60 Foods That Start With I | A Detailed List

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Welcome to the scintillating world of Alphabet Food guides. Alphabets are deemed to be the building blocks of numerous words, and to have them employed on food items is amazing as an ideology.

Foods That Start With I

We will unravel the path of finding foods that start with I today and get acquainted with the list of eatables you can relish. Many items invoke jaw-dropping experiences in the list of foods that start with I.

Some struck-out items include ice creams, icaco, Indian items, idli, Inca berries, ice pops, iced tea, iced coffee, and ice cream sodas.

They seem to be the more conventional food choices that start with I while many exist hidden from our knowledge. Our effort to get to know them is a baby step to gaining more knowledge about foods.

As for categories, they just pervade all categories, including vegetables and fruits, vegetarian dishes, snacks, desserts, meat dishes, and beverages.

Food items starting with I are few in the sea of foods people consume worldwide. Let us quickly zoom into the list of food items without further ado.

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Fruits And Vegetables That Start With I

This seems to be a standout category that encompasses foods that start with I for all their health benefits. Let’s explore the fruits and vegetables that start with I. 

1. Icaco


Icacos are slightly oblong sea fruits resembling tropical regions’ famous plums. They are sweet in taste and suit well when crushed into jams. The taste is subtle and does not come across as too overwhelming.

They have a thin surface that is red and slightly black when ripened. They make a good bite when roasted and browned. They have the merit of keeping your skin health in good condition and your heart health intact.

The richness it hosts in antioxidants gives it a unique significance to be deemed traditional medicine. 

2. Inga Edulis

Inga Edulis

Inga Edulis is the perfect fruit to represent the clan of ice cream. It is called ice cream bean because the taste is similar to vanilla. It is slightly pulpy in nature and reminisces the taste of chickpeas when roasted.

They are good sources of all vitamins and are highly bankable for people with infections or chronic issues. The fruit’s antioxidant property is responsible for being considered more medicinal than a leisurely fruit that you can relish. 

3. Inca Berries

Inca Berries

Inca berries are indigenous Peruvian fruit that is both sour and sweet at the same time. They are just consumed as a separate fruit for their incredible taste but are also sometimes crushed and added to jams or desserts.

They belong to the nightshade family, emitting brightness with their shiny surface. They look like little golden balls to lure people and have a go at the item. 

They are a protein-rich food that feeds people with a lot of stamina and energy. The potassium content in the fruit is a feather in the cap as an additional nutrient to nourish the food item.

4. Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce is a perfect item for salads to provide some softness as an ingredient. It has a subtle sweetness and looks like cabbage with big white or green leaves. They are very juicy and cool your body to higher levels.

It is crispy and adds the most needed crunchiness to any mixture it is a part of. They are very fresh for consumption and brighten your mood and relax you to a large extent.

This green leafy vegetable supplements many nutrients, including vitamins and proteins. A higher intake of this vegetable will largely benefit your health. 

5. Ice Plant

Ice plant

Ice plant is a glossy and leafy vegetable that just finds its way into salads and dressings. It will render any recipe perfectly green and mold it into a crunchy bite. It is slightly tangy and hardens up when cooked.

The texture becomes crispy and emanates a dark green color when fried. Ice plant is a vegetable made of frozen water and tries to maintain its lightness even when consumed.

This is a low-calorie food with an abundance of vitamins. It is also a go-to vegetable for people with hurts or wounds, filling with antiseptic properties. The juice from the leaves is sucked out and applied to the wounds to make them disappear. 

6. Indian Almond Fruit

Indian almond fruit

The Indian almond fruit is a famous fruit that pervades all tropical regions, including Australia and the Pacific. They are bright red in color and green when raw. They grow and dry out to become nuts, and the inner fruit also oozes a nutty flavor.

The seeds are conveniently compressed to make oil that can be used for cooking and applying to your hair or body. They deem to be very good for health and improve the immunity of the human body to a large extent.

7. Indian Squash

Indian Squash

Indian squash is slightly an unsung fruit which is most probably called an apple guard. They look slightly green and resemble green apples for the most part. They are sweet and mildly hard in texture, becoming soft when boiled.

It is used in fruit salads, cooked or crushed into jams. They are mostly sugared to be consumed and are commonly added to any recipe according to your preferences.

