Dunkin’ Donuts Menu With Prices [Updated September 2023]

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The Dunkin’ Donuts menu with prices may vary slightly according to your nearest location. I’ve provided the menu of Dunkin’ Donuts with prices from the location in Saudi Arabia. The menu is updated on the 1st September, 2023.

Dunkin' Donuts Restaurant

For accurate prices, look for the menu of the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts outlet from its official websiteandroid appiOS app, or any other food delivery app.

Dunkin’ Donuts menu with prices is famous for donuts and bagels. They also serve iced drink, hot drinks, Dunkin’ refreshers & tea, frozen drinks, snacks & sides, and many more. All of the food items at Dunkin’ Donuts are below $29.

But the menu isn’t the only thing I will tell you in this article. I will also tell you the franchising details, contact information, and nutritional information. But before knowing all of this, let’s check out the history of Dunkin’ Donuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts is an American-based multinational coffee house chain that William Rosenberg founded in 1950.

The first store of Dunkin’ Donuts was opened in Massachusetts, U.S. Dunkin Donuts is well-known for its coffee and baked products not only in the USA but across the world.

Dunkin’ Donuts Menu With Prices

Dunkin' Donuts Food

Dunkin’ Donuts’ menu includes hot coffee, iced coffee, frozen treats, sandwiches, cakes, muffins, bagels, cookies, smoothies, and many more items.

You can choose from hot drink section like macchiato, latte, espresso, cappuccino, vanilla chai, hot tea, and hot chocolate in coffee, and many others at Dunkin’ Donuts menu.

Their bakery and breakfast sandwiches are highly popular among customers as well, like grilled cheese melt costs $5.11, and sweet black pepper bacon breakfast sandwich costs $6.86 on the menu.

Also this restaurant offers a variety of wraps like wake-up wrap – sweet black pepper bacon, wake-up wrap egg, and cheese, etc.

Moreover, there are a variety of frozen drinks which includes frozen coffee, frozen matcha latte, frozen chocolate, coolatta, etc.

You can also order snacks & sides with your meals like stuffed biscuit bites, egg white & veggie omelet bites, hash browns, plain stuffed bagel minis, munchkins donuts hole treats, etc.

Some of them are classic donuts, dozen donuts, muffins, bagels, coffee roll, croissant, avocado spread, and much more.

Dunkin’ Donuts also has a holiday menu for you to pick your tasty holiday treat from. The menu prices of this chain are also very reasonable as compared to other coffee chains.

So without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Dunkin’ Donuts menu with prices.

Iced Drinks Menu With Prices

Original Blend Iced Coffee Menu With Prices

Iced Coffee Small Half Decaf$ 3.98
Iced Coffee Medium Half Decaf $ 4.36
Iced Coffee Large Half Decaf$ 4.73
Iced Coffee Small Original Blend$ 3.98
Iced Coffee Small Decaf$ 3.98
Iced Coffee Medium Original Blend$ 4.36
Iced Coffee Medium Decaf$ 4.36
Iced Coffee Large Original Blend$ 4.73
Iced Coffee Large Decaf$ 4.73

Cold Brew Menu With Prices

Cold Brew (Small)$ 4.61
Cold Brew (Medium)$ 4.98
Cold Brew (Large)$ 5.36

Iced Latte Menu With Prices

Iced Latte Small Regular$ 5.48
Iced Latte Medium Regular$ 5.86
Iced Latte Large Regular$ 6.23
Iced Latte Small Decaf$ 5.48
Iced Latte Medium Decaf$ 5.86
Iced Latte Large Decaf$ 6.23

Iced Cappuccino Menu With Prices

Iced Cappuccino Small Original$ 5.36
Iced Cappuccino Small Decaf$ 5.36
Iced Cappuccino Medium Original$ 5.73
Iced Cappuccino Medium Decaf$ 5.73
Iced Cappuccino Large Original$ 6.23
Iced Cappuccino Large Decaf$ 6.23

Iced Macchiato Menu With Prices

Iced Macchiato Small Regular$ 5.73
Iced Macchiato Small Decaf$ 6.23
Iced Macchiato Medium Regular$ 6.73
Iced Macchiato Medium Decaf$ 5.73
Iced Macchiato Large Regular$ 6.23
Iced Macchiato Large Decaf$ 6.23

