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10 Best Exotic Coffee Flavors In the World

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For many people, coffee and mornings go hand in hand. Coffee is the dose of ‘wake-up’ they need. The roasted bean flavor and aroma is divine to a lot of people (I am people). It is the cure for a sleepless night and the fuel for an all-nighter. It’s all there, in a freshly brewed cup filled with caffeine and peace.

Different Types Of Coffee

You can understand the craze for coffee by the fact that almost 62% of Americans drink coffee on a regular basis (gets coffee jitters). So, it is no surprise that so many varieties of coffee beans and flavors are available (*looks at the cafe menu wide-eyed* Seriously, how much variety is too much variety?). However, if you want to give your palate a new experience, why not delve into some of the exotic coffee flavors. 

Arabica is also the most sold coffee bean if you talk about beans. But what we’re looking for are different flavors. As seen in Taylor’s coffee bags reviews, the joint quest with coffee drinkers is to find different flavors or a variety of recipes for their usual coffee selections. You can easily make exotic coffees with any selection of beans you want.

People these days are more adventurous and love to try something new. While ordering your regular beverage is comforting, trying something new can be equally fun. Welcome to the world of exotic coffee flavors! I have curated a list of exotic coffee flavors from all around the world. You can make these coffees at home or find them on the menu of your favorite cafe. But one thing’s for sure. you have to try them. So, read on to find the 10 best coffee flavors in the world.

1. Black Tie

Black Tie Coffee

The Black Tie was invented when it became too expensive for Thai people to import tea from Sri Lanka (old day Ceylon). They used some of the wild tea leaves and mixed them spices, sugar, and milk. Later, people began to experiment with the drink and started adding double-shot espresso to it and it became the Black Tie we know today.

Black Tie coffee is a specialty coffee in Thailand. It is called Black Tie because of its strong dose of caffeine and taste. It is a mixture of espresso, tea, and other flavored ingredients. They are star anise, orange blossom water, and some crushed tamarind seeds. This coffee is made special with the combination of traditional Thai tea with espresso, then topped with cream or condensed milk.

The Black Tie has an orange-like aroma because of the orange blossom water. It has the bitter notes of the coffee and warm and roasted flavors of spices. If you want your Black Tie to be richer, you can add some half-and-half along with some condensed milk to it. This exotic coffee is definitely worth the hype.

2. Café Cubano

Café Cubano

Originally from Cuba, this is a common accompaniment to daily local meals. The Café Cubano is actually sweetened-espresso (this coffee is from the ‘sugar bowl of the world’. It has to be sweet). Drinking this type of coffee is deemed a prominent feature of the traditional Cuban culture.

This coffee is considered one of the most robust varieties of coffee, which is prepared using darker roasts made in certain parts of Italy and Spain. This coffee is made by adding demerara sugar while a classic espresso is brewing. This process creates a thick layer of cream floating on top. If you are a fan of a darker and sweeter coffee, then this is the coffee flavor for you.

3. Caffé Gommosa

Caffe Gommosa

Caffe Gommosa is a very sweet-tasting coffee made with just two ingredients; espresso and marshmallows. Its name is derived from the rubbery texture of the drink as Caffe Gommosa literally means ‘rubbery coffee’. This coffee originated from America’s Pacific Northwest area and is a perfect drink for winter.

Its sweet flavor makes it an ideal recommendation for first-time coffee drinkers as opposed to a bitter shot of espresso. This is also the perfect coffee for people with sweet tooth. But I feel the need to mention that not everybody can appreciate the texture of the coffee. Many say that it is an acquired taste. Try it for yourself and let me know your opinions.

4. Cheese Coffee

Cheese Coffee (Kaffeost)

Cheese coffee or Kaffeost is a traditional coffee drink in Finland. This coffee is made by putting leipäjuusto cheese at the bottom of the cup before pouring hot coffee over it. The leipäjuusto cheese is called ‘Finnish bread cheese’ in the USA. It is called ‘bread cheese’ because of its bread-like quality of soaking and sponginess. The bread-cheese soaks up the coffee and makes it richer. This results in melted cheese after you’ve finished with your coffee. Making this an ideal beverage for coffee and cheese lovers.

