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How to Make Dry Fruit Mastani at Home

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A variety of mastani’s to continue the excitement in the drink; those varying from flavours to happiness and now the richness of dry fruits. A new ingredient, an innovation here is enough tasty to excite your taste buds. An ice-cream topping might be an old one, but it is just right to shout out ‘summer drinks on the table’.

Dry Fruit Mastani

When I was a child; I was fantasized by the mastani with an ice-cream topping. In the night when the cool winds blew and we had this amazing Dry Fruit Mastani under the starry sky; it was the only respite to the long summer day. I have it one day, I thought to share the recipe with my lovely people so today, I am here to share the Dry Fruit Mastani Recipe.

Let’s make a beloved drink of my childhood days. But there are many other drinks that we’ve covered in our blog. You should definitely check them as well.

1. Chocolate Mastani This Chocolate Mastani is a chocolate rich simple recipe; here’s a fine addition to your delightful drinks list. A glass full of happiness and a topping that soothes the eye, actives your taste buds is all that is needed to change the air around you.

2. Rose MastaniA rich essence to make you a great dessert is what we would love to have. Lavish, thickened shake, with this royal essence of rose, is going to be a new addition to your life today.

3. Mango Mastani Mango, the king of fruits makes an amazing pair with milk. Amongst varieties of milkshakes, Mango Mastani is my favourite. The combination of milk, mangoes and ice cream makes it perfect for summertime.

4. Pistachio MastaniThis yummy delight is one of the best respites for hot summer days. This pistachio mastani is another rich and royal essence to make your taste buds blow with its lavish taste.

Ingredients Required for Dry Fruit Mastani Recipe

Cooked milk3 cups
Vanilla essence½ tsp
Chopped almonds1 tbsp
Chopped cashews1 tbsp
Chopped Pistachios1 tbsp
Chopped anjir (dry figs)1 tbsp
Vanilla ice-cream1 scoop

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time

Dry Fruit Mastani Recipe

Dry Fruit Mastani recipe
  • Take milk in a mixing jug and mix essence to it.
  • Put it in the refrigerator for around 30 minutes.
  • Pour the milk in a serving glass and add all the dry fruits
  • Then blend the milk and the dry fruits in a blender.
  • Put the drink in a glass and add a scoop of ice cream. Serve chilled.

Taste the heavenly taste after a long day. Feel the chill through your taste buds to deeper down to your throat because this Dry Fruit Mastani recipe is going to give you the satisfaction to the fullest.

Nutritional Information of Dry Fruit Mastani Recipe

Protein7 g
Carbohydrates19 g
Fiber2 g
Fat13 g
Cholesterol12 g

How to Make Dry Fruit Mastani at Home | Video

Video by Live Food

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