Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay?

Do you visit Panda Express for delicious dishes from American-Chinese cuisines? Apple Pay is another contactless payment that might get you a good discount on these. But the real question is, does Panda Express take Apple Pay? Get the answers to all your questions in this article.  

Panda Express

Panda Express accepts the payments from Apple Pay. This food chain released this information in January 2021 that one-third of Panda Express locations take contactless payment from Apple Pay, whereas this plan is to be implement for the rest of the locations.

Panda Express is the largest Chinese fast food restaurant chain in the United States. You will get a large variety of food items here, including honey sesame chicken, orange chicken, black pepper Angus steak, Beijing beef, and many more. Panda Express has more than 2000 locations in just USA.

The stores are also available in Mexico, Canada, South Korea, and other countries of the world.

Panda Express known for different types of Chinese foods, which are loved by people all around the world. You’ll love Panda Express’ Kung Pao chicken, teriyaki chicken, honey walnut shrimp, and sweet fire chicken breast.

As one of the popular food restaurants chain, Panda Express offers the fastest payment facility to the customers. By fastest payment facility, I mean, Apple Pay. This payment mode has several user benefits, including cash back, security, and reliability.

Get the complete details here if you are willing to get your next order of Panda Express by Apple pay!

Does Panda Express Accept Apple Pay?

Apple pay

Panda Express loved by almost all Americans. Many of them are iPhone users or use other Apple devices. So this restaurant provides them with the facility of Apple Pay. Isn’t it good? Now you can pay for a delicious Panda Express treat with Apple Pay.

This restaurant chain started this payment facility in a few parts of America to check the response of customers. And soon, it will be available at the rest of the locations. Panda Express allows the Apple Pay feature to the customers because of its fast and secure advantages.

Any iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple watch user can use Apple Pay to buy from the Panda Express app and website. This is the best way to get the fast food orders at home or when you’re not willing to visit the restaurant.

Paying via Apple Pay can also help you get discount offers on Chinese food from Panda Express. Apple Pay is one of the best NFC mobile payments to get orders done in seconds.

How To Pay At Panda Express Using Apple Pay?

Are you willing to use Apple Pay for your next bill at Panda Express? This digital mode is as easy to use as paying cash but its more secure than that. So get orange chicken from Panda Express using Apple Pay. Read the steps below to know how you can add card to your Apple Wallet.

  • Start from the wallet, and Apple Pay is available in the setting.
  • Now tap to add a card.
  • In this way, Apple Pay gets the payment card information. Now hold the Apple Device near the card reader at Panda Express, or you get the choice of entering card information manually.
  • After verification, you get the payment done with this cashless method.

Paying Via The Face ID Feature

Apple Pay Face ID

As an Apple Pay user, using the face ID is the most secure way to access a digital wallet. In this method, the iPhone scans your face to verify it and allow you to pay. You can use the simple but secure method to protect the confidential details of payment and account. So, know how it works before using it:

  • Double tap the side button of your Apple device, iPad, or iPhone. Make sure to avail of the face recognition to use the face ID feature.
  • Now, let the device recognize your verified face with a quick scan. You can choose the passcode as well if face recognition is not working.
  • After the scanning, hold the device near the NFC reader. The device will display the checkmark after the completion of the payment.   

Paying Via The Touch ID Feature

Apple Pay Touch ID

You can also use the Touch ID feature of Apple Pay for instant payment at Panda Express. How cool it is to touch the phone and pay to get super delicious Chinese food! Here you use your fingerprint recognition for the billing with Apple Pay.

  •  It is as simple as tapping for any other feature on the device. Verify the touch ID payment option in Apple Pay.
  • Place the verified finger on the fingerprint recognition pad.
  • Once the device accepts the finger recognition, take the device near the contactless card reader.
  • Wait until the payment confirmation check mark is displayed on the screen of your device.

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The Apple Watch

Apple Pay via Apple Watch

Apple Watch helps to pay reliably while using Apple Pay method. You can connect the watch to the Apple Watch App available on your iPhone device , to get the payment done for Panda Express orders. Here are the steps that you can follow to use your Apple watch for Apple Pay

Double tap the side button of Apple Watch that already connected to your iPhone

  • Tap to the wallet and Apple Pay
  • Add the card for the payment
  • Keep the watch near the card reader and let it be there until payment is made.
  • Remove it after vibration or a beep sound.

