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Are you a dosa lover and you are staying in foreign and one day, you craved for dosa but you don’t know how to make, so you decided to go out to eat dosa but you don’t know where to go you searched about it and you came to there is a place called Dosa Plaza where different variety of Dosa is available but before you go, you want some information regarding the restaurant.

While searching for the information, you came to my blog and I will say one thing you are at the place because, in the coming lines, I will provide you with information regarding the Dosa Plaza. I would like to start with some history first.

Dosa Plaza is an Indian chain of restaurant that was founded by Prem Ganapathy in 1997 in Mumbai with 1000 Indian Rupp. Now, Dosa Plaza has more than 72 outlets not even in India but outside India also.

Now in this blog, I will tell you the latest Dosa Plaza menu prices. And besides that, I will also tell you the franchise details, contact information, and the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Dosa Plaza menu.

Dosa Plaza Menu Prices

Dosa Plaza menu

Dosa Plaza menu includes Mumbai Chaat, Traditional Taste of South India, Indo-Chinese Plaza, Sizzlers, Punjabi Plaza, Body, Mind and Soul, Cool Plaza, Sweet Plaza, and many more.

Dosa Plaza is specialized for a myriad variety of dosa in which they have given some twisty flavours from the other countries in there dosa so that everyone can eat it. The reason for which people visit there is that when you eat their food you will feel like you are eating food in your home.

Ambience and hygiene of their restaurant are unbeatable with excellent staff and if we talk about the Dosa Plaza prices, they are affordable as mot of their price lie between $1 to $12. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest menu prices of Dosa Plaza.

Mumbai Chaat

Yummy Snacks

Samosa $6.00
Samosa Chaat $9.00
Papdi Chaat $9.00
Batata Vada $6.00
Sabudani Vada$7.00
Bhel Puri $9.00
Sev Puri $9.00
Pani Puri$9.00
Dahi Batata Puri $10.00
Dahi Vada $9.00
Onion Bhajia $9.00
Potato Bhajia $7.00

Mumbai Special

Pav Bhaji $12.00
Vada Pav $8.00
Butter Pav $2.50

Traditional Taste Of South India

Steamy Idles and Crispy Vadas

Steam Idli $5.00
Mini Idli $8.00
Medu Vada $5.00
Sambar Vada $8.00

Sada Plaza

Set Dosa $9.00
Sada Dosa $9.00
Sada Dosa with Cheese $10.00
Rocket Mysore Dosa $10.00
Prem Sada Roast Dosa $10.00
Harbhara Dosa $10.00

Traditional Masala Plaza

Masala Dosa $10.50
Masala Dosa with Tomato $11.50
Harabhara Masala $11.50
Mysore Masala Dosa $11.50
Mysore Masala Dosa with Mushroom $12.50
Prem Roast Masala Dosa$11.50
Pav Bhaji Dosa $12.50
Salad Masala Dosa $12.00
Paneer Masala Dosa $12.00

Healthy Uttappas

Plain Uttappa$10.50
Mysore Uttappa$11.50
Sandwich Uttappa $11.50
Onion Uttappa$11.50
Tomato Uttappa$11.50
Paneer Onion Uttappa $11.50
Paneer Tomato Uttappa $11.50
Paneer Onion Tomato Uttappa$11.50
Tomato Mushroom Uttappa $11.50
Onion Tomato Capsicum Uttappa$11.50

Thin and Crispy Dosas

Garlic Roast Dosa $11.50
Onion Sada Dosa $11.50
Pudy Roast Dance $11.50
Schezwan Sada $11.50
Crunchy Bite Dosa $11.50

Chinese Fusion Dosas

Spring Roll Dosa$13.00
Chinese Delight Dosa $13.00
Paneer Spring Roll Dosa$13.50

Chopsuey Plaza

Anerican Chopsuey Dosa $13.00
Paneer American Chopsuey Dosa$14.00
Mushroom Chopsuey Dosa$13.50

Spicy Plaza

Tom Chi Uttappa $12.00
Spicy Uttappa $12.00
Schezwan Dosa$13.00
Paneer Chilli Dosa$13.00
Mushroom Schezwan Dosa$14.00
Paneer Schezwan Dosa$14.00

Mexican Fusion Dosas

Hot Garlic Mexican Uttappa$12.00
Chilli Delight Uttappa$12.00
Onion Delight Uttappa$12.00
Mexi Roll Dosa$13.00
Aloo Crispy Dosa$13.50
Paneer Crispy Dosa$14.00

Mexican Thin Crispy Dosas

Salso Lite$11.50
Mexican Roast Dosa$11.50
Red Chilli Dosa$11.50

Salad Dosas

Salad Roast Dosa $13.00
Paneer Salad Roast $13.00
American Delight Dosa$14.00
Arabian Delight Dosa$14.50
American Paneer Delight Dosa$15.50

