Top 11 Domino’s Copycat Recipes

Domino’s is a blessing for nine to five toils. It’s like whenever we crave pizza, Domino’s is the first to be on our mind. Do you agree with this? If yes, then follow the article to learn some fun facts about Domino’s and their sizzling recipes. Apart from their trendy pizza items, Domino’s also offers mouth-watering wings, full-fledged edible bread bowls, flavorful sauces, and much more. You can check out the menu prices of Domino’s before you place an order for these delish delights.

Dominos recipes

Today I have shared 11 top Domino’s recipes with you in this article. Domino’s offers an assortment of pizzas in all the crusts available. Knowing this, we have covered the range of cheese, pan, pepperoni, cheeseburger, and thin-crust pizza recipes. All these pizza recipes are delectable and admired by all. Get familiar with these delightful copycat recipes from Dominoes. But first, let’s begin with some facts. 

Domino’s is a well-established food chain restaurant. Begun with one store in 1960, it currently has more than 30,000 stores around the globe. It took long years to reach the peak of its success. However, the wait was worth it. People have inbounded their trust in Dominoes eternally. Even with their eyes closed, they can recognize the taste of Domino’s food items. 

Moreover, Domino’s workers have the perfect way to stop gluten-free and vegan food from getting mixed up with regular orders. You might be curious, how do they identify their gluten-free or vegan orders? They make the size of a gluten-free pizza base different from regular ones to cater to its customer’s dietary requirements.

If you are a Domino’s lover, then keep looking through to know some more interesting facts. Before I share some top recipes, I wish to express my joy for Domino’s new oven-baked dips. The flavors it comes in are cheesy marinara, baked apple, and five cheese. Try your homemade bread twists with these amazing oven-baked dips. So here is a list of Domino’s top recipes that you can prepare at home in no time. 

1. Domino’s Pizza Dough

Copycat Dominos

The first and foremost important recipe is Domino’s pizza dough. Would you agree that dough is the soul of your pizza? If yes, then sway down and check out a quick Domino’s Pizza dough copycat recipe. When the dough is fluffy, the pizza will be tender too. So make sure not to fail the crust. Domino’s also uses cornmeal to achieve the crispy texture of the pizza base. 

Now don’t be baffled; just dust off a little cornmeal once you have rolled. Place it in the pan with the toppings to bake—no rocket science. Moreover, Domino’s uses milk in its dough for a smooth and firm texture. Use these simple tricks and tweaks to make Domino’s copycat pizza dough recipe. 

Knead, rest, roll, and bake. With these simple three steps and a handful of ingredients, your pizza dough will be ready in no time. A keynote, roll the dough in a round shape by gently moving your fingers on top of the pizza dough. For the detailed list of equipment, ingredients, and steps of the recipe, just click!!

2. Domino’s Pan Pizza

Dominos pan pizza

Pan pizza has been a trend since the day we have known pizza. Domino’s pan pizza is deliciously an instant hit. It is a pizza baked in a metal pan, a cast iron, a skillet, or a pizza pan. The secret of Domino’s pan pizza is its delectable crust, made from scratch with fresh dough. It is fluffier and thicker than Domino’s usual thin crust.

Pan pizza is different from hand-tossed thin crust pizza. For making pan pizza like Domino’s, simply mix dough elements. Knead it steadily and let it rest for smooth and stretchy dough. Roll, slather the sauce following with toppings, shred some cheese. Place it in a pan to bake. Cover it with a lid if you want oozing cheese on the top. 

Do you wish to know more about equipment, ingredients, and steps to make the pan pizza? If yes, then don’t forget to click on the link to Domino’s pan pizza recipe. You will find some amazing facts along with the full recipe!

3. Domino’s Cheese Pizza

Oozing cheese pizza

Cheese toppings tend to be rich and taste pretty good. Domino’s cheese pizza is one of the most ordered pizzas on an average day. Their pizzas are available in any crust, be it thin-crust, hand-tossed, pan-base, or thick-crust loaded with extra cheese. The prices for each vary. But how about you make this scrumptious and drooling cheese pizza on your own? At home? That too in no time? Let’s know-how!

Domino’s uses a mixture of mozzarella, white cheddar, provolone, parmesan, asiago, and Monterey jack in equal proportions. They use shredded cheese on the sauce instead of beneath. For making Domino’s copycat cheese pizza, roll the dough, slather pizza sauce and shred some cheese on the top. Put it in the oven to bake for 15 minutes. 

