Fictional Bars In TV Shows & Movies That Should Exist

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Every TV show or movie has a fictional restaurant or a bar where all the crazy things go down and if that hang-out spot is a bar, you know you are in for a wild ride! The craziest of the character shenanigans and the deepest of the conversations happen in the booths of the dimly lit bars. 

The gang from How I Met Your Mother in Maclaren's Pub

Whether it be meeting up their potential love interest or just unwinding from the day, the bars serve as a great place for the turning points in the plot of the TV shows and movies. Also, it seems like an overall fun experience to just be in that setting. So, naturally, everyone wants the bars in their favorite TV shows and movies to exist so they can chill with their favorite characters.

For you, I have compiled the list of TV shows and movies that I believe should exist. You can go there to play the “Haaavvveee-You-Met” game or to meet your McDreamy. So, just slide into the nearest booth and read this article to know some of the fan-favorite fictional bars that should exist. 

1. MacLaren’s Pub from How I Met Your Mother

MacLaren's Pub

The gang from How I Met Your Mother, like every other show, had a signature place to hang out. This place was none other than MacLaren’s Pub. The pub is the place where Ted meets Robin and hence gets plunged into a whirlwind romance. The pub is the place where they reminisce about their old memories like Ted, Marshall, and Lily’s college time, Robin’s time as a Canadian pop star, or Barney’s many, many adventures. If you want a round of beer with your friends and intend to gawk over hot people (which, by the way, you shouldn’t). In Barney’s words, This bar is legen-wait-for-it-dary!

2. Joe’s Bar from Grey’s Anatomy

Joe's Bar

Emerald City Bar, or as people like to call it, Joe’s Bar is the bar of choice for the surgeons and nurses of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to cool down, shoot darts, and let off some steam. You can also do the same if you ever find yourself in this bar. Also, this is the perfect spot to meet Mr. McDreamy or Mr. McSteamy. You’ll probably be loving it!

3. Three Broomsticks from Harry Potter

Three Broomsticks

Need a break from the hectic spell lessons and flying lessons of Hogwarts? Just visit the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade and order a mug of delicious Butterbeer to relax. Skeptical about the taste of the concoction? Well, J.K Rowling has described its taste as somewhat like sickly butterscotch. I don’t care what anyone says, and I want to gulp down the whole thing and make cream mustaches on my face just as Hermione. 

4. Gaston’s Tavern from Beauty And The Beast

Gaston's Tavern

While no good words come to mind when talking about Gaston, also called The Real Beast in The Beauty And The Beast. If you are wondering who says that, I do, I say that. But on the contrary, Gaston’s Tavern is actually a better hole than is the place where a heart should’ve been. You could visit the tavern for some ale and some good musical action. While you’re there, you can give a piece of mind to Gaston too. 

5. The Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars

The Mos Eisley Cantina

If you ever find yourself on Tatooine looking for a starship crew, you should visit the Mos Eisley Cantina. You’ll find all types of creatures there; one-eyed, thousand-eyed, with fur, and some with even scales. Also, if you just want to take a break from the trip around the galaxy, the cantina has great drinks, amazing music, and sudden outbreaks of violence that serve as evening entertainment. 

6. Ten Forward from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Ten Forward

Who wouldn’t like to go to the best bar in an awesome starship that’s cruising around the galaxy? I definitely would. Also, to get a drink from Whoopi Goldberg just makes the literal starry experience better. 

7. Snakehole Lounge from Parks and Recreation

Snakehole Lounge

Want a drink that’ll send jitters down the spine? Well, go to the Snakehole Lounge along with the gang of Parks & Rec. Oh! About the drink, try the snake juice. This concoction is no ordinary drink. It is a cocktail of different kinds of alcohol with coffee, sugar, and some more ingredients. This drink will hit you like a truck on a highway. Also, don’t visit the bar on Sundays and Mondays unless you want to attend children’s parties and substance abuse meetings. 

8. Paddy’s Irish Pub from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Paddy's Irish Pub

This not-so-sunny bar is not the epitome of good customer service or a wide variety of drinks. I’ll tell you what it is the epitome of, bizarre. The customers that are homeless people are passed out on the tables and I’d frankly be scared to check if they are dead. But if you have stupid ideas, Paddy’s Irish Pub is the place where people will support you. Even if your idea is drinking paint or making paw-silencing Kitten Mittons. 

9. Shaw’s Bar from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Shaw's Bar

Shaw’s Bar is the place where the cops from the Nine-Nine or should I say ‘Noine-Noine’ hang out. All they do is talk about their problems, have bachelor parties and celebrate big and small moments. It is just a great bonding experience, which seems really fun. But make sure that there are no firefighters in the bar (no offense but firefighters are the worst!). 

10. The Wobbly Elm from Schitt’s Creek

The Wobbly Elm

Sure you can get a good breakfast from Twyla’s Cafe Tropical but The Wobbly Elm is the place for raging parties (more like normal gatherings), meeting people, and tending to borderline alcoholism. It is not the most elegant place when it comes to mind for David Rose’s Bachelor Party but it does make for a mediocre arrangement. Nevertheless, we’d still like to pay a visit. 

11. The Drunken Clam from The Family Guy

The Drunken Clam

If you want a beer and gossip session, then slide into the round booths of the Drunken Clam and you can have one with Peter, Cleveland, Joe, and Quagmire. Get yourself a mug of Pawtucket Patriot Ale and be ready for some dark humor. If the ale is not the drink of your choice, you can also have a martini with Brian. 

12. The Bait Shop from The O.C.

The Bait Shop

The Bait Shop went from a place to just hang out to a place where a lot of drama happened. At first, teens and adults just went to the bar and had some drinks and watched some bands perform. But as the show kept going, the Bait Shop became the spot for shady drug deals and affairs. Keeping the shady stuff aside, this bar seemed like a pretty great spot to hang out with the bands performing and everything. 

13. Poor Richard’s from The Office

Poor Richard's The Office

It’s definitely going to be a tiring day if your boss is as overactive as Micheal Scott. The guy wants to do everything except sell paper. So, it’s a no-brainer that the employees of Dunder Mifflin need a place to unwind. That place is none other than Poor Richard’s. Just grab on a chilled beer and forget what happened until 5 p.m. 

14. LUX Club from Lucifer

LUX Club

Who knows how to throw a party better than the Master of Hell of course. I know this is a controversial statement but it is surely true, for the show Lucifer at least. Go to the LUX club and have a rager but make sure you don’t encounter the devil, literally. 

15. Moe’s Tavern from The Simpsons

Moe's Tavern

The popularity of the show The Simpsons is so huge that anyone could recognize where Moe’s Tavern is from. This tavern is a great place to have a drink with Homer and Barney and discuss the neighborhood’s daily happenings in Springfield. Even though Moe tries a lot to revamp the bar by sometimes making it Mo’s Gay Bar and Tokyo Ro’s Sushi Bar. But he always came back to name it Moe’s.


So, this was my list of fictional bars in TV shows and movies that should exist IRL. If you have any other fictional bar that you believe is so good that it should exist, mention it in the comments. I’d be happy to hear from you. See you next time. Until then, I am gonna go do some more fictional bar hopping.

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