How to Make Flayed Man Cheese Ball at Home

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Who loves cheese balls here? I don’t know why but I love them. The taste and texture of the cheese are just so delicious. I can’t stop myself after someone says the word cheese balls. These cheese balls can be made in different ways and styles; you just have to choose how you will make them. This recipe can be modified and can be prepared using other ingredients as well.

Today we will make a very rare Cheese ball recipe that looks gross but marvelous in taste. This version of cheese balls is called a Flayed Man Cheese Ball recipe. Yes, this Cheese ball recipe is shaped like a skinned human face and looks gross and flagrant.

This flayed man cheese ball recipe can be your next Halloween cheese ball idea. Make it at home and surprise your kids and family friends.
Loaded with lots of cheese, this recipe is going to be your favorite one after you taste it. The cheese and other ground ingredients make it a great delight for your taste buds.

Let’s start the preparation and make this recipe. To do so, here are the ingredients provided in the list below that you can grab to complete this recipe. Here you go!

Ingredients for Flayed Man Cheese Ball

Prosciutto 3 oz.
Pimento-Stuffed Green Olives2 pc.
Cream Cheese24 oz.
Cheddar Cheese 6 oz.
Shredded Havarti Cheese 6 oz.
Green olives Chopped½ cup

As the list of ingredients is completed, so is our first step. Moving ahead, we will come to know how long this best cheese ball recipe is going to take to get prepared.

How Much Time Will it Take?

Preparation timeCooking timeTotal time
1 hour 30 minutesI hour 30 minutes

Well, not that bad! The timings are quite surprising; you have to wait for about an hour and a half to have this delicious food preparation on your plate. And now comes the most crucial part of the recipe, where you will know the steps involved in making this recipe. Let’s get started and make the best Flayed Man Cheese Ball recipe at home.

Flayed Man Cheese Ball Recipe

Flayed Man Cheese Ball
  1. You will need a face mask for his recipe and have to coat it with cooking spray. Align the face mask with a plastic wrap and press it fully into the nose and eyes.
  2. Keep some slices of prosciutto aside and start making the muscle tissue of the mask with the remaining of them. Start covering every corner of the mask and place it according to the neck, face, chin, and forehead.
  3. The olives can be the eyes of your mask. Place them in the eyeball cavity with pimento side down. Now keep the mask aside.
  4. In a mixing bowl, add softened cream cheese, cheddar, and Havarti cheese. Mix it well and add green olives and roasted red peppers. Use an electric mixer to get the best mixing results.
  5. Take a spoonful of cheese mixture made above and start filling the space around the eyeballs you made with an olive. Spread this cheese mixture throughout the mask without displacing the prosciutto slices. After you have filled the whole mask with cheese cream, let it refrigerate for about 30 minutes.
  6. Now, at last, flip the mask on the serving platter and remove the mask from it. Cover your cheese ball face with more prosciutto slices if cheese is leaking from any side.

Now you are all set to get a knife and cut it into halves and have it on your dinner plate. Enjoy it with all your family and friends and have a blast!

Nutritional Breakdown of Flayed Man Cheese Ball

The nutritional breakdown of this recipe is done below. Keep a check on what and how much you consume.

Calories 189.2
Protein 6.9 gm
Carbohydrates 1 gm
Fiber 0.1 gm
Sugars 0.2 gm
Fat 17.8 gm

How to Make Flayed Man Cheese Ball at Home | Video

The video is here. This will help you to make this recipe perfectly when trying it for the first time at home. Watch it and make it in a more precise way.

Video Credits: Allrecipes

Try this flayed man cheese ball recipe at home and tell us your views and thoughts. Comment down below and ask any queries of yours. Share this recipe with your friends and family and let them also enjoy this fantastic recipe. Cheers!

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