To achieve the desired fine crust of your pizza base, you can simply pre-bake the base for 2-3 minutes. This results in a fully-baked crispy pizza base. If you wish to know more about the equipment, ingredients, and steps to make the recipe. Check out the entire recipe with some interesting facts with just one click!

4. Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza

pepperoni toppings with cheese

Domino’s pepperoni pizza is notoriously popular in America. Pizza may have its origin in Italy, but pepperoni? It mounts to being the beloved topping in America. With its spicy, chewy, and smoky flavors, it does the magic. It is perfectly blended with cheese, tomato sauce, and the dough of the pizza. Let’s see how you can prepare a copycat recipe of Domino’s pepperoni pizza at home. 

Pepperoni, a salami, is a mixture of beef and pork seasoned with paprika and chili powder. You simply prepare the pizza dough, pre-bake it, and begin with the toppings. First, slather some marinara sauce or pizza sauce to your choice. Place the pepperoni slices and shred some mozzarella, white cheddar, and Monterey jack cheese on the top. 

Garnish it with Italian seasoning and put it in the oven to bake. Bake your Domino’s pepperoni pizza at 450℉ for 20 minutes. Preparing pepperoni pizza is as simple as layering the toppings on a pizza base. To prepare this copycat pizza in your kitchen, click to know the entire recipe for Domino’s pepperoni pizza.

5. Domino’s Thin Crust

Copycat Dominos thin crust pizza

Domino’s thin crust is crispy and not crunchy. People often confuse thin crust with a crunchy cracker. But every bite feels so light and more like a pizza than a cracker. Domino’s thinnest crust, The Crunchy thin crust pizza, is the most delectable crust. If you wish the taste of your toppings to dominate the crust, then this is perfect. 

Domino’s experts bake this thin crust pizza for the right amount of time to achieve the desired texture you crave. Do you also wish to become an expert in your kitchen? If yes, then this article is full of recipes that you can learn quickly. Making thin crust pizza at home is as easy as pie. Just the right tricks and you are good to go!

Dominoes uses regular flour with wheat and malted barley to prepare thin crust pizza. Mix the regular flour with wheat and malted barley. Add yeast mixture and knead it steadily to achieve fluffy dough. Let it rest. Once the dough is doubled and risen, begin to roll in a round shape. Make sure it is thinly rolled—dust off the cornmeal over the dough before you bake. Click for the full recipe!

6. Domino’s Chicken Carbonara

Chicken carbonara

Chicken carbonara is a delightful dish bowl full of rich and umami flavors. Domino’s chicken carbonara is made of chicken, onions, mushrooms, garlic, bacon, parsley blended with penne pasta and baked to perfection with Alfredo sauce. This pasta dish can also be made by using penne pasta, spaghetti, or noodles. It is a choice! 

Alfredo creamy sauce is the rich element in chicken carbonara. Unlike Domino’s tomato pizza sauce, alfredo sauce includes all the dairy products. It is creamy and thick, made with butter, parmesan, and heavy cream. Making Domino’s chicken carbonara is a quick deal. 

In a large bowl, add boiled penne pasta, chopped onion, minced garlic, about 2 cups of cooked chopped chicken, sliced mushrooms, alfredo sauce, and about 8 slices of cooked chopped bacon. Garnish it with shredded parmesan and parsley on the top. Mix it well and bake for 15 minutes. Click for the complete recipe! 

7. Domino’s Cheeseburger Pizza

Cheeseburger pizza

Domino’s cheeseburger hit a great balance between cheeseburger and pizza. Do you know why it is called cheeseburger pizza? Because the sauce and cheese, in particular, express a lot of cheeseburger quality. However, It is a burger pizza sitting atop a perfect crust instead of two halves of a bun. 

Domino’s cheeseburger pizza is prepared with a combination of ketchup-mustard sauce. They further add provolone cheese, American cheese, cheddar cheese, sauteed beef, fresh onions, and diced tomatoes. Making Domino’s cheeseburger pizza at home is pretty basic! Let’s begin to know the details.

First, prepare the dough nicely. Mix ketchup and mustard, roast the ground beef, shred all the cheese, and chop some onions and tomatoes. Roll the dough in a round shape and pre-bake. Slather the ketchup-mustard sauce, place the chunks of roasted beef. On top of that, add chopped onion, tomatoes, shredded American, provolone, and cheddar cheese and bake. Click for the full recipe!

