7 Facts That Will Make You Want A Cup Of Tea Right Now

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There are a lot of myths surrounding the origin of tea. While you’ll not want to believe them all, it was until the 9th century that Saich, a Buddhist monk, introduced tea in Japan. 

Cup of Tea

However, it wasn’t until the 13th century that the popularity of tea grew considerably. Back in the day, tea leaves had to be dried and ground using stone mills. Thanks to modern technology, you have all these tea blends and flavors. 

Tea is also considered special because it can be induced with any desired flavors. 

You can make it super healthy by combining all the healthy spices to recuperate ailments and sickness. The flavors combined in the tea could make it a superfood that enhances nourishment.

We all know that tea can bestow you with instant freshness. It gives you the power to be active as it is an instant energy giver. A cup of tea to freshen up your dull evening would work wonders to a large extent.

Let’s get straight to it; below are seven facts that will make you want a cup of tea right away. 

1) You Have A Wide Variety Of Tea Blends To Choose From

Did you know that you have tea varieties for every occasion? Whether you are on a date and need to show your romantic side, you have tea for that.

It could also be that you just need to relax and find your zen; there’s tea for that. In simpler terms, you can make a wide variety of tea brews and never regret it.

Daniel Macbean, a tea enthusiast, and his team say you’ll find all these tea varieties to help make your day if you visit their website. Having an expert’s opinion on the different tea varieties can help you decide what makes your taste buds rejoice. 

2) Tea Is A Good Addiction

Tea contains caffeine, and as you might be aware, this compound can cause a few changes in your brain functions. Do you know the reason why most people must wake up with their cup of tea?

It’s the amount of caffeine contained in tea that attracts them to that one mug of tea. Unlike other compounds, caffeine will be absorbed by your brain and trigger a host of reactions, including a boost in adrenaline levels.

It’s not about being addicted to tea but the awesome desire to know how it feels when you take those few sips.

3) It Takes Patience To Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea

You cannot rush the tea-making process. You don’t want to end up with a cup of tea that tastes like mordant or stale water.

Timing is always of the essence if you are to enjoy a perfect cup of tea. Depending on the tea or blend strain, following the provided recipe to the letter is of utmost importance.

4) Tea Is Good For Your Health

Tea, in whatever variety, can be served hot or cold. But it just doesn’t end there. The benefits of tea go far beyond refreshments. Drinking tea is among the ways that can help improve your health.

How? You might ask. To help make sense of it, below are the awesome benefits of drinking tea: 

  • Tea contains vital antioxidants that help rejuvenate the skin and help keep us younger.
  • Tea contains less caffeine compared to coffee, meaning that it’s less addictive than coffee.
  • Drinking tea can help prevent teeth loss. Tea contains compounds that can change the PH levels in your mouth and, in so doing, prevent cavities. But then again, drinking tea alone isn’t enough to prevent other oral diseases. You’ll still need to brush your teeth and visit your dentist at least twice a year.

5) Tea Is The Most Popular Beverage In The World

Second to packaged water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world. According to statistics, about 25000 cups of tea are consumed every second. As the world population grows, these figures are bound to go even higher. This makes tea one of the most lucrative cash crops grown in the world. Speaking of growing tea, did you know that China is the world’s largest tea producer? And did you know that apart from Japan, China has the oldest population? This tells you that tea has properties that can help boost the immune system and increase a person’s longevity.

6) Green Tea Is A Type Of Superfood

The term superfood is a relatively new term in the beverage category. However, green tea is packed with vitamins and nutrients that are potentially beneficial to your health. Green tea contains bioactive compounds that help reduce inflammation, brain stimulants such as caffeine, and antioxidants that lower the risk of some types of cancers, and the list is endless. 

7)You can induce different flavors

Tea is a special beverage that has the capacity to accommodate any induction of flavor you want. You can mold it to make ginger tea, pepper tea, herbal tea, oolong tea, white tea, lemon tea, or even black tea. Any ingredient you consider to be healthy can be mixed with the tea, and that addition would automatically complement the flavor. One more benefit that comes with this upside is that you can easily make it super-healthy by adding spices that boost your health. Apparently, it is also consumed when someone is suffering from a throat disorder or infection. The heat and the freshness it oozes out are bound to clear away congestions in your respiratory system to a large extent. 


A cup of tea can help keep ailments at bay and reach your health goals. There’s no social gathering without a cup of tea – unless you are partying in a club and the bartender doesn’t have a flask of hot tea. The above are educative facts about tea that you might want to share with your tea-drinking pals.

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