Top 5 Foods People Eat In Dubai

Food People Eat in Dubai

When it comes to travel the world in our list of favorite places, Dubai is one of the places where we’d love to go. Dubai is known as the city of jewels and beaches where people enjoy a lavish life. Going to Dubai is one of the most exciting experiences and the city is considered one of the tolerant places in the Emirates.

There are many places to explore in Dubai like Ferrari World, Desert Safari, Burj Khalifa, Kite Beach, and Jumeirah Beach Park. Whenever someone visits Dubai, it is mandatory to go to these places and while traveling, food is one such attraction that lures everyone. When you are exploring a city like Dubai, it is necessary to explore Dubai’s cuisines with it.

People travel to Dubai for pleasure or business but while traveling you need to recharge yourself with food. Dubai is a city of spices, ingredients, diverse flavors, eating is one of the reasons to visit Dubai. Today, I am here with 5 Foods that People Eat in Dubai. So, you will come across most of these specialties of food in this city whenever you touch-down Dubai’s lands in the heart of the UAE.

Stuffed Camel

According to the Guinness World Book of Records, the largest food one can eat in the entire world is stuffed camel. It is also considered as luxurious and celebratory food in Dubai.

To make Stuffed Camel, we have to do open flame, stuffed camel, and stuffed things like chicken, eggs, fish, sheep, and spices inside the camel by doing the partition. Stuffed Camel is served only on occasion in Dubai, like at family events, important cultural, Bedouin Ceremony. You will also find this while you are doing a desert safari.

Esh Hasarya

Do You Know The meaning of esh hasarya? I guess you don’t; the meaning of esh hasarya is “the bread of harem” it is a dish similar to cheesecake. It is rich and sweet cake melts in your mouth. It is among the most popular dishes in Dubai.

You will find this dish in plenty of local restaurants or a half-day street food tour in Dubai. When you visit next time in a mighty city of glass, concrete, sand, and crystal gulf, remember to eat this delightful dessert.

Al Harees

People considered Al Harees a labor of love that takes hours to make a remarkable dish. To make this authentic dish you required a pinch of salt, wheat, and meat, these are cooked until they will smooth texture.

To make this dish you required plenty of time and when you are in the land of decadent spices. It is the dish that brings a surprising and sumptuous change to your palette.


Have you ever heard about Jasheed? It is one of the most popular dishes that are served in the Safari Tour and in the Gulf Region as well. People consider fish that has an important place in Emirati cuisine, especially in coastal regions where people eat fresh fish in many meals.

To make this dish, you need small sharks or other fish and rice. To eat this dish, you require rice to know as “aysh” in Dubai. This fish is made with water and cooked spices, require 30 minutes to make until the fish’s skin peels off.

After 30 minutes, it’s cleaned and put into another pot with bazaar spice mix, cinnamon, ginger, ground dried lemon, cardamon, chopped onion, and garlic. It is a dish that has a blend of spices. When you have the first bite, there will be a burst of flavorful spices in your mouth.


Most of us are familiar with the dish Shawarma and it is a popular dish that has traveled far beyond the UAE. But in Dubai, it is made from slow-roasted and spice meat, require chicken or lamb. It is more like a Middle Easter Sandwich.

People love to eat Shawarma with garlic sauce, tomatoes, Arabic roti, vegetables. You will find Shawarma in the cities like New York, City, Delhi, Moscow, Tokyo, or you can say everywhere globally, but eating Shawarma in Dubai gives you an enthusiastic experience that you will never forget.


Most of the dishes that I have mentioned above are featured in a restaurant in Dubai like Seven Sands Emirati restaurants and Al Fanar restaurants. Give these dishes a try whenever you visit Dubai next time and share your valuable experiences with us in the comment section, and until then, stay tuned!

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