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Food Employee Addresses A Request To Customers Enquiring About Food Orders

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People working and employed in the food industry are real-life superheroes. The amount of patience they have and the hard work they do is applaudable! From dealing with impossible requests made by the customers to their rudeness, they handle it all with such humility.

Starbucks Barista

Having had enough of this, a Starbucks employee took to Reddit and wrote, “Please stop asking the person on the bar (the person MAKING DRINKS) about your food.”

The employee continued to say, “They have absolutely no control over that as they are planted at the bar position. go to the front if you feel like you were missed, but 9/10, there is a larger order in front of yours, so wait your turn and zip your lip.”

He further added, “I wanted to clarify the point. Expecting a person to do an additional task when they are very obviously preoccupied with something else is not necessary. use your critical thinking and figure out the best way to your answer.”

To this, other workers replied, “Blows my mind, especially when they can visibly see who is handing out food and WALKING back to the ovens.” Not only the workers but customers made their input to this conversation.

One customer wrote, “Sometimes I can tell my drink got delayed. … But still, it always comes. Meanwhile, most days, I see people go tell the barista, ‘I think you missed my order.’ People can be so impatient.”

One worker gave a solution saying, “For clarification, please ask the person on register. This person is, most often in most store layouts, closest to the ovens. And the food. “

He then said, “And the person, if there is coverage, who is working on ovens and heating the food and likely passing out the food as well. It’s not the best when customers are expecting me to know the status of their food,”

Further adding, “Asking where it is or how long it will be, and want me to check on it so I gotta stop the drink I’m making and walk passed everyone else just to ask the person on warming about the food.”

“During the peak, this can get messy and I’ve definitely had managers get after me for moving at all from my planted position” was what the worker said about what all a barista has to do when a customer makes such a request.

While the post was directed at customers who lack patience, it’s valid for a customer to inquire about the progress of their order. Last November, former baristas reported that Starbucks app glitched out and allowed customers to place orders that weren’t available.

This made customers furious as some had already paid for their order and some had been waiting for quite a while now. Due to this very reason, some customers got extremely rude and employees were forced to put up with unpleasant behavior.

Even in that particular situation, a barista or the person making the drinks would have no information regarding the situation. It would be unfair for customers to blame the people making their drinks.

Addressing the same, a commenter wrote, “I’ll truly never be able to comprehend why in the world a customer would see me in the middle of making a latte and think I have any idea where their butter croissant is.”

Whatever might be the case, patience and kindness go a long way. The next time your order gets delayed or is on its way, dealing with it in a graceful and pleasant manner would be beneficial for both the customer and the employee.

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