12 Best Exotic Coffee Flavors In the World

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Different Types Of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most loved beverages in the world. The roasted bean flavor and aroma is divine to a lot of people and a perfect wake-up for them. Did you know that there is a wide range of exotic coffee flavors that one can try? Let’s learn about the best exotic flavors that you can try. 

Some of the truly exotic coffee flavors are Kenya AA, Borbon, Kopi Luwak, Sumiyaki,India Mysore, Mocha Java, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Nicaragua, and Sulawesi. These flavors are truly tempting and full of exoticness.

These coffee flavors are categorized as exotic simply because they have an intense flavor or the production process is pretty different. Exploring new and exotic flavors is very exciting. 

Being a coffee lover, exploring different exotic flavors is heavenly. If you are someone like me, then this article is for you. Stick with me till the end as I will take you through the world’s best exotic coffee ever. 

What Is Exotic Coffee?


The definition of exotic coffee can differ from person to person. In simple language, exotic coffee means coffee that is unique and is made with some different processes.

Today, there are a variety of coffee beans available in the market and their origins are also different

For some people trying out new brands or types of beans can be referred to as exotic. On the other hand, if coffee beans have gone through a specific process that is not common, they can be categorized as exotic coffee.

Exotic coffee is in trend as people are looking for something new to try. 

Are Exotic Coffee Flavors Expensive?


Yes, exotic coffee flavors are expensive simply because of their origin or different processing style and availability.

Many coffee varieties originate from different places, which adds to the total cost. Hacienda El Roble costs around $100 per pound because only 22 kg of this coffee is produced in Colombia. So you can say that it is one of the rarest exotic coffees. 

Coffee beans are made with very different procedures, like Kopi Luwak, which costs around $100 to $600 per pound. The process of making this variety of coffee is very unique and makes it pretty expensive.

Another factor that directly affects the cost is the quality of the coffee beans. 

The better quality of the coffee beans means a very handsome price for the coffee. Therefore, it really is not a price thing, but the quality and flavors are the center of attraction. 

12 Exotic Coffee Flavors You Can Try

As already mentioned, there is a wide range of exotic flavors that one can try. I have curated a list of the best flavors you can choose from. These coffee flavors either have a very different taste or come from an unpopular place.

Whatever the case is, I am sure that these flavors are really flavorful, and you will definitely find the right flavor. Let’s have a look at the 26 exotic coffee flavors. 

1. Kenya AA


As the name itself suggests, this coffee flavor was discovered in Kenya. Kenya is one of the best coffee producers and deals in Arabica as well as Robusta coffee beans. AA stands for medium roasted coffee beans.

If we talk about the flavor, then Kenya AA has a very sweet flavor with some notes of wine or fruity flavors. 

The floral notes in this coffee is what makes it exotic. Sipping Kenya AA feels very aromatic yet tropical. The flavor of Kenya AA is sharp and bold, which many coffee lovers may find tasteful. They are also referred to as the most desirable coffee in the world.

With richness in flavor, this coffee also has citrus or acidic notes. Let me tell you that Kenya AA is very popular among the exotic coffee list. This coffee costs around $17-20 per pound. 

2. Bourbon Coffee


Don’t worry, as I am not talking about the whisky Bourbon but about bourbon coffee flavor instead. Originating from Yemen, this coffee flavor is highly acidic that leaves a sweet aftertaste. You can also find similar notes to wine in this coffee.

The flavor is not only one thing that makes it exotic, but the production is quite different. They are not produced from common red fruit, but the beans come from the Bourbon Vermelho plant, which has red and yellow fruits.

That is why the price of one pound of bourbon is somewhere close to $20. If you consume bourbon coffee in moderation, you can also see some health benefits. The cultivation of this exotic coffee bean is mainly in Brazil.

The coffee beans are the arabica ones, so you know the flavors are going to be great. 

3. Cafe Cubano


If you are a coffee lover, you might know that Cuba is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of coffee in the world. One of the exotic coffees from that region is Cafe Cubano. Drinking this type of coffee is deemed a prominent feature of the traditional Cuban culture

The coffee from Cubano tastes different and more flavorful because of the type of bean and roasting process. They are also known as Cuban Espresso. With a robust flavor, this coffee flavor is a sweetened espresso. Therefore, it has a perfect balance between dark and sweet coffee flavors. The price of Cafe Cubano is close to $18. 

4. Pacamara


A hybrid arabica coffee flavor, pacamara, that has an aroma of apricot, caramel with some floral notes. The coffee flavor also has a hint of sweetness, with an intense acidic flavor.

As said at the start, it is a hybrid – a combination of Pacas (a Bourbon mutation) and Maragogype (a Typica mutation). They were Grown primarily in El Salvador. This info is enough to refer to this coffee flavor as an exotic one.

The origin of this coffee flavor dates back to the 1950s. It is one of the most reputed flavors that you can try. One pound of Pacamara coffee ranges from $15 to $20. Pacamara is Arabica coffee beans and known for its exceptional quality. 

