How to Easily Get Fresh Pork Delivered to Your Door

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Meat is one of the staple foods that every person loves to eat. It provides proteins and other nutrients that your body needs. To maximize its nutrients, you need to make sure that you’ve got fresh meat. Besides, fresh meat tastes better.

Fresh Pork

With the current situation that we have now, getting your groceries and meat supplies is a little bit difficult. We’re lucky that suppliers are adapting to this kind of new normal.

There are also some tips and signs to check if you have purchased good pork. Fresh pork will always have a longer shelf life and will show signs of good quality. If those indications are present, then going ahead and buying it would serve the purpose. 

If you want to learn more about how to get fresh meat even in the midst of the pandemic. Read on to know more. 

Here are some tips to get fresh meat delivered to your door:

1. Online Purchase

online purchase

Grocery shopping has never been easy with the advent of online purchases. There are a lot of options when you choose to buy online.

You can choose different cuts for your meat needs. In the UK, you can order meat online in a box, and you can still make sure that it is fresh and great for your cooking plans.

Butchers at Grutto’s meat boxes deliver meat right to your doorstep for any occasion. They have been providing quality meat all over the UK and have free deliveries to some locations.

2. Direct From The Farm 

pork meat direct from the farm

If you know any local farm, you can directly order meat from them and deliver them to your house. Some farmers would consider selling their produce directly to their customers.

You might want to consider buying meat in bulk to save you time and money. In this manner, you can also directly ask the farmers questions about the meat you’re purchasing. 

These are just some of the options that you can resort to when buying meat without going outside your house. To help you better choose the right fresh meat, consider these tips to help you secure fresh meat for your meals.

3. Buying Pork From The Service Case

buying pork from the service case

The service case is actually the butcher counter, where you get the pork fresh enough by cutting the slices. The desired piece will be offered as per your request.

Common cuts like a pork chop, ground pork, or pork tenderloin can be easily purchased in a service case. 

Even specialty cuts like frenched pork chops, single-serve chops, or even large pieces like pork butts or ribs could be gathered. This will be delivered fresh from the service case and will retain its freshness as much as possible. 

The people employed at the counter are expert enough to handle the request of the customers and to deliver the best piece that retains shelf life.

4. Buying Pork From The Meat Case 

buying pork from the meat case

Buying pork from the meat case involves getting meat from the refrigerator section. It is a pre-packaged meat portion that is available readymade in the shop. 

The cuts available in the meat case will be limited, and you may not get the options that you need. When buying from the meat case, you have to keep a tab on the expiry date or the best-by date. 

5. Check On The Pork Packaging

pork meat packaging

The pork you find in the meat case is just wrapped in a plastic cover. It is usually available at the counter. Even though this is a better option, the plastic cover alone would not retain the shelf life.

If you are going to freeze, you may need to give another sturdy and strong wrapping to manage the freshness.

Pork in a vacuum-pressed bag or a sealed package can have a longer shelf life than normal pork packaging. It would be freezer-safe and can be kept in the freezer as-is. Preserving this kind of packaged meat is easier and more reliable for consumption.

Tips When Buying Meat Online

tips when buying meat online

1. Ask Questions

Buying meat online can be unsafe if you don’t know how established the store is. You need to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable source. 

There are ways to tell the freshness of pork; you have to ensure also that the meat is well preserved until it arrives at your doorstep. It is also essential to ask where the meat is from, especially if you have some specifications when choosing meat.

2. Buy Local

It may sound cliche to buy locally and support local, but it is a safer way of buying. Raw meat is a perishable good that needs to be distributed to customers in the shortest possible time. 

In addition to that, you’ll know exactly where and how the cattle, pigs, and poultry are raised and how they are fed. When you support locals, you also contribute to your community’s economy. You got to help your community while getting the best quality meat you deserve.

3. Check For The Quality

When you buy pork, you should always keep a tab on its quality by validating all the parameters that need to be checked.


The color of the pork while buying should be pink in color and should not have signs of any grayish tinge. 

Sell-By Date

The sell-by date has to be checked while buying the pork. If it has been exceeded, then it is safe enough to be discarded then and there.

Fatty Sediments

The fatty sediments on the pork or any white patches on the meat make it liable for disposal. Some lines running across through the meat or some white specs on the surface would deem it waste and damaged. Discard it immediately without any second thoughts. 


The texture of the meat is an immediate indication to check for the decomposition of the meat. The texture would be light and runny. It would also be slimy in nature when spoiled. 


Now, you already know how to get fresh pork and the tips for buying it online, so you can heed this information every time you purchase meat online.

Always research before you click the order button, and look for customer reviews and company profiles to ensure you are buying from a reliable source.

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