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Are you a coffee lover? And wanna try some different flavors of coffee? Well, I have the best option for you: the menu of Dutch Bros restaurant. Some best coffee items are only available on the Dutch Bros. Coffee secret menu. Read on to learn some interesting facts about the secret menu of Dutch Bros. Coffee. 

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Dutch Bros. secret menu has a variety of drinks. Some of the best drinks include caramel nog, the fleck, Islander breve, trifecta freeze, etc. All these secret menu items are available at affordable prices. 

Dutch Bros. Coffee is the largest privately held drive-through coffee chain. Travis and Dane Boersma founded it in 1992. Travis’s idea was to put their energy into coffee, specifically espresso. Since then, Dutch Bros has become a top-notch coffee house. Currently, there are 300 Dutch Bros Coffee outlets. 

You can try many other options at Dutch Bros. Coffee that are not listed on its menu. Obviously, you won’t find all the secret menu items of Dutch Bros. Coffee on its official website or menu. We have shared the list with you in the article below. So, let’s immediately grab one of these!

Secret Menu Items Of Dutch Bros

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Dutch Bros. Coffee secret menu has its exciting regular menu with flavored shots that you can add to any coffee drink. It is wonderful and easy to create your brand-new beverage or recreate a once-seasonal item. Follow the list below and try all these items now!

1. Caramel Nog

Caramel Nog

The caramel nog latte is a seasonal drink, only available around the holidays on the Dutch Bros. Coffee secret menu. This beverage is simple enough as a morning pick-me-up or sweet enough to be an after-meal treat.

2. The Fleck 

The Fleck 

The fleck is a rich, decadent breve that combines an espresso shot, half and half, white chocolate, hazelnut, and coconut syrups. This secret menu variation offers an even silkier take on an original American style of drink. Moreover, fleck adds extra sweetness to your new favorite espresso beverage.

3. Tiger’s Blood Lemonade

Tigers Blood Lemonade

Dutch Bros’ tiger’s blood lemonade is a mixture of our signature lemonade, strawberry syrup, and coconut syrup guaranteed to satisfy. The lemonade adds a touch of tartness, making a sip as lush as a tiger’s terrain. 

4. Islander Breve

Islander Breve

The ingredients of the Islander Breve drink include chocolate macadamia nut, vanilla, and coconut, so you’ll feel like that gulp you just took has transported you to a sandy paradise. It’s even the color of a soft brown beach.

5. Golden Eagle Breve

Golden Eagle Breve

The golden eagle breve is a creamy breve featuring bold espresso, half and half, vanilla syrup, and caramel sauce, then topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. Don’t miss out on that creamy and rich texture!

If you struggle with drowsiness at the start of the day and have a sweet tooth to please, the golden eagle by Dutch Bros is your best friend.

6. The Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom

This creation combines white chocolate and cherry to make a toothsome, creamy punch in every sip. The cherry blossom drink at Dutch Bros’ secret menu is very light, sweet, and energetic.

7. Trifecta Freeze

Trifecta Freeze

The trifecta freeze looks like a milkshake and has a similar sugary sweetness. The flavors have a classic combination. The trifecta freeze combines a rich blend of dark and white chocolate with caramel blended into a cold and silky freeze.

8. White Zombie Breve

White Zombie Breve

This zombie-themed breve is a drink that combines three monster flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and of course, coffee. When you’re feeling like a zombie while walking into work, or you need an afternoon pick me up to give you life, the white zombie breve is scary good at doing both.

 The vanilla and chocolate are classic favorites that we suggest you order year-round.

9. Kicker Cold Brew

Kicker Cold Brew

The cold kicker brew combines Irish cream syrup, standard cream, and Dutch Bros’ nitro cold brew. The silky nitro combination landed a place on the permanent menu. It also provides the perfect silky topping for your desired smooth days.

10. Marmalade Paris Tea

Tiger's Blood Lemonade

The marmalade Paris tea is as bright as the city of lights. This tea makes a refreshing glass in a hot minute and is the perfect companion for a day in the sand, sun, or a drive. The marmalade Paris tea combines three citrusy flavors: orange, ruby red grapefruit, and sweet strawberry.

If you like the flavor profile of drinks like passion tea, lemonade, or citrus-based juice, this Dutch Bros choice is a towering substitute.

11. French Toast Breve

French Toast Breve

Nothing is more important to breakfast than coffee. This drink combines two iconic morning fixes: A hot cup of coffee and a steaming stack of french toast. You can order this breve iced or blended if you like, but it has to be hot for us.

The French toast breve has cinnamon, melted white chocolate, and a foamy portion of milk or cream. 

12. Palm Beach Lemonade

Palm Beach Lemonade

The Palm beach lemonade signature drink at Dutch Bros’ secret menu mixes with pomegranate syrup. If you want the perfect blend of sweet tart, add peach syrup to this drink. It has unique flavors and is lush, as these two fruits have. 

13. White Coffee Cookie

White Coffee Cookie

The white coffee cookie unites flavors of velvety white chocolate and woodsy chocolate macadamia nut and delicious coffee. It’s a smooth beverage if you can handle the caffeination.

14. Gummy Bear Rebel

Gummy Bear Rebel

This blue rebel mixes sweet and sour with a caffeine kick. The combination allows you to imagine a chewy mouthful of sweet candies while you might not be snacking. This gummy bear rebel energy drink from Dutch Bros is unique and one of our favorite secret menu variations.

15. Double Rainbro Rebel

Double Rainbro Rebel

Double rainbro rebel at Dutch Bros’ secret menu has jam-packed with energy. It is an energy drink mixed with a fantastic blend of strawberry, peach, and coconut syrup. It is also available in iced or blended.

16. Pink Flamingo Frost

Pink Flamingo Frost

Pink flamingo frost is one of the featured drinks of the month at Dutch Bros. Coffee. This combines strawberry, peach, and white chocolate blended with an ice cream mix to create the perfect drink. The combination of syrups will provide a vibrant pink hue and delicious chocolate strawberry flavor. 

17. Dirty Caterpillar

Dirty Caterpillar

The dirty caterpillar tastes so good you’ll start wondering where the caterpillar comes into play. This drink is more like a butterfly.

This smoothie mixes green apple and caramel, resulting in a thick smoothie you’ll love. Don’t forget to ask the Dutch Bros. Coffee to squirt a little caramel over the top to heighten that caramel flavor.

18. Toasted Mellow Mocha

Toasted Mellow Mocha

The most nostalgic drink of the summer holiday, you must try it! The toasted mellow mocha will become your favorite morning drink ever.

It has an iced hazelnut truffle mocha with a soft top and caramel drizzle to pick up for your holiday adventures from Dutch Bros. Coffee secret menu.

19. Cotton Candy Frost

Cotton Candy Frost

Dutch Bros’ secret menu item, cotton candy frost, is a delicious ice cream shake featuring a mix of blue raspberry syrup and white chocolate sauce. It is topped with whipped cream. 

Order the cotton candy frost if you want to curb your sweet craving. 

20. Electric Berry Green Tea

Electric Berry Green Tea

Electric berry green tea is among the best Dutch Bros’ secret menu drinks. You must try it! It features exclusive sparkling water, lime syrup, and blue raspberry syrup topped with whipped cream! If you want a mini attack, I suggest grabbing this beverage to top this off. 

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Do you want to try all these Dutch Bros’ secret menu items? Visit your nearest Dutch Bros. Coffee outlet and taste all these drinks with your friends and family. You will get all of these items at a reasonable price. Stay connected with us for more updates on the secret menu and hacks of famous restaurants!

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