5. Mazarang Coffee 


Mazarang coffee originated from Algeria and is a must-try exotic coffee flavor. Now, the coffee beans or production are not so special, but the recipe to make this coffee is definitely unique. It is also called Original Iced Coffee”.

The name Mazarang comes from the Algerian town of Mazagran, where the French soldiers discovered this flavor. The exoticness is not only the recipe of the coffee but the different versions as well.

The Portuguese version of Mazagran coffee is made by pouring cold black coffee over ice, sugar, and lemon juice. On the other hand, the Australian version has an ice cube with some rum. 

6. Kopi Luwak


If you are searching for the most exotic, premium, and expensive coffee flavor, then Kopi Luwak is the best match. They are also known as civet coffee. The process of Kopi Luwak coffee beans is quite unusual.

In Indonesia, there are wild Asian palm civets (A type of animal) found, and these little creatures excrete coffee beans through their feces. After that, the beans are cleansed and roasted, which is then commercially sold. 

With great aroma and flavor, these coffee beans are for sure exotic. You can also taste some hints of chocolate and caramel. I mean, one might feel a little weird because of the connection with the animal, but for sure, it is a great deal in the world of coffee.

Kopi Luwak costs around $100 to $600 per pound – the most expensive coffee in the world. That is why they are considered to be the most luxurious coffee of all time. 

7. Panama Geisha


Originating from the Gori Geisha forest in Ethiopia, Panama Geisha is a widely known coffee bean. It is now cultivated in Asia, Africa, and America. Coffee lovers simply appreciate this flavor because it has great floral and sweet notes.

The process of making these coffee beans starts with handpicking the cherries. It is one of the most expensive coffee beans available in the market. There is a huge demand for Geisha coffee beans, which is another reason for the high selling price.

Most of the time, the demand is too high, and the production does not meet the demand. As per Genuine Oregon, the most expensive coffee in the world is priced at $6,034 per pound. It was referred to as the most expensive coffee in 2021. 

8. Mocha Java

mocha java

Traditionally Mocha Java is a combination of Mocha beans from Yemen and Java beans from Indonesia. It is not wrong to say that this is one of the oldest coffee beans. Since the 17th century, people have been sipping Mocha Java coffee, and till now, it is a great deal. 

This medium-roasted coffee has a very subtle sweetness from dried cherries and blueberries. Another great and unique thing about this flavor is that they are really bold and spicy.

So if you are one of those who go for solid and robust flavors in coffee, then this is your perfect match. Depending on different brands, it can cost around $12 to $18. 

9. Jamaican Blue Mountain


As the name suggests, Jamaican blue mountain coffee beans are grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. If we talk about the place, it is indeed beautiful and produces the best-flavored coffee beans.

The flavor of these coffee beans is very complex, yet it lacks bitterness. You can also taste the nuttiness and have chocolaty notes. You can get this coffee flavor for $45 per pound. The 100% Jamaican blue mountain can be around $140 to $150. Expensive yet affordable. 

10. Indian Mysore Coffee

Mysore coffee

If you are a genuine coffee lover, then there is a high chance that you have heard of or tried Indian Mysore coffee. The southern part of India is known for the cultivation of coffee.

With little sweetness and mild acidic flavor, this coffee bean is indeed very robust and complex. The exotic factor in Indian Mysore coffee is the flavorful notes of spices like clove, cardamom, pepper, and nutmeg.

You can also taste the evident notes of tropical fruits. The regular price of Indian Mysore coffee ranges from $6 to $15. 

11. Sumatra Mandheling


Sumatra Mandheling was initially grown on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It is one the smoothest coffee with rich and complex flavors. However, the acidic notes are shallow, and once brewed, it possesses similar notes to chocolate and licorice.

You can get medium or dark-roasted coffee beans and enjoy the herbal flavors. The cost of Sumatra Mandheling can be around $20 or more. 

12. Kona


Kona is one of the most expensive coffees in the world simply because it only comes from Kona District in Hawaii. That is the specialty of this coffee, making it one of the most exotic coffees available in the market.

It is also one of the strongest coffee flavors with earthy, nutty, and mildly acidic nuances. The delicate flavors of Kona are to die for. It not only has a great flavor but also has great health benefits. One pound of Kona coffee costs around $48 to $50. 

8 Brands That Sell Exotic Coffee

Talking about exotic coffee flavors, there are so many brands that deliver them to your door. Without any doubt, there are thousands of brands that offer exotic coffee flavors, but I have listed the top brands.

You can try their coffees, and I am sure you will not be disappointed as they offer premium quality coffee beans. Let’s have a look at these exotic coffee brands. 

1. Henry’s House of Coffee


Henry’s House of Coffee, located in San Francisco, United States, has been in the market for more than 50 years. They are specialized hand-roasted coffee that shows real passion and love towards coffee. 

They deal in so many different coffee flavors, but I love them, especially because of one product, which is “Henry Blend.” It is basically a blend of light and dark roasted beans. Another best thing about this brand is that it will help you to pick your blend.

You can even get some sample coffee packs to try, and if you like the flavors, then get more.

