20 Essential Foods & Groceries Shopping List To Save Your Time!

Shopping for food and groceries for the kitchen is loved by everyone. Sometimes, we end up purchasing some unnecessary items. A list of food and groceries would help tackle this situation. This will save us time, and we will be evident while shopping. So, let’s discuss some of the essential food and grocery items on our list. 

20 Essential Foods & Groceries Shopping List To Save Your Time!

We can include meat, dairy products, poultry, seeds, and grains in our grocery list. We have condiments, oil, fat, canned goods, stock cubes, vegetables, fruits, personal care, and health-related products. 

Making this list is a little tricky and tedious as well. A smart shopping list app would be a solution to cater to this problem. Trust me, this app is fun, convenient, and quick to use. 

Without further ado, let’s explore this fun conversation. We will cover all the basic food and grocery items that should be on our shopping list. Please stick with me to the end so you can decide.  

What Things Should Be On Your Basic Food & Grocery List?

You can make food and grocery lists enjoyable and exciting. As you know, food and groceries contain dairy products and personal care products like shampoo and soap. So, let us see all the possible things that we need to put on our grocery list. 

1. Meat And Fish

meat and fish

The first thing always on my grocery list is meat and fish. I love making different dishes with chicken, beef, and fish. We already know that they are superfoods and filled with great nutrition. Also, the flavors are delicious, and I can hardly resist eating them for lunch or dinner. So, if you are a meat and fish lover, get them on your list and enjoy them. 

2. Poultry And Dairy


Next, I always add some poultry and dairy products to my grocery list. From milk, eggs, cheese, and yogurt, I make sure to add at least one of them to my shopping list. I always go for flavored yogurt as they are yummy. If you prefer vegan or vegetarian foods, go for non-dairy products like almond milk or soy milk. Regarding poultry, switch eggs with other protein-sourced food like soybean. 

3. Condiments


Now, condiments are products that enhance the flavor of the food. If you are making anything, you will need condiments. Basic condiments include salt, sugar, pepper, Chili powder, cinnamon, crushed red pepper, cumin, garlic powder, ketchup, mustard, mayo, nutmeg, paprika, etc. Make sure to get your favorite condiments and enjoy shopping. 

4. Oil & Fat

oil and fat

Oil and fat will contain any oil like olive oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, etc., and butter. You will need cooking oil for your dishes, so add them to your shopping list. Butter is versatile as it can be used for cooking, baking, garnishing, and many more. Make sure to add good fat to your diet, which is why you need oil and fat in your food and grocery list. 

5. Grains & Bread


As we proceed with the conversation, we will discuss more essential items that must be on your list. Grains and bread are other vital items you should consider adding to your shopping list. Grains and bread will include pasta, rice, all-purpose flour, breakfast cereal like porridge, oats, unsweetened granola, quinoa, tortilla, bread, breadcrumbs, and more. They are one of the staple items that are a must for your kitchen. 

6. Canned Goods

canned goods

Cooking is now different and it has become quicker and more accessible even for the amateur ones. This is only possible because of canned goods. They make the cooking process super easy and cut down the cooking time. You can get almost anything in a can. You can get anything from canned tomatoes to fish, beans, and vegetables. They are usually fresh and have a great flavor that can be easily combined with your desired dish. 

7. Stock Cubes

stock cubes

Regarding cutting down the cooking time, stock cubes are another great item on your list for food and grocery shopping. Stock cubes are convenient; you can use them directly in your dishes. You can get chicken stock cubes or even vegetable stock cubes. It is super convenient, flavorful, and helpful in cooking soupy dishes.

8. Chopped Goods

chopped goods

If you don’t have time to chop and cook, don’t worry; you can always get chopped items from your local grocery store. From veggies to fruit, get everything you want and enjoy cooking. I always get chopped fruits as they are easy and fun to enjoy on the go. 

9. Vegetables


You need to add vegetables to your list anyhow. Make a grocery list when you have vegetables added for shopping. Get essential vegetables like onions, garlic, leafy vegetables, ginger, and more. Add nutrition to your meal and stay fit. 

10. Fruits


Once you have added vegetables, it’s time to get some fruits. Go for seasonal fruits, which are great and healthy to enjoy. Make sure that you get fiber and vitamins through delicious and sweet fruits. They can be great snacking items and perfect to enjoy with your meals. 

