Essential Things to Ask Before You Print a Cookbook

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If you’re a writer who has opted to go with a self-publishing model, there is the potential for you to write, edit, proofread and typeset your work completely.  But unless you also own a printing company, this job should get left completely to the specialists. 


You will need to understand that when you print a cookbook there is the potential for many high-priced complications that may happen in the printing process.

Before meeting with book printers, here are some of the questions that you need to ask: 

What Size Should My Cookbook Be? 

There are a variety of different sizes and you’ve got the choice to make your book any size you would like, but you must note the printing presses are made for certain dimensions A-size; B-size, B-plus, C-format, Quarto; and so on.  While you can customize your dimensions, it is strongly recommended to follow the set dimensions or you will find yourself paying for the bigger size with wasted space at the sides. 

What Paper Should I Use? 

The solution to this question relies on the number of pages and whether you would like to increase the apparent cost of the cookbook. As an example, the Bible contains a lot of pages so to use thick paper wouldn’t be a smart idea; therefore, the many bibles that use very thin paper. If a publisher has a set price they need to put on a cookbook they may balk the book up with a thicker paper. But, the thick paper does not work well for cookbooks with a lot of graphics and pictures as it will soak up the color too much. So if you’ve got a lot of photographs then you want a high-bright paper (it is white and is a little bit thinner) where the color bleeds less. 

What Kind of Cover Should I Choose? 

Firstly, you want to choose whether you need a hard or softcover. An essaywriter suggests to ask yourself the following questions. Then, if you would like a hardcover, are you going to print on the cover, or are going to have a jacket? If you go with a soft cover is your design going to be matte or gloss? Are you going to use design systems like embossing (where the letters have been punched out and the letters are raised like Braille) or spot polish (where the light picks up part of the cover)? What costs are concerned with each approach? 

Do I Want Bookmarks?

Bookmarks are great marketing tools that are inexpensive and straightforward advertising. Nevertheless, if you decide to print bookmarks, ensure you tell your printer before they start printing. The reason for this is that when they print your cover, they customarily have leftover space on the paper which allows for them to print the bookmarks at the same time.  If you’re a good negotiator, you might be able to secure a large volume of bookmarks at no charge. 

How Many Books Do I Print? 

This is always the most challenging question, as the price is influenced seriously by the number of cookbooks that you print. If you’re going to print a book for the very first time then you need to look at short print runs, like 100-200 copies.  Often this can be done digitally and will cost a lot more to print each book. However, you currently have something to show your database, clients, publishers, the media, and other members of your audience.  After gauging everybody’s feedback, you may then make all the necessary changes and then think about doing larger print runs. 

Wrapping Up

When you print a cookbook, it’s usually the complex stage in the book production process and one that will become complicated with the various choices that have to be made. Nonetheless, if you’re clear on what you need and articulate these ideas to your printer then you will be able to minimize any issues that may happen. 

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