Duff Goldman To Release A New Cookbook On Cookies

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From kids to fully grown adults, who doesn’t love cookies? The satisfaction it gives to dunk a cookie in a glass of warm milk is something that cannot be achieved by anything else and is unbeatable! 

Duff Goldman

Indulging yourself in those sweet pleasures, devouring everything from pastries to cookies, is something that will never get old. With people having several flavors of cookies as their favorite, one opinion that stands out is that of Duff Goldman.

Being a pastry chef himself, Goldman has hosted several cooking shows and written cookbooks. He’s been a judge in cooking competitions and has been a competitor himself in some of them.

In recent news, Goldman announced that he’d be writing a cookbook based and focused on cookies. (Can’t wait to buy it already!) He recently took to Instagram and did something cookie-licious!

Duff Goldman posted a picture on Instagram which featured him standing in front of a table occupied and filled with a variety of cookies! From chocolate chips to oatmeal, a vast range of cookies was seen on the table.

Goldman captioned the post, “This is what happens when you write a cookbook about cookies.” This hints at the amount of hard work he put into writing his cookbook. The post then received immense love from fans and comments containing positive reviews.

A user wrote, “You are welcome to write your next cookbook in my kitchen,” while another wrote, “I’d be happy to take some off your hand.” Fans then dubbed the whole thing to a “Cookie Heaven!”

This highly awaited cookbook is already receiving so much love, which makes us even more excited about what all is there to it! Be a cookie lover or a sweet tooth, and it’ll be hard not to buy and try the recipes from Goldman’s new cookbook! 

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