Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay?

No doubt, Popeyes is among America’s favorite fast-food spots! Have you tried buying your favorite Popeyes food items using a digital payment method? One of the best ways is Apple Pay. To Know how to use Apple Pay at Popeyes, read this article.


Popeyes has recently introduced the Apple Pay payment option at its restaurants. This means you can get your favorite chicken burgers, Popeyes signature chicken, and all other Popeyes food items using Apple Pay.

This method not only makes payment easy but also gives you several benefits like discounts, points, and money back on Popeyes orders.  

Well! Popeyes is one of those restaurants that offers mouth-watering fast foods. Its fried chicken and biscuits are famous for their delicious tastes. The juiciest and crunchiest taste of fried chicken from Popeyes is unforgettable.

The secret behind the unique and mesmerizing flavors is their signature spice mix used in the recipes from authentic culinary roots. Popeyes has classic New Orleans, Louisiana-based recipes.

The fast food restaurant chain Popeyes started as a small eatery that’s transformed into a worldwide phenomenon these days.

Popeyes chicken sandwiches are considered the love of life for its regular consumers, whereas the signature chicken is created after a long hour marinating process. It’s famous for has a delicious seasoning flavor.

Popeyes has recently offered the facility of Apple Pay to its customers who use Apple devices. They can use this feature in any Popeyes restaurant chain. Michaelinho (a Popeyes customer) has confirmed this by putting the picture on Twitter while using Apple Pay at Popeyes restaurant. You can be the next! Read further to know more.

Does Popeyes accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay

It must be good news for Popeyes chicken lovers that they can make the payment using Apple Pay now. Though the fast food restaurant chain had started the facility for in-house restaurant payment, now it’s also available on Popeyes’ official app. So, hopefully, you can enjoy the feature on its app as well as the website.

Popeyes is recognized as the second biggest and fastest-service chicken restaurant chain according to the number of its units. This chain has around 2,600 restaurants in 40 different districts and states of Puerto Rico, Columbia, and worldwide. All these are company owned and franchised.

Popeyes has had card scanners installed in all its restaurants since 2019 to introduce digital payment methods. Now, you can pay by almost all the new digital payment means, including Apple Pay, at Popeyes. So do not forget to activate your Apple Pay account next time you visit this store for delicious meals. 

How To Pay Popeyes Using Apple Pay?

Apple Pay Touch ID

As long as you have Apple Pay on your Apple device, do not worry about the payment for Popeyes orders. You can use Apple Pay on iPhone and other Apple devices like the Apple Watch and Mac.

The Apple Pay feature starts working instantly after setting it up on the Apple device, and it takes less time. You can pay via this method directly from the iPhone, whereas the Apple Watch needs connectivity to the watch App installed on the iPhone.

Let’s know about more facts about Apple Pay:

  • Using Apple Pay for Popeyes items is extremely easy if you have this payment option on the iPhone.
  • Confirm the cashier at Popeyes Restaurant uses Apple Pay.
  • Keep the device near the card reader and choose one out of Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.
  • This is the verification process that also provides security to the payment.
  • Keep holding the device until it shows a green checkmark.
  • Now confirm the payment, and it’s done!

Paying Via The Face ID Feature:

Apple Pay provides different ways to make payments for Popeyes’ orders. One of the safest ways is face ID, where payment is processed after face verification. This feature is easy to use and best for fast payment. So let’s know how to use it:

  • Tap twice the side button of your Apple device. Make sure your face recognition is verified in the device. It is important to use the feature.
  • Now, the device needs a fast face scan to complete the process. If it is unable to recognize the face enter the passcode.
  • Next, hold the Apple device near the NFC card reader. Hold it until payment is done. The iPhone screen will display the payment confirmation.

Paying Via The Touch ID Feature

Apple Pay Touch ID feature is also used for payments at Popeyes. This is the user identification method to recognize if the right person is using the device. It helps authentication before you pay for the order from Popeyes. Let’s see how easy to use it:

  • Apple Pay offers this choice and process based on the recognition of your fingerprints. All you need to do is keep your finger on your Apple device’s recognition pad.
  • It scans the finger and verifies it. Now keep the device near the card reader and wait for the payment confirmation. You will have to tap on the done for the completion of payment.
  • A checkmark will be displayed on your screen at the end. 