They are packed with vitamins and rule as a fruit that increases your blood count. It is a low-calorie food item that starts with I, which is rich in fiber and makes you healthy.

8. Indian Mustard Plant

Indian Mustard Plant

Indian mustard plant is edible as a whole shrub, including all parts like stems, seeds, and leaves. The seeds are dried and processed to make mustard spices. They have a very spicy taste and are tempered on gravies and curries.

The seeds are also crushed to make pickles or sauces. The flavor it radiates is extremely woke and packs a punch when made into a sauce.

They are very healthy and come across as a daily addition to every continental food item. 

Snacks That Start With I

The list of snacks that start with I is listed below for reference, and they are an exceptional treat to lure your taste buds. 

9. Instant Noodles

Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are universally adored food that kids and adults love equally. They are tasty and relieve you of any extra effort to make the food delicious. They are prepared instantly and require fewer additional items to make them more flavorful.

They come in different flavors and are a precooked form of noodles that just needs boiled water to make them soft and munchy. The seasoning masala that comes with the pack is more than sufficient to make it tasty.

Instant noodles have carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins as supplements to provide efficient nutrients to consumers. They can be tossed with vegetables or meats to give them a delicious spin.

The broth that is mixed on the item makes it more savory and also cooks the noodles to extreme softness.

10. Instant Oatmeal

Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal is very similar in rank to rolled oats or cut oats. They make a delicious breakfast when soaked overnight or cooked to the right temperature.

Slightly blunt in taste, they take the flavor from the items tossed into the soaking mixture. Salt, spices, vegetables or honey, and fruits make it more savory.

They are prepared as porridges or just mixed with milk and sugar to make a fitting breakfast meal. They are induced with more softness than rolled oats which makes them perfect for raw consumption with hourly marination.

Cooked oats are chewy and healthy, making them more digestive. They can easily shoot up your sugar levels, so keeping in limits with this item is the right way to go about consuming them.

11. Indian Potato Cake

Indian Potato Cake

Indian potato cake is an alias for ‘Aloo Tikki,’ a native food of India and neighboring countries. They are made of marinated potatoes with spices and salt. They are then coated with flour to be fried and made crispy.

They pair well with tasty chutneys that are made with mint or coriander. The chutney flavors mix well with the item and dominate the taste to enhance the flavor.

They are exquisite snack items of south Asian cuisine and bond well with hot beverages like teas or coffees. Aloo or potatoes are starchy and can increase obesity or diabetes when exceeded in limits.

They are simply devoured for taste and only in minimal quantities to maintain your sugar levels. 

12. Italian Rice Balls

Italian Rice Balls

Italian rice balls make for an exclusive snack item eaten with all crispness and crunchiness. They are delicious and come in different flavors and types. They are mostly tossed with meat sauces, vegetables, and mozzarella cheese. 

These Italian rice balls are fried and served hot to lure you into their flavor. They have a large volume of oil content when fried and are recommended to be consumed within limits. Air frying the item is a good healthy alternative, making it munchy for consumption.

13. Icelandic Skyr

icelandic skyr

Icelandic Skyr is a form of a dairy product and belongs to the family of yogurt. They are different from normal Greek yogurt because of the exquisite richness it hosts.

The sourness of the Greek yogurt is absent in this curd type and is slightly thicker in consistency. It is generally a healthy snack that is gluten-free and mild in sweetness.

It is molded and tossed with lots of berries and essence to enhance the taste of the yogurt. They are rich in proteins and give instant freshness or induce a lot of energy to make you bright and perked up.

Side Dishes And Soups That Start With I

Let us quickly dig into the content and acquaint ourselves with the side dishes and soups in this category that start with I.

14. Irish Potato and Leek Soup

irish potato leek soup

Irish potato leek soup is a staple Ireland dish that spruces up your meal times. It is a great appetizer and works wonderfully with just 6 ingredients. It is made with lots of butter, potatoes, vegetable broth, leeks, salt, and black pepper.

They are very creamy and dissolve in your mouth like drops of heaven. Olive oil is sometimes alternated for butter and is served hot with essential toppings of your choice. They work very well for winter and soothe or relax your mind as you swallow them.

