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East Side Mario's restaurant

Are you looking for a restaurant in Canada which is very famous and you can go there with your family, kids, and friends and planning to go to East Side Mario’s? If yes, then you are at the right place because in this article, I will provide you with the information related to this restaurant and I will start with the history of East Side Mario’s.

East Side Mario’s menu is all about Italian food. The restaurant serves a wide variety of delicious food options such as salads, starters, pasta, sandwiches, pizza, drinks, sides and desserts.

But this information is not enough for a restaurant, and I will tell you more about East Side Mario’s menu prices, franchise details, contact information, nutritional breakdown of the items present on East Side Mario’s Menu.

East Side Mario’s is a Canadian Restaurant chain and their parent company is Recipe Unlimited and the first restaurant was opened in Miami, Florida, to expand the business because East Side Mario’s was developed through the merger between several restaurant chains and began as a subsidiary of Yesac Creative Foods.

At the present time, they have more than 85 locations in Canada and the United States and most of the people recognized this restaurant by its logo in which the statue of liberty is holding tomato in the torch and this brand marketed as ‘the taste of Italy.’ Let’s see more information below.

East Side Mario’s Menu Prices

East Side Mario's menu

East Side Mario’s menu is popular for its mixed Italian-American menu. Their menu includes a variety of Italian starters, pasta, pizzas, salads, chicken fingers, chicken wings and many more items.

Their menu has also had an American twist in it. And that is one of the biggest reasons why East Side Mario’s is very popular in some regions of the United States and Canada too. The company always prefers to use fresh ingredients to maintain the quality of its products.

The East Side Mario’s menu prices are also comparable when compared to other Italian restaurants. And having some American twist in it is one of the reasons why people love East Side Mario’s. Most of the items on their menu range from $4 to $15.

So, without waiting, let’s check the East Side Mario’s Menu Prices.

Salads ‘n’ Starters

Salads ‘n’ StartersPrice
Budda Boomers$10.99
Mozzarella Sticks$10.99
Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings$15.99
Garden Salad$11.99
Caesar Salad$11.99
Chicken Parm Sliders$16.49


Linguine Chicken Tetrazzini$21.49
Double-Bacon Carbonara$20.99
Linguine Chicken Amatriciana$21.49
Scallop Carbonara$23.99
Cheese Cappelletti$19.99
Seafood Linguine$21.49
Sausage & Peppers Penne$19.99
Jumbo Shrimp Alfredo$20.99
Spaghettini Primavera with Goat Cheese$19.49
Roasted Garlic Fettuccine Alfredo With Chicken$18.99
Mario’s Spaghettini and Meatballs$17.99
Build Your Own Pasta$17.99

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Entrées & Sandwiches

Entrées & SandwichesPrice
Hell’s Kitchen Chicken$22.49
Mario’s Chicken Parmigiana$21.99
Junior Chicken Parmigiana$18.99
The Ultimate Italian Grilled Cheese$16.99
The Club Wrap$17.49
Chicken Parm Sammy$17.49

Mini Marios

Mini MariosPrice
Kids Build-Your-Own Pasta$9.49
Kids Cheesy Alfredo$9.49
Chicken Fingers$9.49
Kids Cheese Cappelletti$9.49
Kids Sliders$9.49


The Ultimate Canadian$24.99
Four Meat$24.99
Spicy Italian Sausage$24.99
Pepperoni Calzone$18.99
Roasted Garlic BLT Cauliflower Pizza$20.49
The Ultimate Canadian Calzone$18.99


Mascarpone Cheesecake$8.99
Peanut Butter Stack$8.99
Salted Caramel Brownie$7.99
Budda Bingers$6.49
Peanut Butter Stack (Half)$5.99


4 Pack Bottled Pop$6.49
Aquafina $2.29
Pepsi $2.29
Diet Pepsi$2.29
7 UP$2.29
Brisk Iced Tea$2.29
Mug Root Beer$2.29

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Extra Shredded Parmesan Cheese$0.49
Add Homeloaf$2.49
Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup$7.49
Italian Wedding Soup$7.49
Primavera Vegetables$3.99
Mario’s Potatoes$3.99
French Fries$3.99
Spicy Arrabbiata Dip (2oz.)$0.99
Mario’s Tomato Sauce Dip (2oz.)$0.99
Creamy Garlic Dip (2oz.)$0.99
Roasted Garlic Aioli Dip (2oz.)$0.99
Alfredo Sauce (3oz.)$1.49
Rosé Sauce (3oz.)$1.49
Arrabiata Sauce (3oz.)$1.49
Primavera Sauce (3oz.)$1.49
Mario’s Signature Tomato Sauce (3oz.)$1.49

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationhttps://www.eastsidemarios.com/nutrition.pdf
Allergen Guidehttps://www.eastsidemarios.com/AllergensGuide.pdf

To check the nutritional and the allergen information of the items present on the East Side Mario’s menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

East Side Mario’s Franchise Details

East Side Mario's franchise

East Side Mario’s have more than 85 location in Canada and the United States and have more than 500 employees. So, if you want to open an East Side Mario’s restaurant, then this is how much it will cost.

Total Investment$1.3 million – $1.6 million
Cash Required$600,000 – $700,000
Net Worth$1.4 million – 2 million
Build Time5 Months

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East Side Mario’s Contact Information

East Side Mario’s Corporate Office Address: 199 Four Valley Dr.Vaughan, ON L4K 0B8.

East Side Mario’s Corporate Office Numbers: Phone Number: 905-760-2244

East Side Mario’s TelePhone: 888-854-4402

East Side Mario’s Corporate Fax Number: 866-230-9355

Important Links

Official Website eastsidemarios.com/
Career eastsidemarios/careers/
Online Ordereastsidemarios/onlineorders/
Mini Marios Clubeastsidemarios.com/en/minimarios
Join the Familyeastsidemarios.com/en/signup.html

Social Media Accounts

Instagram: instagram.com/eastsidemarios/

Facebook: facebook.com/eastsidemarios/

Twitter: twitter.com/eastsidemarios

YouTube: youtube.com/user/eastsidemarios/

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