Fast Food Consumption Among University Students

Fast Food Consumption

A student shall eat adequately to have enough energy to study. Do you agree with it? Ok, but what shall a student eat?

The reasons are quite different. The first reason for the consumption of unhealthy food is that students are far from home and free. What was not welcomed at home doesn’t have control over them anymore. 

Also, fast food is more accessible. Students are known for always being in a hurry. They are loaded with homework, studies; sometimes, they work part-time to get some funds for life and gain experience. Thus, they never have enough time even to sleep, let alone cook. At the same time, fast food is easily accessible, practically everywhere, including the university territory. Thus, buying something filling and tasty seems to be the right solution.

Fast food is tasty and filling. Once you eat a hamburger, you will not feel hungry for hours, which is not the case if you eat an apple or banana. Moreover, a piece of pizza or the same hamburger is tastier than a home-made sandwich. It is because fast food is super rich in oils and additives that stimulate our taste receptors. 

The main danger is even not in the fact that you might like eating a hamburger now and then. The main danger is that those additives are addictive. After eating fast food for a while, you might perceive the taste of properly cooked food that doesn’t contain all those additives as plain.

Some Facts about Students and Fast Food

What do you think though, how far has this habit gone so far? If you believe that the scale of the problem is not significant, you are mistaken. 

The recent research conducted in several universities in several countries (the UK, Bangladesh, the UAE, and some more) show that around 98% of students consume fast food. 100% of male students admitted that they eat fast food. While among the female students, 97% said they consume fast food.

While 96% of those who eat fast food said they eat it at least four days per week, the other 4% informed that they consume fast food every day. 

The reasons they gave were different. The most common reasons for fast food consumption are:

  • Students skip their breakfast and thus, they end up very hungry after several lessons. Fast food is in such a case the only accessible food (we have mentioned that most students don’t have time to cook or to prepare they lunchboxes);
  • Fast food is cheap. In some cases, it is cheaper than buying veggies and other healthy ingredients to prepare a proper meal;
  • Fast food is easy to eat. It is prepared to be eaten on-the-go, unlike soup, for example. It is convenient to eat it during a break between lessons;
  • It is delicious because it contains a lot of oils and additional ingredients that stimulate our taste receptors.

If you believe that students don’t know about the harm caused when eating fast food regularly, you are wrong. They are well aware that excessive consumption of fast food leads to obesity. In the long run, it leads to the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, even cancer. However, in most cases, young people don’t believe it is something that can happen to them.

Long-Term Effects Are Frightening

Now, let us check whether fast food consumption can have long-term effects on a person’s health condition and what other aspects can be affected by excessive fast food consumption.

We have already discussed which medical conditions excessive fast food consumption can cause. Most of them cannot be treated or their treatment can last for years and require significant funds. 

Another drawback is connected with expenses. Additional purchases lead to more money spent. It was revealed that students who consume fast food regularly spend almost half (43%) of their pocket money on the mentioned food. Thus, their parents shall think about additional expenses for other things such as books, stationery, accommodation, etc. It is a significant burden on a family budget, too.

Final Thoughts

All in all, eating fast food is not so bad if it occasionally happens in a specific environment. For example, it is ok to eat some nuts, chips, pizza, etc., during a party with friends. It is also fine to go out and stay in a pizzeria for a while. It is pretty ok if you oversleep and skip your breakfast and then eat a hamburger or noodles somewhere if it doesn’t happen regularly.

However, eating fast food constantly or eating fast food instead of a proper meal is not good. It is incredibly harmful to your health and the budget of your family. Consider also that consuming fast food leads to long-lasting problems with health, and in some cases, those are the problems you might never get rid of.

Thus, if you like fast food and always eat it, it is time to reconsider eating habits. We know that it might be difficult because your taste receptors are used to taste fast food, but if you want to stay healthy, you need to do it.

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