15. Italian Wedding Soup

Italian Wedding Soup

Italian wedding soup is an item frequented in Italian Households and functions. They have a unique proportional bonding of meat and vegetables as they blend smoothly and richly.

Lettuce, carrot, kale, spinach, and cabbage take the vegetarian portion of this soup. The meat is generally anything in sausage form and mixes too well in this exquisite soup.

It is added with parsley and cheese of your own choice. There is also occasional tossing of pasta or noodles into the soup to enrichen the texture of the soup.

16. Italian Flag Salad

Italian Flag Salad

This salad is extremely rich in content and looks like it will treat you with an enchanting flavor that sides well with lunch or dinner menus. It is called Capri salad and is quite an easy dish to make and serve.

It is made of tomatoes, cheese, pesto sauce, butter, or olive oil for garnish. The seasoning is good with pepper and can also be added with any spice of your choice. It also looks very colorful in order to display the colors of the flag

They just accompany your meal exceptionally and try to squeeze it onto a perfectly balanced diet menu. It is low in calories but packs your vitamins to a high level. Regarded as the best salad that compliments your meal and gifts you with extreme freshness.

17. Indonesian Satay

Indonesian Satay

Indonesian satay is a wonderful meat side dish that works too well with its dip. Satay is a steak item, whereas Indonesian satay is extremely lovely, with a dip rich in peanuts.

Peanut butter, soy sauce, shallots, chilies, and lime constitute the dip for satay, and they just spruce up the flavor to a higher level. All the above ingredients are grounded into a paste and are then coated on the pieces of the satay.

They are fried very well so that the paste that gets dabbed dominates the flavor to a large extent. This item is too oil-bound and hence needs to be consumed carefully.

Large quantities of satay can increase your obesity or bring digestion issues as it is a heavy item that sides with heavy meals.

18. Indian Spiced Peas

Indian Spiced Peas

Indian spiced peas are a bit of a twist to consuming peas in the way you like them. It is an Indian item that is typically filled with spices. A healthy addition to this item would be herbs of a different kind.

To make Indian spiced peas, we would require shallots with garlic cloves and a bit of pepper. A small quantity of broth would enhance its taste as well.

The cooked and condensed form of the above ingredients is typically Indian spiced peas. It just pairs well with rice or Indian bread. Sometimes it can also be spread on a sandwich to perk up its taste. 

The amount of spice you add to this is how intensified you want the item to be. The health benefits of peas are incorporated in the recipe as well since it also has some extra bits of herbs to boost your health quotient.

19. Irish Colcannon

Irish Colcannon

The tasty version of mashed potatoes from Irish cuisine is what Irish Colcannon is all about. They have so many vegetables in addition to potatoes, and your choice drives them. The usual ones include cabbage or kale leaves.

The scallions, along with this mixture and some amount of cheese to enrich the flavor, make it more delectable to be consumed. The amount of vegetables you add to the mixture is proportional to how healthy the item can be.

They have a soothing taste and side with pasta, spaghetti, or even fancy rice items. Steaks or sushi can also be combined with this item as they both together can make an exquisite meal altogether.

20. Indian Chutney

Indian chutneys

Chutney is a grounded paste of many spices to side along with main dishes that are consumed conventionally. Indian chutney takes a special place for its exquisiteness and the kind of taste it exudes.

It is special in combinations and has many customizations according to the preferences. Right from coconut to coriander or shallots to tomato, anything can be crushed as chutneys with a mix of chilies or spices that go with the flavor.

They pair well with many items, including rice, dosas, or bread, as they radiate a flavor that even dominates the taste of the main item as well.

21. Irish Soda Bread

irish soda bread

Irish soda bread is a natural fluffy bread made with eggs and butter. NO extra items to enrichen its flavor are added to the bread as it is very simple in preparation.

They have some toppings like raisins or nuts and are seasoned with cheese stuffing. Wheat flour bread is a healthier choice and is conveniently used more often. It blows and becomes fluffy by mixing baking soda or buttermilk. 

22. Irish Nachos

Irish Nachos

Nachos are a favorable item, and Irish Nachos have a special place in the heart of people for the distinctive base it hosts. It is made of potatoes and then topped with cheese, bacon, salsa, or sour cream.

