7 Foods for Good Gut Health in Children

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7 Foods for Good Gut Health in Children

It is the responsibility of any parent to ensure that their child’s health is on point. It is no wonder why the internet is full of ideas on improving gut health. If you are trying to promote your child’s digestive system health, you must make sure you are feeding them a balanced diet.

If you are not sure what a balanced diet entails, you can look at it as three meals a day, each containing at least three of the five food groups. Observing the food groups closely ensures you get the best pairing of what you feed your children with, enabling you to give them more wholesome and nutritious meals. You give them the essentials required by the body to energize, which is the first step towards the right diet.

Remember, diet is one of those things that you have total control over. Buying the proper food allows you to ensure a healthier family and avoid any complications and malnutrition cases. Taking control of your child’s eating habits enables you to provide excellent gut health, which sets them up nicely to remain as healthy as possible even throughout adulthood. As a parent, you want the best for your kids. That is why you must make sure they have proper gut health by using the following foods;

1. Yogurt

You might think that yogurt is just any other drink that you should give your child because it is tasty and they might like it, but the fact is, it comes with many health benefits. For instance, it contains prebiotics and probiotics, which play a crucial role in facilitating good bacteria growth throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Probiotics

One of the best ways to make sure you have excellent gut health to ingest good bacteria and probiotics such as Sproutedbiome got you covered in that regard. The two most common bacteria are Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium, which are known to have beneficial properties for your health, especially in promoting gut health.

3. Miso

Miso’s main ingredients are soya beans, barley, or rice which are all fermented to give the desired effect. It comes with many benefits, with the most crucial ones being helpful bacteria and enzymes. Miso can be used as a savory paste that is used for various purposes. It can also be used as a marinade. For anyone interested in avoiding dairy, miso provides an excellent alternative. It is not quite clear if the bacteria get to the gut, but places, where miso is consumed a lot, have shown that most people have better gut health and few bowel complications.

4. Vegetables

We all need to eat more vegetables but more importantly among children. Make sure you give your kids as many vegetables as possible and in different varieties. Likewise, watch out to confirm they are in many different colors. The difference in colors indicates the phytochemicals they contain, which are useful to the human body. Try to consume as many different vegetable calories as you can. Remember, it is your responsibility to give the body what it genuinely wants.

5. Low-fat cheeses

Sometimes children can find it quite challenging to tolerate milk, and since they need calcium, low-fat cheeses provide an excellent solution. The best thing about cheese is that it naturally has less lactose composition.

6. Olive oil

Gut bacteria and microbes benefit from a diet with fatty acids and polyphenols. Various studies have indicated that it is the best way of reducing gut inflammation. If you wonder where you can use your olive oil, it has various applications, including salad dressing or drizzling overcooked vegetables. Likewise, if you are dealing with indigestion problems, olive oil can help ease the symptoms.

7. Polyphenols foods

Good bacteria feed on polyphenols, natural plant compounds found in foods such as berries, grapes, cherries, and dark chocolate. With good bacteria, you can rest assured that your gut health will be on point.

Every child deserves proper gut health, and it depends entirely on a diet. You need to look for the foods that benefit your kids the most. Likewise, you may want to stay current on health developments that make a positive impact on your children. Ensure you give your baby a healthy diet as it may determine their overall health later on in life. 

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