Iced Americano Menu With Prices

Iced Americano Small Regular$ 4.36
Iced Americano Small Decaf$ 4.36
Iced Americano Medium Regular$ 4.73
Iced Americano Medium Decaf$ 4.73
Iced Americano Large Regular$ 5.11
Iced Americano Large Decaf$ 5.11

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Hot Drinks Menu With Prices

Matcha Latte $ 5.11$ 5.86$ 6.48
Chai Latte$ 4.48$ 4.86$ 5.23

Original Blend Menu With Prices

Hot Coffee Small Original Blend$ 2.98
Hot Coffee Small Decaf$ 2.98
Hot Coffee Medium Original Blend$3.73
Hot Coffee Medium Decaf$ 3.73
Hot Coffee Large Original Blend$ 3.98
Hot Coffee Large Decaf$ 3.98
Hot Coffee X-Large Original Blend$ 4.23
Hot Coffee X-Large Decaf$ 4.23
Hot Coffee Small Half Decaf$ 2.98
Hot Coffee Medium Half Decaf$ 3.73
Hot Coffee Large Half Decaf$ 3.98
Hot Coffee X-Large Half Decaf$ 4.23

Dunkin’ Midnight Menu With Prices

Hot Coffee Small Dunkin’ Midnight$ 2.98
Hot Coffee Medium Dunkin’ Midnight$ 3.73
Hot Coffee Large Dunkin’ Midnight$ 3.98
Hot Coffee X-Large Dunkin’ Midnight$ 4.23

Latte Menu With Prices

Latte Small Regular$ 4.73
Latte Medium Regular$ 5.23
Latte Large Regular$ 5.73
Latte Small Decaf$ 4.73
Latte Medium Decaf$ 5.23
Latte Large Decaf$ 5.73

Cappuccino Menu With Prices

Cappuccino Small Original$ 4.86
Cappuccino Small Decaf$ 4.86
Cappuccino Medium Original$ 5.23
Cappuccino Medium Decaf$ 5.23
Cappuccino Large Original$ 5.73
Cappuccino Large Decaf$ 5.73

Macchiato Menu With Prices

Macchiato Small Regular$ 5.11
Macchiato Small Decaf$ 5.11
Macchiato Medium Regular$ 5.48
Macchiato Medium Decaf$ 5.48
Macchiato Large Regular$ 5.98
Macchiato Large Decaf$ 5.98

Americano Menu With Prices

Americano Small Regular$ 4.11
Americano Small Decaf$ 4.11
Americano Medium Regular$ 4.48
Americano Medium Decaf$ 4.48
Americano Large Regular$ 4.86
Americano Large Decaf$ 4.86

Espresso Menu With Prices

Single Espresso Regular$ 2.48
Single Espresso Decaf$ 2.48
Double Espresso Regular$ 2.98
Triple Espresso Regular$ 3.73
Double Espresso Decaf$ 2.98
Triple Espresso Decaf$ 3.73

Tea Menu With Prices

Hot Tea Small Decaf$ 3.23
Hot Tea Medium Decaf$ 3.61
Hot Tea Large Decaf$ 3.98
Hot Tea Small Bold Breakfast (Black)$ 3.23
Hot Tea Small Harmony Leaf (Green)$ 3.23
Hot Tea Small Cool Mint (Herbal/Caffeine Free)$ 3.23
Hot Tea Small Chamomile Fields (Herbal/Caffeine Free)$ 3.23
Hot Tea Small Hibiscus Kiss (Herbal/Caffeine Free)$ 3.23
Hot Tea Medium Bold Breakfast (Black)$ 3.61
Hot Tea Medium Harmony Leaf (Green)$ 3.61
Hot Tea Medium Cool Mint (Herbal/Caffeine Free)$ 3.61
Hot Tea Medium Chamomile Fields (Herbal/Caffeine Free)$ 3.61
Hot Tea Medium Hibiscus Kiss (Herbal/Caffeine Free)$ 3.61
Hot Tea Large Bold Breakfast (Black)$ 3.98
Hot Tea Large Harmony Leaf (Green)$ 3.98
Hot Tea Large Cool Mint (Herbal/Caffeine Free)$ 3.98
Hot Tea Large Chamomile Fields (Herbal/Caffeine Free)$ 3.98
Hot Tea Large Hibiscus Kiss (Herbal/Caffeine Free)$ 3.98
Hot Tea X-Large Bold Breakfast (Black)$ 4.23
Hot Tea X-Large Harmony Leaf (Green)$ 4.23
Hot Tea X-Large Cool Mint (Herbal/Caffeine Free)$ 4.23
Hot Tea X-Large Chamomile Fields (Herbal/Caffeine Free)$ 4.23
Hot Tea X-Large Hibiscus Kiss (Herbal/Caffeine Free)$ 4.23
Hot Tea X-Large Decaf$ 4.23