It can also be seasoned with fancy vegetables that brighten the look and taste of the food item. It is a spruced-up version of nachos that is more extravagant than the conventional one for people to fall in love with.

22. Israeli Falafel

Israeli Falafel

Israeli falafel is a special item in itself as it is made of chickpeas made into patties with exquisite combinations. The crushed and mashed chickpeas are marinated with cheesy flour to be fried or baked.

They make a very good side dish and can also be consumed as a delectable snack. Adding spices into the mix makes it richer and packs an extra punch to enhance the taste.

Vegetarian Dishes That Start With I

 This category has become more prominent, with vegetarianism and veganism taking center stage in recent times. Let us quickly gaze at the items that range in this category, starting with I.

23. Indonesian Fried Rice

Indonesian Fried rice

Indonesian fried rice is special in many ways as it is a flavorful sauce to attract people. A sweet soy sauce dabbed in the rice gives a distinguished hue to the item and glosses it with a distinct richness.

Vegetables range from carrots to tomatoes or onions and cabbage with anything that goes appropriate with the flavor. The vegetables you add to this rice also make it more healthy and crunchy by making it more colorful on the whole as well.

Using brown rice instead of white rice is also an ideal way of healthifying it.

24. Indonesian Fried Noodles

Indonesian Fried Rice

Like Indonesian fried rice, this is also an item that tastes delightful and studded with flavors. They are just eaten with lots of passion and vegetables that go in it ranging from shallots to onions or cabbage, eggs or leeks make it richer.

They are tossed with sweet soy sauce and glossed to a level where it looks super smooth. The coating is just colorful, and the layers of veggies just accentuate the texture and taste. 

It is a rich and filling item that packs many proteins and carbs into our bodies. It can be had in moderation as too much of it can be hard on your tummy with the exclusive addition of fat.

It is also tweaked as a non-veg item with chicken or beef. However, these noodles are more vegetarian and conventionally have lots of veggies.

25. Indian Curry

Indian Curry with Rice

Indian cuisine is just uniquely identified by the number of spices it encompasses. India boasts various food items with an extravagant, punchy, and spicy taste that rules most of its flavor.

Indian curry is a typical example of one such item which is too prominent in India. The base of the curry is spices and just lacing it with any vegetables of your choice makes it exotic.

It pairs well not just with rice but also naans or roti, including bread of any variety. They make for an impeccable meal, either for dinner or lunch, and are more than fulfilling on your tummy.

You can rest assured to have tasted a scintillating meal with a mix of vegetables and sufficient carbs to energize you for the day.

26. Idli


Idli is a food variety that finds its roots in south India and is deemed a popular south Asian cuisine consumed by many in that region. It is a steamed cake from a fermented rice batter that blows up when cooked to become fluffy and soft.

It is usually coupled with sambar or chutneys, popular south Indian side dishes that flavor and compliment the main dishes. They are pure white and can be had as a fulfilling breakfast.

Many tasty spins of this idli and different flavors have recently emerged. Many versions of idli have been experimented on and are also celebrated as a healthy food by many as they are fresh and not very oily. 

27. Idiyappam


Idiyappam is another steamed delight from the origins of south India, which is touted as a safe food. They are just steamed rice flour noodles that take the flavor of the gravy it is dipped into.

They are soft and melt in your mouth smoothly with flavors of what it is being sided with. They also serve well as desserts when it is tossed with sugar or coconut.

Milk is a nice addition to make it soft and consumed like a pudding. It is again steamed rice, and with no addition of oil, could be deemed as a food that is preferred as a healthier option.

Although too much rice in your meal could lead to obesity, they are consumed in moderation.

28. Inside-Out Stuffed Peppers

Inside Out stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers are always delicious vegetables that are more than fancy in your mouth and eyes. They have been molded into fantasy dishes of wide varieties that tantalize our taste buds. One variety that has provoked some interest is the stuffed peppers.

The bell pepper is cut out from the top position and stuffed with filings that include gravies or cheese, and sometimes even curries or flavored spices.

They are baked or fried and are served as a fitting snack or dishes that side with bread or rice. They are a perfect vegetarian dish that is sufficient to be had as a separate meal. 

Meat Dishes That Start With I

Many famous meat dishes starting with I are available in this category, and we are about to uncover them. 

