Are there any Food Recipes for Beginner Preppers?

Are there any Food Recipes for Beginner Preppers?

Beginners often find cooking difficult. The kitchen space appears to them as an alien land. According to them, it’s the toughest job on the earth. They have trouble in dealing with the cooking ingredients, choice of utensils, measurement of ingredients, etc. There are various complicated recipes’ which confuses the novice and the new chefs. You may click here for spicy hot sauce? Too much research on the internet might be confusing, so you might restrict this research and start straightaway. 

The difficulties faced by beginners during cooking are-

  • Cooking on flame becomes difficult for inexperienced chefs. 
  • Measuring ingredients in correct proportions to enhance the taste
  • Finding out appropriate utensils for cooking
  • There is a vast amount of ingredients available in the market. Choosing the right ingredients for the dishes are also tiresome at times.
  • The tension of overcooking or burning food while cooking becomes a headache.
  • Long, time taking, tedious cooking procedures might not be beneficial for the beginners.

Easy Food Recipes for Beginners

If you have not cooked before but are interested in learning some good recipes, you need some basic knowledge of cooking and some good recipes. There is indeed no shortage of good recipes and mouth-watering dishes, but you should start with some easy ones as a beginner. Here are some of the easy recipes for beginners, which anyone can make successfully. So wear your chef’s cap and start your journey as the new cook in the house.


It is said that to keep fit and healthy, you must never skip your breakfast. Some of the easy breakfast recipes for beginners are- 

  • Pasta– Pasta is not only easy to cook but is mouth-watering as well. Especially the kids in your house usually love having pasta. You can add various ingredients to your pasta, like beef, chicken, or sausages. The Mac and cheese pasta is a tasty preparation. Pasta can be prepared either in white sauce or red sauce. The ingredients are readily available and cooking time is a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • Sandwiches– Without sandwiches, the world would have stopped. Any sandwich usually is prepared with inexpensive ingredients and is popular in breakfast. Mayonnaise, cheese, butter are readily available at home. You can put some vegetables like cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes, which will make your sandwich healthy. Also, chicken, boiled egg, sausages, or pork filling the sandwich are very tempting. Most importantly, sandwiches can be prepared with the non-flame cooking technique as well. You can add sauce to enhance the taste.
  • Poached egg– You can initially try making this dish in micro-oven. This will help you create less fuss in the kitchen regarding the boiling or the egg or over boiling, causing the egg to explode. However, poached egg and buttered bread for breakfast are healthy, inexpensive and the time required is minimal.


For lunch or dinner, we usually have a main course as part of our meal. However, you cannot have rice, fried rice, or Palau without an accompanying side dish. Here are some delicious and mouth-watering recipes listed for beginners-

  • Fried Rice– One of the easiest dishes as a beginner you can cook is fried rice. You can use all the leftover ingredients like minced pork or meat to aim for a non-vegetarian dish. You can also go for vegetables at home like carrot, peas, onion, cauliflowers, etc. Seasoning the leftover rice with herbs, spices, soy sauces, and olive oil will make you crave more.
  • Grilled Chicken – Grilled foods are always delicious to eat and are healthy as well. The chicken pieces have to be coated with herbs, spices, garlic, mint, fish sauce, and soy sauce and after that, it has to be grilled. The grilled chicken can be served with sauce or mayonnaise or accompanied by rice. 
  • Salmon with Asparagus– Cooking fish is often a tedious job. This dish can be cooked in a broiler. The glazing should be done with caramelized honey and soy. Serve it with mayonnaise and sauce to bring out the perfect chef within you. The dish is usually ready in 10 minutes.
  • Vegetable Curry– As a beginner, it is a good idea to know some vegan dishes. Vegetable curry can be prepared with as much as vegetables in your house. You can use tomatoes, cauliflower, white potatoes and add various flavours to it. Also, you can add sauce to this dish. Healthy and time-saving, vegetable curry will be a success for the beginners.
  • Chilli chicken– One of the most delicious side dish loved by people from all over the globe. The main ingredients are chicken, onion, and green chillis. Different types of sauces are used in this dish to enhance the taste. Chilli chicken is a famous side dish with rice or fried rice in the Asian continents. 


If you have sweet tooth, you will never be able to restrict yourself from having desserts. Some of the easy dessert preparations for the new chef’s are-

  • Custard– This is a very delicious dessert. Different flavours of custard are available in the market. You can add different fruits like apple, banana, pomegranate, and cherries to enrich the dish with nutrients.
  • Puddings– Puddings can be made with eggs or simply with bread. You can also prepare the pudding in the micro-oven. This is a mouth-watering dessert and takes little time and effort. 
  • Chocolate brownie – An extremely delicious dessert item is a chocolate brownie with ice-cream. Chocolate sauce can be put over the vanilla ice-cream to enhance the taste of the dessert.

The recipes mentioned above are healthy, tasty, and requires less cooking time. For beginners, it is important that they initially understand the art of cooking. If from the start, cooking scares you, you will not be able to develop culinary skills.

You have to accept cooking like any other work. You need some specific skills which develop with practice. So, start your journey with simple and easy recipes. With your tempting and innovative cooking, you might become a master chef in the future.

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