Earls Kitchen And Bar Menu With Prices

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Are you looking for a place where you can go with your family and friends to eat and drink, and you have decided to go to Earls Kitchen? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place because in this post I will tell you about the history and some relevant information about the restaurant.

Earls Bar and Kitchen Restaurant

Earls Kitchen and Bar’s menu comprises of BBQ back ribs, sushi, soups, salads, noodles, steaks, burgers, seafood and much more. They have also got a lot of drinks such as wine, cocktails and beer on the menu.

But only this information is not good enough. In this article, I will tell you about the Earls Kitchen and Bar menu prices, franchise details, contact information and nutritional breakdown of Earls Kitchen and Bar menu.

Earls Kitchen And Bar is a casual dining restaurant chain that was founded by Leroy Earl “Bus” Fuller in 1982. He opened his first store in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and right now, the brand has around 68 restaurants in the US and Canada. It is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The ambiance of the restaurant is very good for food as well as drinks, you can feel relaxed and have anything. So, without waiting, let’s grab the information in the lines below.

Earls Kitchen And Bar Menu Prices

Earls Bar and Kitchen menu

The Earls Kitchen And Bar menu include soups, salads, sandwich, noodles, burgers, steaks, tacos, ribs and many other food items. Their menu also has a most loved section that features their most popular food items.

Besides the food items, Earls Kitchen And Bar menu also have a wide variety of beverages. From Cocktails to beer and from bottled drinks to wines, their beverages section has it all.

One of the biggest reasons why people love Earls Kitchen And Bar is because of the premium quality of their food and beverages. Also, their staff is very friendly too as it will provide you a warm welcome always.

Earls Kitchen And Bar menu prices are a little bit expensive when compared to other restaurant chains. The dishes and beverages lie between $2 to $40. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest Earls Kitchen And Bar menu with prices.

Feel Good Faves

Feel Good FavesPrice
Lobster + Prawn Ravioli$28.50
Salmon + Feta Caper Aioli$29.50
Surf + Turf
[6 Oz Filet + Prawns]
Prawn Gyoza$15.50
Impossible Burger$19.75
Feel Good Faves5 Oz7 Oz9 Oz750 ml
Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir$12.25$16.75$18.50$55.00
Feel Good FavesHalfFull
BBQ Back Ribs$28.00$33.00
Feel Good Faves6 Oz Sirloin9 Oz Sirloin6 Oz Filet
Steak + Sushi$29.50$32.50$38.50

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To Share

To SharePrice
Prawn Gyoza$15.50
Crispy Chicken Tenders$14.75
Artisan Bread$4.00
Garlic Fries$8.00
Yam Fries$10.00
Street Chicken Tacos$15.50
Buffalo Cauliflower$15.75
Earls Wings$16.50
Warm Spinach + Three Cheese Dip$17.00
Chipotle Calamari$17.00

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Sushi + Raw

Sushi + RawPrice
Crispy Prawn Roll$16.50
Dynamite Roll$17.00
Spicy Tuna Roll$17.50

Salads + Soups

Salads + SoupsSmallLarge
Earls Famous Clam Chowder$9.00$12.00
Caesar Salad$9.00$12.00
Field Greens Salad$9.00$12.00
Salads + SoupsPrice
Quinoa + Avocado Powerbowl$16.75
Grilled Chicken Caesar$19.75
Santa Fe Chicken Salad$21.75

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Plant Based

Plant BasedPrice
Crispy Tofu Zen Bowl$22.25
Vegan Quinoa + Avocado Powerbowl$16.75
Vegan Hunan Kung Pao$16.50
Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower$15.75
Vegan Impossible Burger$21.75
Plant BasedSmallLarge
Vegan Field Greens Salad$9.00$12.00

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Noodles + Bowls

Noodles + BowlsPrice
Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl$22.50
Thai Chicken Curry Bowl$23.50
Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo$21.00
Chicken Hunan Kung Pao$22.00
Noodles + Bowls3 Oz Salmon6 Oz Salmon
Salmon Zen Bowl$23.50$28.50

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Chicken + Ribs

Chicken + RibsHalfFull
BBQ Back Ribs$28.00$33.00
BBQ Ribs + Cajun Chicken$32.00$39.00
Chicken + RibsPrice
Cajun Blackened Chicken$27.00


Salmon + Feta Caper Aioli$29.50
Thai Prawn Curry Bowl$24.00
Lobster + Prawn Ravioli$28.50
Seafood3 Oz Salmon6 Oz Salmon
Salmon Zen Bowl$23.50$28.50