29. Iraqi White Bean Stew

Iraq White Bean Stew

Iraqi white beans stew is a simple dish made from cannellini beans mixed with assorted meat. The meat varieties include lamb, veal, and fish mixed with a tomato pureed base.

The stew is thick in consistency and goes well with rice items or bread types. It is very nutritious as the right amount of meat and veggies are blended into this combination. This is a comfort dish that fits well into every meal time as perfectly as possible.

30. Icelandic Salmon Grill

Icelandic Salmon Grill

Icelandic salmon is special for the richness it exudes and the texture it boasts. It is so soft and smooth that it slips into your mouth and melts away in a single bite.

The taste lingers, though, for a long time. It is light and tastes incredible while consumed with appropriate seasoning. Since the salmon by itself is soothing and delectable, one may have to go subtle in additional flavors to keep its original essence intact.

The taste of the fish in itself is exotic that any ingredient added to the mixture would hamper its originality. A simple mix of onions and pepper with drops of lemon juice would suffice to grill it, and the result is a favorable dish that you would relish forever.

31. Indonesian Ginger Chicken

Indonesian Ginger Chicken

Indonesian ginger chicken is flavorful and delectable. The marination and the coating it hosts elevate the taste of this dish to a higher level. The chicken is soaked in the marinated combination of ginger paste, garlic cloves, and honey with soy sauce. 

It is left overnight and then baked completely until it turns golden brown. The crispness that will dawn upon the dish after baking indicates it is ready to be eaten. A nice meat dish to be consumed as a snack or even as a full-time meal that is fulfilling. 

32. Italian Sausage Bread

Italian Sausage Bread

This is a special bread item that just reflects the taste of Italian cuisine all in one go. It is baked at home and sided or filled with veggies or meat.

They are made very simple with Italian sauce, eggs, salted butter, cheese, and pizza dough. The sauce you use determines the flavor of the bread largely.

This bread is a typical Italian item meant to serve as a dinner or a full-course lunch meal with effective side dishes. It is extremely delicious and completely satiates your pursuit of a perfect Italian item that is best in all its essence.

33. Italian Meatballs

Italian Meatballs

Meatballs are items that we have generally heard of, and what sets Italian meatballs apart is the origin it represents. It kind of reeks and completely oozes the Italian essence with all kinds of meat.

They are interspersed into soups or eaten as separate snack items and relished equally well. They also go in curries or side well with fancy rice items. They are soft in nature and munch well, leaving residues of the meat taste stuck with you.

34. Ikokore


Ikokore is an exquisite Nigerian porridge made of water yam and Scotch bonnet spice. They taste extremely rich and have an elaborate process as part of preparation.

The water yam, and all the spices are cooked in palm oil. Meat pieces are just dropped in the saute and then stirred until it thickens to some consistency.

It is a perfect breakfast in Nigeria and is smooth in texture. Very rich and light as a meal, and you can binge on them without any limits. The health quotient is very good with all the addition of meat to enhance its nutritional aspect.

35. Isi Ewe

Isi Ewe

This exclusive Nigerian meat item is a standout dish for all the natives. It is the cooked form of goat head with appropriate seasoning to trigger your taste buds.

The cooked goat head is fried in palm oil with pieces of potash, nutmeg, and beef stock cubes. They taste very exotic and just qualify as a special meal to pair with drinks like beer or wine. 

36. Irish Bacon

Irish Bacon

Irish Bacon is made from the back side of the pork as opposed to normal bacon, which is made from pork belly. It is cooked in a very subtle way as it is very fatty and fluffy.

The fat and flesh layered on the meat are very flavorful in themselves, and less seasoning is required to make it tasty. This is a perfect Irish breakfast that sides well with sandwiches, sauces, or eggs.

The chewy nature of the meat is easy on your digestion even if you have ample of them. We must ensure that we eat them in moderation as their fat content can be unhealthy if consumed in large proportions.

37. Irish Stew

irish stew

Irish stew is a celebrated dish of veggies and meats like lamb or beef. Potatoes, onion, and parsley compliment the dish as it is cooked in a rich broth along with potatoes and carrots. 

It is an exquisite curry that pairs well with bread or flavored rice. Sometimes it can also be given a spin with cheese dumplings to make it more delectable.