Hot Chocolate Menu With Prices

Hot Chocolate Small Original$ 3.73
Hot Chocolate Medium Original$ 4.11
Hot Chocolate Large Original$ 4.48
Hot Chocolate X-Large Original$ 4.86

Box O’ Joe Hot Chocolate Menu With Prices

Box O’ Joe® Coffee Hot Chocolate$ 28.73

Box O’ Joe Coffee Menu With Prices

Box O’ Joe® Coffee Decaf$ 26.23
Box O’ Joe® Coffee Original Blend$ 26.23
Box O’ Joe® Coffee Midnight$ 26.23

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Dunkin’ Refreshers & Tea Menu With Prices

Strawberry Dragonfruit Dunkin’ Refresher$ 5.61$ 6.23$ 6.86
Peach Passion Fruit Dunkin’ Refresher$ 5.61$ 6.23$ 4.86
Strawberry Dragonfruit Dunkin’ Coconut Refresher$ 5.61$ 6.23$ 5.48
Peach Passion Fruit Dunkin’ Coconut Refresher$ 5.61$ 6.23$ 5.48
Iced Matcha Latte$ 5.61$ 6.23$ 6.86
Iced Chai Latte$ 5.61$ 5.48$ 5.86
Iced Tea Black Tea$ 5.61$ 3.73$ 4.11
Iced Tea Green Tea$ 5.61$ 3.73$ 4.11

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Sandwiches & Wraps Menu With Prices

Bacon Avocado Tomato Sandwich$ 6.86
Grilled Cheese$ 5.11
Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Breakfast Sandwich$ 6.86
Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich$ 7.23
Bacon, Egg And Cheese$ 6.48
Sausage, Egg And Cheese$ 6.48
Egg And Cheese$ 5.23
Turkey Sausage Egg And Cheese$ 6.61
Wake-Up Wrap – Sweet Black Pepper Bacon$ 3.61
Wake-Up Wrap – Bacon Egg And Cheese$ 3.61
Wake-Up Wrap – Sausage Egg And Cheese$ 3.61
Wake-Up Wrap – Turkey Sausage Egg And Cheese$ 3.61
Wake-up Wrap – Egg And Cheese$ 2.98
Hash Browns$ 1.61

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Frozen Drinks Menu With Prices

Frozen Coffee$ 5.23$ 5.86$ 6.48
Frozen Matcha Latte$ 5.36$ 6.11$ 6.86
Frozen Chocolate$ 5.11$ 5.86$ 6.61
Coolatta Strawberry$ 4.48$ 4.98$ 5.48
Coolatta Blue Raspberry$ 4.48$ 4.98$ 5.48
Coolatta Vanilla Bean$ 4.48$ 4.98$ 5.48

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Snacks & Sides Menu With Prices

Stuffed Biscuit Bites$ 3.73
Sweet Black Pepper Snackin’ Bacon$ 3.61
Bacon & Cheddar Omelet Bites$ 6.98
Egg White & Veggie Omelet Bites$ 6.98
Plain Stuffed Bagel Minis$ 3.73
Everything Stuffed Bagel Minis$ 3.73
Hash Browns$ 1.61

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Donuts & Bakery Menu With Prices

Classic Donuts$ 1.86
5 Munchkins Donut Hole Treats$ 2.61
10 Munchkins Donut Hole Treats$ 4.73
25 Munchkins Donut Hole Treats$ 10.61
50 Munchkins Donut Hole Treats$ 18.73
Half Dozen Donuts$ 10.61
Dozen Donuts$ 18.73
Muffins$ 3.73
4 Muffins$ 14.95
Bagels$ 2.73
Plain Stuffed Bagel Minis$ 3.73
Everything Stuffed Bagel Minis$ 3.73
Bagel With Cream Cheese Spread$ 4.23
Coffee Roll$ 2.86
Apple Fritter$ 2.86
Croissant$ 2.73
English Muffin$ 2.36
Avocado Spread$ 2.23