11. Baking Goods

baking goods

Who doesn’t love baking? I do, so I always have baking goods on my list, from all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, yeast, powdered sugar, baking powder and soda, honey, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips. This is only part of it, as so many little things are used in baking. So get them all and enjoy your baking day. 

12. Pulses And Legumes


Pulses are an excellent protein source, so you should have them on your list. If you do not prefer consuming meat protein, then pulses are the best source of protein. They are vegan and vegetarian, plus you can have a variety of delectable and flavorful recipes. From chickpeas to beans to lentils, you must have some legumes on your shopping list. Legumes are full of flavors and nutrients. They can be a great addition to your diet. Please add some legumes to your list and enjoy power-packed meals. 

13. Beverages


Making a grocery list for shopping and forgetting to add beverages is a big mistake. Get yourself some coffee, tea, or even green tea. I love drinking coffee, so it is one of the priority items on my shopping list. So yes, add something for refreshment that is full of flavors. 

14. Drinks


When I say drinks, then I am talking about alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Enjoy some wine or beer for yourself and relax with your loved ones or alone. If you don’t want something alcoholic, then go for nonalcoholic ones. They are readily available; trust me, they are super flavorful, and you will enjoy them. 

15. Frozen Foods

I know there are days when we are in a rush, and we only want to enjoy some warm food that is super quick to make. That is where frozen foods come into the picture. Eating fresh food is essential, but you can sometimes consider eating frozen food. They are a little expensive but reduce cooking time, and you can store them for extended periods. 

16. Snacks 

snack items

My grocery list is complete with adding snacks. They are super important for someone like me who loves munching. You can always go for healthy snacks like popcorn, nuts, or oats, but then we know that would not satisfy our soul. That is why you should not feel guilty. Add some chips and wafers, making your shopping day much fun.

17. Herbs And Spices

herbs and spices

Another important thing that you need to have in your pantry is herbs and spices. They are the soul of any dish; without them, your food and dishes will be thoroughly blended. You can use fresh or dried herbs as per your choice. I always have a little of both worlds and use them according to the dish’s requirements. 

18. Nuts And Seeds

nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are those items that can make your health journey better and more productive. If you want to take your diet to another level, add some basic nuts and seeds to your shopping lists, and I am sure you will not be disappointed. You can consume them as they are or combine them in your dishes and desserts, whatever suits you and your tastebuds. 

19. Sauces


I know that sauces should come in condiments, but I wanted to mention them separately. Sauces are great to add to so many different dishes. From pizza to pasta, you would need different sauce flavors. They not only add flavors but depth to dishes as well. You can always make some fresh sauces for yourself, but I prefer pre-prepared ones. 

20. Dried Food

Get some dried foods, like jerky, powdered milk, dried beans, and peas. They are super convenient to store and use them when needed. Dried food may sound like it could be more delicious, but they are great when you want quick cooking. 

21. Other Items Apart From Food

other products

Who says that your food and grocery list only have food items? It would help if you remembered adding some personal care products like shampoo, soaps, conditioners, and essential toiletries items. You can also consider adding healthcare items like band-aids, cleaning alcohol, painkillers, and antacids. If you have a baby or pet, get some things for them too. Get everything you require daily, such as soap or something useful, like napkins.

Is It Necessary To Have A Basic Food & Grocery List?

food and grocery

A basic food and grocery list is super important and necessary. They are accommodating as you won’t miss out on any essential items. Sometimes, we skip something crucial, but having an essential list will help you grab everything you require occasionally. 

Having a grocery and food list is a memory aid and saves you from impulsive shopping. So next time you plan to shop, make an extensive list to avoid any last-minute additions and get everything you want for daily requirements. 


We are at the end of this fun and exciting conversation, and the next thing you may want to do is make a shopping list. Now that we know the importance of creating a food and grocery list, add only valuable items and avoid unnecessary items to save money. Also, keep your budget in mind and make the list accordingly. 

This conversion was helpful and made you understand what are some essential items that need to be included in your shopping list. So, let’s break the habit of adding unnecessary items or making impulsive purchases. I will be back soon with something more fun like this. Until then, happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does a grocery shopping list look like?

A good grocery list has all the essential items like meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc. They also include some personal care items along with critical health-related products. In short, food and groceries contain everything from dairy products to meat to personal care like shampoo and soaps. 

Do you need to have a grocery list?

A basic food and grocery list is super important and necessary. They are accommodating as you will get all the essential items. 

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