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The Apple Watch

Apple Pay via Apple Watch

Apple Pay digital payment is possible with Apple watch these days. All you need to do is connect the watch device with your iPhone and use the Apple Watch app in it. This can be the best option to use if you forget your wallet at home. Here is the detail on how to use Apple Pay on the Apple watch:

  • Double tap the side button of your Apple watch and connect it with your iPhone
  • Keep its front near the NFC reader and hold it until the beep sound.
  • The buzz sound and vibration are the signs of payment confirmation. 

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The App

Popeyes App

Popeyes is the second largest fast food restaurant chain with top-quality customer services. Popeyes allows online orders with online payments. You can get your order from Popeyes at home and pay via Apple Pay. You can buy from the Popeyes app and website using this payment method.

  • Firstly, get the Popeyes app on your Apple device.
  • Now select the fast food items and go to the cart.
  • Choose the Apple Pay option for the payment after filling in the order and address information.
  • Now activate the scanner and use Face ID or Touch ID according to your choice.
  • Confirm the payment after complete verification and pay.
  • You can pay via passcode as well.

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The Website

Popeyes Website

Another interesting thing about this convenient payment option! Your Mac system also allows you to buy food from the Popeyes website using Apple Pay. So, you can order Popeyes food at home or at the office and pay instantly using Apple Pay. Let’s learn how:

  • Install Apple pay on Mac and verify it as a payment method.
  • Now visit the Popeyes website to select the food items and make the order.
  • Select Apple Pay for the payment.
  • Complete the verification process and all the steps ahead.
  • You will get the notification of payment.

You can order from Popeyes and enjoy several benefits like special offers on the menu items or cashback.

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Popeyes

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the secure and fastest payment method. Along with this, it offers several cash benefits to you. This is the effective payment procedure to get Popeyes’ orders on time. Let’s know the benefits in detail:

1. Time and money saving method – The cashback benefits are always there for Popeyes customers, especially when you use Apple Pay. This method not only saves time but money as well. It notifies you regarding the new Popeyes offers every day.

2. Secure verification – Apple Pay is completely secure and proceeds the payment after completing your verification. You can secure it with face and touch authentication.

3. The best use of technology – Popeyes allows you to make the best use of technology by allowing you to pay using Apple Pay. This is secure for the customers as well as restaurants. Also, you get proof of digital payment.

Can You Get Cashbacks For Using Apple Pay At Popeyes?

Cash back on apple pay

Cashback from Popeyes is another advantage that you can get by using Apple Pay for payments. Popeyes offers special discount plans to those customers who use Apple Pay.

You get almost 3% cashback with every Popeyes order. So you can consider it a money-saving payment method as well. This easy money transaction process is also the means to get desired discounts. 

Other Payment Methods Acceptable At Popeyes

Payment Method

Popeyes availed the digital payment scanner in 2019 for its customers. So, you can use Apple Pay and other online means to pay for your orders from Popeyes. So let’s check out what are the other payment methods that you can use at Popeyes.

1. Credit Card – Popeyes takes credit cards for the billings. You can use these at Popeyes restaurant or for online orders. All the payments are preceded after complete verification.

2. Debit Card – Just like credit cards, Popeyes takes debit card payments as well. You can use your debit cards while buying from the Popeyes App and website. Debit cards are allowed to be used at restaurants, offering several cash benefits.


Popeyes is a fast food restaurant chain that all of us like to visit. Here you get super delicious food items served.

Along with this, Apple users enjoy the benefits of instant payment with the Apple Pay option. The cashback facility and special discounts are not to be ignored here, and that becomes a reason to smile for its numerous customers.    

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are the Apple Pay benefits for all Apple device users?

Yes, Apple Pay benefits are for all Apple device users. All you need to do is install the Apple Pay option on the device to get the benefits. This payment option makes payment easier and provides money-back offers.

Do I need the instructions of a professional before using Apple Pay for Popeyes?

Apple Pay is really easy to use. But if you are not sure how to use it, in such a case, you can read the online instructions given by the professionals or take the help of a friend or family member who uses Apple Pay.

Is it convenient to buy Popeyes fast food from home with the use of Apple Pay?

Yes, it is! Apple Pay helps to complete the online Popeyes orders from home or anywhere. This instant payment method can be selected over COD orders from Popeyes. You will get the same delivery services with desired food quality.

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