Why the Food and Beverage Industry Needs Translation Services?

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The food and beverage industry is one of the biggest ones in the world, and for a good reason. Nutrition and hydration are the key components of our lives and the proper functioning of our bodies. Exactly because of the fact that food and drinks are vital for our lives, the industry is so large, and large often means international. With more and more global food and beverage producers becoming global and integrated, the need for translation becomes more prominent for the industry.

Food Will Always Be Food

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Regardless of the region, population, and ethnicity, food is the same everywhere. The number of food producers is stellar today, so it becomes easy to get lost in the competition. With around 35,000 food companies registered in the United States of America alone, imagine how many there are in the world. Then, think of the ways these companies market their products internationally.

So, the answer as to why the food and beverage industry needs translation service lies
within the question itself. Some of the best online certified translation services state that they get hundreds and thousands of orders from food and beverage companies from all around the world. There are many ways in which translators help food and beverage companies grow. Here are just a couple of examples.

Ever-Changing Trends

The food and beverage industry experienced a boom in the 20th century, largely because of technological advancements in food processing. That boom also caused a lot of trouble, such as junk food, pesticides, and countless health issues worldwide. In the 21st century, we have become more aware of the potential threats that food poses to us and, thus, the production standards have changed. The corporate rhetoric has changed along with it. This, of course, must be global, so the translators are in high demand for such purposes. Now, consider that that was just one example.

International Documents and Licenses

Operating an international food or beverage company is a big deal. Such a company must obtain various licenses that allow selling food products and drinks that may vary in different countries. Such documents need translation so the essence of it remains intact. So, some help from a professional translation company might be vital for such a company. Acquiring a certified translation is a big deal as well, yet it can be solved relatively easily.

Marketing Needs

Although food and beverages are vital to us, there’s still a need to market them well. That’s primarily because of the harsh competition that is present in the industry. Under such conditions, international marketing works on a whole new level. Not only must a company be original in its presentation, but it must also do it in a few languages for several cultures at once. That’s when businesses address translation and localization services the most.


Every country demands food companies to indicate the ingredients of their products on packaging. Without that, a product cannot be marketed and sold in the country. Some food goods contain specific ingredients, natural or artificial. Yet, a translation of those ingredient lists is vital for a product to get to a consumer. That’s when the language experts play an essential role in the industry.

Optimizing International Online Traffic and Creating Websites for Different Countries

In the 21st century, every company should have its website, and food and beverage
companies are no exception. Given the size of such companies and the fierce competition prevalent in the food and beverage industry, creating and optimizing a website would be a big deal. Translating such a website and maintaining its relevance in another language is a pretty large and pretty heavy task as well. So, a team of professionals might be required to handle it properly.

Languages And Food

Languages play a much more significant role in food processing and production than anyone can think. From translating documents and licenses needed to do business internationally to packaging and advertisement – all of that is vital for the food and beverage industry. With the competition that ravages the market, an international operation is something that keeps it alive. And when it comes to expanding business internationally, there’s no other thing that is as valuable as the translation.

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