8. Domino’s Chicken Wings

Sizzling chicken wings

Domino’s offers bone-in chicken wings. They are hot, spicy, and straight-up gorgeous. Domino’s bake their chicken wings instead of deep-frying them in oil. They also offer different flavors of chicken wings. Hot Buffalo Wings, Mild Buffalo Wings, Honey BBQ Wings, Mango Habanero Wings, Garlic Parmesan Wings, and Plain Wings.

All these flavors are delicious and oven-baked to perfection. The flavorful chicken wings are available in all four sizes. Do you wish to bake them at home? If yes, then follow the copycat chicken wings recipe. Simply marinate your chicken wings with flour, oil, and salt. Keep it aside for only 10 minutes. 

Bake them at 450℉ for 40 minutes in the oven. Take them out in between to flip the other side of the wings. Once they are baked, dip them into hot sauce and serve hot! The sauce will add spicy and umami flavors. If you wish to try these wings with homemade sauce. Click and know the complete recipe of chicken wings with hot sauce. 

9. Domino’s Garlic Bread

Pleasing breadsticks

Assessing the demand, Domino’s introduced several sides ranging from stuffed bread to cinnamon twists. However, Domino’s classic garlic bread is loved by all. Domino’s garlic bread baked to crispy golden brown are seasoned with dried oregano and parsley. Making this recipe at home is very easy. Just a few spices, pantry items, and you are set to go!

Knead the dough by mixing flour, yeast mixture, garlic powder, and salt. Apply oil over the dough and cover it to rest. When the dough has almost doubled its size, roll in the shape of a bread loaf. Slather some melted butter all over the dough, including the edges. Place it in the baking tray to bake at 450℉ for 10 minutes. 

Season it with oregano and parsley to serve! Are you wondering about the right measurements of ingredients added? If yes, then be assured the link for the complete recipe of Domino’s breadsticks at home is here! You can find the detailed list of equipment, ingredients, and steps to make Domino’s garlic bread in the article. 

10. Domino’s Pizza Sauce

Delish pizza sauce

Domino’s traditional pizza sauce is Robust Inspired pizza sauce made from scratch. This sauce is made with a blend of garlic, tomatoes, basil, and cayenne pepper. All these spices add rich flavors to the traditional pizza sauce. There are other sauces that Domino’s offers like marinara, smokey BBQ, sweet & sour, and much more. However, their traditional pizza sauce goes with everything.

The tomatoes are infused with other spices and herbs in traditional pizza sauce. Just an hour of stirring will bring out shiny, glazy, and thick Domino’s pizza sauce. 

Take a stockpot, pour the tomatoes, white vinegar, and all other spices like garlic, cayenne pepper, black pepper, marjoram, and oregano. Stir well to boil. Turn off the flame when achieving the thick consistency. For the full recipe, click!

11. Domino’s Bread Bowl

Dominos bread bowl

Domino’s edible bread bowl acts as a dish to serve pasta. What is this edible bread bowl, you may ask? These are the ball-shaped bowls made with bread dough that you can eat too. You can choose different pasta dishes and opt for them to be served in a bread bowl. It is one of the easiest bread bowls that you can also make at home. Wish to know how? Sway down!

Boil the penne pasta, saute Italian sausages and knead the dough by mixing flour, yeast, and salt. Roll the dough to form a bowl-shaped ball. Punch down in the center for the fillings. Pre-bake the dough for 5-8 minutes. Add the cooked sausages and penne pasta to the marinara sauce. Simultaneously, slather some sauce in the center of the bread bowl. 

Put the pasta and sausages into the bowl. Shred some mozzarella cheese on the top and bake the bread bowl again for 10 minutes. When you take out the bowl, let it cool down before you eat. I am sure you are looking for the entire recipe. If yes, then just click; it will take you to the complete recipe of Domino’s bread bowl.


To sum up, on guiding you for making these Domino’s copycat recipes, I would like to thank you. Your time with us was precious. Try making all these top twelve appetizing recipes in your kitchen with no fuss. Don’t forget the tricks and tweaks you can make in your recipes. From their pizza to bread bowls, every recipe will have a Domino’s touch if you follow all the steps. Enjoy cooking your own meals!

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