Domino’s $7.99 Deal | Here’s What You Need To Know

Nobody does it quite like Domino’s! The delicious food it offers, the amazing deals and discounts, etc., always leave customers satisfied! Domino’s $7.99 deal has recently become one of the most discussed deals in Domino’s list of exciting deals and offers! Excited to know all about it?

Domino’s $7.99 deal can be easily crowned as one of the favorite deals of Domino’s customers. You can order any of the three menu options – 3-topping pizza dips & twists combo and chicken wings, at just $7.99 under this deal. 

Founded in 1960, Domino’s has been serving its customers for quite a long time now. What’s the secret behind its success? Domino’s delicious food and excellent service! With over 15,000 stores worldwide, the company offers its customers a range of menu items to choose from.

Some of the most popular Domino’s menu items include The Philly Steak Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Extravaganzza Feast Pizza, Pacific Veggie Pizza, etc. Not only these, but the chain also offers its customers a variety of side dishes to choose from! 

But what is this $7.99 deal everyone’s talking about? How can you use it to your benefit? Till when is this deal available? Get to know all about it in this article! Happy reading!

What is Domino’s $7.99 Deal?

Domino's $7.99 deal food

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Keeping that phrase in mind, Domino’s came up with a new deal called the “$7.99 deal,” and people can’t stop talking about it. From great food to great value, this deal is everything a foodie could ever ask for! 

Domino’s $7.99 deal offers customers delicious food at a low price. You can order a 3-topping pizza, dips & twists combo, or chicken wings at just $7.99 under this deal. This deal offers almost 50% off to its customers on pizzas, which are originally priced at $15 or above.

However, this deal doesn’t cover XL pizzas and specialty pizzas. Under this deal, a choice of the crust is available with only certain orders and isn’t assured with every pizza order.

Domino’s recently reduced the number of chicken wings included in this deal from 10 wings to 8 wings. The company has taken the route of shrinkflation to deal with inflation and rising costs.

Regarding this, Domino’s CEO, Richard Allison, said, “I think many of you are aware of the significant inflation across the U.S. economy and how that is hitting many of the inputs that we have for our business from meats to cheese, to some of the grains that go into the production of our products.”

Although this new change might upset some customers, the deal is still better and more convenient than others offered by different companies.

What’s Included In The Domino’s $7.99 Deal?

Domino's Pizzas

The Domino’s $7.99 deal offers customers a chance to get a large 3-toppings pizza, chicken wings, or dips & twists combo at just $7.99. So, the next time you’re worried about spending too much on food, turn to this deal and solve all your hunger problems.

The 3-topping pizza offered in this deal includes handmade pan pizzas. The chicken wings covered under this deal allow customers to choose from the regular or boneless options. 

When it comes to the dips & twists combo, customers are in luck as the range is wide. You can pick from Cheesy Marinara Dip & Bread Twists, Five Cheese Dip & Bread Twists and Baked Apple Dip & Cinnamon Bread Twists. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

This deal is perfect for you to avail while hanging out with friends or family or even while enjoying a weekend all by yourself. Providing good food at minimal costs, this Domino’s deal is a once-in-a-lifetime deal for you to use to your benefit.

How To Avail Domino’s $7.99 Deal?

So, the question which must’ve arisen in your mind after reading all about Domino’s $7.99 deal is how you can avail this deal? What does a person have to do to be served a 3-toppings pizza at just $7.99 around here?

To avail the Domino’s $7.99 deal, you first need to check if the location you’re planning to order from is observing and currently offering this deal or not. That was back when this deal was available offline. Now, all you need to do is, place your order online under this deal and pick it up once it’s prepared.

Is Domino’s $7.99 Deal Online or Offline?

With everyone hopping onto online services these days, it feels kind of unnatural or strange not to have an online option for doing things. Removing that barrier completely, Domino’s is here to rock your world!

The Domino’s $7.99 deal will be available for customers online only. Initially, this deal was available offline, where customers could head to their local Domino’s, place their order under this deal and enjoy their meals, but it can no longer be done as the deal is now completely online.


Domino’s has a way of winning its customers hearts in an effortless and easy manner. This time around, it has managed to do so by introducing its $7.99 deal, which offers customers a discount of almost 50% on 3-topping pizzas, chicken wings, or dips & twists combos. 

As this deal can only be availed online, you don’t need to make a trip to your local Domino’s to get delicious food at low costs. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and place an order under this deal now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Domino’s $7.99 deal?

Domino’s $7.99 deal offers customers a choice among 3-topping pizza, chicken wings, or dips & twists combo at the cost of only $7.99.

Is the Domino’s $7.99 deal online or offline?

The Domino’s $7.99 deal could initially only be availed offline and in person. Now, the deal is only available and applicable on orders made online.

What have recent changes been made to Domino’s $7.99 deal?

The Domino’s $7.99 deal has undergone only two major changes, which are – the quantity of chicken wings has reduced from ten wings to eight wings as a part of shrinkflation and the deal has been made completely online.

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