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Bottled Drinks Menu With Prices

Simply Orange Juice$ 3.73
Bottled Water$ 2.48

Brew At Home Menu With Prices

Packaged Coffee Menu With Prices

1 Lb. Coffee – Ground Original Blend$ 11.98
1 Lb. Coffee – Ground Decaf$ 11.98
1 Lb. Coffee – Ground French Vanilla$ 11.98
1 Lb. Coffee – Whole Bean Original Blend$ 11.98
1 Lb. Coffee – Ground Dunkin’ Midnight$ 11.98

K-Cup Pods Menu With Prices

K-Cup 12 Count Original Blend$ 11.98
K-Cup 12 Count Decaf$ 11.98
K-Cup 12 Count French Vanilla$ 11.98
K-Cup 12 Count Dunkin’ Midnight$ 11.98

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How To Order Online From Dunkin’ Donuts?

Want to enjoy your favorites from Dunkin’ Donuts at home? Well! Now, you can definitely have such a delightful experience. Wanna know how? Try ordering food from Dunkin’ Donuts by referring to their official websiteandroid appiOS app, or any other food delivery app.

To order food from Dunkin’ Donuts online, you can also refer to some of the leading food delivery service apps like DoordashGrubhubSeamless, and Postmates. We have shared the detailed screenshots that shows how to order food online from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Finding The Latest Dunkin’ Donuts Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open the restaurant’s official website and place the order online.

UberEats Homepage

2. Add the location of any nearest Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant.

Dunkin' Donuts Location

3. Once you add the location, the complete menu will be displayed.

Dunkin' Donuts Menu

4. Select your favorite food items and add them to your cart.

Dunkin' Donuts Add To Cart

5. Proceed further to checkout and confirm the online order.

Dunkin' Donuts Checkout

6. Once you click on checkout, the page will guide you to add personal details.

Panera Bread Personal Details

Dunkin’ Donuts Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationverywellfit.com/the-best-low-calorie-food-at-dunkin-donuts

To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Dunkin’ Donuts menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Dunkin’ Donuts Franchising Details

Dunkin' Donuts Outlet

Dunkin’ Donuts has more than 200 locations all over the United States. The brand has expanded in states like Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. So if you want to open a Dunkin’ Donuts store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Name of FeeCost
Initial Franchise FeeFrom $ 40,000 to $ 90,000
Building CostsFrom $ 19,500 to $ 535,000
Site Development CostsFrom $ 0 to $ 298,000
Additional Development CostsFrom $ 4,700 to $ 82,500
Equipment, Fixtures and SignsFrom $ 25,000 to $ 268,000
Electronic Cash Register / Retail Technology SystemFrom $16,000 to $ 61,000
Licenses, Permits, Fees and Deposits From $ 500 to $ 5,500 
Real Estate CostsVaries
Opening InventoryFrom $ 4,000 to $ 20,000
Miscellaneous Opening CostsFrom $ 9,500 to $ 70,000
UniformsFrom $ 0 to $ 1,200
InsuranceFrom $ 4,500 to $ 16,000
Travel and Living Expenses While TrainingFrom $ 2,000 to $ 35,000
Marketing Start-Up FeeFrom $ 0 to $ 10,000
Additional Funds for First 3 Months of OperationFrom $ 0 to $ 105,000
Estimated TotalFrom $ 95,700 to $ 1,597,200

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Dunkin’ Donuts Contact Information

Dunkin’ Donuts Corporate Office Address: 130 Royall St. Canton, MA 02021

Dunkin’ Donuts Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-859-5339

Important Links

Official Websitedunkinathome.com

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/dunkinindia

Instagram: instagram.com/dunkin

Twitter: twitter.com/dunkindonuts

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/dunkin-donuts/about

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Dunkin’ Donuts [FAQs]

How many total locations does Dunkin’ Donuts have in the United States?

There are more than 11,300 locations of Dunkin’ Donuts in the United States.

What are Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant’s opening hours?

Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant opens Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m to 9 p.m.

Does Dunkin’ Donuts provide a gluten-free menu?

No, they provide don’t provide a gluten-free menu. All of their coffee and other beverages are probably safe to drink if your just looking to avoid gluten and grab a quick drink.

Can you customize Dunkin Donuts?

There’s over 14,000 ways to customize your order when you order ahead on the app from Dunkin Donuts.

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