Everything You Need To Know About The 11-Course KFC Dinner

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Who doesn’t love fast food? There are a number of fast-food chains serving a variety of delicious menu items to their customers. But what if I told you that you could now relish in fine dining at one of your favorite fast-food restaurants?


KFC’s fried chicken is one food item you can’t deny you, love. KFC serves “finger-lickin’ good” food and is the major reason it is one of the favorite restaurants of most people!

But is it possible to be a part of a fine dining experience at KFC? Yes! KFC has collaborated with Australian chef Nelly Robinson and is ready to treat its customers with a multi-course meal called “Kentucky Fried Chicken Degustation.”

What will this multi-course meal comprise? Which KFC locations will it be available? The answers to these questions of yours are provided further in the article. Happy reading!

All About Fine Dining At KFC

KFC The Tongue Twister

Kentucky Fried Chicken, aka KFC, will be offering its customers a fine dining experience at its Sydney location. This is a result of a collaboration between KFC and Nelly Robinson, a Sydney-based Australian chef. 

The restaurant will be offering its customers a degustation menu that will include about 11 courses and a wine to bring the whole meal together. This offer will be available for a limited period, from April 1 to 3.

Customers can enjoy this fine-dining KFC experience at the price of only $75/per person. The “Kentucky Fried Chicken Degustation” will be available at one of the food chain’s undisclosed locations in Alexandria.

Kristi Woolrych, the CMO of KFC Australia, said, “We’re thrilled to be reinventing the idea of fine dining by bringing a fun and most importantly, delicious KFC Degustation to Sydney.”

Woolrych further added, “We can’t wait to unveil the full 11-course menu we’ve created in partnership with degustation expert, Nelly Robinson, to show that our Kentucky Fried Chicken is worthy of a fine dining experience.”

The chef, Nelly Robinson, said, “As a lifelong fan of KFC, creating an 11-course degustation with their most-loved menu items and elevating them to new heights has been a dream come true.”

You can enjoy this event if you happen to be in Alexandria, Australia, between April 1 and April 3. To book a seat and join the waitlist, you need to head to the KFC website.

You’d be asked to describe or give a reason why you think a particular dish will be “worthy of a la-di-da degustation.” You’ll get to know if you’ve landed a spot to be a part of this event by March 23.

The KFC Fine Dining Menu

KFC La Di Da Drumstick

You can bet the food will be the best you’ve ever had if it’s KFC and Nelly Robinson serving it! So, what will this 11-course meal menu comprise? 

The fixed price menu of KFC fine dining will include the “Potato and Gravy,” “The Tongue Twister,” the “Popcorn Chicken,” the “Supercharged Wings,” the “La Di Da Drumstick” and much more!

When asked about the menu, Nelly Robinson said, “For the menu, I’ve taken 11 KFC dishes and reimagined how the flavors and textures come to life using my expertise in degustation menus to truly blow fans away.”

He further added, “From Wicked Wings cooked on charcoal fires to edible stencil art of the Colonel’s face, we have crafted a high-end dining adventure, just like guests would find at my degustation restaurant.”

Robinson concluded his statement, saying, “So, we can’t wait to see their reactions to each of the devilishly good dishes.” So, if you’re looking for a gourmet meal to enjoy in the upcoming weekend, be sure to try the 11-course meal at KFC!

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