Top Food Items To Order For Your Roommate’s Birthday

Birthday Food

A very well-versed phrase states that “Your friends are the family you choose for yourself”. The institution of friendship is something really close to one’s heart. It only makes sense that you go to great lengths to celebrate this bond with your lovely friends. 

Speaking of friends, who is that one person who is always there for you? Someone who is there for you in good times and bad? Someone who picks you up when you are feeling a little off? It is your roommate!

So they have a special place in your life. And sometimes you need to do your best no matter what the occasion is. But apart from regular celebrations, some important days require an extra special approach to the celebration. Birthdays make it to the top of this list. 

You might think that sneaking in the decorations and food from your roommate is the most tricky thing you need to do for the party. But in reality, the most important yet difficult part of planning a birthday party for your roommate is to get your hands on an appropriate online ordering system to make your life easier. 

Here is a list of thoroughly thought food items that you can order in for celebrating the birthday of your roommates. All of the food items mentioned are highly accessible and will prove to be perfect for a chill birthday party. Without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Cake– It does not matter how old your roommate is, and there can never be a birthday party without a cake. If you are not feeling confident about an in – your – face – three-tier – princess cake, you can always opt for a subtle blueberry cheesecake. Choose a topping that you and your roommate like and have some of the best times of your life. 
  1. Red Wine– There is no way you plan to throw a party for your buddy without a little booze. Class things up a little with a bottle of red wine. This would be a great resort to enjoy the party to the fullest. And the best part is you need not worry about the hangover you could have gotten after tapping a keg of beer. There are different flavors available for you to make a choice. 
  1. Pizza– It would not be wrong if pizza is declared as the staple food for parties. Whether you like it with pineapple or pepperoni, you ain’t leaving this one out. It is strongly advocated that you order it a little earlier and in greater numbers so that you are not stuck with the pizza delivery boy for the rest of the night.
  1. Pop-Tarts– Birthdays can be a great occasion to cherish your inner child. And what could be a better option to delight things up a little than pop tarts? With more than 20 flavors to choose from, you can set up a pop tart station in your party, so everyone can revisit their childhood with a floor close to heart. 
  1. Cookie Dough-If you plan a movie marathon-themed birthday party with your roommate, you must make enough time to gather the quintessential movie-time snacks. While most of the world’s population is clouded by the misconception that this snack is popcorn, let me clear it up for you. You can never have a successful movie marathon-themed party without cookie dough. So bring out your favorite movies, some cookie dough and get this party rolling!
  1. Pigs in Blanket– Your roommate can never in a million years imagine that you could pull off something as prim and proper as pigs in a blanket for a stay-in birthday party. All you have to do is reach out to a company offering catering services that can deliver these heavenly delights to your place. 
  1. Quesadilla– A classic quesadilla is nothing but cheese melted in a heated tortilla, but you can go crazy with this one and add your own twist to it. If your roommate is a vegetarian then, adding veggies to it can be a great choice. 
  1. Nachos & Dip– When you are planning a party, you would surely need some munchies to go around the table. You can choose different dips for nachos and chips. 

Whether you are planning a birthday party for a kid or an adult, there are a zillion aspects that you need to take care of. It can be a tad bit difficult for you to take charge when you are not planning ahead. Once you have sorted the menu for the party, you can surely move on to other jobs such as decoration and sending invites. Hopefully, all of the above-mentioned pointers that have been specified in this article will prove to be a great help for planning the menu for your roommate’s birthday party. 

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