The Dunkin’ Wake-Up Wrap Hack!

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Who doesn’t love a good old hack? That too, when it is a Dunkin’ hack! Yes, you heard that right! There’s a viral Dunkin’ hack going around on Reddit and life seriously could not get better than this.

Dunkin Wake Up Wraps

Dunkin’ Donuts, being an international brand, is loved by almost everyone. It’s famous for its coffee and donuts. But what most people don’t know is that they serve a variety of breakfast options.

These breakfast options include munchkins, wake-up wraps, etc. These wraps come in two styles, the egg and cheese wraps and the bacon, egg and cheese wraps. These options were first introduced in 2009 and have been the hype ever since.

These wraps are still included in the Dunkin’ menu and now come with additions like turkey sausage, sausage, etc. As if these wraps weren’t already good on their own, someone has now come up with a hack to make these wake-up wraps even better and people can’t get enough of it!

According to a redditor, to have the best of times with a wake-up wrap, you should add a few hash browns and za’atar seasoning to it.

This hack went viral when Redditor 1019sb, the creator of this hack, posted an image of the said hack with the caption, “Simple yet super delicious! Egg & cheese wake-up wraps w/hash browns and za’atar seasoning.”

Za’atar seasoning is basically a type of spice mix made up of oregano, thyme, sumac and sesame seeds blended together. It is a perfect seasoning with earthy, nutty and citrusy flavors. Adding this to the Dunkin’ wake-up wrap definitely does take the whole thing up another level.

They say God works in mysterious ways; well, social media users are no different. This hack went viral overnight and the response by several redditors was overwhelming. They even made their own suggestions to make the original hack even better. Come on; there’s always room for improvement!

One redditor even went on to say that this hack should be a Dunkin’ menu item itself! They’re calling this hack the mega wrap and someone even claimed that the employees at Dunkin’ have been doing it for years. 

America runs on Dunkin’ and so does yummy food! Along with providing you with this hack, you can also check out all about the  Dunkin iced coffee-flavor jelly beans via this link.

The complete menu of Dunkin’ can also be accessed here. So go to your nearest Dunkin’ outlet and try this hack for yourself!

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