2. Volcanic


With around 150 different coffee varieties, the Volcanica coffee brand sells the most wild and exotic coffee flavors. Their huge coffee collection includes single-origin, estate, peaberry, decaf, organic and flavored coffees. They are freshly roasted and delivered to you without any contamination. 

You can also search and get coffee from different regions. They have Jamaica blue mountain coffee, organic coffee, rainforest coffee, and coffee blends—one of the brands that are well-reputed and serve their customers with complete honesty. 

3. Cooper’s Cask


Cooper’s Cask is another brand that offers all the exotic coffee flavors. The most highlighted feature of this brand is that they deal in barrel-aged coffee. They have different aging styles like wine, rum, bourbon, malt, and rye whiskey.

 They also deal in coffee from different regions and countries. With different roasting options, you can get this delivered to your place and easily enjoy great and exotic coffee. The price of the coffee might be a little high, but theta is worthwhile. If you don’t like any particular flavor, then you can easily return or replace it. 

4. Blue Mountain 

Blue Mountain Coffee House

The brand Blue Mountain, is a must-try, dealing mainly in Jamaica blue mountain coffee flavor. Their coffee beans are handpicked from the mountains of Jamaica, and that is why they are exotic and expensive too.

They also offer gourmet coffee from around the world. Not only coffee, but they also have some exciting gifting options that you can get for someone who is a coffee maniac.

Another great thing about Blue Mountain coffee is that they have Freshly roasted coffee in a single-serve cup! I mean, this is something different and really amazing. 

5. Hayman


Hayman Coffee does not need any introduction because they are one of the well-reputed coffee brands. Why must you try coffee from Hayman? They roast the beans on demand, which means you get the freshly roasted beans.

They deal in fresh Arabica beans. Hayman has also been awarded a top rating by Coffee Review. They offer top gourmet coffee from around the world. 

They provide coffee beans, pods, and capsules – whatever you want. They have coffee beans from different regions like Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and more. Handpicked and freshly roasted are the brand highlights.

You can even get coffee wholesale and enjoy the flavors for a good time period. Hestbrew

6. Mayorga Coffee


If one is talking about coffee brands, then Mayorga coffee is a must on the list. From Cubano to Macho, they deal in very exotic coffee flavors. Along with coffee, they deal in chia seeds and black beans. You can also get some organic green coffee. 

Get the coffee bags for yourself, or purchase coffee pods and capsules. The Mayorga family has traveled to Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, & Peru and lastly settled down in the United States.

Therefore, we can understand where the exoticness comes from. The purpose of the brand is to eliminate systemic poverty in Latin America, which is a very noble work. 

7. The Barn

The Barn

The Barn is another brand that specializes in exotic coffee flavors. If you don’t trust me, then get their trial packs, and you won’t be disappointed. All the coffee beans by The Barn are roasted in Berlin.

They have coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and other coffee-centric regions. Get yourself coffee beans and capsules and enjoy the exotic flavors at home. 

Need some coffee equipment, don’t look further, as The Barn has everything you need. Apart from exotic flavors, they are also nature-friendly and plant trees with your contribution. Simply visit the website and donate a tree. 

8. Taylor Of Harrogate


If you really want to enjoy an exotic range of coffee flavors, then Taylor Of Harrogate is your go-to coffee brand. They have four very unique and tasteful coffee flavors – Rich Italian, Decaffé, Flying Start, and Hot Lava Java. That is not all.

These coffees are available in bags that are very similar to tea bags. Simply take the coffee bag that has approximately 7.5 grams of coffee and infuse it in boiling water. Let the coffee brew for a while, and then you are all done to enjoy the exotic coffee.

I simply add a dash of milk and a pinch of sugar. Just make sure to follow the instructions given, and you can easily make a warmful cup of coffee.  


The intense conversation on exotic coffee flavors and brands is for sure very aromatic and flavorful. I am sure after reading this, you are an expert in terms of exotic coffee and flavors.

If you get a chance, then please try some of the flavors. I know these coffee flavors can be pretty expensive, but they are worth the price. 

Take it from me, I am a coffee person, and knowing about the different flavors is very therapeutic in itself. Whether it is Kopi Luwak or Jamaican blue mountain, all have some other uniqueness. They have great floral notes with great acidic flavors. Some of them have very sweet notes. Full of flavors and aroma for sure. 

Whenever I get a chance, I try different flavors and brands. I hope you also get inspired and go for some coffee hunting. Share any exotic flavor I might have missed, and tell us why it is so great. I will be back soon with more conversations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the exotic coffee flavors to try?

The most exotic coffee that you can try are : 
1. Bourbon 
2. Kopi Luwak
3. Mocha Java
4. Kenya AA 
5. Kona

2. What does it mean by exotic coffee flavors? 

Exotic coffee flavors are those unique flavors that are either very rare to find or include a very unusual production process. 

3. Why are Exotic coffee flavors the most expensive? 

Exotic coffee flavors are expensive because of their uniqueness. They are difficult to find, and the flavors differ significantly from the regular coffee beans. Sometimes the production of coffee beans does not meet the demand, and the selling price gets high. 

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