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How To Enjoy Drinking Without Spending Much Money

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Humans have been enjoying alcoholic drinks for a very long time. Some of these beverages are also notorious for being really expensive. Although a high-quality aged drink can be truly extravagant for your pocket, you don’t need to have to choose between quality and price since there’s a way to have quality alcoholic drinks without breaking the bank. We’ll show you how with these great ideas.

wine glasses

Tips To Enjoy Low-Budget Drinking

Make sure to go through the following pointers to enjoy your occasional drinks within a budget like a pro.

Finding Cheaper Wines

When it comes to wines, it’s all about the region and the quality of the overall production process the winery has followed. Wines that require much attention tend to go for a higher price because when you’re buying the product, you’re also paying for the time spent to make the wine. One great piece of advice for selecting wines is to stick with white wines.

White wines are the general type of wine that tends to be always cheaper than its rose or red wine cousins because white wine takes way less time to age. Finding quality white wines is easy for far less than you would pay for a decent red wine and you’re getting a nice experience at a fraction of the cost. Mix up a salad or get some cheese to go with your bottle of white wine and you can have yourself a superb evening.

Whiskey That’s Affordable

Just like wine, if you want to save money, go for speed. Whiskeys that are aged for a shorter period of time are generally cheaper and there are many brands of affordable whiskey available in the market. Bourbon may be the right call for you if you want to save on money and fancy to experience the joys of whiskey altogether. Because Bourbon is a lot younger than Scotches, due to higher humidity rates, bourbon is usually always cheaper.

Not to mention that bourbon gives you that special whiskey taste without setting you back too much; it can also be a ”gateway” of sorts to the wonderful world of whiskey. The sky’s the limit, but hey, there’s no need to rush. Also, go American. Going for American-made bourbons is better because you are getting a bargain and are supporting the U.S. economy and American jobs, as most bourbon is made in the U.S.A.

a glass of vodka beside a clear bottle

Vodka Is Good For Your Wallet

Searching for the right hard-hitting liquor but can’t seem to get your head around the different types or brands? Look no further: choose a vodka if that’s your thing. While some connoisseurs swear they can discern an ever so slight difference in taste between luxury brands and cheap vodkas, all vodka is made in almost exactly the same way.

This means that aside from marketing antics aside, there’s actually not a big difference between a famous vodka brand and a cheaper alternative; you’re basically getting almost the same exact drink! These are all almost the same in terms of quality or alcohol content.

To qualify as vodka, a liquor must follow exact requirements. In U.S. law, vodka must be distilled until it’s in a state without distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color. Having these qualities means that you’re not missing out on anything really huge if you opt for a cheaper vodka brand, although it can also get boring after a while. 

Keep It Light When It Comes To Rum

If cocktails are more your thing, then it pays to have quality rum. You’ll impress your guests with your mixer skills, stunning their taste buds with tasty, sweet cocktails. Light rum is what you should be looking for when it comes to making cocktails without spending too much. Again, speed is of the essence.

When you’re buying a drink, you’re also buying the time it took to age. It goes to show that if rum is your thing, sticking to spiced light rums will mean spending less. If you want to drink gold rum instead of light, you don’t necessarily have to opt for an expensive aged variety because there are mixed rums out there too. Finally, if you’re looking for more bang for your buck, why not try dark rums? Rum of these types are usually stronger, so you can use less of them for the same effect when making cocktails.

Find Specials

For the social drinker, there’s a whole bunch of apps available that show which local bar happens to have specials or Happy Hour discounts on drinks. Finding special discounted drinks can cut back your spending on those expensive nights out without having to forfeit these great social occasions. Sure, it’s fun to drink with others, but even if you’re more into buying drinks for home, it’s also worth being on the lookout for online discounts and sales.

Whichever kind of drink you prefer, be it a hard liquor or something on the softer side, you don’t even have to compromise on quality. Remember, you can drink safely and conveniently without having to break the bank by buying wisely just so you can enjoy all the drinks you want and then some.

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