized crusty bread and looks like shiny cookies to be binged.

The lemon curd makes it more digestive, and eating it gives you a sense of having crispy food with soft fillings. 

It is a popular dessert in the United States and apparently has been in demand for a long time. A nice filling dessert to finish a perfect meal.

69. Lamington


Lamington is a famous butter cake rich in sugar and oozes sweetness. It is like small bites of heaven. On top of this, it is given an attractive coating of chocolate tossed in with coconut grates. 

The addition of coconut is optional, and in any way, they taste incredibly delicious. It is a famous Australian treat that is relished mostly by all in the continent down under.

70. Lava Cake

Lava Cake

Lava cake is a famous cake that has been prominent worldwide. The name suggests it will be a shower of delight where the chocolate pours out from the center.

It has a heavenly combination of chocolate souffle and is binge-worthy to the core. They come in medium-sized cups and are perfect as a snack-time dessert.

71. Lane Cake

Lane Cake

Lane cake is an exotic cake that found its prominence in the famous novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.” It is a pizza-shaped cake that is enriched with bourbon to give a punch.

It is extremely delicious, for the baking procedure involves all fancy dessert ingredients in one vessel. There is granulated sugar, egg yolks, butter, raisins, flaked coconut, vanilla extract, cake flour, and milk alongside bourbon or brandy in the absence of the former.

72. Lebkuchen


Lebkuchen is a honey-glazed cookie with traces of orange peels or lemon. They look more like round gingerbread and are just so fulfilling with their flavors.

There are many customizations to this dessert item which also involves toppings of different flavors. One commonly used seasoning is chocolate which is so delicious as a fitting dessert.

73. Lemon Chess Pie

Lemon Chess Pie

Lemon chess pie is a simple dessert item that is extremely famous among Americans. All the conventional dessert ingredients like eggs, sugar, butter, and lemon are mixed to be baked in the oven.

It was a classic invention that is easy to make and relish-worthy in all senses.

74. Layer Cake

layer cake

As the name suggests, layer cake entails lots of layers with different stuffing’s that go with the surfaces. All fillings like jam, cheese, cream, or sometimes fruit slices can be the buffer on the layers.

They just elevate the taste of the cake and make it more relish-worthy in extremes. This cake would be a perfect dessert item for a party or an event and is very filling for a group of people as it is quite big.

75. Laplanders


Laplanders is an extremely satisfying pudding item that is made from egg batter. It is quite similar to Yorkshire pudding and is very delicious in general.

They are baked in muffin bowls and topped with different seasonings like creams, fruits, and cheese. It is best served alongside coffee or tea and is a wonderful combination to fit into the breakfast schedule.

76. Lemon Chiffon Cake

lemon chiffon cake

Lemon chiffon cake is rich with lemon flavor and has an incredibly soft and silky texture. Lemon juice sprinkled on buttercream is just topped on the cake’s surface, making it a perfect dish for a snack craving.

They are extremely tasty and leave a lingering flavor of lemon as you swallow them.

77. Love Heart Cupcakes

Love heart cupcakes

Love heart cupcakes symbolize eternal love and are perfect for Valentine’s day. They are heart-shaped and have a rich chocolate topping that sits perfectly well on this delicious cake.

Eating them is like swallowing a soft and extremely sweet piece of heart that sweeps your spirits. 

78. Ladyfinger


Although named like a popular vegetable, Ladyfinger is an incredibly delicious dessert shaped like a lady’s finger. They are extremely sweet and spongy-natured biscuits that are quite lightweight for your consumption.

They are made of egg-base with flour and milk, making a balanced combination of texture and flavor. They can actually match the needs of a perfect evening snack time and are loved by people exclusively.

79. Lebkuchen Wedding Cake

Lebkuchen Wedding Cake

Lebkuchen is a glossy wedding cake that resembles gingerbread and is very attractive. This cake is honey-glazed and tossed with honey and a sweetener.

It is a wedding cake relished in Germany as a staple dessert that is exquisitely loved by all.

Beverages That Start with L

This category is the best indeed in the overall foods that start with L. It quenches your thirst and is exclusively a delight for relaxing your mind and feeling the sense of having something delicious.

Let us uncover items in this category one by one to see what are the possible drinks that get listed in this category for us to enjoy them at least once.

80. Latte


Latte is another alternative to coffee, a salient beverage of Italian origin. It is made with espresso and boiled milk with an exclusive tinge of chocolate-flavored mocha in the mix.

The coffee can sometimes be replaced with fancy flavors like masala chai, turmeric, or spices. Milk can be replaced with soy milk or almond milk. It is quite creamy and rich with an exceptional sweetness that enlivens your coffee time. 

81. Lemonade


This is a popular cool drink for relaxing your mind and blowing off steam from your regular tight-packed life. If you are thirsty and fatigued, the first drink that could energize you and cool your body is nothing but lemonade.

It is a simple recipe that requires lemon, sugar, and cold water to dilute, only to be mixed and made into this exquisite drink that is relish-worthy.

The famous maxim “When life gives a lemon, make lemonade” is the perfect reference for this drink and the absolute delight it brings to people who drink it.

