Eminem’s Mom Spaghetti Menu With Prices [Updated April 2024]

Eminem’s Mom Spaghetti menu with prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. We have shared the menu of Eminem’s Mom Spaghetti from the location Michigan, US. The menu is updated on 1st April 2024.

Eminem's Mom's Spaghetti Restaurant

For the accurate prices, you may have to look for the menu of your nearest Eminem’s Mom Spaghetti outlet from its official website, or any other delivery platform.

Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti menu with prices is a special spaghetti restaurant. It is known for its vegan-friendly menu. The signature dish is mom’s spaghetti under $9, which goes up to $12 if meatballs are added.

Turkish kebabs made with luscious flavors are delightful. Rabbit and meatballs are distinctly delicious. However, don’t let the name play around. It is completely vegan.

Eminem’s mom’s spaghetti is a pop-up eatery in Detroit, Michigan, reopened on 29th September 2021. It is an eatery venture between Slim Shady Records (Eminem’s team) and Union Joints restaurant.

The concept is entirely not new. The Oscar and Grammy-winning rapper and actor experimented with his pop-up eatery ventures before in 2017. Let’s begin to know the menu along with their prices. 

Eminem’s Mom Spaghetti Menu With Prices

A bowl of delish spaghetti

Haven’t you tried spaghetti yet? Go and chow their fabulous meze and the signature dish, mom’s spaghetti today. The sauces are made from scratch and the wok-firing noodles add smoky flavors.

Overall the food is delicious. The place has a walk-up window service and a small dining place with booths and counters. The restaurant is usually occupied. You can reserve the table in advance.

You should surely try the signature dish, Turkish spaghetti meatballs, kebabs, rabbit balls, and spaghetti sandwiches.

I must say, the sandwich looks more alluring than the pasta. The buttery slices of Texas-toast style garlic bread are served with spaghetti and two thick slices of melted cheese.

The spaghetti is just cooked right, neither too sticky nor too mushy. The sauces served with the spaghetti are sweet, tasty, and have a tangy flavor. The basil and garlic fragrance maintain the authenticity of your taste. 

The culinary venture of Eminem has achieved a lot of attention. Even though the minimum items are listed on the menu, it offers high-quality Spaghetti dishes.

A limited menu conveys a better understanding of a brand that resonated with the theme.

On the opening day of Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti, people were delighted to see the iconic rapper Eminem taking the orders himself and even clicking pictures with his fans. 

Spaghetti Menu With Prices

Spaghetti $8.00$ 11.00
Spaghetti With Balls$10.00$ 14.00
Spaghetti With Rabbit Balls $11.00$ 15.00
S’ghetti Bolognese$10.00$ 14.00

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Sammy’s Menu With Prices

S’ghetti Sandwich$12.00
S’ghetti Sandwich Make It Marshall Style$75.00
Bolognese Sandwich$13.00

Extras Menu With Prices

Veg Balls$6.00
Garlic Bread$1.00

Beverages Menu With Prices

Diet Pepsi $3.00
Mountain Dew$3.00
Water $3.00

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How To Order Online From Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti?

Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti is a pop-up eatery in Detroit, Michigan, reopened on 29th September 2021. You can order your favorite food online from Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti by following the link of their official website or any other delivery platforms. The restaurant is known for quality food and services.

Right now, Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti is not available on any of the food delivery apps. Whenever there will be an update of the menu on any of the food delivery app, we will provide the links. We have shared the detailed screenshots that shows how to order food online from the official website of Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti.

Finding The Latest Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open the official website of Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti to place your order online.

Mom's Spaghetti Official Page

2. Add the location of any nearest location of Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti.

Mom's Spaghetti Location

3. The complete menu of Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti will be displayed.

Mom's Spaghetti Menu

Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti Restaurant Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationmynetdiary.com/food/calories-in-mom-s-spaghetti-by-fit-five-serving

Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti Restaurant Franchising Details

Eminem's Mom Spaghetti Restaurant

Eminem has experimented with pop-shops eatery ventures before. However, currently, there is only one outlet that is operational. It is recently opened in Woodward, Detroit on 29th September.

Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti Restaurant Contact Information

Eminem’s Mom Spaghetti Restaurant Address: 2131 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

Eminem’s Mom Spaghetti Restaurant Contact Information: 313-888-8388

You can also contact the team by following the link to their official website.

Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti Restaurant Opening And Closing Hours

The opening and closing hours of Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant are fixed. Please refer to the table before you plan to visit!

Days Trailer HoursOpening And Closing Hours
Sunday 3 PM – 9 PM 4 PM- 12 PM
Wednesday4 PM- 10 PM4 PM- 12 PM
Thursday4 PM- 10 PM 4 PM- 12 PM
Friday 4 PM- 10 PM 4 PM- 12 PM
Saturday4 PM- 10 PM 4 PM- 12 PM

Important Links

Official Websitemomsspaghetti.com
Tv Spotmomsspaghetti.com/tvspot
The Trailer momsspaghetti.com/thetrailer

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/momsspaghettirestaurant

Instagram: instagram.com/momsspaghettti

Twitter: itwitter.com/momsspaghetti

What is the specialty of the restaurant Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti?

The specialty of the restaurant Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti is that its vegan-friendly menu. The menu has limited Italian items.

Which is the signature dish of Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant?

The signature dish is Turkish spaghetti meatballs, kebabs, rabbit balls, and spaghetti sandwiches.

What are the opening and closing hours of the restaurant Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti?

The opening and closing hours of the restaurant are Mon-Sat: 4PM-12AM Sun: 3PM-12AM.

Is the restaurant Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti available on social media handles?

Yes, the restaurant Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti is available on social media handles.

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