Figaro’s Pizza Menu With Prices

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Are you fed up with Domino’s and Pizza Hut Pizza and now you are looking for a new brand of Pizza where you can go and have a different kind of pizza then you are at the right place because in the coming lines I will tell you about the Figaro’s Pizza where you can have the pizza and I will provide you all the relevant information related to Figaro’s Pizza.

Figaro's Pizza store

Figaro’s Pizza has got a wide variety of pizzas on its menu, such as gluten-free, artisan and Sicilian pan crust pizzas. They also offer appetizers, sides, wings, lasagna and calzones.

In this article, I will provide you with information regarding the Figaro’s Pizza menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and Figaro’s Pizzanutritional breakdown of the items present on the Figaro’s Pizza Menu but apart from this, let’s recall the history first.

An Italian Pizza restaurant chain named Figaro’s Pizza was founded by Corkey Gorley and Al DeBacker in 1981. They opened their first store in Salem, Oregon. 37 Franchise of Figaro’s Pizza is in 4 countries of the world. The headquarters of Figaro’s Pizza is in 1500 Liberty Street SE (Suite 160), Salem, Oregon, United States.

Figaro’s Pizza Menu Prices

Figaro's Pizza Menu

Figaro’s Pizza menu includes a wide variety of pizzas with myriad types of variety, including the toppings and extra cheese and some individual items for all the pizza lovers. But besides pizza, Figaro’s menu includes a selection of appetizers, desserts, lasagna, calzones, and drinks.

Figaro’s Pizza is famous because people can make their own pizza with the help of toppings and sauce. The staff of Figaro’s Pizza is very helpful and will always help you in making your own pizza and the ambiance of the restaurant is very good with some dim lights and soothing music.

Figaro’s Pizza Prices are comparable when compared to other pizza chains. Most of their prices lie between $1 to $20. You with your whole family can get a decent meal here for around $30. So, without waiting more, let’s check the latest Figaro’s Pizza prices.


PizzasMedium (12″)Large (14″)Extra Large (16″)
Classic Cheese$12.95$14.95$17.95
Classic Pepperoni$12.95$14.95$17.95
Side by Side$13.95$15.95$18.95
The Meatza$15.95$17.95$20.95
Santa Fe BBQ Chicken$15.95$17.95$20.95
Creamy Garlic Club$15.95$17.95$20.95
Creamy Garlic Chicken$15.95$17.95$20.95
Chicken Bacon Ranch$15.95$17.95$20.95
Garden Veggie$15.95$17.95$20.95
Italian Combo$15.95$17.95$20.95
Mama’s Favorite®$15.95$17.95$20.95
Papa’s Supreme®$15.95$17.95$20.95
Mexican Fiesta$17.95$19.95$22.95
12-Topping Classic$17.95$19.95$22.95
Create Your Own Pizza$12.95$14.95$17.95
Personal Pizza$5.95N/AN/A
Chicken Bacon Artichoke$15.95$17.95$20.95
Western Bacon$15.95$17.95$20.95

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Gluten Free Pizzas

Gluten Free PizzasPrice
Classic Cheese Gluten Free Crust Pizza$14.95
Classic Pepperoni Gluten Free Crust Pizza$14.95
Hawaiian Gluten Free Crust Pizza$15.95
Side by Side Gluten Free Crust Pizza$15.95
The Meatza Gluten Free Crust Pizza$17.95
Santa Fe BBQ Chicken Gluten Free Crust Pizza$17.95
Creamy Garlic Club Gluten Free Crust Pizza$17.95
Creamy Garlic Chicken Gluten Free Crust Pizza$17.95
Chicken Bacon Ranch Gluten Free Crust Pizza$17.95
Garden Veggie Gluten Free Crust Pizza$17.95
Italian Combo Gluten Free Crust Pizza$17.95
Mama’s Favorite® Gluten Free Crust Pizza$17.95
Papa’s Supreme® Gluten Free Crust Pizza$17.95
Mexican Fiesta Gluten Free Crust Pizza$19.95
12-Topping Classic Gluten Free Crust Pizza$19.95
Chicken Bacon Artichoke Gluten Free Crust Pizza$17.95

