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Ever tried Eegee’s signature style fruit drink called “Eegee’s”? If you don’t know about it yet, trust me! you’re on the right platform. The refreshing fruit-flavored drinks by Eegee’s have a perfect chilling vibe to uplift your mood. Drinks are not the only specialty offered by this platform, their menu is filled with the crisp of fries, mouth-watering subs, and delightful desserts.

Eegee’s serves food items like salads, grinders, subs, kid’s meals, and cookies. From the beverage section, feel free to try drinks like Eegee’s tea, soda, Eegee’s fizz. You can have a perfect meal at Eegee’s for less than $40. 

I’ll show their menu prices along with the nutritional value down below. Want to have an Eegee’s franchise or explore the nearest Eegee’s restaurant? Furthermore, if you want to check their social media handles don’t forget to click on the links I’ve provided below. But first, let me tell you how Eegee’s became an American franchise with a chain of 25 restaurants in Tucson.

Eegee’s is an American chain of restaurants founded by Edmund Irving and Robert Greenberg in 1971. Initially, they bought a used vending truck and served lemon Eegee’s frozen drinks in front of high schools, sporting events, and concerts. Over the years, they turned their business into a chain of 25 restaurants in Arizona. 

Eegee’s Menu Prices

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Eegee’s menu contains a variety of amazing food items. They offer grinders like a deluxe grinder, spicy grinder, and veggie grinder in four different sizes like 5”, 8”, 12”, and 3-foot. Grab your favorite grinder at Egee’s with your delicious dessert to complete your meal.

On a hot summer day, quench your thirst with soda or Eegee’s fizz . Their special ice-cold frozen fruit drink is packed with many flavors including real chunks of fruits. Also, try out “Half and Half”, your two favorite flavors mixed in Eegee’s drink.

For tea lovers, Eegee’s features special flavors mixed with tea called “Teagee’s”. They also have other beverages such as soda, iced- tea, etc in different sizes like kids, small, medium, large, and biggie.

Does feeling “hangry” disrupt your focus at work ? Like me, gobble up your favorite subs and sandwiches by Eegee’s to satisfy your mid-day cravings. Eegee’s offers a variety of subs in different sizes from 5” to 3-foot. Its turkey & provolone sub, ham & swiss sub, tuna subs are among their famous food items.

I suggest you should try their fresh and healthy salads too. Eegee’s have fresh garden salad, tuna salad, and antipasto salad on their menu. Their salads have perfectly layered veggies that satisfy your taste buds and complement your health.

If you’re looking for party packs, have Eegee’s fun pack that serves 25 people with drinks containing 8 different flavors of your choice. Also, Eegee’s party pack serves 50 people with drinks containing 1 to 8 flavors of your choice.

Eegee’s menu also contains crispy fries, kraft mac & cheese, chili, and kids’ meals. It offers a perfect menu and comfortable ambiance to enjoy food with friends and family at an average price of $25 per person. Have a look at the menu prices by Eegee’s from the below tables. 


Grinder5”8”12”3 Foot
Original Grinder$3.59$5.79$7.69$30.99
Deluxe Grinder$4.19$6.09$8.19$32.99
Veggie Grinder$3.79$5.69$7.59$30.99
Spicy Grinder$4.19$6.09$8.19
Pastrami Grinder$4.19$6.09$8.19

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5”8”12”3 Foot
Turkey & Provolone Sub$4.09$5.99$7.99$32.99
Ham & Swiss Sub$4.09 $5.99 $7.99 $32.99
Turkey, Ham & Provolone Sub$4.39$6.29$8.39$33.99
Ranch Chicken Sub$4.39$6.29$8.39
Tuna Sub$4.09$5.99$7.99$32.99
Roast Beef & Provolone Sub$4.39$6.29$8.39$33.99
Meatball Sub$4.39$6.29$8.39
Ranch Club Sub$4.39$6.29$8.39


Farmhouse Ranch Chicken$6.79
Southwest Chipotle Ranch Chicken$6.79
Chopped Italian$6.79
Classic Chef$6.79
Side Salad$1.99

Fries & Sides

Regular Fries$3.59
Cheesy Bacon Fries$3.69
Chipotle Ranch Fries$3.49
Ranch $0.35
Original Ranch Fries$3.49
Large Fries$2.79
Buffalo Ranch Fries$3.49


Iced Tea$0.99 $1.79 $2.09 $2.39 $2.69
Bottled Water $1.39

Kids’ Menu

Chicken Nuggets$4.39
Kids Hot Dogs$4.39
Kids Ham Sub$4.39
Kids Turkey Sub$4.39

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Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.89
Fudge Brownie Cookie$1.89


Eegee’s Fizz$1.39
Eegee’s $1.39
Iced Teagee’s$1.39
Iced Tea $0.99

Eegee’s Party Sizes

Fun Pack$19.99
Party Pack$24.99

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Eegee’s Nutritional Information

Eegee’s Nutritional

To check Eedgee’s nutritional information, click on the link I’ve mentioned in the above table.

Eegee’s Franchise Details

store of Eegee's

They have 25 restaurants in greater Tucson, Arizona, as well as one in Casa Grande, Arizona. Eegee’s is not providing franchises to anyone right now. If you have any plans to buy their franchise, you should probably wait for some time.

Eegee’s Contact Information

Eedgee’s Headquarters office Address: 3360 East Ajo way Tucson, AZ 85713, United States.

Eedgee’s Phone Number: (520)294-3333

Eedgee’s Fax Number: (520)889-4340

Eedgee’s Catering Number: (520)889-4066

You can also fill the contact form mentioned on the website in order to get in touch with the online platform.

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