Exotic Coffee Flavors From The Corners of the World

Exotic Cofee

For many, the morning ritual will not be complete without a hot cup of coffee. Whether it’s brewed or instant coffee, enjoyed at home or ordered from a favorite coffee shop, this beverage is a source of energy, comfort, and satisfaction.

With 62% of Americans drinking coffee daily, it is no surprise that a variety of coffee drinks and flavors are available. However, if you want to take your palate into a new experience, why not delve into some of the exotic coffee flavors. 

Arabica is also the most sold coffee bean globally as it is wildly grown and makes for easier distribution. There are sure coffee beans that grow on plants that are so delicate that they cannot move them or the plant dies. Coffee plants can be susceptible to elements, and Arabica and Robusta have proven to be the most resilient. As seen in Taylors coffee bags reviews, the joint quest with coffee drinkers is to find different flavours or a variety of recipes for their usual coffee selections.

Among the most popular coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is preferred by most coffee enthusiasts, yet has lesser caffeine content than the Robusta, the common bean used for espresso and instant coffee mix.

Roasting is then used to enhance the flavor of the coffee bean, with dark roast coffee having a more bitter taste while light roast coffee flavors are almost like wine. Fruity flavors are also typically added to light roast coffee. 

Black Tie

A specialty coffee in Thailand, which is a mixture of espresso, tea, and other flavored ingredients. This coffee is made special with the combination of traditional Thai tea with espresso, then topped with cream or condensed milk.

Café Cubano

Originally from Cuba, this is a common accompaniment to daily local meals. Drinking this type of coffee is deemed a prominent feature of the traditional Cuban culture. This coffee is considered as one of the most robust varieties of coffee, which is prepared using darker roasts made in certain parts of Italy and Spain. This coffee is made by adding demerara sugar while a classic espresso is brewing. This process creates a thick layer of cream floating on top. 

Café Gommosa

A sweet-tasting coffee whose name is derived from the rubbery texture formed from the combination of marshmallows and coffee. This coffee originated from America’s Pacific Northwest area and is a perfect drink for winter. Its sweet flavor makes it an ideal recommendation for first-time coffee drinkers. 

Cheese Coffee

A coffee found in Kaffeost and Kainuu in Finland. This coffee is made by putting juustoleipä cheese at the bottom of the cup before pouring in hot coffee, resulting in melted cheese after you’ve finished with your coffee. Making this an ideal beverage for coffee and cheese lovers.

Coffee Alamid

Also known as kopi luwak in Java, Indonesia, and kafé-laku in East Timor, this coffee is one of the most desired coffees among coffee lovers. This has been traditionally considered as a coffee delicacy because of its exotic inception.

It is also officially the world’s most expensive coffee brew made from Civet cat excrement, hence, its name Civet Coffee. Civet cats are known to be particular with the coffee cherries they eat, selecting only the red, fleshy cherries in coffee trees. The excretions of civet cats contain partially-digested coffee beans, which are then harvested, washed, and processed. 

Egg Coffee

Locally called as Cà Phê Trung in Vietnam, the scarcity of milk in Vietnam was the reason that this coffee flavor was invented by using eggs as a replacement. You will love its combination of condensed milk with egg in coffee because of its creaminess and sweetness.


Eiscaffee may sound like a famous brand of coffee, but is actually a cold coffee flavor made in a rather unusual way – almost like a dessert. This coffee flavor originated in Germany and is made by mixing ice cream and coffee to create a creamy and sweet mixture. Topping the concoction is chocolate syrup and cherry to enhance the coffee flavor further.

Coffee Flavours

Flat White

A famous Kiwi coffee that originated in Australia and New Zealand. Flat white is created by using steamed milk from the bottom of the jug over one shot of espresso. The steamed milk found at the bottom is creamier, but not as frothy as it is on the top of the jug. This produces a velvety milk texture which also influences the coffee’s flavor. 

Mazagran Coffee

Originally from Algeria in 1840, is often called the “original iced coffee,” because it is cold black coffee, poured over ice, sugar, lemon juice, and then traditionally served in narrow and tall glasses. Adding to its uniqueness is the rum added to it. 

Monkey Spit Coffee

This exotic coffee beverage originating from Taiwan has a distinct vanilla flavor. What makes this coffee fascinating is the fact that the coffee beans are from the spittle of Formosan macaque monkeys. These monkeys love eating coffee berries and spit the seeds which they can’t digest.

Nitro Brew Coffee

The special ingredient of this coffee is nitrogen, which is infused into the coffee. It creates a creamy head and thick foam similar to a beer. It may appear like beer, but with no alcohol content on it.

If you are a true coffee enthusiast, why not give the coffee flavors mentioned above a try. Instead of asking directions to the nearest Starbucks, have a go and have a coffee adventure. These coffee flavors will surely boost your mood, body, and mind, but will also awaken your senses and experience!

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