Food Hacks to Survive Your College Cafeteria

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One of the most incredible places at college is the cafeteria. At this place, you may find yourself struggling to make ends meet by, for instance, choosing a healthier meal at a lower cost. Yes, it is part of college life, and this wouldn’t sound like news to the consistent college student. You might also not like some foods at the cafeterias as some are properly undercooked and others greatly overcooked.

Food Hacks to Survive Your College Cafeteria

Since everyone loves sweet food and wouldn’t mind buying some at a cost, considering the former would be difficult as most people believe undercooked food may result in some health issues. The latter, overcooked food, wouldn’t have a more significant impact on the eater, though not everyone would enjoy any overcooked food without taste.

Therefore, the cafeteria comes with many experiences, which requires tactical approaches to maneuver through them. Let us set the ball rolling with a list of best hacks.    

  • A Quick Float

To survive in the cafeteria, if you have no extra coin for the expensive meal, you can consider a few scoops of ice cream combined with your best soda. You can also mash up the ice cream and get some cafeteria cookies and mix them. You can include other healthy substitutes and enjoy limitless combinations.  

  • A Milkshake

Milkshake is more comfortable to prepare and won’t cost you any extra time. When you can’t afford a better meal at the cafeteria, you can consider a few scoops of your most loved ice cream and add some cup of milk from the shop or restaurant. Stir properly to obtain a smooth mixture. Invite your friend for lunch and enjoy ourselves together. 

  • Egg Sandwiches

One of the easiest ways to survive a day’s meal is to consider preparing the egg sandwich. A simple preparation procedure, and you’ll be done. Some of the easy-to-find ingredients to incorporate in your recipe include a single egg and an English muffin. An additional top-up to the two essential components is a mastermind towards survival. You can prepare it at any time of the day and include some other tomatoes or avocado.    

  • Thai-Style Sauce

You can get rid of hunger by going the Thai way. A combination of soy sauce, sriracha, peanut butter, and other essential ingredients is a perfect way to commence your morning or end your evening. After a series of tiresome classes, you probably get so done that you need a quick meal to prepare. The Thai-style sauce is the best choice. It sums up to a pretty smooth mixture that works quite well with beef or chicken.   

  • Amp The Pasta

Suppose you have a salad bar in your room, the better. Don’t get worried if you don’t have any. Be sure enough to find one or two within the outskirts of your campus. A pretty direct pasta option would do better. You can consider the salad bar with your favorite veggies. If you are a fan of pepper, why exclude it? The key idea is to add every essential ingredient to your pasta. Heat it and microwave it. Don’t forget to invite a friend.   

  • Waffles

A separate bowl would serve better before you can consider adding the batter into a waffle maker. You can add a few essential ingredients such as chocolate chips, fruits, and many other ingredients in the bowl. You can top up the waffle with strawberry rubbed in syrup or whipped cream. It is one of the memorable meals that won’t cost you much. 

  • Breakfast Burrito

Going for cheaper meal options is the survival technique at the campus. However, you can prepare your own at almost no cost. For instance, the breakfast burrito is easy to prepare a meal. It would help if you typically had a tortilla, some little chili, cheese to top up, white rice, and beans, among other essential ingredients. Follow the desired steps to get everything done just in minutes. Enjoy! 

  • A Fruit Parfait

One of the simplest meals you can opt for a campus is a fruit parfait. All you need is to add a yogurt layer, granola and top up with another layer of yogurt. If you need to have extras, you can consider doing the same to your desired amount. 

  • A ”Shirley Temple”

A combination of key ingredients such as cranberry and orange juice, and ginger ale serves the college student better. You can consider mixing the meal in parts that fit the sweetness you desire. It may not be the exact food you need, but at least you’ll enjoy that taste of a Shirley Temple.  

  • Kick Butt Chicken Concoction

A chicken patty or burger is easier for this option. Ensure to get a fair amount of marinara sauce from the pasta solution. You can then combine it with some hot sauce before adding some favorite slices of cheese. Yes, you’ve made a great meal. Enjoy!


At college, you need to explore a range of cafeteria hacks to survive. There are cheaper options you can explore after a tedious walk to and from the lecture theatres. Explore more of these hacks and find value in college life. 

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