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Foodie Dating Ideas That Your Foodie Partner Will Love

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You and your partner might have so many things in common, but if you both are hardcore foodies, nothing can beat it. Nothing else can bring two people together as food does. 

Foodie Dating Ideas That Your Foodie Partner Will Love

However, you can sometimes find planning for a date a hassle when the romance has been beaten up by food in your relationship. No worries, you need to become a little creative with your dates. Focus on the dates which make you both happy and never hungry. 

Plan to enjoy delicious food items and drinks on your next date. In case you can’t think of anything, read on to some of the expert date ideas for an ever-crazy and ever-hungry foodie partner. 

5 Date Ideas For Your Foodie Partner

1. Join a food tour/ wine or beer tasting 

As a foodie couple, you love to eat delicious food, but it sometimes becomes very challenging to select the right place to visit or the place to order food from. It is a common issue. However, you no longer should be wasting your valuable time doing all this when you can join a food tour. You will get to explore different restaurants and their tasty food, including appetizers, entrees, desserts, etc., that are planned in the food tour. 

Similarly, if you love wine or beer, you should plan for a wine or beer tasting tour instead of joining a food tour. You will learn much about the entire wine or beer-making process, along with tasty tips and delicious snacks like freshly baked soft pretzels. 

For instance, if you happen to be in Australia, visit debortoli and explore their cellar doors or online store to taste some of the award-winning iconic wines. After all, exquisite wine tasting always has something interesting and unique to offer to the palates of a foodie couple. 

2. “All-you-can-eat” buffet 

When you hear the news of an “all-you-can-eat buffet” in your area, plan a tasty and fun date night with your partner. Being a foodie, you both will love the unlimited buffet. Even the whole experience when you two are together will make it more exciting and fun altogether. 

A buffet allows you to taste various food without committing to a single item in particular at a very reasonable and affordable price. However, you need to have peppermint tea and baking soda once you reach home to tend your tummies after this foodie date night.  

Undoubtedly, food gives immense pleasure. Also, when you get the opportunity to experience such nights with your foodie partner, it doubles up the whole pleasure and excitement. So, whether you are trying a food item for the first time or enjoying your all-time favorite food, doing it all with your loved one makes things more special. 

3. Building your very own Fondue Crate 

No worries if you don’t want to dress up and step out of your home. Stay at your home and make your Fondue crate goodie. Get your bread and meat/vegetable variants dipped in melted cheese. Regarding chocolate Fondue, have strawberries, raspberries, and cake pops to eat up quickly. 

You can even take it all to the bedroom and try to eat it off each other. This delectable night will open up the scope for so much more. 

4. Visit a fancy new place 

To try something new doesn’t mean to hit street stalls every time. If you both enjoy dressing up and spending time in a fancier atmosphere, include a fancy new restaurant to live this experience. 

There will be so many exciting and fun restaurants near you. Ask a friend for a referral or search it online. Dress up and visit the fancy restaurant. Every restaurant foes have something unique and delicious to satisfy every palate of a foodie couple. 

5. Plan for a food-themed movie marathon

There will be days when you don’t feel like dressing up and stepping out. On such days a food-themed movie marathon idea is just legit. The twist on this movie marathon night is that every movie you watch must be food-themed. 

So, don’t forget to keep the food supplies such as snacks and popcorn handy as you will be super hungry watching all food-themed movies. 


You will no longer have difficulty planning your next date with your foodie partner. If you still struggle, take the help of the expert mentioned above date ideas for your ever-crazy and ever-hungry foodie partner. 

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