Awesome Food & Cooking Shows to Watch on Netflix

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Netflix is ​​one of the most popular international streaming services on the market for watching your favorite TV series, movies, and shows. It took over the global streaming market a few years ago. Its content library is vast and consists of first-class original content. This platform covers 190 countries but has a unique library for each country. Until a few years ago, it was blocking by region was a big problem for users. For example, being in Russia, it was difficult to get access to an American library.

Cooking Shows

But with the advent of VPN for Netflix, things have changed for the better, and everyone can get Netflix unblocked. Now nothing can interfere with the online viewing of your favorite show or movie. You can use VPN to watch Netflix anywhere and anytime. Any device is suitable for playback. VeePN is a leader in this field. It reliably hides your online location and protects your personal data. To verify this, you can initially use the trial version. It is offered free of charge.

Are There Any Good Cooking Shows on Netflix?

If you love watching cooking shows, pay attention that there are many available, but only when you watch Netflix unblocked. Here is a list of the best cooking shows on Netflix:

1. Waffles + Mochi- In March 2021, Michelle Obama launched her own top cooking show on Netflix. She tells children about world cuisine and encourages them to cook at home. In this show, Michelle Obama plays the role of a supermarket owner. She helps fictional characters Waffles and Mochi from the land of frozen food to make their dreams come true and become chefs. Together they travel to different countries, cook and taste traditional dishes;

2. Nadiya Bakes- If you are a big fan of the culinary trend, then be sure to appreciate these amazing baking shows on Netflix. Nadia Hussein is one of the most recognizable British chefs, who was able to impress with her skills and became an outstanding writer who taught tens of thousands of ordinary people to cook deliciously. In addition, she managed to win the sixth season of the TV project from IIS “Britain’s best baker”. This was in 2015. Thus, you should watch any show of this chef and get many stories from life experiences related to the field of culinary; 

3. Best Leftovers Ever- This show is quite popular on Netflix unblocked today. Three experienced chefs compete for the grand prize of 10 thousand dollars. Meals are prepared from leftovers from previously prepared meals. There are three rounds in the show, based on the results of which the winner is chosen;

4. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner- This is an amazing show from Devin Cheng, renowned restaurateur and chef. The format of the show is impressive and is a journey with celebrity friends around the world. Stars taste local cuisine, share their experiences, and tell interesting stories from their own life experiences;

5. The Final Table- This show is considered a more advanced modern version of MasterChef. 24 best chefs from around the world compete for the title of a champion;

6. The Big Family Cooking Showdown- Families compete in a three-man team. The format of the competition is interesting. They usually consist of three rounds in each series. Ultimately, one family is eliminated from the game at the end of each season. The composition of the teams is very diverse – parents and their children, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and nieces, etc. Various interesting moments often arise in the kitchen. The heroes talk about their own experiences, achievements, and failures.

This is just a small selection of the cooking shows available when you watch Netflix unblocked. You can also find many others there. It all depends on your interests and preferences.

Are There Any Vegan Cooking Shows on Netflix?

Be sure that you can watch any show on Netflix. If you are a vegetarian, then you can also find something that interests you, as there are many vegan cooking shows on the platform. Some of the more popular ones are:

1. Cooking Clean. In this show, professional basketball player DeAndre Jordan demonstrates his culinary skills. This is the first vegan cooking show with an athlete. Cooking Clean invites chefs and restaurateurs to discuss the benefits of plant-based food with Jordan and prepare unique vegan recipes.

2. New Day New Chef. This show illustrates that everyone can become a chef. Valuable information and recipes are provided for all those looking to add ethics to their plate. The show aims to help transform your diet, boost your energy, reduce your carbon dioxide emissions, and change your life by simply switching to plant-based foods.

3. Living On The Veg. This show first appeared in 2000. It contains 10 60-minute episodes, in each of which Henry Firth and Ian Theasby from the popular culinary project BOSH present their favorite recipes and entice the audience to try vegan cuisine. The most popular dishes are prepared – from pizzas and burgers to pies, full English breakfasts, and gourmet desserts. Dairy products and meat are not used;

4. The Dirty Vegan. This show was the first vegan show in the UK. The well-known athlete, vegan, and chef Matthew Pritchard prepares nutritious vegetarian meals for specific groups of people.

Therefore, you can find various cooking shows on Netflix. Many people ask, “Does Netflix have top chef?”. The answer to this question is yes, Netflix contains all the latest seasons of “Top Chef”. You can stream them anytime you want.

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