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Artisan Pizzas

Artisan PizzasMedium (12″)Large (14″)Extra Large (16″)
Classic Cheese Artisan Pizza$13.95$15.95$18.95
Classic Pepperoni Artisan Pizza$13.95$15.95$18.95
Hawaiian Artisan Pizza$14.95$16.95$19.95
Side by Side Artisan Pizza$14.95$16.95$19.95
The Meatza Artisan Pizza$16.95$18.95$21.95
Santa Fe BBQ Chicken Artisan Pizza$16.95$18.95$21.95
Creamy Garlic Club Artisan Pizza$16.95$18.95$21.95
Creamy Garlic Chicken Artisan Pizza$16.95$18.95$21.95
Chicken Bacon Ranch Artisan Pizza$16.95$18.95$21.95
Garden Veggie Artisan Pizza$16.95$18.95$21.95
Italian Combo Artisan Pizza$16.95$18.95$21.95
Mama’s Favorite® Artisan Pizza$16.95$18.95$21.95
Papa’s Supreme® Artisan Pizza$16.95$18.95$21.95
Mexican Fiesta Artisan Pizza$18.95$20.95$23.95
12-Topping Classic Artisan Pizza$18.95$20.95$23.95

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Sicilian Pan Crust Pizzas

Sicilian Pan Crust PizzasMedium (12″)Large (14″)Extra Large (16″)
Classic Cheese Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$14.95$16.95$19.95
Classic Pepperoni Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$14.95$16.95$19.95
Hawaiian Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$15.95$17.95$20.95
Side by Side Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$15.95$17.95$20.95
The Meatza Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$17.95$19.95$22.95
Santa Fe BBQ Chicken Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$17.95$19.95$22.95
Creamy Garlic Club Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$17.95$19.95$22.95
Creamy Garlic Chicken Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$17.95$19.95$22.95
Chicken Bacon Ranch Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$17.95$19.95$22.95
Garden Veggie Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$17.95$19.95$22.95
Italian Combo Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$17.95$19.95$22.95
Mama’s Favorite® Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$17.95$19.95$22.95
Papa’s Supreme® Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$17.95$19.95$22.95
Mexican Fiesta Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$19.95$21.95$24.95
12-Topping Classic Sicilian Pan Crust Pizza$19.95$21.95$24.95
Chicken Bacon Artichoke Sicilian Pan Crust$17.95$19.95$22.95

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Appetizers & Sides

Appetizers & SidesPrice
Cheesy Breadsticks$4.95
Garlic Bread$2.95


Wings1/2 lb1 lb
Boneless Wings$6.45$11.90
Wings8 Wings12 Wings25 Wings
Classic Wings$7.95$9.95$15.95


Garden Salad$5.45

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Sweet Treats

Sweet TreatsPrice
Figgy® Cinnamon Stix$4.95


Create Your Own$11.95

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Figaro’s Pizza Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Figaro’s Pizza menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Figaro’s Pizza Franchise Details

Figaro's Pizza franchise

Figaro’s Pizza has 37 outlets in 4 different countries that are Cyprus, the United States, and Nigeria and if you want to open their franchise in your locality then here are the prices in the table below.

Name of the FeePrice
Initial Franchise FeeFrom $0 to $39,000
Franchise Coordination FeeFrom $0 to $10,000
Grand Opening AdvertisingFrom $0 to $12,500
Lease AcquisitionFrom $2,000 to $20,000
Leasehold ImprovementsFrom $10,000 to $215,000
Equipment & FixturesFrom $20,000 to $150,000
Opening InventoryFrom $5,000 to $8,500
EmployeesFrom $500 to  $3,500
TrainingFrom $500 to $5,000
SignsFrom $4,500 to $10,000
Additional FundsFrom $15,000 to $50,000
MiscellaneousFrom $16,500 to $40,000
ESTIMATED TOTALFrom $86,500 to $549,000

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Figaro’s Pizza Contact Information

Figaro’s Pizza Corporate Office Address: 1500 Liberty St. S.E., Suite 160
Salem Oregon USA 97302

Figaro’s Pizza Telephone Number: 503-371-9318

You can also contact the team of Figaro’s Pizza by using the contact form on their website.

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