Does Wendy’s Take Apple Pay?

Does Wendy’s take Apple Pay? You must have been wondering about that for ages now! Who needs cash when you can make cashless payments, am I right? Be it buying groceries, getting some gas for your car, dining at your favorite restaurant, etc., almost everywhere, you can make use of cashless transactions using apps like Apple Pay, etc. 


Wendy’s has had plans to introduce Apple Pay as a method of payment at its restaurants. This chain is now accepting Apple Pay as a way of taking payment from customers. You can now pay your Wendy’s bill for both drive-thru orders and in-house orders via Apple Pay, depending on what location you decide to get your order from!

Wendy’s is an American fast-food restaurant chain and also the world’s third-largest burger chain. The chain specializes in hamburgers, Frosties, sea salt fries, etc. Founded in 1969, the chain now has over 6,711 outlets worldwide, including in Asia and Europe. While accepting payments made through both debit and credit cards, the chain is now allowing customers to pay through Apple Pay as well!

This article will get to know all about Wendy’s opting for Apple Pay as a possible payment method at its restaurants. Along with that, you’ll also get to know all about the other methods of payment at Wendy’s, how to pay at Wendy’s using Apple Pay, etc. So, are you ready? Let’s go then!

Does Wendy’s Take Apple Pay? 

Wendy's App

Wendy’s food lovers have been speculating for ages about the possibility of the chain accepting Apple Pay as a payment method. Some said it was never going to happen, while some literally manifested for it to happen! So, let’s get to know all about it, shall we?

Wendy’s is accepting Apple Pay at its locations. The chain implemented this decision on February 28th, and POS terminals are all set up and ready for customers to use. Apple Pay payments can be made by customers via Wendy’s iOS app. This came as a tag-along feature of the latest update, i.e., version 9.3.3 of the Wendy’s App. 

The description of this new version of Wendy’s App reads:-

“Basketball ain’t the only thing that’s bonkers.

We’re going all-in on insane app offers. Mobile order a $1 Dave’s Single® every single day (2/28 – 4/10). Literally, all of the breakfast is half off (2/28 – 4/1). See? This is what being the Official Hamburger and Official Breakfast of March Madness® does to restaurants. See the app for details.

Apple Pay. You want it, and you got it.

What good is Apple Pay if you can’t use it on Wendy’s app? That was an excellent question that you asked us. So we answered it. Now, you CAN use Apple Pay to place an order on Wendy’s app. Good call, you.”

If you pay with Apple Card, you will even receive 2% in Daily Cash with every purchase you make via Wendy’s app. Keep in mind that this feature is only for iOS users!

How To Pay At Wendy’s Using Apple Pay?

Apple Pay

Making payments at Wendy’s via Apple Pay is both easy and incredibly inconvenient. To pay using Apple Pay for Wendy’s purchases, follow the given steps:- 

1. Choosing The Payment Method

If you want to use Apple Pay to pay for your meal, then ask the attendant at the cash counter if the location accepts the respective payment method. If they do, then let them know you’d like to pay via Apple Pay. 

2. Working It Out In The Apple Wallet

Open the Apple Wallet on your Apple device. Once opened, you can then begin with the payment process.

3. Select The Required Card

If the card you want the payment to be made with is already set as default in your Apple Wallet, then go ahead with initiating the payment. If it isn’t already selected, do the needed and then go ahead with the payment process. 

4. Card Authentication

Regardless of what authentication method your Apple device opts for, complete the card authentication process. Make sure you do it as it is important for the completion of the payment.

5. Payment Completion

Once you’re done with authenticating your card, show your device’s screen to the contactless NFC card reader, and the payment will be completed once a green checkmark is displayed. Click on confirm to end the payment process.

Other Payment Methods Acceptable At Wendy’s

Debit Card

There are several other payment methods that are accepted at Wendy’s, besides cash and Apple Pay. These include paying through credit cards, debit cards, and Wendy’s gift cards.

Given below are the different methods of payment accepted at Wendy’s. Read all about them to avoid any inconvenience the next time you head over to Wendy’s!

1. Credit Card

Wendy’s accepts credit cards from the following companies:- VISA, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. Payments through credit cards are without any hassle, especially at Wendy’s. All you need to do is enter the PIN for your card, and the bill will be deducted from your credit card, which you can pay later. 

2. Debit Card

Not only credit cards but Wendy’s is also known to accept debit cards. The chain accepts payments via debit cards. The payment process is the same as that of credit cards. You just enter your PIN, and your card will be debited with the bill.

3. Wendy’s Gift Card

Another magical method of payment at Wendy’s is its own gift card. Wendy’s gift card can be used to pay your bill at any of its restaurants. All you need to do is use your gift card as you use your debit card. If you have less than the billed amount on your gift card, then you end up paying the rest of it by any other payment method.


Wendy’s accepts payments made via Apple Pay. The chain’s newest app version allows customers to make payments for their orders using Apple Pay. The other methods of payment at Wendy’s include paying through credit cards, debit cards, cash, or Wendy’s gift cards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Wendy’s accept payments made through Apple Pay?

Wendy’s accepts payments made through Apple Pay.

What are other payment methods accepted at Wendy’s?

The other payment methods accepted at Wendy’s include cash, credit card, debit card, and gift card payments.

Who all can use Apple Pay to make payments at Wendy’s?

Only iOS users can use Apple Pay to make payments at Wendy’s.

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