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Steaks6 Oz Sirloin9 Oz Sirloin6 Oz Filet
Canadian Prime Sirloin$29.50$32.50N/A
Filet MignonN/AN/A$38.50
Steak Frites$27.50$30.50$36.50
Steak + Sushi$29.50$32.50$38.50
Sirloin + Peppercorn$32.50$35.50$41.50
Surf + Turf with Prawns$39.00$42.00$48.00
Cajun Blackened Sirloin$32.50$35.50$41.50
Filet + Truffle ButterN/AN/A$41.50
Sautéed Prawns$9.50
Truffle Mashed Potato$5.50
Sautéed Mushrooms$4.50
Warm Potato Salad$5.00
Peppercorn Sauce$3.00

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Burgers + More

Burgers + MorePrice
Bigger Better Burger$17.75
Street Chicken Tacos$19.00
Impossible Burger$19.75
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich$19.75
Cajun Chicken Cheddar Sandwich$19.00
Bacon Cheddar Burger$19.75


Sticky Toffee Chocolate Pudding$10.50
NYC Cheesecake$10.50
Chocolate Cheesecake$10.50
Chocolate Caramel Sundae$10.50

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Brunch Happy Hour

Available on weekends and holidays (Open-Noon).

Brunch Happy HourPrice
Lobster + Prawn Benedict$14.00
Forager Omelette$12.00
Virginia Ham + Cheese Omelette$12.00
Lobster + Prawn Omelette$14.00
Pick Me Up$6.00
Aperol Spritz$8.00
Signature Caesar 10 Oz$8.00
Bottles of Sparkling$5.00
Cold Brew Coffee and Baileys$6.00
Avocado Super Benedict$12.00
Chorizo Hash$14.00
Eggs Benedict$14.00
Earls Breakfast$10.00

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Our Brunch Faves

Brunch available on weekends and holidays until 2PM.

Our Brunch FavesPrice
Chorizo Hash$17.00
Earls Breakfast$13.50
Lobster + Prawn Omelette$17.00
Virginia Ham + Cheese Omelette$14.50
Forager Omelette$15.00
Dry Cured Bacon$2.50
Crispy Potatoes$3.00
Free Run Egg$3.00

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Earls Benedicts

Brunch available on weekends and holidays until 2PM.

Earls BenedictsPrice
Lobster + Prawn Benedict$18.00
Avocado Super Benedict$15.50
Eggs Benedict$15.75
Dry Cured Bacon$2.50
Crispy Potatoes$3.00
Free Run Egg$3.00

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Better For You Booze

Better For You BoozePrice
Ketel One Botanicals$10.50
Aperol Spritz$12.75
Coconut Matcha Sour$12.50
Ultraviolet Lychee Cocktail$14.00
Yuzu Collins$12.00

Classic Cocktails

Classic CocktailsPrice
Grapefruit Negroni$12.75
Earls Old Fashioned$14.00
Moscow Mule$11.25

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Signature Cocktails

Signature CocktailsPrice
Watermelon Slush$11.50
Earls Signature Caesar$11.25
Black Tea Peach Sour$12.00
Marilyn Monroe$14.00
Tokyo Cosmo$13.00


Classic Margarita$11.75
Frozen Margarita$11.75
Don Julio Margarita$15.00
Coconut Mint Margarita$12.50
Spicy Watermelon Margarita$13.50
Pineapple Mezcal Sour$14.00

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Red Wine

Red Wine5 Oz7 Oz9 Oz750 Ml
Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir$12.25$16.75$18.50$55.00
Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon$11.50$15.75$19.25$52.00
El Petit Bonhomme Garnacha Blend$9.50$13.00$16.00$43.00
Quails’ Gate Pinot Noir$13.00$17.50$21.50$58.00
Murphy-Goode What Cha Ma Call It Cabernet Sauvignon Blend$9.75$13.25$16.25$44.00
Pappagallo Super Tuscan Sangiovese/Merlot/Cabernet Franc$10.25$14.00$15.75$46.00
Famille Perrin Rascal Red$8.50$11.50$14.00$38.00
Crios Malbec$11.00$15.25$18.50$50.00
Red WinePrice
BenMarco Cabernet Sauvignon$59.00
Haywire Gamay$69.00
Faiveley Bourgogne Pinot Noir Paulée$69.00
Murphy-Goode Pinot Noir$55.00
Justin Cabernet Sauvignon$73.00
Rocca delle Macíe Chianti Classico$49.00
Joel Gott Zinfandel$58.00
The Show Malbec$55.00
Alpha Box & Dice Tarot Grenache$59.00
Tommasi Amarone$94.00
Road 13 Syrah$68.00
Poplar Grove Merlot$66.00
Perrin Coudoulet de Beaucastel Côtes du Rhône$71.00
López de Haro Rioja Crianza$47.00
La Crema Pinot Noir$76.00
Stonestreet Estate Cabernet Sauvignon$102.00
Ornellaia Le Volte$72.00
Orin Swift Abstract$115.00

