Einstein Bros Rolls Out New Shamrock Shmear For St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

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What exactly does March bring? St. Patrick’s Day and a whole lot of amazing deals! All the major brands, be it for clothing, food, etc., offer attractive deals and perks to their customers around St. Patrick’s Day and it honestly feels like nothing less than a blessing!

Einstein Bros

With greenery all around, people dressing up in green, the decorations being green, several restaurants or food brands include the word green in their menu around St. Patrick’s day. It just feels incomplete without all of this and that is why we love this holiday!

Hopping onto this bandwagon of St. Patrick’s day celebrations, Einstein bros has got something a little different planned for this year. Last year, they were reportedly celebrating the holiday by rolling out their green bagels for sale.

This year around, Einstein Bros are taking a different approach. The Einstein Bros are releasing their very own St. Patrick’s Day spread and it seems to be very interesting.

The spread is known by the name “Shamrock Shmear” and is described as “the brand’s plain cream cheese with a special green coloring” by Chew Boom. The Einstein Bros, however, describe the spread as having “leprechaun magic mixed in.”

You can ask the spread to be smeared on any bagel of your choice. You can even go all green for St. Patrick’s Day and ask for the spread to be applied on a green bagel of your liking.

You can only avail this deal on St. Patrick’s Day and that too, only on in-store orders. Since it is only available in limited stock, you can’t place orders ahead of you getting there or online. 

So, get your hands on this spread and try it for yourself. Pair it up with a tasty bagel along with a drink of your choice and celebrate its magic on St. Patrick’s Day!

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