Doja Cat Sings About Missing Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza

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Taco Bell broke countless hearts when it took Mexican pizza off its menu. Seriously Taco Bell, stop doing this to us! But we aren’t the only ones missing the Mexican Pizza.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

The legend Dolly Parton, herself, said she missed the Mexican pizza and wanted it back on the Taco Bell menu. But in more recent news, American singer and rapper Doja Cat was seen pleading with the brand for the comeback of Mexican pizza and putting it back on their menu. 

Doja made the aforementioned plea via a video on TikTok. On March 9, Doja Cat posted a video on TikTok featuring her new song about mourning and craving for Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza. 

Doja Cat was seen explaining in the initial few seconds of the video what it was all about. She can be heard saying, “Hi, I made a song about Mexican Pizza because I love it so much.”

She added, “I wish that Taco Bell didn’t discontinue it a year ago.” She then shares a few lyrics from her new song. The song’s beat was described as a “monstrosity” by the singer herself.

The lyrics go as “I got beans, I need meat, I need a shell with the sauce and the cheese.” Doja sang the same lyrics in the video. It makes me want to stand outside Taco Bell and blast this song on repeat to convince them to put the Mexican pizza back on the menu!

But controversy is never too far behind in the celebrity world. Doja Cat, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, said, “They want me to rap about Mexican pizza, so I want to give you a heads-up before you see that sh*t — it’s contractual. I know it’s bad.”

Well, be it contractual or genuine, all we care about is how much we really do miss the Mexican pizza! So, Taco Bell, if you’re reading this, please heal our hearts by putting the Mexican pizza back on the menu!

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