Paper Plaza

Paper Roast Dosa $20.50

Chinese Style Idli

Idli Manchrian $12.00
Idli Schezwan $12.00
Idli Chilli Garlic $12.00

Indo-Chinese Plaza

Veg Sweet Corn Soup$9.50
Veg Manchow Soup$9.50
Veg Hot and Sour Soup$9.50
Veg Clear Soup$9.50


French Fries$8.00
Chinese Bhel$8.50
Veg 65$10.50
Veg Chilli Dry $10.50
Veg Manchurian Dry$10.50
Gobi Manchurian Dry$10.50
Paneer Chilli Dry$10.50

Main Course

Veg Chilli Gravy $11.50
Veg Manchurian Gravy $11.50
Paneer Chilli Gravy $12.00
Paneer Hot Garlic$12.00
Paneer Manchurian Gravy $12.00
Paneer Cashewnut Chilli Gravy $12.50


Veg Fried Rice$10.50
Veg Schezwan Fried Rice$11.00
Shanghai Rice with Noodles$10.50
Mushroom Fried Rice$11.00
Paneer Fried Rice$11.50


Veg Hakka Noodles $10.50
Veg Schezwan Noodles$11.00
Chilli Garlic Noodles $11.50
Panner Schezwan Noodles$12.50
Mushroom Schezwan Noodles$12.50


Veg Sizzler$16.50
Schezwan Sizzler$16.50
Paneer Tikka Sizzler$16.50
Brownie Sizzler$6.50

Punjabi Plaza


Harabhara Kabab$9.00
Tandoori Aloo$9.50
Paneer Tikka Kabab$10.50
Butta Da Kabab$10.50
Dahi Vada$9.00
Aloo Tikki$9.00
Papdi Chaat$9.00
Vegetable Platter$12.50

Main Course

Dal Fry $10.50
Dal Makhani $11.50
Aloo Gobi $12.00
Aloo Mutter $12.00
Veg. Makhanwala$12.50
Veg. Malakofta $13.00
Palak Paneer$13.00
Butter Paneer$12.50
Kadai Paneer$13.00
Paneer Tikka Masala $12.50
Vegetable Jalfrezi $13.00
Mutter Paneer$13.00
Mix Vegetable$13.00
Navratana Korma$13.00
Methi Malai Mutter$12.50
Paneer Burji $13.50
Veg. Vindaloo$13.00

Tandoori Breads

Tandoori Roti$3.00
Butter Roti$3.50
Bhatura $3.50
Naan $3.00
Butter Naan $3.50
Garlic Naan $3.50
Cheese Nan $4.50
Cheese Garlic Naan $5.00
Masala Kulcha $5.00
Onion Kulcha $4.50
Aloo Paratha$8.00
Paneer Paratha$9.00


Steam Rice$3.50
Jeera Rice$5.50
Subz Biryani$12.50

Punjabi Combo

Punjabi Thali$14.50
Chole Bhature$12.00

Nourish Body, Mind, and Soul

Penne Pummoraia$11.50
Aglio Olio E Pepperoncino$11.50
Penne all’ Arrabbiata$11.50
Al Pesto Genovese$11.50
Pasta All Alfredo$11.50
Penne Funghi E Pieselli $11.50
Chef’s Special Pastaria$12.00

Cool Plaza

Iced Tea

Iced Lemon Tea$4.50
Iced Strawberry Tea$4.50

Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee$4.50
Cafe Mocha $4.50

Iced Mocktail Soda

Cool Sky $4.50
Irish Berry$4.50

Lassi and Milkshake

Butter Milk $4.50
Lassi $4.50
Strawberry Milkshake$6.00
Choco Milk Shake$6.00
Lemon Milk Shake$6.00
Sapota Milk Shake$6.00
Mango Milk Shake$6.00


Royal Falooda with Ice Cream $9.00
Mango Falooda with Ice Cream $9.00

Espress Plaza

Madras Filter Coffee$4.50
Masala Tea$4.50
Hot Chocolate $4.50

Sweet Plaza

Gulab Jamun$5.50
Rasgulla $5.50
Gajar Ka Halwa$7.00
Milk Rice Kheer$7.00
Shrikhand $7.00
Jam Roast Dosa$7.50
Sweet Coconut Dosa$7.50

Dosa Plaza Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Dosa Plaza menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Dosa Plaza Franchise Details

Dosa Plaza franchise

Dosa Plaza has 72 outlets in countries like India, New Zealand, Oman and UAE and if you want to open a Dosa Plaza store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Franchise FeeUSD $40,000
Minimum Investment USD  $150,000 

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Dosa Plaza Contact Information


Dosa Plaza Corporate Office Phone Number: +91 9324251402

Dosa Plaza Corporate Office Email Address: [email protected]

Social Media Handles

Facebook Page:

Instagram Account:

Twitter Handle:

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