7 Easy-to-Cook Desserts for Busy Learners

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We bet you have lots of assignments to complete this week. It’s also easy to assume that you have other errands to run. We totally get that you are busy. But you have some time to cook, so why not make a dessert? Your meals had better be diverse and delicious to add some colors and taste to your routine.

7 Easy-to-Cook Desserts for Busy Learners

That’s why, even if you think you are too busy to cook, do find a couple of minutes to make yourself happier and try a new easy-to-cook dessert.

Such a move will definitely add some energy you’ve been craving for so long. Here are some noteworthy recipes for you to try at home:

1. S’mores Casserole Dish

It really takes less than 10 minutes for you to cook a great casserole dish. All you need is to stock some marshmallows, a few chocolate bars, and a package of graham crackers. If you want to dress this dessert with any syrup, buy one according to your taste.

To cook this easy-peasy dessert, all you need to do is to preheat the oven and grease a baking dish with some cooking spray. Then, put some marshmallows inside, top them with chocolate squares and graham crackers.

Put the dish into the oven, wait until the marshmallows become brown. Drizzle the dish with some melted chocolate or the syrup that you bought and that’s it.

2. Chocolate Pudding

Lots of people would kill for a pudding, so this is definitely a dessert that you should know how to cook. Many would say that cooking a pudding usually takes so much time that they’d better do without.

That’s wrong. Cooking a chocolate pudding can be made easy. All you need to do is to combine sugar, cocoa powder, cornstarch, and salt. Then, put some milk and place a saucepan over medium heat for the liquid to boil. 

Slowly add egg yolks and cocoa mixture to the saucepan. Wait for the liquid to reach a pudding-like consistency. Once it’s done, whist in some butter, chocolate, and vanilla.

That’s basically it. Wait for the mass to chill, pour it into individual bowls and leave them in the refrigerator. You may add some topping when you serve the pudding.

3. Tiger Tails

Nothing can be easier than cooking tiger tails. All you need to do is to buy marshmallows, a chocolate bar, and lollipop sticks. A caramel sauce may be a great addition to this dessert as well.

Take a stick and slice a marshmallow to the end of it. Then microwave some marshmallows for it to get pourable. Coat marshmallows with caramel completely, let them dry a bit, and then put in the fridge. 

In another bowl, microwave some chocolate for it to become pourable. Then, dress your ready-to-eat desserts in some chocolate and you are good to go.

4. S’more’s Tacos

If you are really pressed with time, this dessert is a go. You can cook tacos with marshmallows real quick. All you need to do is to buy dough for cookies or make one yourself. For that, you only need to mix some baking powder, a few eggs, butter, and milk. Sugar and salt are also needed here.

Then, you should roll out the dough, cut out circles and give them a taco shape. Put them in the oven. Meanwhile, you should prepare marshmallows, chocolate, and crushed graham crackers to fill your tacos with. Now you can serve the meal to your guests and enjoy the taste yourself.

5. Beach Parfaits

Beach parfaits is one more dessert that is a piece of cake (pardon the pun). The recipe requires you to find a vanilla pudding mix and combine it with milk. When you do, whisk it all together and then put a thin layer into a few plastic cups. The next layer should be made of crushed graham crackers.

The main part is completed. However, if you want your dessert to impress, you may decorate it with chocolate, gummies, candies, and other easy-to-find stuff. Don’t forget to buy inedible umbrellas as well.

6. Glazed Cinnamon Cardamom Buns

If you are a fan of baking, then you should definitely try this easy-to-cook cake that’s been shown everywhere on Instagram. It may look different in your kitchen, but the recipe is one of the easiest ones in the universe.

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