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The App

Panda Express App

Panda Express has an app that helps you get any of its food items. The best part is that you can pay the bill on it as well. Apple Pay allows you to use its payment features for the billing of the Panda Express app. It is convenient to get your orders from the Panda Express restaurant at home.

You can use the app and order for a birthday, anniversaries, or office parties as well. So let’s know how to use Apple Pay via the Panda Express food app:

  • Visit the Panda Express app and make the order.
  • After finalizing the order, move to the checkout page.
  • Add the other required details like address and verify billing amount.
  • Now choose Apple Pay for the payment and select the card.
  • You can make the payment via face ID, touch id, or passcode.
  • Check the bill again and confirm the payment is made.
  • Get the notification of the payment.

Paying Using Apple Pay Via The Website:

Apple Pay using website

Panda Express offers you the opportunity to buy Chinese fast food items from its website. Here you can get mega discounts and offers on its menu while paying from Apple Pay. So use your Mac to visit this website and buy using Apple Pay. Let’s know how to follow the procedure:

  • Visit the website for all food items and offers available on them.
  • Select the order and reach the checkout.
  • Fill up the address and choose Apple Pay, available on the Mac
  • Get the payment done with a card or passcode or select one mode out of all.
  • Get notified for cash back and payment you made. 

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Panda Express

apple pay

If you like Panda Express Chinese chicken or any other fast food item, payment with Apple Pay can give you several benefits here. This is not only secure and instant but offers discounts on prices of the food items. So if you want to enjoy the regular discounts on your favorite fast food from Panda Express, get Apple Pay today. Here are the more benefits:

1. Know about the discounts first – Do you often get fast food from Panda Express? But looking for a discount as well? The making a payment from Apple Pay is best for you. It presents the discounts at Panda Express instantly on your device and strengthens the desire to get a delicious chicken burger in a few minutes!

2. Convenient for both sides – Cash keeping is no longer an issue for you and Panda Express account holders. Apple Pay helps in account-to-account transfers, even for a small amount as well. You use Apple Pay for one food item or many more.

3. Best use of the technology – Panda Express has allowed its users to make the best use of technology by accepting payment via Apple Pay. This method is easy to use, and you need to use your Apple device for it. It is very less time consuming.

Can You Get Cash Backs For Using Apple Pay at Panda Express?

Cashback at Apple Pay

One of the remarkable benefits of Apple Pay for payment at Panda Express is cashback. You get the money back on almost all the orders or save a lot. You get the benefits in several forms, including points, discounts, and rewards. These are valid for a specific time period, mostly for weeks or months as well.  

You can have more benefits with an Apple card, one of the Apple products that works like a credit card. Panda Express offers several discounts on Apple cards while using Apple Pay. It has lifetime validity, so you can enjoy the benefits as long as you want.

The endless payment mode of Apple Pay is recommended if you are a party lover and like to serve top-quality Panda Express food items to your guests.

Other Payment Methods Acceptable At Panda Express

Other Payment Methods

Apple Pay is one of the digital payment methods that Panda Express accepts. More than this, it allows non-Apple device users to enjoy the digital payment facilities as well. You can still pay the cash and use your credit or debit card for the billing. Know more about the different payment modes at Panda Express:

1. Credit Card – Panda Express takes credit cards online as well as in restaurant payments. You can use any valid credit card while paying for its fast food. You also get cashback and discounts on several combo offers.

2. Debit Card – Panda Express also takes debit card for the payments. You can pay a small and large amount of your bill and enjoy fast food. You can use a debit card while buying from the Panda Express app or website.


Panda Express has a menu that makes you visit the restaurant again and again. And, Apple Pay helps you get the order of your favorite Chinese meal at Panda Express in no time.

You can use Apple Pay from home or the office to order online and use it for the bills at restaurants. Moreover, it keeps your digital wallet secure with top-quality verification features.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can I get my veggie spring roll from Panda Express via Apple Pay?

Yes, you can pay for small orders from Panda Express via Apple Pay. This Payment mode allows paying the minimum as well as the maximum amount of your bill. You can use it at restaurants as well as for online orders.

Can I use Apple Pay for the payments for ordering food online from Panda Express?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay with your Apple device. You can make one order or another and pay accordingly. Apple Pay allows you to pay an unlimited bill amount for orders from Panda Express. It completes the payment procedure in less time.

Which kinds of verification processes are there to pay via Apple Pay?

Apple devices offer complete protection to online transactions when completed by Apple Pay. You can choose face verification, finger touch verification, or passcode for security. These verification processes are of high quality and provide you with a reliable payment platform.

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