The Finnish bread cheese is traditionally made with Reindeer milk. This is what gives the cheese a sturdy and spongy bread-like structure. In the USA, the bread cheese sold is made with cow’s milk and differs from the traditional cheese in taste, color, and texture. The coffee has a buttery and nutty flavor. This rich drink is great for holidays.

5. Coffee Alamid

Coffee Alamid (Kopi Luwak Coffee)

Coffee Alamid is called Kopi Luwak in Java, Indonesia, and Kafé-Laku in East Timor. This coffee is one of the most desired coffees in the world. It is traditionally considered a coffee delicacy because of its exotic inception.

It is also officially the world’s most expensive coffee brew. It is made from Civet cat excrement, hence, its other name is Civet Coffee. Civet cats are known to be particular with the coffee cherries they eat, selecting only the red, fleshy cherries in coffee trees. The excretions of civet cats contain partially-digested coffee beans, which are then harvested, washed, and processed to make the Kopi Luwak. 

6. Egg Coffee

Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Egg coffee is a rich-tasting Vietnamese coffee. It is locally called Cà Phê Trung in Vietnam. The scarcity of milk in Vietnam was the reason behind the invention of this coffee flavor. It was invented by using egg yolks as a replacement for milk.

The egg yolks are whisked with sugar and condensed milk until the mixture is fluffy and creamy. Then, coffee is poured into this mixture and the mug is placed in hot water so that eggs get tempered. You will love its combination of condensed milk with egg in coffee because of its creaminess and sweetness.

7. Eiskaffee


Eiscaffee may sound like a famous brand of coffee. But it is actually an iced coffee made in a rather unusual way, almost like a dessert. This coffee originated in Germany and is made by topping with vanilla ice cream with the coffee mixture.

The cold-brewed coffee is mixed with evaporated milk and sugar to create a creamy and sweet coffee mixture. The drink is often topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, or cherries to enhance the coffee flavor further.

8. Flat White

Flat White

Flat White is a famous Kiwi coffee that originated in Australia and New Zealand. It is the opposite of a Dry Cappucino. Flat White is created by using steamed milk from the bottom of the jug over one shot of espresso.

The steamed milk found at the bottom is creamier, but not as frothy as it is on the top of the jug. This produces a velvety milk texture which also influences the coffee’s flavor. There is no froth in Flat White. The coffee has a rich taste and a silky texture.

9. Mazagran Coffee

Mazagran Coffee

Mazagran coffee is originally from Algeria and was invented in 1840. It is often called the “original iced coffee. It is sweetened cold coffee and is traditionally served in narrow and tall glasses. It has a lot of versions as well.

The Portuguese version of the Mazagran coffee is made by pouring cold black coffee over ice, sugar, lemon juice. This lemon-flavored coffee has a strong and refreshing taste. Some people add to the flavor of the coffee by adding some rum to it.

10. Monkey Spit Coffee

Monkey Spit Coffee

This rare exotic coffee beverage originated from India and Taiwan. It has a distinct vanilla flavor. What makes this coffee fascinating is the fact that the coffee beans are from the spittle of Rhesus and Formosan macaque monkeys. These monkeys love eating coffee berries and spitting the seeds which they can’t digest. The spotted beans are used to make the Monkey Spit coffee (a befitting name). The coffee has a rich and complex taste and is also expensive.

What Is Nitro Brew Coffee?

Nitro Brew Coffee

Nitro brew is not an exotic flavor but rather a unique way to make coffee. It is one of the hottest cold coffee trends around the world, The special ingredient of this coffee is nitrogen, which is infused into the coffee. It creates a creamy head and thick foam similar to a beer. It may appear like beer, but with no alcohol content on it.


If you are a true coffee enthusiast, why not give the coffee flavors mentioned above a try. Instead of asking for directions to the nearest Starbucks, have a coffee adventure. These coffee flavors will surely boost your mood, body, and mind, but will also awaken your senses and experience. If you do try these exotic flavors, tell me in the comments which ones did you like. ‘ll see you next time with another fun article. Until then, happy coffee-drinking to you!

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