Elon Musk Plans To Open A 24-Hour Tesla Restaurant In Hollywood

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Do you follow Elon Musk and his tweets? Then, you might remember that a few years back (2018, to be precise), he tweeted that he wanted to open an old-school drive-in rock restaurant will roller-skates and all the works. We all thought he wasn’t serious until we knew that Musk was planning to open a Tesla restaurant in Hollywood.

Elon Musk with Tesla

Recently, Elon Musk made headlines when he announced he plans on buying Twitter. But unlike those claims, the restaurant ones are pretty solid. I have evidence to support that. It was reported that on May 19, papers were submitted to the City of Los Angeles for a Tesla diner that’d be open for 24 hours.

The location of the restaurant is said to be 7001W. Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. Keeping the Tesla cars in mind, the diner will also be futuristic and modern. The space will be in a whooping 9300 square feet area. Other than a two-story diner that will have a seating space of 200 indoors and outdoors, there are also other things you need to be excited about. 

Two giant LED movie screens will also be installed in direct view from the outdoor seats. The restaurant building is also supposed to have a drive-in movie theater. You can also get your food delivered to your car. 

Don’t worry if your Tesla isn’t charged because it’ll also have a 28-stall charging supercharging station. However, the supercharging station opened in February 2022.

But alas, the details on the restaurant’s opening date or what the menu will include are yet to be released (TBD on that one). The applications for the restaurant were filed by Tesla a year ago for a ‘T’ restaurant logo with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that includes self-service and take-out restaurants.

The restaurant will replace an outpost of Shakey’s Pizza which is a fixture in L.A. In other news about the restaurant, other than conventional payment options, Musk has confirmed that the restaurant will also accept Dogecoins.

So, are you excited about a Tesla restaurant? Let me know in the comments what your thoughts about this are! Also, for the latest food news and exceptional food content, keep reading TheFoodXP!

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