Easy Recipes for Students Living in Dorms

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Being a student is never easy. Actually, it never was. Regardless of the time period, the quantity of assignments from professors has always been almost impossible for an average student to finish them on time (if they wanted to live their life a bit in addition to studying).

dorm students

Students know what I mean. Assignments can overwhelm your weekdays and weekends entirely, especially when it comes to exam sessions. Students don’t even have time to sleep or eat well.

And here are some easy recipes for you to cook in a dorm. These are classical student meals: they’re quick to prepare, tasty to eat, cheap. And they’re easy to share with roommates.

1) Scrambled Eggs: Perfect Breakfast

scrambled eggs


  • Eggs
  • Oil

The meal is the simplest thing to cook for anyone. You just take two, three, four, or even more eggs and throw their content on a pan previously oiled. Then, mix eggs there until they are done.

The feature of this meal is its universality. You are free to add anything you want to the eggs. Cut sausage or bacon will go perfectly. The cheese will taste great. Vegetables will add some health to it. Some milk will make a dish a bit airier. Almost anything in your fridge will fit.

That’s a perfect student receipt, isn’t it?

2) Boiled Eggs: Simple & Fast

hard boiled eggs


  • Eggs
  • Water

Here come more eggs. This time, you simply take as many eggs as your cooking pot can fit, put them in the water (make sure it covers all eggs entirely), and wait till it boils. Eight to ten minutes later, your quick and easy meal is there to eat.

Peel eggs carefully, and then it’s your call how you prefer to eat them. As for me, the best way is to cut them in halves and then spill some mayonnaise on boiled yolks. Try it out. That’s tasty!

3) Hot Sandwiches


  • Bread
  • Sausage/bacon
  • Cheese

Well, this one is probably the simplest student recipe. Cut bread into regular slices, place sausage pieces on top of them, cover your sandwiches with cheese, and heat them up in a microwave. It’s a quick, easy, tasty, and hearty meal.

4) Fries: Ultimate

fries and sauce


  • Potatoes
  • Oil

There’s a difference between commonly known fries (like those from McDonald’s, Burger King, or KFC) and “home-fried” potatoes. To cook regular fries, you need to peel potatoes, cut them into long and thin pieces, and then load them into a pot with a lot of hot oil for 2-4 minutes. Fries are easy to cook, even in a dorm if you’ve got a pot that’s large enough.

“Home-fried” potatoes are more special. Here, you use a pan instead of a pot. And this dish will require less oil. So, warm up your pan, spill some oil to cover its bottom, wait until it becomes hot, and then load peeled and cut potatoes there. Keep stirring pieces from time to time to balance frying until they’re done. Add salt, pepper, or sauces according to your taste after serving potatoes on the dish.  

5) Chicken Breast: Fry, Roast, Boil

chicken breasts


  • Chicken breast
  • Spices
  • Oil/Water

It’s time for some meat! Yep, students can cook and eat meat in dorms with little to no problems. Chicken breasts are perfect for including them in your weekly menu. And it’s easy to make neighbors envious with the help of the right spices, too.

A chicken breast can be fried, boiled, or roasted equally well. To fry it, you could try cutting breasts into schnitzels and adding salt, pepper, and other spices before placing your portions on an oiled pan. Boiling breasts is as simple as that with eggs: get a pot full of water, boil it up, throw whole breasts in there, wait 15 minutes, and then add spices as you want. Roasting breasts is that easy as well. Choose the cooking way that suits you the most here.

6) Pizza


  • Pizza crust
  • Anything

There is no way to avoid pizza when speaking of student menus. Do you know how Italians actually “invented” pizza? Before it became a world-famous delicacy, pizza served as a meal for poor people. They used to make a regular pie crust and then add anything remaining in their fridge on top of it.

Nowadays, the choice of ingredients is limitless. There are meat pizzas, cheese pizzas, fruit pizzas, vegan pizzas, and many more. Cooking your own pizza is nothing difficult if you’ve got an oven in your dorm. Well, even if you don’t, it is still possible to cook a pizza on a pan (just make sure you cover it).

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