The broth used for cooking dictates the stew’s flavor, and matching it with our favorite vegetables and meat can make it more delicious.

Desserts That Start With T

Desserts are the most loved item, and this category hosts a lot of foods that start with T. let us glaze through them one by one as we get tempted by their making and composition.

38. Ice Creams

Ice cream

The most renowned and celebrated food that is a fitting end to a great meal is nothing but ice cream. They come in flavors and varieties that most of them rank as favorites of the people, irrespective of age.

This is the obvious food item starting with I, which is generally a milk and sugar package. Recently, ice creams have taken over many flavors, and any essence or fruit can be crushed into ice creams.

They are frozen food item that is served in a condensed form. It is also topped and seasoned with varieties that tempt your taste buds.

Rainbow sprinkles, hot fudge, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and gems perfectly decorate the ice cream to display richness.

Ice cream sizzlers are a rage in recent times, and they have topped the demand from the millennials to a large extent.

39. Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cakes are a luxurious item that gained traction very recently. Cakes ruled as people’s most desired food item, and ice cream cakes became a rage beyond them. They have become the most demanded food item in any party and function.

Birthday parties have them without fail and are frequent in all seasons rather than just summer. The cake is layered with ice cream and topped with cookies and exquisite toppings that go with the flavor.

They are slippery and quite melty, with flavors that tempt your taste buds.

40. Instant Pudding

Instant Pudding

A jaw-dropping sweet item that is easy to make and loved by all is instant pudding. It is a thickening agent with sugar and, when mixed with milk, makes a pudding that is quite delicious.

Any kind of ingredients like fruits or nuts can also be added to the pudding to make it more relish-worthy and healthy. They dissolve as you swallow them and are filling in nature, making for a good breakfast item.

41. Ice Pops

ice pops

Ice pops are poppy foods that come in different flavors, from cherries to fruit. The flavor is just added to the combination of water and sugar to be served in a frozen form. When discovered, it is an accidental food item that became a rage with people.

The flavors dictate the taste of the pops, and they crush and melt as you chew them. They are juicy and a blessing in disguise for kids who don’t consume as many fruits in their daily diets.

The fruit essence it renders takes care of the health aspect it owns. Eating them within limits is always recommended as too much sugar intake is not advisable either. 

42. Icelandic Cocoa Soup

Icelandic Cocoa SOup

Icelandic cocoa soup is an exquisite soup that is just impeccable in its taste. It is a mixture of potato starch and chocolate seasoned with whipped cream or cinnamon.

It is tasty and sweet, where the starch makes it thick. They are usually sided with chocolate sticks and are quite a fulfilling soup before any heavy meal.

43. Italian Ice

Italian Ice

Italian ice is a frozen form of flavored desserts like fruits, essence, juices, and purees. They are frozen to a large extent and resemble snow cones with less sugar content.

There is a visible absence of any dairy products in this food item, which is a viable item for lactose intolerant people. It is a healthy alternative to ice creams and is low in calories.

They are light desserts that do not feel heavy. If someone is maintaining a strict diet, they tend to binge on this more frequently than anything.

44. Italian Kisses

Italian kisses

Italian kisses are small bites of heaven that melt as you swallow them. They are just ice creams rolled into balls and dipped in melted chocolate to be frozen until they can be munched. 

The most common ice cream flavors for making kisses include vanilla, butterscotch, and white chocolates. The chocolate sauce coated in the balls makes them richer and yummier than they already are.

45. Irish Potato Candy

Irish Potato Candy

This is a finely curated dessert item that looks like a potato but is not made of potatoes. This candy is just a mixture of cream cheese, butter, sugar, and coconut flakes with drops of vanilla essence rolled into a ball and baked until golden brown.

The exterior surface of the candy is brown as it is coated with cinnamon powder before it is relished. They are perfect for a lavish and relaxed meal time to binge on this one by one. You may not want to have too much of them as they are filled with sugar content.

46. Imarti


Imarti is a famous Indian dessert that is opulent and rich. It has been quite traditional in India, where kings of pre-medieval times consumed them.

They are made of a fermented batter which constitutes all-purpose flour or besan. Yogurt, lemon juice, and spices are mixed into this blend and fried in oil. The fried pieces are soaked in sugar syrup until they become chewy and soft. 

