Encouraging Your Family To Fall In Love With World Cuisine

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America’s favorite comfort foods include chicken and waffles, spaghetti and meatballs, and mac ‘n cheese, but there is a whole world of flavors just waiting to be bitten into. 

world cuisine

If you are into Italian cuisine, then you know that a creamy risotto or artichoke pizza really hits the spot on a cold winter’s day.

If you are into Lebanese food, you know that tabbouleh has got to be the perfect summer salad. If Spanish cuisine makes you swoon, then few things could beat a charcuterie tray graced with jamón ibérico and chorizo. 

Getting others to share your passions is so much easier than it sounds. Sometimes people would be reluctant to try anything new other than the conventional ones they liked.

 It would be difficult to stretch them out of their convenient zone to try some indigenous cuisines. There are ways to accomplish that, and reading this article would be one of the baby steps.

Read on for handy tips to turn your loved ones into future Jamie Olivers!

A Smorgasbord Of Flavor

smorgasbord of world cuisine

The best place to start when it comes to international food is a food market featuring traditional food from all over the world.

From Spanish croquetas to Belgian fries, steaming hot calzones to heavenly, airy Japanese cheesecakes, many dishes are similar to the foods your family may already appreciate.

A food fair, large food market, or food truck event is the perfect place to order various dishes, have a picnic, and share your orders. You may be surprised to find that your children’s chosen foods are those you may never have imagined.

If you already have a favorite Italian, Nigerian, Filipino, or Thai food spot, book a spot for Saturday lunch and get your family excited about traditional dishes by showing them enticing photos and short videos and stories featuring some of the dishes you will be trying.

The Proof Of The Pudding Is In The Cooking

proof of the pudding

Once your partner and children have tried a few international spots and have a small list of favorite international dishes, bring the magic home by inviting them into the kitchen.

Recreate the foods they most enjoyed away from home, upping the fun factor by ensuring they have kitchen equipment for kids like kids’ sized whisks and rolling pins, child-friendly knives, aprons, and of course, the latest and most colorful Chef’s hats you can find.

Take turns with the dishes you prepare, choosing one international dish a week, so everyone feels like they have a say.

Booking A Gastronomic Escapade

gastronomic escapade

Many would say there is no better way to immerse yourself in the wonder of world cuisine than by traveling to other countries or cities.

By traveling, children can come across a wide range of dishes in an organic manner that is as easy as getting up in the morning and tucking into a croissant (or a full English breakfast).

A road trip is also perfect if you don’t feel like getting on a plane. Different cities house other havens of international and regional cuisine, so you will also come across many new foods that will broaden your mind and rock your world.

Host a Potluck Lunch Party

potluck lunch party

Host a potluck lunch and ask your friends to bring a dish from their ancestors’ countries of origin. Make sure there is a good range of dishes, from drinks to starters, mains, and desserts.

Some guests can bring classic all-American dishes such as apple pie, jambalaya, or country-fried steak. Ask everyone to write a small card explaining the history and cultural significance of the dish they chose to make.

They may also wish to tell everyone a story of why that dish means something special to their family.

Sign Up For Subscription Boxes

subscription boxes

One of the biggest trends among food influencers is trying foods from surprise or subscription boxes and sharing their impressions with their audiences. Many boxes are food-centered, ranging from tea to snacks, delicatessen foods, and candy.

One well-reviewed international surprise box is Try the World, whose ‘Countries’ box contains spices, condiments, ingredients, drinks, and other items from just one country.

They also have a ‘Snacks’ box with snacks and candies from six countries. Universal Yums is another big fan favorite. It focuses on snacks from many countries, ranging from Russia to Egypt.

If your kids are into pasta and pizza, show them that Italian cuisine offers much more. Gusto di Roma has a box that includes grilled vegetables in olive oil to jam, spreads, biscotti, and more.

You can also choose your boxes by food item. For instance, Kekao Box tempts subscribers with a host of chocolate bars from across the globe. Try chocolate from Peru, Madagascar, and even Helsinki!

Give Your Family A Taste Test

family a taste treat

Once you and your children have shopped for international ingredients, prepared foods from across the globe, dined at international establishments, and traveled the world, how about putting your knowledge to the test?

The good news is that everyone can participate in both setting up and doing this test, with one person taking the role of ‘test master’ every week.

This person should either prepare or buy a dish and ask everyone in the family to guess where it is from. As the weeks go by, the test master will undoubtedly get increasingly sophisticated, selecting dishes that others will likely find very challenging to guess!

When a small child is taking on this task, another adult in the family can help them if they need help buying items or ordering them online.

Getting your family excited about food is a piece of cake because so many foods are, per se, irresistible. Start by heading to places where you are likely to find foods from across the globe.

Dining out as often as you can is also a good idea. For the ultimate international gastro experience, go abroad or explore the US from the freedom of your car.

Read up on the best food spots wherever you’re going, take lots of photos, and share your finds with friends and loved ones on Instagram.

You can also up the factor by hosting international potlucks, trying out subscription boxes, and participating in weekly international food taste tests.


There are many ways to influence family members to like cuisine and wait for them to get addicted to it. It would be a nice way to meddle with their love of food or probably make them more informed about food items worldwide.

Increasing your knowledge about world cuisines is going to steer you to taste the best of items from all over the world at ease.

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