82. Laverstoke Cocktail

Laverstoke cocktail

This cocktail is specially molded and uses many flavors to make it fusional and exclusive in its taste. Laverstoke has sapphire gin, elderflower liqueur, ginger ale, vermouth, lime wedge, and mint.

All the flavors enhance the drink’s richness and make it tastier when swallowed.

83. Leapfrog Drink

Leapfrog drink

Leapfrog is an exceptional cocktail drink with an exuberant mix of flavors to invigorate the consumers. Plymouth gin and apricot liqueur perfectly combine with drops of lemon juice, syrup, and mint leaves.

The drink also looks elegant and classy, with a sliced lemon attached to the rims and mints interspersed in the cocktail. 

84. Leap Year Cocktail

Leapyear cocktail

This is also a gin-based cocktail with an orange flavor and traces of lemon dollops. It is sweet in taste and exquisite in that this drink was intentionally made for a leap year party.

This concoction is rich in flavor, so slight residues of the taste linger as you swallow it.

85. Leopard


Leopard is just a perfect cocktail that is as exemplary as the name it represents. It is kickier in nature, and its taste is just a punch above any other cocktails.

Vodka is the alcoholic mix added to the drink with lemonade and tapioca pearls enhancing its flavor to a large extent. Unsweetened tea is also added as a seasoning flavor to make it more delicious and is quite a perfect drink for a silent dinner with your partner.

86. Lion’s Tail

Lions tail

Lion’s tail is the most aromatic cocktail of all cocktails that start with L. The recipe mixes bourbon whiskey, allspice liqueur, syrup, and aromatic spices.

The spices just elevate the flavor and make it more relish-worthy in general. It is a perfect drink that exudes a party aura and makes you feel more relieved and relaxed.

87. Liquid Sword

Liquid Sword

This is an exclusive cocktail with a simple combination but punchier taste. It has vodka, raspberry liqueur, orange juice, and sword picks.

Vodka makes the drink more relish-worthy and extremely punchier—the raspberry and orange flavor it to a large extent. The liquid sword is a perfect drink for a lavishing dinner with a romantic partner.

88. Long Island Iced Tea

Long island iced tea

Long Island iced tea is high on booze with three high-profile alcoholic mixtures in equal proportions. It has mixes of vodka, tequila, and rum with drops of gin, orange liqueur, and cola.

An exclusively concentrated drink that has to be had in moderation. It is slightly difficult to prepare with such authenticity because the proportions are prone to going wrong. Expertise in this could make it in a way that is bright and refreshing for the consumers.

List Of 88 Foods That Start With L

Foods that start with L

Foods That Start With L

Here is the list of 88 foods that start with L
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  • Lady Apples
  • Lambkin Melon
  • Lamb's Lettuce
  • Lantana Berries
  • Last Chance Peaches
  • Lawyer's Wig Mushrooms
  • Leeks
  • Lemon
  • Lemonade Berry
  • Lemonade Fruit
  • Lemon Aspen
  • Lemon Cucumber
  • Lemon Drop Melon
  • Lemon Drop Pepper
  • Lemon Plum
  • Lettuce
  • Li Jujube
  • Limestone Lettuce
  • Lipstick Pepper
  • Lion's Mane Mushroom
  • Lobster Mushroom
  • Lodi Apples
  • Loganberries
  • Longan
  • Long Island Cheese Pumpkin
  • Long Neck Avocados
  • Long Squash
  • Loquats
  • Lolo Fruit
  • Langsat
  • Lychee Fruit
  • Lilok
  • Lilly Pilly
  • Limau Bali
  • Limequats
  • Lablab Fruit
  • Lakoocha Fruit
  • Lancetilla Mango
  • Lucuma Fruit
  • Ladies Finger
  • Ladyfish
  • Limpets
  • Lingcod
  • Lionfish
  • Littleneck Clams
  • Lobster
  • Lamb
  • Land Snails
  • Liver
  • Liverwurst
  • Loin
  • Lox
  • Lambsquaters
  • Lavender
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Licorice Root
  • Lime Mint
  • Lotus Root
  • Lemon Basil
  • Lemongrass
  • Lovage
  • Legumes
  • Lima Beans
  • Lasagna
  • Loaf
  • Long John Silvers
  • London Broil
  • Lemon Bars
  • Lamington
  • Lava Cake
  • Lane Cake
  • Lebkuchen
  • Lemon Chess Pie
  • Layer Cake
  • Laplanders
  • Lemon Chiffon Cake
  • Love Heart Cupcakes
  • Ladyfinger
  • Lebkuchen Wedding Cake
  • Latte
  • Lemonade
  • Laverstoke Cocktail
  • Leapfrog Drink
  • Leap Year Cocktail
  • Leopard
  • Lion's Tail
  • Liquid Sword
  • Long Island Iced Tea


  • Go through the list and find your favorite food that starts with L.
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We have come to the end of a delightful journey of unraveling the foods that start with L. It must have been a food-loving treat to have learned the items and yearned to have them once in your lifetime.

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