They are consumed at events or served as a casual snack in shops and restaurants. Indians binge on them as they come in different shapes and look tiny to be consumed.

Going heavy on them would not be advisable as it is a sugar-rich items that must be consumed within limits.

47. Iraqi Cardamom Cookies

Iraqi Cardomom Cookies

Iraqi cardamom cookies are household cookies stapled in this part of the world. They look like flatbread with a brown exterior that is crispy and nutty.

Cardamom is a healthy addition to these cookies, which makes them more relish-worthy. It can also be topped with creams or chocolate sauce to enhance its flavor.

48. Irish Scones

Irish Scones

Irish scones are similar to English scones, only with less sugar. They are made of flour, eggs, milk, baking powder, and sugar with raisins or nuts to enhance the taste. They make a wonderful tea-time snack and are quite perfect for breakfast.

They are mildly sweet when served with no seasonings. Hence, they usually sided with jams or butter and sometimes even whipped cream. They are tiny treats and hence land very light on your tummy. 

49. Iced Oatmeal Cookie

iced oatmeal cookies

Iced oatmeal cookies resemble candy bars which are very rich in texture and munchy as you swallow them. It is made with all-purpose flour, oats, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and eggs.

The above ingredients are crushed and baked until they turn mild brown. The icing that tops these cookies is generally milk or cream, which smoothens its layer and makes it look more inviting.

They have a crusty exterior, and soft layers of icing are the creamy part of the cookie.

50. Iced Gems

Iced Gems

Iced gems are perfect bites for children and an exceptionally tasty item that can be binged. They are made of flour, caster sugar, icing sugar, and water with the essence of food coloring.

They are mixed as tightly packed dough and then rolled into small balls. Baking them and adding the colors to identify flavors make them an excellent retreat to be loved and cherished.

They are also made at home or sometimes bought at a store in readymade forms. Either way, they make a beautiful snack that can be eaten impulsively.

51. Icebox Cakes

Icebox Cakes

Icebox cakes are easy-to-make cakes that are simply prepared by layering. Any amount of customization holds good for these icebox cakes, provided they incorporate a cookie and cream base.

The surfacing above them consists of different items, including whipped cream to ice cream flavors and appropriate toppings that enrichen the item.

Wafers and graham crackers also lay the foundation of the cake, which is then topped with different icing ingredients that you deem fancy. Chocolate shavings, puddings, jello’s, and jams to even crumbles can season the cake to make it more delectable.

52. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

This magical dessert sandwiches dual layers of cookies with flavored ice creams. They are touted as the best summer delight that can be relished leisurely.

This dish’s specialty is extremely customizable, as any kind of cookie, from Oreos to chocolate chips, can be sandwiched with ice creams.

The toppings and layering’s also change according to your whims and fancies. The most common ones are gems, crumbles, Tootie fruity, chocolate sauce, or any sprinklers that match the taste.

Beverages That Start With I

This food item starts with I quench your thirst and satisfy your taste cravings. Many drinks that start with I are listed below for your awareness, and let us just unravel them one by one.

53. Ice Cream Soda

Ice Cream Soda

Ice cream sodas are another interesting spin on ice creams. A scoop of your favorite ice cream is mixed with soda and topped with the essence that dominates the flavor. This is ice cream soda, and they are just blessings in summer.

They are instant coolers and taste typically like ice cream cones. Too much of them can just spike up your sugar levels. However, drinking them is more than relaxing to quench your thirst and satiate your appetite.

54. Iced Tea

iced Tea

Teas are the most commonly relished drink in the world. The usual hot teas energize you and are typical for a cool evening. A substitute for winter is essential, and there comes the option of iced tea. 

It is a relaxing drink that incorporates many flavors and essence, just like a normal tea. A sugarless iced tea is more recommended for health reasons as they are inundated with antioxidants that help the metabolism of our body.

55. Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

A better alternative for iced tea is nothing but iced coffee. Coffee lovers crave this as they are perfect as summer energizers. Instant coffee or brewed coffee can be iced with cold milk and sugar to be consumed.

A cold black coffee also wins a lot of demand as it is loved by many. Flavored coffees are also available in recent times and can be consumed according to our preferences.

A whipped cream topping comes as a luxury in the iced coffee but enlivens the experience of drinking it with delight and passion.

56. Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

An alcoholic version of iced coffee is simply Irish coffee. It has been popular as a bar drink in Ireland and is also consumed regularly at parties or events. It is an exquisite drink marked with richness.

A sugared black coffee with drops of whiskey to stir a punch is the famous Irish coffee which people love to the core.

57. Indian Chai-Spiced Hot chocolate

Indian Chai Spiced Hot Chocolate

A chai version of hot chocolate is Indian chai-spiced hot chocolate. This drink is a twister to chai. Chai is nothing but an Indian tea added with spices.

Essential spices like cardamom, fennel, pepper, and ginger cloves are blended into a powder to mix with cocoa powder. They are then mixed with essence like vanilla extract added to milk.

This is Indian Chai-spiced hot chocolate which adds a funky spin to the normal hot chocolate much love. 

58. Inebriant


Inebriants are minor alcoholic shots that are used for the preparation of exquisite menu items. Kava, sherry, cider, and perry are some of them.

They compliment a unique taste to the meals and make them more punchy on your throats. They are also added to alcohol to give some unique flavor that lures people.

They have to be added in small quantities as an excess of them can be detrimental to health.

59. Icelandic Hot Shot

Icelandic Hot Shot

This is a drink that has to be taken as a shot. This Icelandic hot shot is deemed special for its smoothness and the taste it gives out. It is made of Galliano, expresso, and whipped cream.

All three ingredients are just layered above each other and taken as a quick shot. 

The quantity of the liquid consumed is very less, and more of this can get you hammered. They are drunk during occasions or parties to light up the zone and get you all perked up.

60. Salt- Iodized Salt

iodized salt

Last but not least, this special category lists the food item that starts with I and an obvious one at that. Iodized salt is a conventional ingredient that is added to every food item except for desserts.

Salt is an essential component of cooking, and minimal amounts of this ingredient are generally recommended for health purposes.

Iodized salt is a recent luxury where the salt is processed and pasteurized with Iodine to reduce the consequences of high salt intake. 

List of 60 Foods That Start With I

Foods That Start With I

Foods That Start With I

Here is the list of 60 foods that start with I.
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  • Icaco
  • Inga Edulis
  • Inca Berries
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Ice Plant
  • Indian Almond Fruit
  • Indian Squash
  • Indian Mustard Plant
  • Instant Noodles
  • Instant Oatmeal
  • Indian Potato Cake
  • Italian Rice Balls
  • Icelandic Skyr
  • Irish Potato and Leek Soup
  • Italian Wedding Soup
  • Italian Flag Salad
  • Indonesian Satay
  • Indian Spiced Peas
  • Irish Colcannon
  • Indian Chutney
  • Irish Soda Bread
  • Irish Nachos
  • Israeli Falafel
  • Indonesian Fried Rice
  • Indonesian Fried Noodles
  • Indian Curry
  • Idli
  • Idiyappam
  • Inside-Out Stuffed Peppers
  • Iraqi White Bean Stew
  • Icelandic Salmon Grill
  • Indonesian Ginger Chicken
  • Italian Sausage Bread
  • Italian Meatballs
  • Ikokore
  • Isi Ewe
  • Irish Bacon
  • Irish Stew
  • Ice Creams
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Instant Pudding
  • Ice Pops
  • Icelandic Cocoa Soup
  • Italian Ice
  • Italian Kisses
  • Irish Potato Candy
  • Imrati
  • Iraqi Cardomom Cookies
  • Irish Scones
  • Iced Oatmeal Cookies
  • Iced Gems
  • Icebox Cakes
  • Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
  • Ice Cream Soda
  • Iced Tea
  • Iced Coffee
  • Irish Coffee
  • Indian Chai-Spiced Hot Chocolate
  • Inebriant
  • Icelandic Hot Shot
  • Iodized Salt


  • Go through the list and find your favorite food that starts with I.
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As we uncovered all foods that start with I, we found many items that captivated our attention and provoked our temptation. We have come across many items that strike us as new and some as very conventional.

Each of them has been elaborated, triggering us to have a bite of all the above items at least once in our lifetime. We will come up with the next episode of the alphabet food guide shortly and enjoy the parade of foods that occupy the new list very soon.

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