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Rosé Wine

Rosé Wine5 Oz7 Oz9 Oz750 Ml
La Vieille Ferme Rosé$9.75$13.25$16.25$44.00
The Palm Rosé by Whispering Angel$14.75$20.00$24.50$66.00


Sparkling5 Oz750 Ml
Cono Sur Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé$10.50$47.00
Villa Marchesi Prosecco$10.50$47.00
Benjamin Bridge BrutN/A$66.00
SparklingBottle Price
Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut$168.00
Möet & Chandon Dom Perignon$420.00
Veuve Clicquot Brut$134.00

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White Wine

White WineBottle Price
Dog Point Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc$69.00
Freemark Abbey Chardonnay$69.00
Tinhorn Creek Pinot Gris$49.00
Pewsey Vale Riesling$51.00
JoieFarm A Noble Blend$69.00
Yalumba Organic Viognier$54.00
Louis Jadot Chablis$72.00
La Crema Chardonnay$81.00
Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino$59.00
Bread & Butter Chardonnay$51.00
Errazuriz Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc$57.00
White Wine5 Oz7 Oz9 Oz750 Ml
Famille Perrin Rascal White$8.50$11.50$14.00$38.00
Murphy-Goode What Cha Ma Call It Chardonnay$9.75$13.25$16.25$44.00
Quails’ Gate Chenin Blanc$11.25$15.50$19.90$51.00
Scarpetta Frico Pinot Grigio$10.25$14.00$17.00$46.00
Seven Terraces Sauvignon Blanc$10.75$14.50$17.75$48.00

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Bottles + Cans

Bottles + CansPrice
White Claw Black Cherry$9.00
White Claw Mango$9.00
Glutenberg Blonde$10.00
Bud Light$7.75
Coors Light$7.75
Budweiser Zero$6.00

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Draught12 Oz18 Oz48 Oz
Bud Light$8.00$10.75$28.00
Stanley Park Sunsetter Peach Wheat Ale$7.50$10.00$26.00
Canmore Brewing Misty Mountain Hazy IPA$8.00$10.50$27.25
Parallel 49 Trash Panda Hazy IPA$7.50$10.00$26.00
Snake Lake Varsity Hall Red Ale$7.50$10.00$26.00
Rhino Lager$7.25$9.50$24.75
Banded Peak Mount Crushmore Pilsner$7.75$10.25$26.75
Rhino Pale Ale$7.25$9.50$24.75
Rhino Seasonal Ale$7.25$9.50$24.75
Stella ArtoisN/A$12.25N/A
Cold Garden This Must Be The IPA$7.75$10.25$26.75

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Spirit Free

Spirit Free

Spirit FreePrice
KeVita Ginger Kombucha$7.25
Sparkling Yuzu Lemonade$6.25
Soft Drinks$4.25
Pineapple Cucumber Mule$6.50
The Green Juice$6.25
Red Bull Can$6.75
The Remedy$6.00

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Happy Hour


Every Day 2 PM – 5 PM + 9 PM-Close (Dine in Only).

Rhino Draught$4.00
Well Highballs$4.00
Red Bull Can$4.00
El Petit Bonhomme Garnacha Blend$6.00
Rhino Draught$6.00
Rascal Red + White Wines$6.00
Ketel One Botanicals$6.00
Murphy-Goode What Cha Cab Sauv Blend$8.00
Scarpetta Frico Pinot Grigio$8.00
El Petit Bonhomme Garnacha Blend$8.00
Watermelon Slush$8.00
Rascal Red + White Wines$8.00
Classic Margarita$8.00
Aperol Spritz$10.00
Spicy Watermelon Margarita$10.00
Ultraviolet Lychee Cocktail$10.00
El Petit Bonhomme Garnacha Blend$10.00
Stella Artois$10.00
Rascal Red + White Wines$10.00
La Vieille Ferme Rosé$10.00
Murphy-Goode What Cha Cab Sauv Blend$12.00
Old Fashioned$12.00
Scarpetta Frico Pinot Grigio$12.00
Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir$35.00
Fries or Garlic Fries$4.75
3 Street Chicken Tacos$6.75
Yam Fries$6.75
Prawn Gyoza$8.75
Warm Spinach + Three Cheese Dip$8.75
Crispy Prawn Roll$10.75
Spicy Tuna Roll$10.75
Buffalo Cauliflower$10.75
Chipotle Calamari$13.75
Cajun Chicken Cheddar Sandwich + Fries$13.75
Impossible Burger + Fries$13.75
Bigger Better Burger + Fries$13.75
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich + Fries$16.75
Crispy Tofu Zen Bowl$16.75
Santa Fe Chicken Salad$16.75
Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl$16.75
3 oz Salmon Zen Bowl$19.75
6 oz Steak Frites$19.75
Thai Chicken Curry Bowl$19.75
Chicken Hunan Kung Pao$19.75

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Grocery Freezer Packs

Grocery Freezer PacksPrice
Earls Ultimate Protein Freezer Pack$130.00
Protein Freezer Pack – Chicken$130.00

Chef Kits

Chef KitsPrice
Oven Roasted Salmon Kit For Two$40.00
Ready-To-Bake Sticky Toffee Pudding$25.00
Street Chicken Taco Kit For Two$15.00
BBQ Ribs Kit For Two$30.00
Cajun Chicken Kit For Two$30.00
Pizza Party Kit For Four$25.00
Vegetarian Hunan Kung Pao Kit For Two$20.00
Chicken Hunan Kung Pao Kit For Two$25.00

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Liquor Delivery

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling WinePrice
Benjamin Bridge Méthode Classique Brut$33.00
Villa Marchesi Prosecco$23.50
Cono Sur Sparkling Pinot Noir Ros$23.50
Veuve Clicquot Brut$67.00
Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut$84.00
Möet & Chandon Dom Perignon$210.00

Rosé Wine

Rosé WinePrice
La Vieille Ferme Rosé$22.00
The Palm Rosé by Whispering Angel$33.00

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Beer, Coolers and Cider

Beer, Coolers and CiderCan6 Pack
Bud Light$4.00$18.00
Coors Light$4.00$18.00
Corona $5.00$20.00
Stella Artois$5.00$20.00
Nütrl Vodka Soda$5.00$20.00
White Claw$5.00$20.00
Muddlers: Moscow Mule$5.00$20.00
Long Tree Cider$5.00$20.00
Strongbow Cider$6.00$22.00
Budweiser Prohibition$3.00$16.00

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Red Wine

Red WinePrice
Haywire Gamay$34.50
BenMarco Cabernet Sauvignon$29.50
Alpha Box & Dice Tarot Grenache$29.50
Famille Perrin Rascal Red$19.00
Crios Malbec$25.00
Murphy-Goode What Cha Ma Call It Cabernet Sauvignon Blend$22.00
Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon$26.00
Murphy-Goode Pinot Noir$27.50
Faiveley Bourgogne Pinot Noir Paulée$34.50
La Crema Pinot Noir$38.00
López de Haro Rioja Crianza$23.50
Poplar Grove Merlot$33.00
The Show Malbec$27.50
Ornellaia Le Volte$36.00
Joel Gott Zinfandel$29.00
Orin Swift Abstract$57.50
Perrin Coudoulet de Beaucastel Côtes du Rhône$35.50
Road 13 Syrah$34.00
Stonestreet Estate Cabernet Sauvignon$51.00
Tommasi Amarone$47.00
Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir$27.50

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White Wine

White WinePrice
Errazuriz Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc$28.50
Ferrari-Carano Fumé Blanc$37.50
Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino$29.50
Louis Jadot Chablis$36.00
Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling$28.50
La Crema Chardonnay$40.50
Yalumba Organic Viognier$27.00
Bread & Butter Chardonnay$25.50
Tinhorn Creek Pinot Gris$24.50
Dog Point Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc$34.50
JoieFarm A Noble Blend$34.50
Freemark Abbey Chardonnay$34.50
Famille Perrin Rascal White$19.00
Seven Terraces Sauvignon Blanc$24.00
Scarpetta Frico Pinot Grigio$23.00
Murphy-Goode What Cha Ma Call It Chardonnay$22.00

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Wine Packs

Wine PacksPrice
Wine (3 Pack)$70.00

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationmyfitnesspal.com/nutrition-facts-calories/earls-kitchen-bar

To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Earls Kitchen and Bar menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Earls Kitchen and Bar Franchise Details

Earls Bar and Kitchen Restaurant

Earls Bar And Kitchen has 68 restaurants in Canada and the United States and has more than 5000 employees working in there restaurants. But if you want to open an Earls Kitchen and Bar, then you can’t because it is a family-owned business and it doesn’t provide franchise opportunities to individuals.

Important Links

Official Websiteearls.ca/
Gift Cardsearls.ca/buy-gift-cards
Sign Upearls.ca/subscribe

Earls Kitchen and Bar Contact Information

Earls Kitchen and Bar Corporate Address: #200 – 425 Carrall St. Vancouver, BC V6B 6E3, Canada.

Earls Kitchen and Bar Phone Number: 604-646-4880

You can also contact the team of Earls Kitchen and Bar by using the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/earlsrestaurants

Instagram: instagram.com/earlsrestaurant/

Twitter: twitter.com/earlsrestaurant

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